5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

Whether it’s technological advances in food preparation and preservation, or the love of freshly brewed coffee or perfectly chilled wine, the latest kitchen appliances can be easily incorporated into your kitchen design to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

Here are five of the latest appliances for modern kitchen 2022

1. Coffee MakerMust-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

The coffee market is now worth billions and in 2016 there are 22,845 outlets in the UK alone! Thus, millions of coffee lovers want to make delicious fresh coffee in their new kitchens and homes. The built-in coffee maker is one of the best kitchen appliances to use when planning your kitchen design, and there is a wide selection to choose from from a range of appliance catalogs.

What to look for when buying a coffee machine:

  • The drip coffee machine quickly and easily produces one / two cups or large quantities of brewed coffee
  • Espresso machine with pump grinds coffee beans and makes several cups of coffee at the same time
  • The capsule coffee machine uses capsules to quickly prepare one shot of espresso.
  • Choose a coffee machine with useful features such as an automatic timer and coffee strength control

2. Wine coolerMust-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

As consumers perceive more and more gourmet culture, there has been a corresponding increase in wine sales, which means great potential for the sale of wine storage facilities in the kitchen and home. Thus, when planning your kitchen space and, if there is room, a wine cooler or cabinet is a must-have kitchen appliance to integrate into your design. Customers who value wine will want a high-end wine cabinet that is an air conditioner that protects the wine from heat, light, vibration and humidity. But for the rest of us who just want our wine to be chilled, a mid-range wine chiller will do the job.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a wine storage solution.

  • A temperature below room temperature is required, but not too cold.
  • Temperature constancy is important.
  • Light is the enemy of wine.
  • Humidity is important, but not required.
  • The less vibration the better.

3. Induction hobs / hobsMust-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

Induction hobs / hobs are becoming more sophisticated, some boasting multiple zones and the ability to connect two zones to increase the cooking area. With built-in timers, auto on, off and power-up features, induction hobs / hobs provide a sleek, easy-care, easy-to-use cooking option and one of the best kitchen appliances to incorporate into your design.

Expect to find the following on all built-in cooking zones:

  • Child safety controls. Touch controls that can be locked to prevent children from changing settings or turning on the hob.
  • Fish cooking area / casserole. Extended cooking zone.
  • Heat dissipation range. Low to maintain a good boil and high for quick heating / frying, etc.
  • Removable controls for easy cleaning.
  • Super fast burners for bringing water to a boil and for frying food in a wok.

4. Food preservationMust-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

As consumers become more and more focused on healthy eating, there is a desire to keep food fresh longer. This means that kitchen appliance manufacturers have had to make kitchen appliances that are much more complicated when it comes to food preservation. Appliances are now available with improved temperature and humidity controls, cooling zones for certain types of food, LED lights to reproduce natural sunlight and air purification systems!

Here’s what to consider when choosing a quality refrigerator:

  • Choose: side-by-side, bottom or top freezer models.
  • Check the functions.
  • Check the dimensions.
  • Choose a finish.
  • Noise factor.

5. Silent Washing AppliancesMust-Have Kitchen Appliances 2022

If your kitchen design includes washing machines and tumble dryers, be sure to recommend appliances with extra insulation and improved suspension, which promise quiet operation and reduced vibration. If your dryer does not have a decibel (dB) rating, it may be too noisy. The same logic can be applied to washing machines with high speed spin cycles (over 1000 rpm).

Here are a few important things to consider before buying a washing machine;

  • Dimensions (edit)
  • Drum capacity.
  • Features.
  • Spin speed
  • Energy rating.
  • Guarantee
  • Life span
  • Cost.

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