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With this spring decoration for outdoors, your garden will become an oasis in 2022

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. No wonder that there is growing interest in reflecting the beauty of nature in our houses and gardens. In addition to a spring-like decoration within the four walls, the

Checklist Construction Costs 2021: everything that you should not overlook

The construction is probably the biggest investment in life. Using a checklist to keep track of and experience in either the cost of expensive surprises still accounts for forgotten items. Checklist for construction costs in 2021: everything

Rafter system of a half-hipped roof – Semi-hipped roof

Half-hipped roof truss system: advantages and disadvantages This option is known as the “Dutch roof”, due to its very widespread occurrence in the Netherlands. Its main distinguishing feature is the presence of a shortened hipped and trapezoid

Clinker tiles for steps: the right choice of material

The external or internal staircase, as well as the porch of the house are subjected to constant mechanical stress, temperature extremes, the influence of weather conditions. This adversely affects the condition of the facing material. Clinker tiles

How to Lay paving slabs on sand: technology and specifics of work

The article will make a complete analysis of such a process as laying paving slabs on sand: the technology of laying paving slabs has its own characteristics depending on the type of base, and these features will

Front Door Design 2021: Ensure safety and save energy

The front door is the business card of the house and can tell a lot about the inhabitants. A front door is intended above all to provide security. Also important is sufficient insulation so that the heat