Small sauna, great happiness: the advantages of the mini home sauna

A sauna in the rented apartment? Or should the opportunity for healthy sweating also be given in the Tiny House? Then the mini sauna is the best choice. The manufacturers are now surpassing each other with corresponding offers.

Small sauna, great happiness: the advantages of the mini home sauna

The mini sauna: Great sweating in the smallest space

Many people would like to have a sauna at home. But in the rented apartment or in the tiny House this desire is difficult to implement. However, in view of the numerous offers for mini saunas, it is now easy to set up a sauna even in a limited space. The most important thing here are powerful and high-quality stoves for the home sauna, such as those from Sauna. They make the pleasure of sweating possible and require only a little space themselves. The perfect solution for anyone with limited space for their own sauna!

Micro solutions are coming

Very few people have a room left in their house that they can convert into a sauna. Even cellars or attics do not always offer the chance to set up your own home sauna. It is not for nothing that manufacturers of micro saunas have recently been enjoying increased demand. The special installations also allow individual solutions in a minimum size.

This creates home saunas that have a width of only 1.60 m or are just as high. In addition to a small room size, the technical requirements are also difficult to implement. A good sauna climate is important to be able to enjoy sweating.

Space-saving heating systems are therefore indispensable in the smallest sauna and can be realized, for example, directly under the sauna area.

The mini-sauna is also on the rise for the reason that it does not need a separate power connection. It is simply operated with the 230-volt household electricity. Depending on the model, it can accommodate two to three people, which is quite enough for use within the family or with a partner.

The The trend towards a home sauna this is supported by the numerous individual solutions.

At the same time, these are also attractive in terms of cost, because in contrast to many other cases where a special solution is significantly more expensive, the mini home sauna scores with an interesting price-performance ratio.

The mini-sauna is also on the rise for the reason that it does not need a separate power connection. ( Photo: Adobe Stock-slavun )

What is different about the mini-sauna?

Of course, there are differences between the normal-sized sauna, which is partly designed as a separate house, and the mini-sauna, which is accommodated in the house. These differences start with the size alone: the mini sauna is not only available with the above dimensions, but can also be implemented with a size of 120 x 120 cm.

It can even be built over a corner, if it is not possible otherwise in the room. Accordingly, another difference can be seen in the installation location: while a separate room is required for the conventional sauna, the mini sauna can also be installed in the living room or bedroom.

All that is needed is a normal socket, because without electricity, the home sauna in the smallest format unfortunately does not work. A big advantage: there is no need for modifications or venting, which is especially interesting for tenants. There is no need to restrain yourself and you can set up your own sauna. If you move out of the rented apartment one day, just take the sauna with you.

Just like a large sauna, the home sauna impresses with its high-quality construction when choosing the appropriate provider. As a rule, solid wood elements are used, which provide the necessary stability.

Clamping rods are therefore no longer necessary. The surrounding floor frame makes the sauna experience even more comfortable and relaxing, because the wood used can store the heat very well and gradually releases it again.

However, it is also important for the mini home sauna that it is well insulated. This prevents the heat from the sauna room from spreading throughout the house. Saunas should definitely rely on professionals for installation, so that the mini sauna meets their own high standards and everything is professionally installed. Those who rely on a ready-made sauna cabin, on the other hand, do not need a construction expert. Here it usually says: Set up, connect, done!

Mini sauna offers a lot of advantages

The infrared cabin for home has been common for a long time, but many sauna fans miss the real sauna feeling when they sweat in the infrared cabin.

In the latter, the entire body is warmed up, the heat is rather dry. Even though the infrared light can have positive effects on the body, real sauna fans still love the original sweating much more.

With the mini sauna, which is now offered by various manufacturers, the real sauna experience is also possible at home in a confined space.

Just like a large sauna, the home sauna impresses with its high-quality construction when choosing the appropriate provider. ( Photo: Adobe Stock- adpePhoto)

Advantages of the mini home sauna at a glance

The mini home sauna impresses with the following features:

  • Installation is also possible where there is little space
  • Installation is also possible in rented apartments
  • no set-up subject to approval
  • Operation with household electricity
  • a small footprint is required
  • lower energy consumption compared to the large sauna
  • complete equipment of the mini sauna with ventilation

It is also an advantage that various additional features can be installed. How about the LED light, for example, to achieve a pleasant sauna atmosphere? Aroma bowls can also be set up so that the essential oils can produce the desired effect when taking a sauna.

The only disadvantage of the mini sauna: it is often too small for someone to rest stretched out on the lounger. However, standing upright or sitting is usually possible without any problems. However, the slightly larger version, which measures at least 150 cm in width, allows you to partially stretch out or sit with your legs outstretched.

But would you rather take a sauna in the garden?

Very small houses usually do not have a basement, whereas bungalow-style houses do not have a basement or an attic. Of course, there are exceptions, then these are usually large house models, but in turn there is often enough space for a normal home sauna. In very small houses, which are also too small for a mini home sauna, setting up the sauna in the garden may be a good alternative.

Meanwhile, there are various outdoor cabins that can also be set up in the garden, although these cabins are often designed as a sauna barrel. The advantage: there is usually enough space outside, so that the sauna can be built so large that it is possible to stretch out. Should a real Finnish sauna be implemented? Then only the installation of the sauna cabin or the sauna barrel in the garden is considered anyway.

There, in turn, a garden shower should be nearby, so that the necessary cooling down after the sauna is possible directly on site. A healthy sweating can thus be carried out similarly to the country of origin of the sauna, in Finland.

The mini home sauna is the perfect choice for those who love healthy sweating, but have too little space in the house. ( Photo: Adobe Stock-QuietWord )

Alternative: the steam sauna in the bathroom

Is it not supposed to be a complete home sauna? Then the steam sauna might be a good choice. It is also very space-saving and can be integrated directly in the bathroom.

There is no conventional shower in this case, but the craftsmen install a steam cabin that is large enough for one to two people. The necessary water vapor is then generated by a special fitting. Since the cabin can also be used as a shower, taking a cool shower after sweating is easily possible.

Conclusion: Mini home sauna as an alternative in case of lack of space

The mini home sauna is the perfect choice for those who love healthy sweating, but have too little space in the house.

If you don’t want to go to a public sauna every time, but want to enjoy the sweating experience at home, the sauna cabin for home is the perfect choice.

It is important that the cabin is well insulated and ventilated to prevent mold and not to distribute the humid air throughout the house.

It is particularly positive that the home sauna gets by with a connection to the usual house electricity and no separate lines have to be laid. The installation of the mini home sauna is therefore particularly easy.

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