10 Trends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Most of what was popular house trends and what was in demand in 2022 remains in 2023.

1. FloorTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Today the choice is made in favor of rationality and functionality. 20 years ago, country houses were “palaces” 3-4 and even 5 floors high, and there were many unused premises in the houses. Today, the maximum number of storeys in houses is often only two levels, and even 3-storey buildings are rare. For the same reason, basement floors have ceased to be relevant. The exceptions are houses that are built on areas with a large relief difference. In addition to the number of storeys itself, the number of steps at the entrance to the house has been reduced .

It used to be fashionable to equip high plinths. Accordingly, the entrance groups were more solemn, and there were, as a rule, from 5 to 10 steps. In modern houses, the number of steps is usually no more than 5, or even there are no steps at all at the entrance to the house and at the terrace.

2. House AreaTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Future owners are moving away from huge areas, choosing compact and rational layouts. Of 10 people, only two leave the same area of the house, the rest are optimizing. The reasons are usually common – construction and finishing costs, taxes and maintenance costs. Many homeowners have already used large houses and realize that too large areas are simply not needed.

3. Natural LightTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Another trend that took root several years ago and is only becoming more popular every year is panoramic glazing.

Regardless of the architectural style chosen, the vast majority of home owners want large windows in their home – from floor to ceiling. Today, the higher the glazing coefficient in the house, the more beautiful, better and more prestigious. And closer to nature – the view outside the window becomes part of the living space, blurring the line between nature and architecture.

This also includes the replacement of blind entrance doors with translucent ones. With an increase in the total glazing area of the house, it makes no sense to make a massive iron door at the entrance, especially if the house is located in a guarded village.

4. Flat RoofsTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Gradually myths and concerns about flat roofs are dispelled. With proper design and accurate calculations, such a roof is reliable.

In addition, the modern trend of fashion is eco-style, which presupposes the presence of exploited roofs. An exploited roof is an additional usable area. Here you can easily equip a recreation area, and the view from a height is always more advantageous.

Today, owners increasingly prefer to make flat roofs using innovative materials that have ceased to be very expensive. Plus, worthy and very budgetary Russian counterparts have appeared. A good bonus to such a roof is that all air conditioning and ventilation units are transferred to it, and it is also easier to maintain than a pitched roof.

5. Minimalism And ErgonomicsTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

In general, people try to adhere to simple forms and versatility, the minimum amount of furniture. It should be noted that the choice of such a design makes the house more liquid than a house with an “amateur” design.

Also, they began to pay great attention not only to minimalism, but also to ergonomics, detailed elaboration of scenarios for life in the house, and therefore, layouts in the house became more functional.

6. Energy Efficiency

Customer requirements for energy efficiency in homes have increased. Modern energy efficient technologies make homes warmer. This is achieved through new heat and waterproofing systems, energy-saving double-glazed windows, new high-tech heaters, revolutionary developments in the field of heating devices, etc. Homes have become warmer and more economical at the same time.

7. Environmental

The history of the product – how, from what, where and by whom it was produced – is becoming more and more important. The design should be of high quality, attractive and green. Natural materials are used not only for comfort, but also for environmental reasons. There is a growing interest in recyclable and recyclable materials.

8. Choice Of MaterialsTrends In Construction Of Country Houses 2023

Earlier, if it is beautiful, then it is necessarily expensive. Now – far from a fact! If 20 years ago there was practically no choice of finishing materials, except for red brick, today there is just a huge number of options. You can choose between different types of decorative plasters, facing stones, clinker bricks, wood, etc. The range of roofing materials has expanded significantly, and natural, environmentally friendly coatings are back in fashion. In the late 90s, the most common roofing material was metal, and today the “well-forgotten” traditional ceramic tiles are returning again. Of course, its composition and performance have improved significantly compared to past counterparts. Previously, the most popular and demanded material for the manufacture of windows was a plastic profile. Indeed, at that time there was virtually no alternative to it.

Now more and more house owners order wooden and aluminum windows – this is much more environmentally friendly and more prestigious. In addition, the frames themselves have become better – more energy efficient.

9. “Smart” House

The development of modern technology has reached unprecedented heights, and most owners are happy to equip their homes with centralized control systems. Today, owners actively use the capabilities of remote video surveillance of the house, remotely control heating, lighting, open doors and gates using mobile applications. Smart home provides its users with more comfort and lower consumption bills. But in truth, if in our everyday matters the use of electronic assistants has become a habit, then the use of smart systems in our own home is not yet particularly popular, even in houses with an unlimited budget.

10. Intelligent Owner

We believe that this is one of the main trends. Every year, families who live in their homes have more and more experience, and when building the next home, the owners try to take into account all the important details that were previously missed. These include such features as high ceilings and doors, second light. The area near the house has become different. It is, first of all, a stylish and functional place to stay. The terraces in the house began to take up more space, etc. Everyone who lives or plans to live outside the city has become more picky about building materials and technologies.

For example, even 10 years ago, very few people considered it necessary to carry out geological surveys, to equip the drainage of the foundation and the site, very few people understood the composition of the project, and there was no particular choice of projects. Today, in this sense, the market has “matured” significantly. Based on these trends, we can conclude that along with the level of scrupulousness of homeowners in the issue of construction, preferences in the direction of comfort, rationality, and reliability have changed.

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