Architecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

The last year and a half brought many events that we did not expect, and the main one is that we spent much more time at home than before. And while there is hope that COVID-19 will soon weaken its impact on our lives, the pandemic has even influenced trends in architecture and design. Expert decorator and stylist at architects company, told how the needs of clients of architectural bureaus have changed and what new things to expect in the interior sphere in the near future.

Neutral natural colorsArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

It is no secret that different shades evoke different emotions and feelings: some fill us with energy, others calm us down, others cause irritation, and others help to relax. During a pandemic, a comfortable natural palette comes to the fore. With it, you can create a calm space and achieve a peaceful atmosphere. Colors of stone, clay, sand, various beige and gray tones are pleasant and not tiresome. The neutral shades will be diluted with juicy malachite and ultramarine, which will remind you of distant exotic travel and ocean expanses. These colors will appear as accents in modern interiors.

Soft formsArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

Another trend that will stay with us for a long time is the absence of corners and sharp edges. Smooth and soft lines, rounded and airy shapes have returned to fashion for a long time and are not going to leave their positions. The design incorporates flowing surfaces and furniture with rounded corners: coffee tables, tables, chair backs, armrests, chandeliers. This can be explained by the fact that

Use of antibacterial materialsArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

Copper has become the most popular material in the era of coronavirus. The molecules of this metal really destroy all known microbes and viruses. The list of antimicrobial copper products that are increasingly used in interior design includes faucets, sinks, doorknobs, furniture handles, and toiletries. Undoubtedly, this list will be replenished with new products. Copper is also increasingly used in backsplashes, countertops and even furniture.

Another popular material is artificial stone, which has a protective function, since it does not corrode, and its non-toxicity and antibacterial effect have been confirmed by laboratory studies. It is artificial stone that is often used in the decoration of hospital operating rooms. In residential interiors, this material can now be found not only in the decoration of the kitchen or bathroom, but also in the design of the living room and even the bedroom. Preference is given to less porous types of large-format stone – this way the number of seams during its installation is minimized, and, consequently, the bacteria accumulating in them.

The rise in popularity of antiquesArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

In addition, the popularity of antiques and antiques will continue to grow in recent years. This can be explained by the fact that antique objects have a calming effect, are associated with constancy and stability. Nostalgia is the main trend in interior design for the near future.

A new look at balconies and loggiasArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

Clients’ view of the functionality of balconies and loggias has radically changed. If earlier most people tried to attach a balcony to a living space, increasing the living area of an apartment, today many even refuse to glaze it. So a place appears in the house where you can breathe fresh air and bask in the sun. But even those who still decide to glaze the balcony are trying to create a green oasis with the help of indoor plants, where they can get in touch with nature and take a break from work. The organization of storage systems and workplaces on the balcony is becoming a secondary plan.

End of the studio eraArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

The pandemic has shown that the apartment should still have at least one separate room, where you can not only isolate a sick relative, but also where you can simply retire. Although with proper zoning of the room, the selection of furniture, interior items and the correct organization of lighting, a small studio becomes a full-fledged apartment, this still does not replace a full-fledged separate bedroom. People began to think more about the future, many couples began to live together, and the studio layout is more comfortable for one person to live.

Workplace at homeArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

Many companies have transferred employees to remote work, and in order to carry out the usual office affairs it was convenient, a full-fledged work area is definitely needed. A separate office, spacious work tables, comfortable office chairs are now at the peak of popularity. Whereas earlier clients mainly asked to equip a workplace in the bedroom or living room, now they are trying to allocate a separate room for full-fledged work.

Home fitness boomArchitecture And Home Decoration Design Trends 2023

Another new request is to leave a place for sports in the apartment. Although fitness clubs and studios have been open for a long time, many liked doing sports without leaving their homes so much that clients are increasingly asking to provide a special place in the apartment for this. This should be a corner free of furniture with a large mirror and a place to store sports equipment, and if space permits, a full-fledged hall with exercise machines, dumbbells and barbells.