Bedroom design ideas

People spend a large part of their lives in bed and therefore also in their bedroom. Therefore, it makes sense to take some time when designing your own bedroom and to get tips and tricks or to collect ideas on how you can turn your bedroom into an oasis of peace and well-being. Ultimately, the quality of sleep also has a direct impact on our well-being, our performance and therefore our progress in life.

Bedroom design ideas

The bedroom design: This is what you need to consider

Reason enough to write a short article here with colorful ideas and food for thought for the bedroom. But right at the beginning: Like so many things in life, the design of the bedroom is a matter of taste. The ideas listed here should therefore provide inspiration and are in no way intended as a stupid template to copy one-to-one. After all, every person is different and that’s how the bedroom should be!

No matter what room it is. At the beginning of the room design, you should decide on a color scheme that will run through the room design. Especially in the bedroom, it is important to avoid a colorful mix of colors as this will appear agitated. (#01)

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In order to feel particularly comfortable in the bedroom, the decorative elements play a special role. You often feel more at home when there are personal items in the room. Photographs from your last vacation, a nice evening with friends or your wedding day create a real feel-good atmosphere. But you don’t have to break out the hammer and nails straight away. There are much nicer ways to attach the pictures to the wall.

Color choice: fresh ideas for the bedroom

No matter what room it is. At the beginning of the bedroom design , you should decide on a color scheme that will run through the room design. Especially in the bedroom , it is important to avoid a colorful mix of colors as this will appear agitated. However, the bedroom should radiate calm through the choice of colors . Colors such as red, yellow or orange, which radiate joy, passion and energy , are therefore more suitable for areas of the house where you spend the day.

Colors such as blue, green, violet or even brown in different tones have a calming effect and should be used primarily in the bedroom . The effects of colors on people’s moods have been confirmed in many scientific studies. According to these studies, blue represents calm, trust and longing, but can also appear melancholic or careless. This color also helps with sleep disorders and inflammation and promotes language skills and clear thinking .

Small rooms can appear larger by painting them blue and rooms in blue are used for relaxation, ideal for the bedroom . Green as a color of nature, calms, harmonizes and represents security and hope. Green is used in color therapy for heart disease. Green spaces ensure peace, security and creativity . This color is therefore often used in work rooms.

However, the calming effect of green is also an advantage in the bedroom. Brown, as a calm earthy color, conveys security and safety. In color therapy, brown is used for balance disorders. Rooms in brown have a rustic, balancing and calming effect. Different shades of brown such as ocher or sienna can also be used without restriction in all rooms. You should avoid the color purple in bedrooms . This color has a curbing effect on sexual desire and should therefore be avoided.

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The central element in the bedroom

The choice of bed must also be made consciously and should not be rushed. Basically, there are different versions of beds that also have very different visual effects. Box spring beds have come back into fashion in recent years. This type of bed originally comes from America and is therefore also called the “ American bed ”. It consists of a spring box that stands on feet. Any mattress and sometimes a topper lies on top. Box spring beds appear very central in a bedroom due to their height and the large volume they take up. Therefore, these beds are particularly suitable in large bedrooms.

The main difference to local beds: The mattress in a box spring bed does not lie on a slatted frame like in Germany , but rather the base forms the base frame. The mattress is then immediately on top. However, this is very thick and up to 30 centimeters high. In Scandinavia, where box spring beds are also common, there is a so-called topper on top of the mattress. It is intended to increase sleeping comfort even further and protect mattresses.

In contrast, Japanese futon beds are very minimalist. These beds essentially only consist of a mattress that lies directly on the floor. This makes them an eye-catcher even in small bedrooms . Young people in particular prefer this type of bed. After all, the reduced design is in keeping with the current trend and these beds simply appear more modern than comparable bed systems from Europe or North America. A really special sleeping frame, but rather functional and not equipped with a headrest. Important advantage: It usually doesn’t take up too much space and is ideal for smaller apartments.

The four-poster bed is also ideal for dreamy spirits . A frame is placed around the bed frame, which is then covered with cloths or curtain material . In large, open and light-flooded bedrooms, the four-poster bed is particularly effective and invites you to dream. If you are looking for even more inspiration , you can find further information in the advice section at BeLaMa .

The choice of bed must also be made consciously and should not be rushed. Basically, there are different versions of beds that also have very different visual effects. (#02)

Space for clothing, jewelry and accessories

If you have the opportunity to use a room adjacent to the bedroom , this is the most elegant way to accommodate the wardrobe. Walk-in closets offer plenty of space and are also a visual feast for the eyes. If the bedroom is large enough, you may be able to divide part of the bedroom with light, easy-to-install drywall and place a walk-in closet behind it. There are countless design suggestions on the internet.

This variant is easy to implement and is often only slightly more expensive than standing wardrobes. However, walk-in closets appear more elegant and tidy. However, a carpenter should be consulted when designing the wardrobe. There are countless ways to make optimal and efficient use of the space in your wardrobe. Especially in high rooms, fold-out clothes rails make it possible to fill even tall cupboards up to the top with shirts, suits, jackets or the like.

There is also a lot to think about when it comes to lighting. Nothing makes a room look more elegant and well thought out than a sophisticated lighting strategy. (#03)

Light accents for the right ambience in the bedroom

There is also a lot to think about when it comes to lighting. Nothing makes a room look more elegant and well thought out than a sophisticated lighting strategy. Indirect lighting should always be used. This means that the light sources do not illuminate the room directly, but rather the light is reflected, for example, on the ceiling or floor, thus indirectly illuminating the room. A simple way to do this is to mount circumferential stucco or wooden ledges on the wall under the ceiling, on the top of which simply attach a circumferential LED lighting strip. These radiate upwards and thus indirectly illuminate the room via the ceiling. The color of the LED light chain can also be adjusted or changed automatically. This means you have the right light in your bedroom for every mood.

But ceiling spotlights that are placed in the corner of a room, for example, also look elegant. These also throw most of their light onto the ceiling and thus illuminate the room. The bed can also be used as a light source. An LED light chain can easily be attached to the bottom of the bed. If you equip each side of the bed with an extra string of lights and make them separately switchable, you have a great night light that won’t disturb your partner if you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Bring green accents and freshen the air

Plants should also not be missing in the bedroom . However, there are a few things to consider. There are different plants that are beautiful to look at. However, these have a negative effect on the climate in rooms. A popular houseplant, for example, is the ficus. However, this should not be installed in bedrooms as it has a negative effect on the room climate. Since you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, you should use plants such as water lilies. Ivy, single leaf and spider plants are total all-rounders and absorb pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene and carbon dioxide better than most other plants.

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All in all, there are a few things to consider when designing your own bedroom . After all, you spend a lot of time in this room and you should get maximum strength and relaxation from it. When it comes to color, you should stick to shades of blue, as they have a very calming and energizing effect. Walls as well as bed linen, upholstery or possible carpets can be finished in different tones of this color. When choosing a bed, you should also keep the size of the room in mind. The larger the room, the more voluminous the bed can be.

That could speak for the purchase of the mighty box spring beds. Anyone who has always had a soft spot for these American beds should find out more about different models to get ideas for bedroom design. Minimalists, on the other hand, tend to appreciate the small Japanese futon beds, which seem rather lost in large rooms. However, additional accessories such as cabinets, chairs or tables can compensate for this effect. And no matter which bed variant those interested choose, everyone should think about the topic of lighting, including the appropriate colors.

When it comes to lighting, little tricks can improve the ambience in a room. Indirect lighting works wonders here and can often be done very cost-effectively. Plants should play a role in every room, including the bedroom. Pay attention to the cleaning effect. Ivy, single leaf and spider plants are particularly suitable for this.

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