Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2020 – 2021

One of the main trends in today’s interior fashion is the desire for conciseness, convenience and functionality. So the choice for the design of a modern style kitchen is more than justified.Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2020 - 2021

But in order for a kitchen to turn from a utilitarian premises into a territory for culinary experiments and communication, it must be both practical and beautiful. How to achieve this? Listen to the advice of famous designers Ruslan and Maria Green, masterfully mastering the art of creating exclusive interiors for life, and look into their portfolio.

Kitchen design in a modern style: a fashionable palette

Vibrant colors, elegant cream shades, or an urban gray range? For the kitchen in a modern style (loft, minimalism, hi-tech, modern, art deco), any coloristic solution is suitable! The most popular are neutral tones (sand, beige, milk, coffee, gray), but saturated colors still do not go out of style.


Elegant monochrome color base is relevant for both classic and modern interiors. And to make the kitchen look truly luxurious, Ruslan and Maria Green advise using interior materials with marble textures, as well as golden and burgundy accents.

They add originality and eaves, moldings and mirror inserts with which you can decorate the ceiling. And to emphasize their relief, various scenarios of local lighting will help – ceiling spots, chandeliers, pendant lights and built-in LED lighting.


Modern kitchens with a large number of glossy surfaces always look beautiful and festive. In addition, the gloss has a high reflectivity and therefore the rooms, furnished with glossy facades, look more spacious.

White gloss, which goes well with blue LED-backlight, is chosen by those who want to achieve a feeling of lightness and purity. But black or red – the option is more extravagant and will surely appeal to shocking people who dream of an extraordinary and expressive kitchen with stained-glass windows, brutal brickwork, details from natural wood.


Light gray walls, doors and a dining table made of tinted glass, a design lamp with crystal pendants, black and white posters – a modern kitchen with a hi-tech design, as in the photo, will benefit from the presence of natural wood in the interior. This can be a panel, floor, furniture facades or accent wall decoration in the dining area. The main thing is that the shade of the tree is warm, and the structure is expressive.


Cappuccino-colored walls and furniture with facades decorated with zebrano wood veneer make up the perfect duo. But it can be even more impressive if you add a few bright accents of turquoise, amethyst and amber to the interior of a modern kitchen. A win-win option is stained glass inserts with a floral or geometric pattern in this gamut, a relief panel-partition and bar stools.


Gray is considered one of the most complex and intriguing, so the popularity of the interiors in gray tones is understandable. The most popular is the multifactorial monochrome version, where there is wood, and marble, and metal.

To support the coloristic concept, for such a kitchen it is better to choose household appliances with brushed steel front panels that organically fit into the design. And to create a favorable contrast countertops made of black marble.

Organization of space and zoning in a modern kitchen

Kitchens today have very high demands in terms of ergonomics and functionality. And this, in turn, forces designers to look for new planning solutions that will maximize the potential of the room and use every centimeter of the available space. Sometimes for this it is necessary to demolish or erect internal partitions, complicating the geometry of the room, as well as integrating additional furniture elements into the interior.


The open studio space gives a feeling of spaciousness and in most cases the owners of apartments and houses want to combine the kitchen with the living room. But in practical terms, the lack of a partition between these functional zones has certain disadvantages. Working on the project of a one-room apartment for a young man, Ruslan and Maria Green found the perfect compromise solution – they separated the kitchen from the living room with a transparent partition made of tempered glass. It does not burden the space and is almost invisible in the interior, but at the same time it copes with the role of a zoning element and a kitchen apron.


You can increase the working surface in a small kitchen by complementing the interior with a functional island with a built-in hob. And so that it was not striking, designers recommend choosing a technique of the same color as the island’s countertop. As for the hood, an autonomous island model that does not require ventilation is suitable for such a layout. The hood, which the designers Ruslan and Maria Green chose for the kitchen in the photo, looks like an exclusive crystal lamp and has a built-in filter and backlight.


The presence of a niche in the kitchen, architects and designers consider a big plus, since it is possible to equip a convenient work surface. If the niche is in the passage zone, it is better to place a large module with a storage system or built-in appliances. But the hob makes sense to put on an adjacent wall or integrate into the bar.


Using a linear bar counter for zoning the space of the kitchen-living room is a popular planning solution that allows you to streamline the interior and add originality without extra costs. And in order for the construction to be “readable” well indoors, it must be of a contrasting color, of an original form and with additional decorative illumination.

Actual decoration materials in the interior of the kitchen

Finishing materials play one of the main roles in the design of modern kitchens, and often act not only as a background for furniture, but also as a decor. Therefore, decoration with a beautiful texture and original relief is in greatest demand today. The choice of materials largely depends on the style of the interior, but this does not mean that traditional classic decoration and decor cannot be integrated into the design of a modern kitchen.


Red vintage brick is just a godsend for a bright loft style kitchen. He perfectly “sings” with old boards, retro-style furniture with original fittings, colorful tiles, lamps and accessories made of brutal metal. And to create a spectacular contrast, the floor in such a kitchen can be painted in rich green.

If you are looking for a non-trivial finish for a modern kitchen in a minimalist or high-tech style, pay attention to white or light gray decorative brick. In combination with chrome, black glass and a natural honey-colored wood, it creates an unusually cozy atmosphere in the room.


Elegant ceramic tiles with ethnic motifs will easily become the highlight of the kitchen with a modern design. There are many options for such decoration: gray-blue in the Scandinavian style, motley with Native American and Moroccan ornaments, large-format with a floral oriental pattern. Such a tile can be decorated with an apron, countertop or floor in the cooking area.


Natural stone, as well as its artificial counterparts, is a fashionable finish that can bring ecostyle notes even to an urban interior. But so that the kitchen does not look like a cave, such brutal and textured material must be used in dosage. For example, they can draw an accent wall in the dining area. Natural stone is also suitable for decorating piers, a socle or an apron. True, in the latter case, the finish will have to be additionally protected with transparent glass or frosted varnish.

Modern decor ideas in the design of the kitchen 2021

The kitchen has long ceased to be an exclusively utilitarian room for cooking, so the presence of bright decorative elements, accessories and art objects in it is more than appropriate. Such details give the atmosphere individuality, emphasize the lifestyle and taste of the owners, create a special atmosphere. This is especially true for multifunctional living rooms.


The picturesque onyx panel is a universal decorative element. It can be used to decorate walls and piers, or you can design them the facade of the bar counter in the kitchen-living room. And to emphasize the structure of stone veneer and turn the bar into a stylistic center of the interior, the panels can be highlighted with LED-tape.


The modern kitchen pictured with the original island bar counter is a vivid example of the fact that stucco molding is appropriate not only in classic living rooms and halls for special receptions. The main thing is to apply it correctly. If you decorate the ceiling with several dozen stucco sockets of different sizes and designs, it will turn out beautiful and unusual. At the same time, part of the outlets can be used for its intended purpose – as the basis for rotary spots, and part – as a decor.


Modern kitchens are characterized by maximum conciseness and purity of lines, which allows you to use a fairly active decor in them: bright, with a complex pattern or relief. Ideally, such decorative elements should also bear a functional load. An example of a functional decor is a kitchen apron with photo printing. For a bright kitchen in the photo with a futuristic hood, the designers proposed an apron made of ABC plastic with a panorama of the morning city. It gives the space extra depth and enlivens the work area.


Functional phytomodules are a modern alternative to traditional flower pots and stands for indoor plants. For a dining room with a cozy dining area, the best solution would be a rectangular wall-mounted vertical module with automatic watering, which can be installed either near a window or in a free wall. As a result, a green wall will appear in the room, which will enliven the modern interior. If we are talking about the trendy youth kitchen-living room, then the phyto module is more appropriate to use not only for spot gardening, but also as a decorative element. And this role is brilliantly handled by a multifunctional suspension model that looks like an art object. This is, in fact, a hybrid of LED lamp and flower pot, in which you can place stabilized plants or moss that does not require watering


A luminous portal decorated with natural stone veneer, of which the bar is a part, looks like a passage to another dimension. This original interior detail can rightfully be called the center and the main decoration of the kitchen-living room in the art deco style. And if you turn off the rest of the light, the illumination of the portal will create a romantic mood in the room.


Decorators often use mirrors to expand space and create optical illusions. And the most common detail of modern fashionable interiors are tall mirrored panels made up of faceted mirrored tiles. Thanks to such decorative elements, the space of an apartment or house acquires additional depth.


The integration of elements of the color of old gold in the design of a modern kitchen is a hot deco idea of 2021, designed to add a concise atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. Golden can be the frames of bar stools, moldings and sills, with which the joints of wall panels or floor coverings, the details of fixtures are beaten. The main thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be many elegant golden touches – in any case they will give the necessary effect.


Cream and black gloss – a worthy setting for the author’s shelf painting, made in light watercolor technique. And in order to maintain the main color of the picture, Ruslan and Maria Green added several details of a sky-blue hue to the decor. The most original of them was the Italian chandelier, located above the dining area. And blue napkins successfully complement it.


LED lighting of furniture will add intrigue to the design of a modern high-tech kitchen or minimalism, as well as visually lighten massive furniture elements. To create the desired effect, the LED strip must be placed in the headset base and under the wall cabinets. And to emphasize the geometry of the kitchen will help contour lighting around the perimeter.


The design of a spectacular stained glass partition made of frosted glass with the image of autumn trees shows the features of an exquisite Art Nouveau style, but the laconic frame makes it suitable for a modern interior. In color, this decorative element perfectly matches the color scheme of the kitchen and therefore looks very organic in the room.