Top Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

Summer is the time of year when it is especially pleasant to spend time in your garden. To take full advantage of the latter, you need suitable furniture. A garden furniture is ideal in this case for the arrangement of your exterior during the summer months. But between the various materials available as well as the decorative aspect to take into account, the choice is not easy. Here we offer you some useful tips for choosing a summer garden furniture 2023 that will meet your expectations.

The choice of the material of the garden furnitureTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

During the summer season, when choosing a garden furniture, the type of material is the most important element. Whether it’s sofas, outdoor tables and chairs, the material makes all the difference. It will determine the lifespan, weight and aesthetics of your garden furniture.

Materials such as wood, aluminum and woven resin are the most used for garden furniture. The choice of one or the other depends mainly on your space, your tastes and your means. Each type of material has its characteristics and may or may not offer advantages depending on your needs.

Wood, a sustainable material for garden furnitureTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

It is the most suitable material for a garden for its natural appearance. There are different types of wood with different sensitivities to heat and humidity. The type of wood you choose also defines what style of furniture you will get for your garden. The most popular are European wood and exotic wood. The latter is a high-end material which, compared to other species, offers great durability and requires little maintenance.

Teak is one of the species known for its strength and charm. To give a soothing atmosphere to your garden, you can also choose eucalyptus or acacia. These require special maintenance to ensure their longevity. Garden furniture made up of armchairs and coffee tables will give an authentic character to your outdoor space. Wood also makes it possible to have models of modular garden furniture as desired.

MetalTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

A metal garden furniture, whether in steel or aluminum, responds to a more modern style of decoration. This type of material allows you to create a vintage or contemporary atmosphere as you wish. It is also an interesting choice if you have opted for a more designer style for your exterior.

One of the greatest qualities of these materials is also their great resistance to bad weather. Whether it is during the hot summer or the cold of winter, your furniture will be kept without great maintenance efforts. Water and soap are more than enough.

Aluminum or steel garden furniture is also very light and easy to move. The foldable models allow them to be easily stored during the winter. It is also very practical when it is necessary to arrange them to receive many guests. The metal garden furniture is very elegant. During the sunny days of the summer, they reflect the light pleasantly, which gives a splendid tropical decoration.

Braided resinTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

Woven resin garden furniture, although belonging to retro fashion, is becoming very trendy. Filled with padded cushions, they guarantee great comfort. It is a very aesthetic choice which offers you, with the colors of the cousins, multiple decoration possibilities. They are easily movable and have practical armrests.

With the woven resin, there is no risk of finding scratches on your furniture or marks on your terrace. It is a material that retains colors well with an exceptional visual rendering, depending on your exterior decor. The resin wicker garden furniture are also very resistant and you can happily bask in them. The rattan aspect of the woven resin furniture creates a perfect harmony of colors with the environment of your garden. The coffee tables with their glass top are wonderful supports for your bottles during the aperitif.

The choice of the location of the garden furnitureTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

In summer, garden furniture is the ideal setting for receiving guests or relaxing with the family. It is a friendly and warm space to relax or to dine with a group. Finding the right location in your garden will help meet practical needs and showcase your furniture well.

You must therefore know exactly where to put your garden furniture in your outdoor landscaping. Several possibilities are available to you to enhance your garden furniture. To do this, you must first take into account the size of the space you have. You should also take into account the number of people who will frequently use the garden furniture. Two locations are generally preferred for the installation of garden furniture during the summer season.

To receive guests and eat dailyTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

A location on the terrace is an excellent choice if you have one and expect to entertain people. Summer is the best time of year for barbecues, aperitifs and al fresco dinners. By choosing to install your garden furniture on the terrace, you turn it into an outdoor dining room.

For your dinners and other events, this saves you long trips between the kitchen and the garden. It is also an ideal choice for anyone with an outdoor kitchen. Cutlery and other kitchen accessories are then found near your garden furniture. The location on the terrace is therefore a very practical choice depending on the situation.

To get together in privacy or to relaxTop Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture For Summer 2023

In summer, some owners usually opt for a location in the middle of the garden with a parasol to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Others prefer to install the garden furniture near one or more trees to benefit from their shade and their freshness.

This allows you to isolate yourself from the house to rest or chat in private without being disturbed. Your garden then becomes a haven of peace where you can relax on cool summer evenings. It should be emphasized here that a large outdoor space is necessary to better benefit from the advantages of such a location.

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