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28 Ideas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Previously, all furniture was placed under the wall, and the problem of an empty wall did not exist at all. Now times are completely different. Minimalism prevails, which tells you to leave one or two walls free

How to choose right wall color for the office or study

The effect of color on our performance and motivation should not be underestimated. Upgrading the office or work space with the right wall color benefits both your own well-being and the quality of our work. Those who

The Most Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

Walk in! The hallway is the business card of the house and gives the first impression, but is often neglected as a functional passage room. It is often cut narrow, has no windows and is somewhat dark

The Most Beautiful Looks of Bedroom Colors 2022

The bedroom is the space where we find peace and relaxation. Here we regenerate and gain new strength. This is not only due to a comfortable bed with a high quality mattress, but also the right color

Wall paint ideas: How to find the best colors for your wall

Would you like to renovate your living room, bedroom or perhaps the entrance area and have not yet found the perfect wall color? Regardless of whether it is wall paint or wallpaper – for the personal character

Painting children’s room: The most beautiful wall color in the children’s room

In a children’s room, people play, romp and laugh. In order for your offspring to feel really comfortable here, the color scheme of the walls must also be right. Whether yellow, blue or red – every nuance