Oriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

Oriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023Oriental style interior 2023 is a real find for those who prefer the exotic and love original solutions. Our site has collected information about the oriental style in the interior.

Though crafty and cruel, the East is beautiful…

To paraphrase this well-known phrase, one can say that although the East is crafty and cruel, the East is many-sided and diverse…

Today, under the name “Oriental style” they understand a variety of design options. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that most often we are talking about Japanese or design that mixes the traditions of creating interiors typical of Southeast Asia.

In this article, we will not be original and will pay attention to just such design options.

Living room in oriental style 2023Oriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

Oriental style fits perfectly into the trends of modern interior design.

They suggest:

  • Rejection of everything superfluous;
  • Use of natural materials;
  • Open plan;
  • The use of natural colors, which are diluted with bright color accents;
  • Etc.

In addition, the authentic dwellings of the Chinese and especially the Japanese, even of a small area, seem spacious, since the minimum amount of furniture is used there.

Oriental style in the interior 2023: living room furniture

Let’s just say that a traditional oriental-style living room is not the best choice. Today, designers are advised to combine familiar pieces of furniture, primarily soft armchairs and sofas, with “oriental” finishes and decor items.

At the same time, they should have the simplest form and be quite squat. Both that, and another quality is characteristic of the furniture made in the countries of East Asia. In addition, if you are creating an oriental-style living room with a Chinese flavor, you can install a chest of drawers with many drawers in the room. It should have a characteristic decor in the form of painting or mother-of-pearl inlay.

An obligatory element, without which no living room in oriental style can do, is a tea table. It is usually small, rectangular in shape and has low legs.

Decoration in oriental style 2023Oriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

Oriental style in the interior involves the use of many decorative items. In this capacity, fans, floor and table porcelain vases, traditional Chinese lamps and wall panels can act.

In the interior with the features of the dwellings of the Celestial Empire, you can also use original openwork lattices. They are installed on the windows from the inside.

Decorate the room and screens. They can be painted or carved.

By the way, such decor items are an excellent choice if you are decorating an oriental-style living room in a studio apartment.

With their help, you can delimit the space, highlighting the work, dining and recreation areas. Thanks to their mobility, you can change the configuration of the room at any time.

Bedroom in oriental styleOriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

An oriental-style bedroom will be comfortable and stylish if you give it a Japanese flavor.

The main place in such a room should be occupied by a tatami bed. Beds with a mattress upholstered in natural leather, which is installed on a wooden platform, look great. The latter should protrude along the perimeter of the mattress by 10-15 cm.

Again, today hardly anyone wants to have a real traditional oriental style bedroom in which you need to sleep on the floor. It is proposed to create a completely modern interior with an oriental flavor. This means that you can use a closet in the bedroom. We must say right away that you should not choose options with mirrored doors. Oriental style in the interior does not involve the use of such furniture.

When choosing a wardrobe, there are two options:

  • “invisible” cabinet, with a facade “disguised” as a smooth wall or wooden panel;
  • option with photo printing on the facade.

A traditional Japanese or Chinese miniature, a photo of cherry blossoms, etc. can serve as a subject for an image.

Oriental decor ideasOriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

If your goal is to create an oriental interior with your own hands, but you do not have artistic talents, then you can simply paste over one of the walls with suitable photo wallpapers. Fortunately, today there are companies that are ready to manufacture such a product according to any image of the customer, including those downloaded from the Internet. The only condition is that it must have a good resolution.

Ideally, if you can afford to buy a couple of antique items made in China or Japan. Thanks to them, your Oriental-style bedroom will acquire an oriental flavor and will look respectable and solid.

In addition, in large cities there are specialized stores where you can buy everything for the oriental interior. For example, a fan painted with ink on silk will look great in the interior of an oriental bedroom. You can also place porcelain vases on two low bedside tables.

If your choice is an oriental-style bedroom with a Chinese accent, then it is important to use the principles of Feng Shui.

For example, it is better to hang a panel above the bed, which will be a unifying element. In addition, it is recommended to use paired items.

As for textiles, it should be the simplest. Moreover, it is better to refuse traditional curtains at all. Japanese curtains will be an excellent replacement for such textiles. They are a kind of screens that move along the ledge. The principle is almost the same as conventional vertical blinds. Only the latter have narrow lamellas instead of screens.

By the way, Japanese curtains are suitable not only for the bedroom. They will be a great solution when an oriental-style kitchen is set up.

Oriental style kitchen

An oriental-style house often does not have a kitchen at all. She settles down on the street.

In a modern dwelling, many elements of a traditional Chinese or Japanese dwelling cannot be realized. In this regard, it is recommended that an oriental-style kitchen has a design that combines the ergonomics of a modern interior with the appeal of a Chinese or Japanese one.

Oriental style kitchen with a Japanese twist

Design with interior features of the Land of the Rising Sun is characterized by the use of:

  • Natural materials;
  • Straight lines;
  • Clear geometric shapes;
  • Natural flowers;
  • Multifunctional pieces of furniture.

All this can be perfectly combined with modern styles.

House in oriental style: “Chinese cuisine”Oriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

Oriental style in the interior of Chinese cuisine involves great decorativeness and the use of bright colors. As mentioned above, the design of the Celestial Empire is characterized by following the principles of Feng Shui.

The Chinese Oriental-style house has the shape of a rectangle, inside of which there is a small courtyard. There are certain rules for the location of the kitchen inside such a structure. In particular, it must be located away from the entrance. In any case, the gaze of the incoming person should not rest on it.

If we are talking about an apartment, there is no possibility to change the layout, it is recommended to always keep the door to the kitchen locked. This, according to feng shui, prevents the wealth of the house from flowing out of it through the front door.

Oriental style in the interior of the kitchen can be emphasized using antique utensils or traditional dishes. Again, wooden bars on the windows will help add oriental color. When using them, it is important to remember that particles of soot and grease are constantly present in the atmosphere of the kitchen. They will settle on the bars. Therefore, you should avoid using too openwork options with complex ornaments.

Oriental style in the interior of the restaurant

Japanese and Chinese cuisines are known far beyond East Asia. They have many fans all over the world. It is not surprising that in most metropolitan areas on almost all continents there are places where you can try Peking duck or sushi.

Restaurants with authentic design are the most popular.

The oriental style in the interior of the most luxurious of these establishments is emphasized using large decorative panels, lamps and furniture created according to patterns that can be seen in Chinese and Japanese museums.

In sushi bars and cafes, the usual tables and chairs are used more simply, however, even here you can see decor items typical of the Celestial Empire or the Land of the Rising Sun.

Bathroom in oriental style: finishing

The bathroom in a modern style serves as a kind of home spa. It is not surprising that special attention is paid to its comfort. In addition, according to psychologists, complete relaxation is facilitated by the opportunity to receive aesthetic pleasure from the process of taking water procedures.

Japanese oriental style in the interior of the bathroom is created using natural materials such as stone, wood, glass and ceramics.

An excellent choice is wood-look ceramic tiles. Also suitable options with a texture under the stone. It is advisable to abandon bright colors, giving preference to natural ones. First of all, it is white, black, gray and brown.

The characteristic attributes of traditional Japanese bathrooms include the presence of panels on the walls. They usually depict Mount Fuji, river or sea landscapes.

Plumbing for Japanese bathroom

Oriental style in the interior can be realized using unusual plumbing. A chic choice is a sink or bathtub made of natural stone. Products from travertine and granite look great. A cheaper option is a porcelain stoneware bathroom and sink. Graphite-colored models of well-known plumbing brands are in trend.

The oriental style in the interior will “sound” even more convincingly if an ofuro is installed in this room. This is a traditional Japanese bath. It is made from wood. In it, a person can sit comfortably, immersed in water up to their shoulders. In order for the water to remain at a comfortable temperature longer, the ofuro is partially covered with a special lid.

Before taking a bath, the Japanese take a shower. This is done for reasons of economy, so that several family members can take turns indulging in the ofuro.

Oriental style in the interior of the Chinese bathroom

Design in the style of “Chinese bathroom” is a rather extraordinary choice. This design is preferred by people who love elegance and are fond of Feng Shui.

According to this teaching, the bathroom is a problem area in the apartment. The problem is that clean water in this room turns into dirty. This, according to Feng Shui, does not have the best effect on positive energy throughout the house.

To correct this state of affairs, it is recommended to finish the bathroom in light colors. In addition, it is necessary to provide this room with good natural light. If there are no windows in the apartment, then fluorescent lamps should be installed there.

You can normalize energy using the forces of the earth. To do this, it is recommended to install tubs with house plants in the bathroom. The use of finishing materials and yellow, beige, brown, peach and pink colors is also suitable. They are considered inherent in the elements of earth and balance the energy of water.

House in oriental styleOriental Style Apartment Interior Designs 2023

Such buildings as a home for their family are chosen by people with good taste who avoid standard solutions.

They have a fairly recognizable exterior. Most often, modern houses in oriental style are an architectural mix of minimalism and orientalism.

The traditional Japanese house consists of columns on which the roof rests. Only one of the outer walls is load-bearing. In such a Japanese house, it is quite cold in winter. If you want to have a house with the exterior of the dwellings of the country of the rising sun, then give preference to a wooden house with a modern design and decorative “Japanese” finishes.

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