The Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

When we talk about trends, we need to put the sector we are analyzing in the context of the times we live in. For this reason, experts and trend hunters have analyzed post-Covid living and outlined the interior design and furniture trends for 2024. In this article, we present the best color trends for interiors in 2024!

Design trends 2024: the need for renewalThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

The home is a “sanctuary” where you can store the best of your life. Our living space must be beautiful and individual. In this sense, the furniture and design sector has responded to the new needs of residents, proposing new solutions that express a feeling of renewal of the old spaces.

The keys to the 2024 interior design trends are essentiality, order and elegance: our homes should exude harmony and balance, as well as beautiful, tasteful design. The must-haves for the coming year are strong color combinations that have character and are strategically coordinated.

Color trends 2024 for interiors: purpleThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Purple is an elegant and sophisticated color associated with both creativity and romance. It proves to be extremely versatile, being able to adapt to both modern and classic styles, making its mark on the environment both during the day and at night.

Dove gray for cosiness indoorsThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Dove Gray is one of the most used neutral shades in interior design in recent years. This color is able to give the room a sense of spaciousness and create a very cozy space.

Emerald green for elegance and sophisticationThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Emerald green is a color that expresses elegance. Although previously reserved only for elegant interiors, now it becomes the protagonist of any space in interior design.

Earth tones are trendy in 2024The Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Warm earth tones are very popular in 2024. The earthy colors come across as boho and mid-century modern. Muted terracotta, green, yellow and plum tones will be popular in wall paint, furniture and home accessories, according to experts. These colors are warm and natural and create a great contrast to the wood tones that we see again in cabinets and furniture.

Experiment with rich, dark colorsThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

In 2022, we’ve seen interior designers and homeowners increasingly experiment with bold, dark colors., and designers expect this trend to continue in the new year. 2024 is all about rich tones – chocolate brown, brick red, dark jade.

Color trends 2024 for interiors: pink and rose tonesThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Pink is a naturally color that promotes calm and healing. It’s no wonder homeowners today are more receptive than ever to this rosy hue. With paint makers like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Dunn-Edwards all making a pink hue their color of the year, it seems like 2024 is going to be a year of blushes. Rich mauves and dusty light pinks are perfect for making a room shine. It flatters the complexion to be around them.

Trendy color combinations for the new yearThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

Multicolour represents the desire for a new beginning with a determined and positive view of the future.

Delicate palette: dove grey, light blue, camel and greyThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

This range of combinations sees dove gray as the protagonist and combines it with the shades that best accompany it on a path of space regeneration. Soft, natural and beautiful tones that combine to create delicate, refined spaces: light grey, light blue and delicate brown tones for a harmonious design. Delicate represents the desire to transform spaces with elegance and taste.

Modern palette: purple, fuchsia, black and orangeThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

One of the most modern multicolor palettes for interior design consists of purple, fuchsia, black and orange. In this combination palette, purple is the protagonist and is combined with strong and contrasting tones. In interior design, this color goes well with curved, soft shapes that give this color combination an even more pronounced meaning.

Evergreen Palette: all shades of greenThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

This palette pays homage to the importance of green in interior design: from emerald green, the star of the colors of 2024, to sage green and pastel green, this color is inspired by nature, which the pandemic has brought more and more into our homes, because Evergreen stands for a lifestyle that is increasingly close to nature.

Interior design 2024: Materials and fabrics for furnitureThe Best Color Trends For Interiors In 2024

What will furniture look like in 2024? One trend is for furniture to be made from more sustainable materials. This is in response to growing awareness of environmental issues and the need to reduce waste. The most popular sustainable materials include bamboo, cork and wool.

Another trend is furniture being made from more unusual fabrics. This is in response to the growing trend towards upcycling  and a desire to stand out from the crowd. Some of the most popular unusual fabrics include vinyl, parachute fabric, and wire mesh.