6 Major Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

If 2024 fashion trends are my specialty, I also like to share with you my advice and decoration ideas on new interior design. And that’s good, because Pinterest has just unveiled those that will make the next twelve months. Vibrant colors, eco-responsible decor, vintage objects found at flea markets… full fire on all the major interior decoration trends 2024 spring-summer that we will soon be seeing everywhere!

What are the top home decor trends for 2024?Major Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

Every year, after the unwrapping of the gifts, the great detox after the holidays and just before the start of the winter sales, the Pinterest interior design trend period is on its way! Are you planning a little makeover of your living room, bedroom or entrance in the coming months? A good reason to discover the latest in interior design according to my favorite source of inspiration to find out what your home will look like this year. And because the trends in the field of decoration are only an eternal restart, I am here to reassure you that certain trends of 2023 will continue to mix with the new ones. Mushrooms, bright tones, second-hand objects… here’s something to fill up with inspiration to revamp your home, according to the greatest prescriber of interior design trends!

The color orange from every angleMajor Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

Whether you like it or not, bright colors will be the stars of your interior. And the vintage orange of the seventies will be at the top of the list! If fashionistas have already invited it into their dressing room, decoration enthusiasts will soon succumb to it to transform their homes. By small touches through decorative objects such as candles, lamps or cushions, or even in total look on a wall, a curtain or a sofa, orange will be THE flagship color of the year… or the guarantee of a psychedelic atmosphere! I particularly fall for the terracotta orange which has already imposed itself in the modern kitchen 2024. And you, what are you waiting for to invite him to yours?

Decor inspired by petsMajor Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

Good news for decoration lovers who have pets: These will be part of the main interior decoration trends in 2024! And especially with decorative accessories for cats and dogs. Fun houses, bowls and well thought-out baskets, pools for doggies, DIY ponds… the latest in interior (and exterior) decoration offer everything to create a little paradise for your four-legged friend.

The antique objectsMajor Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

It’s been a while since flea markets have been multiplying on social networks. The result ? The second hand is about to dethrone Fast Fashion and become a true art of living in 2024… And you won’t mind. Much more than decorating your home at a low price, flea markets also allow you to unearth unique and practically unobtainable decorative objects, the value of which can even be numismatic. Instagram accounts, e-shops, garage sales… There are several options for getting little treasures to decorate your home, while respecting the planet. The right decorative reflex to adopt this year, according to Pinterest? Mix antique objects with contemporary decorative elements to create a maximalist, bohemian or 100% personalized interior.

The layout of the entranceMajor Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

“The layout of the entrance will no longer be forgotten in 2024”, says Pinterest! According to the interior design trendsetter, the first impression is always of crucial importance to make your guests “enter”. It is therefore out of the question to ignore the development of this corner of the house. This year, with the right decorating ideas, it will turn out to be a room in its own right, just like the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The idea? Optimize it and make it profitable. So, build yourself a porch, invest in a pretty console table to cover with vintage objects, a modern lamp to illuminate the space or even plants to bring a green and welcoming touch. Because you will not have twice the opportunity to make a good impression!

The practical green spiritMajor Interior Decoration Trends In 2024

With the pandemic and the infinite number of confinements that we have suffered, having a small green garden has become a necessity. But to maintain your outdoor green corner or your green wall on the balcony, in 2024, we adopt sustainable and eco-responsible gestures. For example, we try to have a beautiful urban garden without consuming too much water by looking for a way (or a tool) to collect rainwater. In this vein, favor plants without watering which are easy to live with and prefer dry environments. On the bathroom side, we swap the bathtub for an Italian shower, open or raised to help Mother Nature.

Psychedelic forms

2024 will be the year of the magic mushroom, according to Pinterest experts! And no, it’s not a joke! In the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom, the mushroom will be as much a decorative object as an art one. Playful, colorful and delirious, it will announce the return of psychedelic forms in our interiors. But how to get the most desirable decorative object of the moment to transform your indoor space? At Ikea, of course. Among the products of the new January 2024 collection, the craze for the mushroom lamp continues to grow.