Bathroom Trends 2025

From the black design fitting to the XL wellness shower: These bathroom trends 2025 really make you want to have a new bathroom.

Enjoy new colours, matt designs, easy-care surfaces, smart functions, comfortable bathroom furniture, healthy applications for the immune system and muscles, individual lighting effects and lots of naturalness.

Bathroom trends 2025: color + design

Bathroom Trends 2025

Bathroom designs with the courage to choose your favorite colour


The trend towards color in the bathroom is continuing unabated this year. The new bathroom designs 2025 impress with colored bathroom furniture and fittings, black and white contrasts, elegant tiles and seamless cast floors.

Do you remember the 70’s? We already had a lot of paint in the bathroom. The brightly colored flower tiles and the midnight blue bathtub were perhaps a bit extreme. Today’s color concepts are much more elegant and noble. For example, they shine with black and white effects in which trendy black fittings are combined with white surfaces. Depending on your mood, individual side walls or shower walls can also be covered with colored design tiles, which sets great color accents without overloading the bathroom. If you need a bit of opulence to be happy, you can also bring real pops of color into the bathroom. The available mix of colors and materials plays all the pieces.

Refreshing black and white effects with lots of natural wood. In these characterful, easy-care bathrooms you can really feel good.

The continuous floor and the floor-level shower are not only very easy to maintain, but also barrier-free. Lime green design tiles provide subtle color accents.

Red glass surfaces bring opulent bang effects into the bathroom. Rough plaster, custom-made wooden bathroom furniture and the backlit mirror cabinet are further eye-catchers.

Clean lines and pure white are spiced up with your favorite colours. Wall color and accessories can be combined as desired – and can also be changed relatively quickly.

Colored fittings from matte black to glossy rose gold

With new fittings, you can quickly bring a few refreshing contrasts or splashes of color into your personal wellness oasis. Matt black fittings are particularly popular at the moment, as they provide structure and form a small contrast to white bathroom ceramics and tiles. But colorful metallic fittings are also becoming increasingly popular: design fittings made of matt brass, brushed copper and shiny rose gold are small gems for washbasins, bathtubs and showers that simply spice up any bathroom. You can find even more fantastically beautiful fittings, designer pieces, water savers and carbon dioxide bubblers in our special on-off the latest fittings.

Seamless floors and walls

It’s fair to say they’re here to stay. Seamless walls and floors are being used more and more in bathroom design and are very trendy. This is partly due to the fact that they give the bathroom a very elegant, calm and exclusive touch and are also very easy to care for. A wide variety of materials are used – from cement and concrete to synthetic resin and stone carpets to stone spatula and solid surface material. If you want to learn more about seamless floors and walls, also read our article Seamless bathrooms are trendy.

The return of the tiles

Even if some bathroom designers had already written them off: the tiles are back. And in countless colours, shapes and sizes. As effective design elements, they are the new eye-catchers in the bathroom and are often combined with calm, seamless walls. They accentuate sub-areas such as shower walls or the splash guard on the washbasin. However, they are also used again as full-surface floors. The palette ranges from retro style to graphic tiles to oversized natural stone slabs.

Timeless designs and individual bathroom furniture made of cast mineral

Functionality, technology and perfect form merge in the trendy premium bathroom 2025. The bathroom is becoming smarter, more comfortable and more individual. This also includes custom-made bathroom furniture made from easy-care and robust mineral materials such as Corian. These enable completely new shapes and unique designs.

Bathroom design trends 2025: clever + smart

Bathroom design trends 2025: clever + smart

The time for smart bathrooms has come


If you buy a new bathroom now, you are counting on ingenuity. Because if you’re going to build, then please be smart. That’s why the new bathrooms have been perfectly thought through, down to the smallest detail. They are extra easy to care for and safe, comfortably heated and ventilated and are already thinking about the needs of tomorrow today. It almost goes without saying that one or the other smart function is also added.

Now it’s here: the time of clever bathroom design trends 2025 whose full ingenuity lies in the details. So let’s scratch the surface a bit and see what’s so special about these bathrooms. What tricks make them so easy to care for and space-saving? What hidden subtleties ensure safety and comfort? And which smart functions are already standard today?

Super easy-care and hygienic bathrooms

When it comes to cleaning and caring for your new dream bathroom, everything should be as simple as possible. That is why the manufacturers are using new finishing processes and glazing techniques. This creates modern dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant surfaces that ensure easy care, durability and hygiene. Joints are reduced to a minimum through the use of large tiles, panels, materials such as Corian or cast floors, which in turn benefits hygiene. Washbasins and toilets are mounted on the wall, showers are installed flush with the floor – so it means: clear the way for brooms, mops and the like. In addition, easy-care rimless and wall-mounted toilets are basically standard. So far the trend. But we pack a few bathroom tricks for intelligent cleaning muffles for you on top. And if you have a soft spot for continuous cast floors and seamless walls made of easy-care mineral materials, you will find a lot more information in our article Seamless bathrooms are very trendy.

This seamless bathroom looks particularly easy to care for – with a continuous, non-slip cast epoxy floor, walls made of easy-care Corian and wall-mounted bathroom furniture

Safety, comfort and space for all generations

A bathroom is usually an investment for several decades, which is why it comes as no surprise that more and more bathrooms are being furnished in such a way that they can also be used comfortably in old age. Wide doors, showers with floor-level entry and a seat, wheelchair-accessible washbasins, non-slip floors and shower trays, elegant grab rails and many more details also fall into the barrier-free category, but are almost standard nowadays. They offer safety, comfort and space for all generations and look outrageously good at the same time. Speaking of space: Clever bathrooms shine with freedom of movement and are also equipped with space-saving furniture. Also with the right lighting concept security will be provided.

Even more comfort with surface heating, towel dryer and ventilation

Pleasant room temperatures and a healthy room climate are simply part of feeling good in the bathroom. Surface heating such as underfloor or wall heating ensures pleasant radiant heat and does not take up any space in the bathroom. If you like it a little more pleasant, you can also use these heating systems to warm up steps, shower walls or tepidariums. Shapely bathroom radiators and towel dryers, which are available in many unusual designs and colors, complete the heat supply. Individual room ventilation or comfort ventilation in the bathroom is responsible for pleasantly fresh and hygienically clean air in which mold has no chance.

The highlight in these clever multi-generational bathrooms is the freely accessible, floor-level shower with heated bench.

The highlight in these clever multi-generational bathrooms is the freely accessible, floor-level shower with heated bench.

Hi-Fi and smart functions in the bathroom

A swipe, a push of a button, a slight hand movement – and the bathroom does what you want. The blinds go down, the infrared shower provides pleasant warmth and the ventilation starts to work. The faucet lights up blue and bubbles without contact. The integrated light in the shower changes from white to red while the sound system plays “Granada”. The lighting of the smart mirror cabinet creates atmospheric light. Your favorite Netflix series is played on flat screens or screens integrated into the bathroom mirror. What was unimaginable five years ago has already become reality in many pools. If you are now even more interested in digital subtleties in the bathroom, take a look at our article So smart, so good: The bathroom is going digital.

RainTunes from Hansgrohe is a smart shower system for all the senses. With its seven pre-configurable smart shower scenarios, it offers an all-round experience of water, sound and light.

Bathroom design 2025: health + fitness

Bathroom design 2025: health + fitness

Extras for a healthy lifestyle


Massage away tension, loosen your muscles with infrared heat, breathe in invigorating vapors and feel completely at ease. The health + fitness bathroom trend includes all sorts of subtleties for the immune system and muscles: from brine misting and infrared applications to massage functions in the shower and tub

In the bathroom too, this year is all about health and fitness. After all, Austrians are becoming more and more health-conscious and active, not least because of the pandemic. It starts with morning exercise and culminates in an evening workout or yoga. Before, in between and after you shower, bathe, regenerate and relax. And preferably within your own four walls. The bathroom trends 2025 becomes an island for hygiene, cleanliness, regeneration, immune strengthening and freshness. Stress relief included.

Hygienic extras

In new bathrooms, even more attention is currently being paid to hygiene. They try to make viruses, bacteria and germs as difficult as possible. For this purpose, newly designed bathroom facilities and materials with self-cleaning and hygienic surfaces are used, which prevent the growth of germs. The range extends from antibacterial ceramic glazes with silver ions to rimless toilets and shower toilets to contactless fittings for public and semi-public areas. The latter are also increasingly being installed in private guest bathrooms. In addition, more and more value is being placed on the right ventilation system, so that the air quality and humidity in the bathroom are ideal for people – and as unfavorable as possible for viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Sauna, infrared shower and steam shower

The home sauna is celebrating a brilliant comeback these days. Thermal baths, wellness temples and indoor pools have been affected by closures for too long. So you play it safe and simply enjoy the immune-boosting effects of saunas, steam baths and infrared heat at home. No wonder, these spa treatments are a treat for body and mind. They relax the muscles, strengthen the immune system, support stress reduction and, on top of that, promote regeneration after sport. In addition, you treat yourself to a shower with all kinds of comfort – from the Kneipp hose to the waterfall shower to the rain shower. But steam showers with brine mist and infrared showers are still very popular. You can find more about this in our article The wonderful world of wellness showers.

More and more Austrians are opting for a home sauna where they can take care of their health and unwind. The matching shower is also equipped with a rain shower and Kneipp hose for cold water showers.

Infrared applications are beneficial and deeply relaxing for body and mind. After sport, with back tension or after a stressful day at work, the infrared shower works wonders

The anthracite-colored floor and wall surfaces of this bathroom are made of Naturofloor, a mineral covering made of quartz sand that is particularly easy to care for and hygienic.

Massage JetPaks in the whirlpool

Massage treatments to relax the muscles are also becoming more and more popular in the new bathroom. Both in the shower and in the whirlpool or in the whirlpool. They are a blessing after sport and are also ideal for supporting health therapies. A particularly interesting system for whirlpools is the JetPak Therapy System from Villeroy & Boch.

Bathroom 2025: relaxation + joie de vivre

Bathroom 2025: relaxation + joie de vivre

Now there is even more comfort in the bathroom


Now it’s getting really homely and cozy in the bathroom. The new bathroom trends 2025 are stylish living and feel-good spaces where you can relax and recharge your batteries. What fits the concept perfectly? Free-standing bathtubs with comfortable bath sofas, floating bathtubs, XL showers with photo panels and much more

As soon as you open the bathroom door, you can see that not only is your body being cared for here, your soul is also finding peace. The bathroom is increasingly becoming a living space where you feel safe and secure. It’s quiet, tidy and cosy. New equipment details, natural materials, bathroom furniture and accessories allow even more individuality and comfort than before – and turn the bathroom into a bathing salon full of relaxation and joie de vivre.

Natural materials, lots of natural light and individual accessories such as a bath sofa bring zest for life and relaxation to the bathroom. This makes the bathroom look even cosier: With the help of an upholstered cover, the bathtub becomes a cozy corner.

In this XL double shower with floor-level entry, you can enjoy plenty of space, relaxing downpours and the perfect water temperature.

Clean and calming look

The new bathrooms are basically tidy and visually calming. The technology disappears behind the plaster. Flushing cisterns, valves, siphons, pipes are hidden in the wall. And you only see as much of the fittings as you want to see. The eye can rest. There is more than enough excitement in everyday life anyway.

Even more warmth, wellness and well-being

Resting, relaxing and feeling good also include warming wellness treatments such as a sauna or an infrared shower – these can also be found in the health + fitness bathroom trend. The water-bearing underfloor heating, wall heating and heated steps in the bathroom provide even more pleasant warmth. With them, heated shower walls and small tepidariums can also be easily implemented in private spas. Practically invisible and hidden in the masonry, they ensure pleasant radiant heat and also underline the concept of the tidy look.

Heart-refreshing showering pleasure in XL

More and more XL showers are being built in to match the saunas and infrared applications, playing all the pieces: flood shower, Kneipp hose, rain shower, hand shower, shower panel with massage jets, brine mist, lighting concept, infrared panel and much more. m. Everything finds its place here. If you only have little space available, installing an infrared panel under the normal shower is a popular space-saving solution for a little more wellness. And if you want to feel like you’re on holiday in the shower, you can have your favorite photo motif worked out as a shower wall or photo panel. The daily shower becomes a holiday dream under the palm trees or under the waterfall. You can read more about this in our article The wonderful world of wellness showers

New wellness tubs with relaxation extras

The trend towards large free-standing bathtubs is also still unbroken. So that you can be comfortable alone in this huge tub (which usually has room for two people), you simply use a bath sofa – a soft cushion made of special fabric that you put in the bathtub and on which you can rest your head. You can also relax and have a cup of coffee or tea, read a good book and enjoy the time. Practical side tables, sideboards or niches serve as storage. Massage jets bubble away stress and muscle tension.

And in the new flotation tubs you literally float on water and air while listening to your favorite sound. You can also read about other bathtubs that are currently in vogue in our article Bathtub tango in your favorite bathtub.

Bathroom decor 2025: light + mood

Bathroom decor 2025: light + mood

Play of light and mood pictures in the bathroom


This year, too, the bathroom designers shine with customer-specific lighting concepts. Showers and mirrors with integrated lights, dimmers, light changers and spotlights really set the mood in the bathroom. From morning to night.

Gone are the days when a single lamp on the bathroom ceiling and a second light source by the mirror were completely sufficient bathroom lighting. Today, bathroom designers develop individual lighting scenarios that set bright lighting points and combine them with lighting moods. Atmosphere is created in the bathroom according to your mood – and with smart operating aids: with integrated lighting in and on bathroom furniture, color light changers, illuminated tubs, starry skies, illuminated niches and lots of LED spotlights.

Nothing beats natural light

Where the structural conditions permit natural light, it is also used in the bathroom. Windows let the perfect amount of light into the bathroom for shaving, applying make-up and getting ready for the day, and they allow you to enjoy a view of the outside from time to time. Even if large window fronts in the bathroom are not for everyone, the combination of indoor and outdoor areas in the bathroom area also has its appeal.

Play of light around the bathroom mirror

The right light is of particular importance where we dress up and check whether our reflection meets our expectations. In most cases, LED lighting is already integrated in modern bathroom mirrors, mirror cabinets, make-up and shaving mirrors. Brightness and color tone can be varied via sensor buttons. And great moods can also be created by backlighting simple bathroom mirrors.

Bathroom ideas 2025: nature + sustainability

Bathroom ideas 2025: nature + sustainability

Conserving resources in the bathroom, of course


Bathroom furniture made of solid wood, walls plastered with clay, floors made of natural stone, shower partitions made of glass and bathroom renovations with old wood: the trend towards more nature in the bathroom will remain with us this year. In addition, more emphasis is placed on sustainability. Energy and water are saved. And the accessories are also becoming more and more natural.

For several years we have observed that there is an increasing demand for naturalness and sustainability in bathrooms. The desire for the genuine and the original is growing rapidly. It is often no longer enough for people to simply bathe and shower between wood and natural stone – and enjoy the natural look. Sustainability should go deeper. They want to use the most ecological materials possible and, on top of that, save energy and water.

Wood, wood and more wood

Natural materials are all the rage in the bathroom. Above all, good old wood is booming. Fine, discreet wooden bodies in the bathroom furniture, solid wood washbasins with ceramic tops, floors, ceilings and walls: everything is made of homely, warm and cozy wood. Local woods such as oak, pine, fir, larch or nut are primarily used. But bamboo and teak are also very popular. Anyone who is rather skeptical about real solid wood for wet areas can fall back on tiles with a wood look.

Natural materials from natural stone to glass washbasins

Natural stone can also be found in modern bathrooms in many forms and characteristics. One discovers walls and floors made of natural stone tiles, decorative river stones, marble slabs and even gemstone sinks. Shower partitions, splash guards and washbasins are made of real glass. Bathtubs and washbasins made of environmentally friendly ceramics bring long-lasting joy to the bathroom. In principle, plastic is being dispensed with more and more often.

Material special: the revival of the natural building material clay in the bathroom

The building material loam is one of the oldest plastering materials known to mankind and is now celebrating its great revival in modern bathrooms. Clay plastered bathroom walls ensure a natural, healthy and very comfortable ambience. This is because clay can absorb moisture quickly and release it slowly throughout the day. It optimally regulates the humidity in the bathroom – in the most natural way – and can also bind pollutants and odors. Mold doesn’t stand a chance. However, the clay plaster should not be completely wet. It is therefore advisable to use water-repellent panels, tiles or natural stone for the splash areas in the shower, behind the sink or behind the bathtub.

Bathroom renovation with old building fabric

When renovating particularly old buildings, which can almost be described as historic, an attempt is made to preserve the originality of the house in the bathroom as well. Materials such as old wood and stone from the building fabric are used and integrated into the bathroom design. In this way, completely individual bathroom dreams are created, in which the appearance and atmosphere of the original building are retained.

Natural details and accessories in many facets

The design options in the bathroom are as varied as nature itself. When it comes to coloring, green, sand and stone tones are currently very popular. Large photo panels with nature motifs and landscapes are used as shower walls. People prefer towels, bath mats and curtains made from sustainable organic cotton. In the decoration area, wickerwork made from natural fibers is used. Soap dispensers, bowls and lanterns are made of ceramic or glass and are best made by local artisans. And of course plants should not be missing. Aloe vera and orchids grow particularly well in daylight bathrooms. For bathrooms without natural light, simply put a few twigs or dried flowers in a vase.

Plastic is also increasingly being dispensed with in personal hygiene

Sustainability is also becoming more and more popular in body care. They want to minimize plastic packaging and also use sustainable products here that are made from ecological ingredients and materials, preferably in the region. Hairbrushes, combs and nail brushes are made of wood. The handle of the toothbrush is also made of bamboo. The toothpaste is available in solid form as tabs. And you use solid shampoo or hair soap that is packed in environmentally friendly paper. There are already many possibilities.

Saving energy and water in the bathroom

The trend towards sustainability literally calls for the economical use of energy and water in the bathroom. Energy-saving LEDs are used for lighting, solar energy is used to heat the hot water and renewable energy is used to heat the bathroom. When it comes to saving water, people rely on water-saving fittings, prefer to indulge in the pleasure of a shower rather than a full bath, and use the dual flush on the toilet. Speaking of the toilet – rainwater is increasingly being used to flush the toilet.