Cheap Home Decor Ideas: Five ways to quickly and inexpensively upgrade your interior

Cheap Home Decor IdeasThe word the hall already says a lot: there they receive guests, arrange “home” holidays, perhaps children play right there. The hall is a multifunctional place where most of the home time is spent, it can hardly be called a place of solitude, rather, a meeting place and leisure. How to choose the interior for such a difficult place in the apartment, in the house, where coziness and comfort, and at the same time openness, will be combined. After all, the hall is the face of the owners, its emotional component.

Budget room interior: beautiful atmosphereCheap Home Decor Ideas

Determining the interior, having reviewed a thousand sites, we embarrassingly ask the question: “How much will it cost to repair, equip, decorate the living room?” Of course, the phrase “expensive and beautiful” immediately appears in the mind, but many cannot afford such delights. But how to make a budget option to meet personal requirements. After all, in the pursuit of cheap materials, you can simply lose. We are faced with the task of picking up the interior without “hitting my pocket”. However, it should be stylish, not arrogant and at the same time cozy.

There are many areas in the interior, the most popular are:

  • Classic style;
  • Modern;
  • High tech;
  • Loft;
  • Minimalism;
  • Pop Art;
  • Eco style;
  • Art Deco.

From the above, an awkwardly striking style is “minimalism”. A style characterized by simplicity and at the same time conciseness, brightness of the composition. Everything should be a little, which is suitable for an inexpensive budget.

Pop art can also be suitable, where color accents are placed on a white background. Loft where it is possible to leave the walls uncoated.

The interior of the hall in the apartment: photo of budget options

Having decided on the style of the interior (for example, minimalism). We select the color scheme of the walls, floor, ceiling. The simplest, non-oppressive colors are light, warm. It will go well with white coffee floor, here they will do.

Perhaps in the middle lay a plain fleecy carpet that gives softness and comfort to the room.

It’s necessary not to burden the living room with only the necessary furniture – a sofa, a couple of ottomans, perhaps a simple coffee table. You should not clutter the living room with cabinets, for their place it is better to arrange shelves on the wall where TVs, speakers, and decor elements will be placed. Furnish the room to a minimum.

How to decorate a cheap room: design and decorationCheap Home Decor Ideas

After repairing and arranging furniture, sometimes one gets the feeling that the room is “bare”, empty. To “dress” the space, so to speak, it is necessary to decorate it. There are a variety of options for decorating the living room. These are flowers, glossy paintings, stylish photo collages, various souvenirs, figurines, decorative elements. To save the budget, perhaps only do it yourself.

Flowers, they can be placed around the perimeter of the living room. Which flowers to choose? Maybe alive. But they must be looked after, watered, transplanted, loosened the ground. The choice of colors depends on the lighting and location of the room, not everyone likes the scorching sun near the window, or a dark corner.

It is necessary to choose plants depending on the interior. Exotic (palm trees, ferns), with fragrant flowers (lilies) or even mini-greenhouses.

Perhaps pick up artificial flowers. They do not require such care as living ones, however, from time to time they should be wiped and washed. Make yourself a herbarium of dried summer cottages covered with varnish and sparkles.

On the wall, on the shelves, you can place ready-made family photo collages, where you can see the most emotional moments that capture the mood of the living room. Or hang a picture that you can draw yourself. It doesn’t matter that there will be fuzzy lines that are far from reality, you can draw abstractly. Or frame an old photograph, a funny note left from school, an expensive autograph of a beloved star.

On the shelves, it is possible to place transparent vases of interesting handicap filled with colored pebbles and balls.

Curtains help to emphasize the chosen style in an original way. Perhaps it will be London, Italian, roller blinds or even blinds, it really tastes. You can sew it yourself by choosing the color and texture of the material.

The carpet will also bring a mood that you can weave yourself out of old things. It will bring exclusivity, originality and warmth to the home. The selected decor element will give emphasis, mood and fullness of the room.

Universal living room: economy decorationCheap Home Decor Ideas

To make a living room inexpensive and stylish, possibly without spending a lot of time and money. You can save on wall coverings, leaving brick or concrete without wallpaper. Get a country atmosphere. And if there is a desire to hide all the flaws of the wall, then non-woven or textured plaster is well suited. The most budgetary option for floors is linoleum, which can be easily covered with a carpet.

You need to carefully approach the choice of furniture. When we have decided on the image of the interior, we gradually fill the living room. Do not shove randomly caught furniture, otherwise the style of the interior will be distorted.

Curtains and carpet are important elements; they will add softness, conciseness to the living room. Wall shelves – this is one of the simplest and cheapest decorations for empty walls. Making shelves with your own hands is not difficult and inexpensive, you just need fasteners, boards and possibly paint. Shelves can be made with a variety of configurations, painted with bright colors, or just wiped with a skin at all.

But what about lighting? The most budget option is a pendant lamp. Luminaire configurations are also diverse. During the day, it will serve as an element of decor, and in the evening, spotlights will add romance and comfort.

After making repairs, arranging furniture, hanging a lamp and curtains, laying a carpet, filling the hall with the actual decorations made, we ask the question: “Did you save?”, Of course it did, the main thing is to look for an alternative, actively participate in the repair and search for possible options, try and dare !

How to decorate an interior cheap? Use the remains of wallpaper, fragments of ceramic tiles and your favorite magazines. We offer you 13 DIY cheap home decor ideas.

Idea number 1. A wine or banana box is a great alternative. Cover it with glass on top to make it more convenient and functional.

Idea number 2. The same box, only a little larger, is suitable for a patio on the terrace or in your cottage. Equip it with wheels for ease of movement and cover it with a stain.

Idea number 3. The remains of wallpaper, framed, looks on the walls no worse than expensive modern paintings, and their uniqueness will make your interior special.

Idea number 4. Can’t decide the color for the walls? Paste catalog paint samples on it and save a decent amount of money.

Idea number 5. The map on the wall can be composed of newspaper clippings or old geographical maps left over from school.

Idea number 6. The same cards can be inserted into frames. in the corridor will bring the spirit of adventure into your apartment.

Idea number 7. Also, with the help of geographical maps, you can make a decoupage of a lamp by making a unique interior item with your own hands.

Idea number 8. A stack of books located on the bottom shelf of the console table will help to hide the wires. Practical and original solution!

Idea number 9. And from a selection of glossy magazines you can build a small one on which you can put a mug of tea or a bouquet of flowers.

Idea number 10. The bases of two drawers connected to each other turn into a frame for a hammock bed for a summer residence.

Idea number 11. A piece of wood and a small glass jar will turn any trifle that you find in the house into a work of art.

Idea number 12. Buy cheap furniture and decorate it to your liking! For example, how to make this chest of drawers can be found in the article about.

Do you like these unusual ideas? Any designer knows that beautiful is not expensive. And vice versa: expensive – not always beautiful. With any budget, you can get both a stylish and comfortable interior, and a nightmarish bad taste. By the way, the modest budget saves many from ugly luxury. Not having much money, a person is forced to strive for something simple, unpretentious. But it is simplicity, as you know, that is the most beautiful and pretty.

Tchaikovsky wrote: “Beauty in music does not consist in a heap of effects and harmonic oddities, but in simplicity and naturalness.” These words are valid for most types of art, including architecture and design.

So, a small budget is not an obstacle to creating a beautiful, harmonious interior. But certain difficulties, of course, may arise. How and what can you save on? How, having spent a minimum, to squeeze a maximum and achieve harmony?

We bring to your attention a few simple rules and secrets. There is no need to comply with them from and to. These are not dogmas, but just hints, following which will make it easier for you to solve the problem.

Small budget home decor ideas

1. Start by choosing a styleCheap Home Decor Ideas

If you have to create with a low budget, it’s best not to swipe for luxurious styles., art deco, neo-baroque, traditional classics, Moroccan style, etc. – you should not look towards these directions. Their low-budget implementation is unlikely to come out worthy. Quite capricious and the style of Provence.

Styles such as minimalism, Scandinavian, modern European and industrial are much less demanding.

Industrial style (aka loft)

If you like sophistication and strict balance, you can give preference to modern classics. This style gives more freedom and allows a lot of liberties, unlike traditional classics. Where there is less scope and conventions, it is easier to save.

2. Develop a detailed plan

In order not to spend money on the acquisition of superfluous and, in fact, unnecessary items, it is worthwhile to make a list of all necessary furniture in advance.

It is advisable to draw a plan of the home and bring furniture into it, having decided on its optimal location. A clear plan will help to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Next, you need to decide what materials will be used. If you want to wallpaper the wall behind the bed, in this place you can do without a filigree surface preparation. If in front of the bed a fragment of the wall under the TV is covered with a board, there is no point in perfectly leveling this area. Preliminary planning and designing will allow you to immediately note those surfaces that need to be carefully prepared. This work, as you know, is not cheap. Partial preparation of the walls will save, because the payment is taken per square meter.

Same thing with the ceiling. If it is decided in advance to use the stretch fabric in the bathrooms, there is no point in leveling the surface of the ceiling. Just clean and wash it.

By planning the construction of built-in wardrobes and closets and immediately determining their location and size, you can save a little on wall and ceiling decoration. There is no need to use expensive materials inside these nooks. If you plan to install a large wardrobe, decorating the wall behind it is also pointless.

3. Prefer simple furnitureCheap Home Decor Ideas

Budget furniture with an intricate design and a claim to luxury often loudly “screams” about its cheapness.

If the budget is limited, it is better to opt for simple, sleek furniture of restrained tones.

It is easy to work with neutral furniture. To make her play, just decorate her with accessories and decorative elements. So, a simple expressionless table will instantly change if you put an attractive desk lamp on it. A gray or beige minimalist sofa will become more comfortable and elegant if you design it with pillows and a plaid.

Large cabinets are best not to bulge. Let them merge with the atmosphere as much as possible.

Use medium-sized pieces of furniture to add brightness and effect. Complete, for example, a concise neutral sofa expressive. If an almost inconspicuous wardrobe is installed in the hallway, defuse the atmosphere with a spectacular bench.

4. Save with built-in wardrobesCheap Home Decor Ideas

The construction of cabinets and pantries (for example, from drywall) is usually cheaper than the purchase of finished or custom-made furniture.

For such a cabinet, it will be necessary to buy only shelves and a door. However, instead of a door, a curtain can be used, which is important for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Having built a pantry in the kitchen, you can headset. This will significantly reduce its cost.

5. Choose materials with a simple designCheap Home Decor Ideas

Laminate, linoleum, cheap tile – why not? After all, our goal is to make the budget interior beautiful and elegant, and not luxurious. But there is one important rule: the cheaper the material, the simpler should be its appearance. Laminate – only under the tree. Linoleum – under the laminate or plain. However, he can imitate the tile, but better plain.

Inexpensive tiles or panels with a marble pattern create a ripple effect. This finish looks clumsy and colorful. Choosing a budget tile, it is better to stay on the simplest, one-color.

Cheap imitations of expensive parquet and precious stone look ridiculous in a budget interior. Such a mismatch robs him of harmony.

Carefully need to select and interior doors. If everything around is characterized by restraint and minimalism, doors with a claim to luxury simply will not fit into the atmosphere. Smooth, dull canvases and strict paneled doors, including shaker-style frame patterns, are always and everywhere appropriate. If you want to install doors with glass, then let it be a traditional rectangular or arched insert made of transparent or corrugated glass. Inserts of complex curvilinear shapes, including those decorated with patterns, are no longer relevant. In addition, they are not combined with a moderate budget environment.

6. Combine cheaper finishes with more expensive finishesCheap Home Decor Ideas

It is not necessary to clad the entire bathroom – from floor to ceiling – with cheap tile. Yes, this will save money, but will such an interior please you? You can purchase more expensive tiles and cover it with walls only up to half, and paint on top. Or do it another way: for example, to wall three walls with cheap tiles or paint, and finish the wall behind the washbasin, toilet or bathroom with expensive tiles or mosaics.

Do not be afraid of paint. Unlike wallpaper and tile, you determine its color yourself. Thanks to its interesting color, you can achieve an amazing result.

If you really liked expensive wallpaper or, for example, a facing brick – buy this material in a small amount. Form accent areas with it. For example, cover expensive wall paper with only one wall in the bedroom – behind the bed. The remaining walls can be pasted over with budget non-woven wallpaper and let them be painted.

7. If the possibilities and the chosen style allow, leave some surfaces without finishing.Cheap Home Decor Ideas

In new buildings, and sometimes in old houses, you can find good concrete or good brickwork. Some of these surfaces can be left in their original form, saving on decoration. Of course, some processing is still required, but it will be incomparably cheaper.

Of course, the decision must be made depending on the style of the interior. For modern, Scandinavian and industrial styles, the presence of such rough surfaces is very characteristic. If you chose a light elegant classic or elegant provence – this option is not for you.

8. Use curtains instead of partitions and doorsCheap Home Decor Ideas

No, this is not yesterday and not grandma’s design. The use of textiles is now very important. The fabric and the holder for the curtains will probably cost less than the construction of walls and the purchase of doors. There are very decent fabrics in the budget segment. Of course, a thin chintz cloth will not decorate the interior, but heavy velvet curtains will be out of place here.

9. Think carefully about the interior paletteCheap Home Decor Ideas

A win-win solution is neutral gamma. If you use white, gray, beige or gray-beige as the base, it will be much easier to create an elegant interior.

Saturated, deep colors are very binding. Everything should be neat and high quality, because any imperfections will immediately catch your eye. Neutral gamma, on the contrary, smooths out flaws.

Bright colors are best to be dosed in the form of accents. Including in the form of accent areas on the walls and floors.

10. Bet on decor

Cheap Home Decor Ideas
guest bedroom in modern townhouse

Any cheap item with a simple design can be beaten with the help of decor. A rustic dining group will change if you decorate it with an interesting pendant lamp, a textile walkway and a vase of flowers. There is no way to purchase a bed with a spectacular headboard? No problem! Choose a simple bed and buy a good bedspread and pillows. Decorate the bed with textiles, and it will take on a completely different look – more sophisticated and elegant. Does the white-tiled bathroom look too Spartan? Pick up an unusual mirror, hang neon-colored towels and decorate the wall with a creative poster.

Decor can be quite inexpensive, even cheap. It is only important to choose it correctly by color, texture, shape and quality.

In a word, if the budget is small, it is better to place a bet not on the effectiveness of furniture, but on the expressiveness of the decor.

And finally. Rejecting complex cabinets, zagulina doors, curly suspended ceilings, plasterboard niches and ridiculous arches, that is, from a lot of things that have long been sore, can save a lot of money. It’s better to spend this money on good decor: on table and wall lamps, pillows, vases, mirrors, posters, rugs, indoor plants, wall clocks, etc. A neutral restrained base and lovingly selected decor are the secret of success for a budget interior.

InteriorForMe is a collection of ideas for apartment design. Everything is inexpensive on our website: we offer ready-made projects that cost ten times cheaper than individual sketches. Prices already set: no pitfalls.

Each project includes a gallery of 3D images (visualization of the interior), a full set of drawings and an Excel table listing all materials, furniture and interior details that the author used. With their help, you can recreate the design completely or select some part of it. For example, an unusual solution in the layout or a successful combination of colors.

If you do not want to use a design that someone has already downloaded, just add it to your thoughts or take the best ideas from the project. Compiling the interiors, you will get a unique style in which your hand will feel.

Inexpensive interior apartment decor design: what is it?Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Cheap apartment design is a beautiful interior using inexpensive materials and furniture. The repair budget has already been calculated: the total cost of all materials used by the author is indicated in the card of each product. If you will change the interior yourself, then this figure will approximately coincide with your budget.

The design of a small apartment can also be inexpensive: the smaller the area, the less work to be done. The site contains many examples of successful layout and compact furniture. You may be interested in using them.

Ideas for an inexpensive apartment designCheap Home Decor Ideas

When settling in a new apartment, of course, I want to create the perfect interior, the one that has always been dreamed of. Many interiors seem inaccessible because of their possible high cost, but in fact, you can create a beautiful apartment design for quite reasonable money. To do this, you need a quality design project with a small repair cost, which you can easily find on our website.

Designs of apartments are expensive and cheap, but this does not always affect the appearance. There are design styles that oblige you to purchase expensive items and materials, but there are also other, simple styles that allow you to do with economical options. Moreover, there are design styles that require the presence of simple inexpensive furniture, which simply cannot be expensive if it is not elite, handmade, etc. You just need to choose the right design, and a beautiful repair will not cost at all.

In this article we will tell you which techniques allow you to create an apartment design inexpensively, which design style to choose and what to pay special attention to.

Why do we need a design?Cheap Home Decor Ideas

It may seem to you that it will be more profitable to do all the design and repair yourself, without resorting to the help of a professional. However, this is not so: when performing work in which you are not a specialist, you may encounter many difficulties, as well as make the wrong decisions, as a result of which both the look of the interior and your pocket will suffer. A professional designer, designing the interior, sets himself several tasks:

  • organize a comfortable living space;
  • to make the appearance stylish and harmonious;
  • find a way to make such repairs inexpensive and affordable for most.

Do not think that the design of the apartment is necessarily an aquarium in the whole wall and expensive luxury furniture. On the contrary, most design projects contain solutions to common problems that ordinary urban residents face. Lack of space, lack of light, cramped space, uncomfortable layout – all these shortcomings are corrected by a good design.

If you are the owner of a small living space and want an inexpensive apartment design, then you especially need a quality interior design. You can do very, very little on your own with a limited budget, while a specialist will find excellent solutions for a low cost.

Inexpensive apartment decorationCheap Home Decor Ideas

Today’s market for finishing materials is incredibly diverse. Therefore, there will be absolutely no problems with finding budget trim options. Many design projects on our website are designed for a modest budget and offer fairly profitable options available to anyone.

Floor coverings in our time are presented in a large assortment, both natural and synthetic. Synthetic coatings are traditionally cheaper because they were originally created specifically for the sake of saving money and natural resources. In an inexpensive design are used:

  • Linoleum. This coating is very inexpensive, and also has one important advantage: it does not deteriorate from moisture. If, for example, you plan to get an animal and are afraid that it will ruin your expensive parquet, then it is better to give preference to linoleum.
  • Laminate. This option is suitable for lovers of parquet, the laminate looks like a real tree, but it costs much less. In addition, the laminate is laid faster and easier due to the larger size of the boards.
  • Carpet covering. In the rooms you can lay carpet on the entire floor area, saving money and adding a little warmth and comfort to the room.
  • In the bathroom and in the kitchen, floor tiles are usually laid. It is present in stores in completely different price categories, you can find both elite expensive, and cheap and simple, while quite nice.

Cork coating is often used for floor insulation, which also does not have a high price.

The walls in the apartment are also finished depending on the type of room. Most wall coverings cost little and allow you to design an apartment inexpensively:

  • Paper or vinyl wallpaper. Suitable for the hallway, rooms and even for the kitchen. Special washable wallpapers are glued, including in rooms with high humidity.
  • Plastic panels. They are installed in rooms, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. PVC panels also have moisture resistance, so they can be used to decorate walls in any room.
  • MDF panels are also an inexpensive option for wall decoration, but they can not be installed in the bathroom and in rooms with temperature changes, for example, on an insulated balcony.
  • “Liquid Wallpaper” is a modern technology that allows you to beautifully decorate the walls for little money. A special mass is applied to the walls and dries, in fact it is just decorative plaster.
  • Ceramic tile. The main material used for bathroom and kitchen. To save money, you can not tile the entire kitchen, but only the apron in the cooking area.

Furniture & AccessoriesCheap Home Decor Ideas

High-quality and comfortable furniture for your apartment also does not have to be expensive. Often, buyers overpay for the brand, while in untwisted factories you can order the manufacture of good and beautiful furniture much cheaper. Of course, it can be difficult to independently try to find something beautiful and inexpensive. That is why the designers have already solved this issue by picking up excellent furniture and indicating the article and manufacturer in the design projects.

In our design projects, the most favorable finishes and furnishings have been selected. When choosing a design, pay attention to the cost of repairs, which includes all materials, furniture and accessories. Thus, you will find the most suitable for all parameters inexpensive design of the apartment.

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