Color of the Year 2022: Meet Mint Gray

Color of the Year 2022: Meet Mint GrayWe may not be aware of the role color plays in our daily life. First of all, it is not only an aesthetic addition to the space around us, but also a way to express emotions or emphasize your favorite style. Colors can dramatically affect our mood. They can make us feel relaxed and calm, nostalgic and energized.

Color of the year 2022 – an expression of a changing world

It is a color that will calm you down and allow you to look positively at the reality around you. The color of green, blue and gray is refreshing and hopeful. He is like a calm sky at dawn, right before sunrise. How do you bring it into your home? We’ll tell you! First of all, the color trends 2022 reflects the mood of a changing world. The specialists of the Center for Global Aesthetics each year choose a color that becomes the background of our interiors, reflecting global trends, changing lifestyles and moods. The color of the year is a mirror of the expectations of the given time. First of all, 2022 is unique in that it ushers in the next decade, announcing the beginning of something new.

Mint Gray – what color is it?Color of the Year 2022: Meet Mint Gray

Mint Gray is a color inspired by the morning sky, the play of light at dawn. Morning is the moment when we can be 100% ourselves. Today’s daily life is fast, rich, digitalized, so the color experts decided to find a color that would balance this vital impulse. Despite the seeming coldness, Mint Gray can make any interior very cozy.

This color is extremely versatile. This is reflected in the fact that it is ideal for the living room, which is the center of home life. And also for a relaxing bedroom, a focused office, or a multi-functional nursery. Depending on what shades it will be combined with, a different effect may be obtained. As a result, it will help to shade and balance rich, energetic tones and, in combination with bright, soft colors, create a unique space filled with positive emotions. Mint Gray is also a combination of several color shades. Color of the Year 2022 can work differently in one interior. First of all, depending on the lighting and the combination with other colors, green, blue or gray tones play differently in it. This opens up a great opportunity to create unique interiors.

Mint gray is a color that will reveal your personality

Mint Gray is distinguished by its versatility, sophistication, openness to change. It is a color that will allow you to highlight the character and personality of your family members. You can paint the walls of the living room with it. And then it will become a subtle background for your family’s daily life. On autumn evenings, it will envelop you in an aura of calm, and in summer, on Sunday mornings, it will create a relaxing atmosphere of the day. Pair Mint Gray with warm honey or sandy tones to create a unique, family space. They can be used on adjacent walls or as decor. Soft cushions on the couch, patterned rug and lots of potted plants will make the living room cozy.

The most important thing is to feel great at home. If minimalist order isn’t your style, experiment with materials and accessories. Concrete, raw wood, metallic accents are not only elements of modern trends, but also a great way to create a unique space that emphasizes the character of its inhabitants. Mint gray can balance rich and vibrant colors. If you are into intense blues or greens, it will be your favorite ally. It will be a gentle contrast for the wildest color combinations. This will bring harmony and tranquility to the interior. Therefore, its subtle tones are ideal for eclectic spaces. As a result, it will allow you to combine the current trends of the present with the colorful inspirations of the past.

Minimalist bedroom – heaven for the sensesColor of the Year 2022: Meet Mint Gray

In today’s busy world, each of us needs a place to be a safe haven on the map of everyday noise.

Of course, this place can be a bedroom. This is a room where we are cut off from the outside world, focused on ourselves and our needs. Your bedroom can also be a cozy retreat. Paint the walls with Mint Gray and watch the interior morph into a cozy, subdued space that invites you to unwind.

Focus on simple solutions: Mint Gray can be placed not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling, gently enveloping the entire bedroom. It is worth adding a shade of delicate accents – blue bedding or decorative pillows in a pale pink color. Plants will also prove to be irreplaceable. Especially those that not only look beautiful, but also purify the air. To give your interior more energy, use warm orange tones. If you want to create a sophisticated corner for long conversations and contemplation, pair Mint Gray with a deep purple or blue. Also, place a row of decorative candles on your bedside table.

A kitchen ready for daily challengesColor of the Year 2022: Meet Mint Gray

The kitchen is not only a functional interior in which we prepare meals. This is the heart of the home. It brings family members together and creates many opportunities for family gatherings. As a result, Mint Gray will make your kitchen spacious and full of light. So light and airy, this color can settle on all kitchen walls, as well as go beyond this interior and end up in a dining room or open living room. There should be no shortage of color additions in this neutral composition. For example, in the form of powdery pink, blue and green. Metallic details in gold or copper color will add elegance.

However, if you want your home heart to be filled with warmth, pair Mint Gray with hot orange. The universal nature of the 2022 color allows you to match it not only to one, but also to many other colors. Pastel pink accents may appear next to it. This energetic trio will attract fans of eclectic combinations, becoming the basis for vintage furniture and a collection of unique tableware. Mint Gray is an ally of various design styles. First of all, when combined with old wood and rich olive green color, it can become a rustic element. And the anthracite black shade will accentuate the elegant, minimalistic shade.

How to paint a nursery?Color of the Year 2022: Meet Mint Gray

Mint Gray has everything for you to use in both toddlers and teens’ rooms. This neutral base gives you a lot of freedom in the selection of accessories. Consequently, it creates many opportunities for self-realization. The soothing backdrop will ensure a restful sleep – for both small and large residents. Plus, it will encourage concentration while learning and allow you to change the interior to suit your own preferences, subtly matching your child’s crazy ideas. This color will grow with it.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to completely change the image and mood of a house or apartment. Paint the walls a different color. And also change the decor. As a result, you will achieve bold and beautiful effects. Mint gray, announced by Dulux as the 2022 Color of the Year, has all of these capabilities – it’s delicate, light, fleeting, a bit mysterious. This is what will allow to bring an atmosphere of peace and positive energy into the interiors. Since this color is so versatile, you can easily adapt it to individual tastes and create your own creative designs.