How to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

The New Year is not just a big noisy feast among relatives and friends, the holiday also implies the creation of a great mood. Often, during the preparation of various dishes, the festive mood is lost due to fatigue. To maintain it at the proper level, it is necessary to make sure that every detail of the house is dipped into a fairy tale. Therefore, people are interested in how to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2024 with your own hands.

Modern ideas on how to decorate a house for the new year with your own handsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

New Year is one of the main holidays, and everyone approaches decorating their home in their own way. Someone prefers to get old toys and plunge into the atmosphere of childhood. And someone follows new trends and chooses design solutions.

The main task of the decor is to create a festive mood. Well-known objects for a long time will perfectly cope with this:

  • candles;
  • paper crafts (snowflakes, figurines, garlands);
  • Christmas decorations;
  • twigs, wreaths;
  • garlands with light bulbs;
  • decorations made of wood, cardboard, fabric, wine corks;
  • decorative pillows and blankets.

You can use improvised materials, it is not at all necessary to spend money in expensive toy stores. For example, simple oranges with carved patterns on the peel or crafts made from cinnamon sticks and gingerbread can be used. It turns out the decor in an eco-style, which brings you closer to nature and makes the room warmer and more comfortable.

CandlesHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

You can decorate the festive table with candles, put them on a decorative fireplace or free shelves. It is important to ensure that there are no flammable objects nearby, that the candles are well fixed and that children or pets do not get them.

Modern stores offer a choice of candle products of different colors and shapes. There are classic cone-shaped options, interesting wax models or in the form of funny figures. Everyone will choose what suits his character and vision of the holiday. And if this element also has original candlesticks, consider it ready for the New Year.

One of the now fashionable options for candlesticks can be made with your own hands from a simple glass with a long stem. It is enough to turn it over and install flattened candles on top. Inside the glass, you can put small Christmas decorations or tinsel.

Do not lose popularity and candles in glasses. They are safer because they are closed on all sides. Glasses can be painted over with different patterns, making original “lampshades” out of them, then the created figures will shine on the walls and furniture, creating an atmosphere of magic.

Even simple white candles purchased in the household department will look beautiful. And you can arrange a stand for them yourself. For example, choose a saw cut of any size, process it with the necessary materials to protect it from fire. Glue a few New Year’s toys and put a few candles, as an option – decorate with spruce branches and place a jar or a glass with a candle in the center.

Edible decorHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

The festive table is not just a place where the family gathers for dinner. This is also one of the elements that decorates the house in the New Year. Therefore, its decoration and serving should be given no less attention than the Christmas tree.

Here you can give free rein to your imagination and arrange snacks in the form of some figure – the figure of the Christmas tree will fit perfectly. A table on which sausages, cheeses, chips and other types of snacks create a Christmas tree pattern always looks more advantageous than the same thing, but on separate plates.

The same goes for vegetables and fruits. If skills and time allow, you can apply carving – figured cutting. Such delicious decorations will not leave anyone indifferent.

Beautifully packaged sweets, nuts and dried fruits are good as decor.

VasesHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

There is not always room for a large spruce in a room. Then you can limit yourself to a beautifully decorated vase with spruce branches inside. Another option is to decorate the vase itself with fragments of spruce needles, Christmas toys, tangerines and apples.

Christmas treeHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Today, spruce decoration for the New Year is a separate art form. A wide variety of toys and other decorations are sold in stores, the abundance of beautiful decor makes your eyes run wide. If earlier people just bought glass balls and figurines, hung garlands and rain, now it is possible to decorate a Christmas tree in any existing and non-existent style, in any color scheme and for any, even the most picky taste.

Often, to decorate the New Year tree, they choose the colors of the coming year and decorate the tree exclusively with them. Some people like it when there are a lot of toys, others, on the contrary, want to see free green branches. Still others will prefer to sprinkle spruce with artificial snow and add a few bows and snowflakes. There can be no wrong choice here, all options are good.

Volumetric compositionsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

The trend is now thematic volumetric decorations for the home. If there is not enough space, you can limit yourself to only them and a few branches. If there is enough space, they will perfectly complement the holiday tree.

The original decor is assembled with your own hands or to order, a variety of ideas are used. You can limit yourself to nothing. For example, install a crescent moon framed by spruce branches on a stand, put figurines, toys, snowflakes, etc. nearby. Or take a large vase and unfold the whole plot, making a real masterpiece, which will involve branches, toys, fruits, spices, nuts etc.

WreathsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Christmas wreaths came to us from Western traditions, before that it was not customary to decorate houses with them. But lately, more and more people are addicted to the idea of wreaths, ordering them from designers, buying them in stores or making them on their own.

It is not at all necessary that a festive wreath should be made of branches. To make it yourself, you need good glue and not heavy components. By tradition, you can take easily bending spruce branches and supplement them with berries, toys, tangerines, dried flowers and petals. And you can create crafts, for example, from cones, walnuts, cinnamon sticks, acorns, dried fruits, ribbons, Christmas decorations, etc.

Hanging productsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Decor does not have to occupy usable space. It can be hung from the ceiling, fireplace, arches, etc. Among the purchase options are various original garlands, flowers, branches, stars and large and small light bulbs. Similar decorations can be created independently.

Compositions from spruce branches, decorated in a garland, will look festive and interesting. For crafts, you may need glue, foam, wire, frame, cardboard and decorations. In addition, you can take thick threads, burlap, checkered fabric, tows.

Textile craftsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Textiles create warmth and comfort in the house, it enlivens the room, makes it pleasant. You can use various decorative pillows, decorated to your liking, patchwork blankets, mittens or socks over the fireplace or on the walls. This also includes a tablecloth, which can be with New Year’s drawings.

TopiaryHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

New Year’s topiaries are, as a rule, spherical crafts on a leg, which are attached to a flower pot or vase. Such compositions will be an excellent decoration and will fit into any home and even office.

Today, the view of familiar things is constantly changing, and topiaries keep up with the times. They are made in the form of Christmas trees, pointed hats of gnomes or elves, etc.

Paper compositionsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

The first thing that comes to mind about paper Christmas decorations is snowflakes on the windows, which almost everyone cut out in childhood. Fashion for them has not gone away. The only thing that has changed is a lot of video tutorials and even books that teach you how to cut out a variety of beautiful and unusual snowflakes, flat or voluminous. Everything depends on patience.

They can decorate windows, walls, curtains, carpets, cabinets, etc. Such snowflakes can hang from a chandelier, over an arch, and from a fireplace. They can be glued to any glass surface.

Christmas decorationsHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Everyone is used to the fact that Christmas toys are located exclusively on the New Year’s tree. But this rule is not required. In 2024, you can decorate the whole house with Christmas decorations, and you don’t need to hang them somewhere.

Transparent vases of any size, glasses and aquariums are suitable for decoration. You just need to fill them with New Year’s toys and dilute them with safe lamp garlands. You can add spruce branches, walnuts, cinnamon sticks, cones, rain to the design.

What styles of home decoration for the new year can you choose

When planning how to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2024 with your own hands, it is not at all necessary to adhere to a certain style in home decor. But, if you want to decorate rooms in accordance with some traditions, you can consider some universal options.

ScandinavianHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

The essence of the Scandinavian style is the predominance of cold tones interspersed with a few bright accents. Usually it is wooden furniture with minimal processing, natural materials in everything, including decor, restraint and lack of pretentiousness.

In the Scandinavian style, the apartment will not have multi-colored colorful decorations and garlands. The dominant colors will be white and silver. You can install a white spruce, hang silver garlands on it, toys made of yarn, cones and wood. Wooden coasters, vases, decor from dry branches, wreaths and candles will complement the interior. Let the deer be part of the clothes, appear in the form of embroidery on textiles, or stand as figures under the tree and on the shelves.

CountryHow to decorate your apartment for the New Year 2024

Warmer than Scandinavian, but also based on natural materials. It has more colors and “elegance”. Country embodies the simplicity and comfort of a country house.

When decorating a home, you need to try to make as many items as possible with your own hands: paper snowflakes and garlands, knitted toys, wood crafts. Fruits, berries, gingerbread and sweets, cinnamon and orange slices can participate in the decor. Coniferous twigs and cones are located throughout the house.

How to create a truly festive atmosphere in the new year 2024

In creating a festive atmosphere in the house, it is important to take into account everything: the Christmas tree, the decorations bought or made, the mood of the household, what emotions are invested in it.

It is important not only to be creative in the decor, but to try to gather the whole family, especially children, at one activity. If the children are small, let them do some easy interesting work under the close supervision of their parents. And older children can be given freedom of action. Let everyone show their imagination and express their vision of the magical.

Joint decoration of the house will give the family many joyful moments, set the mood for the holiday and unite everyone. For children, this will be an interesting game and immersion in a fairy tale that they themselves can create.


There are actually a lot of ideas on how to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2024 with your own hands. In stores, you can easily find various details for decor, some are sold in ready-made sets. If you give free rein to your imagination, it will allow you to realize the most original ideas. Then the atmosphere of the holiday will fill the home, and the guests will be amazed at the individual approach. If your imagination needs to be rocked, there are many photos of ready-made solutions and new products on the Internet that you can rely on.