How to upgrade your headboard: Creative solutions for skilled hands

We continue to fill up a piggy bank of ideas on the topic of original solutions for the bedroom, namely, non-banal decoration of the head of the bed. Some time ago, we laid out fresh collections with different ways of decorating bedroom headboard. But from the last collection they decided to share fresh ideas on the types of creativity and the result.How to upgrade your headboard: Creative solutions for skilled hands

A gallery with ideas on decorating the head of the bed with fabric has already been released , and this selection is devoted to volumetric designs – in all their diversity.

What beds are they suitable for? First of all, for those modern models that do not imply a factory headboard. But if your bed has it, it is likely that you will have a desire to update it or replace it with a new, unusual one. So by “constructions” we mean a rigid element that is attached to the wall or to the bed itself, as well as the design of the wall around the head of the bed (shelves and niches).

We divided all the collected ideas into 6 parts, focusing on the style of the result. Nevertheless, in each of them you will find completely different options, although there are still common features (shape, material or type of decoration).

So, in this issue for creative natures and their skillful hands, there are 6 fresh themes on the design of the head of the bed :

  • the romance of the French princess;
  • inspiration from the East;
  • strict classic options;
  • natural wood + country;
  • fancy decisions;
  • discreet lines of a modern urban style.

Let the creativity give you pleasure, and the result will exceed expectations!

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idea for headboard number 1: a la french princess

The main decoration of this type of headboard is monograms and floral motifs. They can appear in the form of a structure (for example, carved from plywood) or be the result of your drawing (or decoupage) on the wooden surface of an existing headboard.

If you already have a wrought-iron headboard in the French style, try to approach it creatively, for example, decorate it with a romantic garland.

idea for headboard number 2: East – a delicate matter

When we recall the East, most often we mean either the Arab countries or the Far East. In all these cultures, such an original piece of furniture as a screen was known. That it can become the basis of the new head of the bed. But about this – a little later, and at first – about Japan.

Light grilles, shelves associated with pagodas, bamboo – all this will add to the bedroom a touch of fashionable interior style. The first row of pictures in section-2 is about this topic.

Now back to the screen. It is impossible to imagine the bedroom of an oriental beauty without a screen; European aristocrats of the 18th century instantly appreciated the grace and intimacy of this compact subject. You can see a lot of options in more detail in our galleries on the theme of the screen ( part-1 , part-2 ), but here we offer to see how this accessory becomes a story for inspiration.

For example, take as a basis the very essence of the screen (partial isolation) and make a “lattice” for the head of the bed. The opposite option is to get a real oriental thing and attach it to the wall. A compromise solution is to create a simple analogue of a screen from improvised materials by fastening parts of the frame with furniture hinges.

idea for headboard number 3: the severity of exquisite classics

If we ignore Rococo and Baroque, many will recall that the classics presupposes a certain severity and restraint of lines. In this section, we have collected several options for those who like it.

Rigid structures of a symmetrical shape – from plywood and metal, as well as frames from moldings on the bedside wall, causing associations with old paintings.

idea for headboard number 4: eco-friendly country

These stories are likely to appeal to fans of eco-friendly materials and simple but charming solutions. Wooden boards, old door leafs or thin trellises imitating a fence – in a word, “life surrounded by nature and strong things is a la rural master”.

idea for headboard number 5: fantasy without borders

And here are options that can safely be considered individual. Some of these designs for the head can be created instantly, for example, as in photo-2 (from a set of small IKEE mirrors) or in photo-5 (the usual direct headboard from MDF is pasted over with a patchwork of multi-colored wallpapers that match each other in tone.

Other ideas will require a longer selection of materials, but the result will really look unique.

idea for headboard number 6: functional conciseness

If all the previous options seem to you “excesses” and the soul asks for something more rational – pay attention to this section.

Headboards can act in their intended purpose – to protect the wall from abrasion, with minimal decor. But at the same time they look more interesting than factory options.

And for the most practical natures, shelves are designed (which also form the impression of a wall behind the head of the bed) and niches that can be built specifically for this area or use the design features of the room.

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