Kitchen decoration combined with balcony

Kitchen decoration combined with balconyKitchen combined with a balcony: design ideas. Options for the distribution and allocation of zones in the combined room of the kitchen and balcony

Kitchens with access to the balcony are considered very comfortable and spacious. Any hostess will be happy with such an amount of free space. On the balcony, you can build a small cellar for storing vegetables or simply take out on it a plate with a hot dish for cooling. There are a lot of ideas on this topic, so today we will discuss this issue in more detail.

Pros and cons of combining kitchen with balconyKitchen decoration combined with balcony

The balcony can be used as a small coffee shop or a miniature bar. Proper distribution of the compact space will make it possible to place dining tables and even ottomans in such territories.

Kitchens with access to the balcony visually expand the space. In your house or apartment there will be not one but two functional rooms that are directly connected to each other.

You can easily organize a small recreation area in such a space. Today, many connoisseurs of beautiful views from the window turn to such redevelopments.

Combining the kitchen and the balcony, you can give free rein to imagination and design these rooms in different styles. Such design ideas are preferred by creative people who like to create original and boring interiors around themselves.

But there are some negative aspects to creating such a layout. These include the bureaucratic issue. It will not be so easy to get a lot of permissions in all instances to eliminate the wall. In addition, you will have to spend quite a lot of time and effort.

Large amounts of money will be spent on such transformations, especially if the loggia was not previously glazed. It will be necessary to glaze and make insulation. Not without wall cladding.

In a tidy amount can get up the dismantling of the balcony block.

If you nevertheless decided on these actions, then you need to know if the dismantled wall is not a bearing.

Violation of these requirements may entail serious consequences not only for you, but also for your neighbors.

Design projects

If your apartment is small-sized, then combining a kitchen with a balcony will be the perfect solution. Let us consider in more detail several attractive design projects for premises of different sizes.

For 14 sq.m

If you combine a balcony with a kitchen with an area of 14 sq. M, then you will get one large room in which you can place many additional cabinets and kitchen appliances.

If your balcony has beautiful panoramic windows, then the entrance to it should be arranged in the form of a regular square with lighting.

On either side of the entrance you can place cooking cabinets, a refrigerator, a stove and hanging cabinets. The passage between them should be left free to cook indoors was more convenient and free.

A table with chairs can be placed on the balcony. A large lamp must be placed above these objects.

For 12 sq.m

The room measuring 12 sq. M is both compact and roomy. If you combine such a kitchen with a balcony, then it will become spacious at all. To do this, you can only dismantle the window and balcony door.

With this arrangement, the balcony can play the role of a beautiful winter garden, pantry or a small bar.

If you decide to leave a window sill, then from it you can make a beautiful bar or work area. A window sill converted into a cabinet will look harmonious. It is not necessary to leave a curbstone. You can remove it and place a large French window in its place. This option is able to make the kitchen room much lighter and fresher. Opposite this tall window, you can place a compact round-table dining table and chair.

It is better to give preference to furniture in bright colors. Instead of additional chairs, you can use a small sofa near the wall. Opposite this ensemble, kitchen furniture consisting of four to five sections and built-in appliances will look great.

The entrance to the attached balcony can be made in the form of an arch. Such a detail will look amazing! On one side of this opening, you can leave the protruding part of the wall and use it as a small shelf. You can put a vase of flowers on it.

The layout will look harmonious, in which the refrigerator is on the balcony, and through the wall from it (already in the kitchen) there will be kitchen cabinets: floor and hanging.

If you pick up furniture in light or bright colors, then a small glass table will look good with it.

If you want to focus on the dining area, then the cabinets and equipment should be selected with a minimum size. A large refrigerator or oven can be sent to the balcony.

For 10 sq.m

The layout for a kitchen of 10 sq.m combined with a balcony should be considered in advance. The latest trends of this year dictate to us that the passage from one door to another should not be occupied by any furniture.

As a rule, such kitchens with balconies are narrow and have the right rectangular shape. Such a structure corresponds to a direct or parallel layout.

If you choose a parallel layout, then you should know that there will be practically no free space for chairs and a table. In this case, send them to the balcony. The windowsill can be converted into a countertop.

Do not litter the room with unnecessary and old pieces of furniture. For storing products and other necessary things, you can install floor cabinets and wall cabinets. Their location will directly depend on where you move the dining table. If it will be on the balcony, then cabinets need to be installed in the kitchen room and vice versa.

The borders between the small kitchen and the balcony can be designed in the form of an arch. It can be rectangular or oval. The division in the form of a small bar counter will harmoniously look. Today, many are turning to this technique.

For 9 sq.m

A kitchen project of 9 square meters with a balcony needs to be prepared in advance. When planning a room, it is necessary to consider household appliances and furniture.

In such a kitchen, the main object will be a set. He needs to be given the greatest attention. It should include elements such as a basic cooking area and dining area.

The window sill can be used to place different boxes. So you visually make this area larger, while saving square meters. The ideal option for such a kitchen would be hanging cabinets. On their upper part you can place all kinds of kitchen items that you rarely use in everyday life.

A dining table with chairs, ottomans or a sofa should be placed on the balcony. The table can be large and rectangular, or compact with a round countertop.

For a 6 meter kitchen

A small kitchen will become much more spacious if combined with a balcony. Furniture of any style will look great in such a room.

  • The most successful is the placement of the headset in the kitchen. It can be floor and wall cabinets of small sizes, as well as household appliances.
  • Dining table and additional lockers can be placed on the balcony, if its size allows.
  • To make the room brighter and more comfortable will allow indoor plants. They can be placed along the windowsills.
  • If you decided to put a table with chairs in front of the headset, then on the balcony you can build a bar counter or put a small sofa there.


A variety of objects are used for zoning such premises.

  • Beautiful French windows perfectly cope with this task. They are able to visually expand the space and make it much brighter. Such elements look especially impressive if you live on a high floor and you have a beautiful panoramic view.
  • Many leave a small part of the partition. From the side, it is more like a neat shelf, protruding from the wall.
  • High glass doors look expensive and spectacular in the role of zoning.

Which kitchen curtains to choose?Kitchen decoration combined with balcony

The design of curtains plays an important role in creating a beautiful kitchen interior.

You can attach fashionable Roman curtains or roll models to the balcony doors and windows. They look very elegant and stylish. It should be noted the functionality of such curtains.

Textile curtains would be appropriate. They harmoniously fit into the interior. It is recommended to choose products with different lengths. For example, it is worth hanging curtains with windows up to the windowsill, and on the balcony door up to the floor. This simple technique is needed in order to visually make the ceilings in the room a little higher.

How to properly use the balcony in the interior?

The balcony must be glazed. To do this, it is better to turn to brand new double-glazed windows, especially if you have old frames with cracks.

After glazing, it is necessary to select high-quality insulation material. The insulation must be breathable. We recommend that you contact materials that are not susceptible to mold or mildew.

A balcony combined with a small kitchen can be a great place for tea drinking. For every housewife, it is the kitchen that is the main room in the house. And it is no secret that everyone wants to make this room as convenient, spacious and comfortable as possible. But not all kitchens, unfortunately, have the required dimensions. In houses of the old construction, for example, the kitchens are so compact that the owners of apartments have to go to tricks to increase the number of square meters or use the existing space as ergonomically as possible.

If the layout of a small kitchen contains access to a balcony – this is a huge advantage, since this room can be used not only for its intended purpose.

What to do with a kitchen with a balcony?Kitchen decoration combined with balcony

A kitchen with access to a balcony can become more functional due to additional space. However, if the balcony in the small kitchen is the only balcony in the apartment, this can create some inconvenience, since the already not spacious kitchen room, in addition, becomes a walk-through.

Equipping a small table top with a bar counter in place of the windowsill, you get a convenient place for a quick breakfast

Often balconies serve as a warehouse for unnecessary or periodically necessary things. And the first thing to do when arranging the interior of a small or narrow kitchen is to free this room.

Do not be afraid to get rid of unnecessary things in the house, because with the departure of the old, a new one necessarily comes into our life …

A small kitchen with access to the balcony can have a different area and a different geometric shape: it can be narrow and long or form a square. You can redevelop the kitchen with the demolition of the walls, thus expanding the space, and you can do more humane.

How to use a balcony?Kitchen decoration combined with balcony

Do not ruin the walls, not deciding on the purpose of the kitchen balcony, because this is not the only right way out. Options for using the kitchen balcony:

  • Rest zone. If the kitchen is already fully equipped and everything you need is compact and conveniently located, you can put a narrow sofa-ottoman with a TV and a coffee table on the warm balcony and arrange a rest area there.

Very often in small apartments we receive a small number of guests in the kitchen, since other rooms are occupied by households. An additional recreation area with access to the kitchen, in this case, will be an excellent solution.

  • Summer arbor. If your kitchen balcony is not insulated, you can put a small tea table on it and use the room as a gazebo in the warm season, because there is nothing more useful and pleasant than an early mini-breakfast in the fresh air.

A warm balcony combined with a kitchen will become an excellent winter garden. A

  • Mini pantry. In the kitchen there is always a lot of things that are necessary in everyday life, but there is no place for them. If the balcony space is used as functionally and ergonomically as possible, it can be equipped with compact but roomy shelves for kitchen utensils, food storage and canned goods.
  • “Work” balcony. On a compact insulated balcony, you can put a working area. Such a solution will save living quarters from sounds and smells generated during cooking, and in the kitchen room there will be an opportunity to equip a full-fledged dining room.
  • Balcony – dining room. By placing a dining table with chairs or a sofa on the balcony, you get a bright, well-ventilated dining room. Removing the external balcony wall outside the apartment will allow it to expand and make it more comfortable.
  • Additional square meters. If none of the options suits your case for some reason, you can increase the kitchen space by using a warm balcony by equipping an arch, a bar, or shelves for decor at the entrance.

A small kitchen and a balcony are recommended to be decorated in a single color scheme.

If you plan to keep the balcony in its original form, as a separate room, before arranging the kitchen, you need to carefully consider the location of the working and dining areas. When planning the placement of furniture in the kitchen, it should be borne in mind that the use of a balcony entails constant drafts.

Tip : Using sliding balcony doors instead of traditional swing doors will significantly save valuable kitchen space.

In the event that repair work is not yet included in your plans, the balcony can be freed from all that is unnecessary and used as a summer gazebo. Stylish curtains will help to hide the entrance to the loggia from prying eyes.

Tip : if there are standard type doors on the balcony, it is better to put rarely used sections or top-loading appliances in the narrow kitchen outside the doors.

The separate design of the kitchen with a balcony is good because thanks to this layout you can get the daily norm of fresh air without leaving your own home. In addition, it can be used as a place to dry clothes or an additional refrigerator in the cold season.

Combined kitchen design options with balconyKitchen decoration combined with balcony

The choice of this solution includes some points that you should immediately pay attention to:

  • Warming. Combined design is a more expensive solution, because, first of all, high-quality insulation of the balcony is required.
  • Heating. When warming the balcony, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of heating: not in all cases the BTI may issue a permit for the transfer of batteries. This issue should be resolved once so that it is possible to use alternative options (for example, a floor heating system).

The combined design of a small kitchen implies the following options:

  • Dinner Zone. The transition between the balcony and the kitchen can be arranged in the form of a bar counter, or you can place a tabletop in place of the window sill, forming a full dining area that combines the loggia with the kitchen.
  • Rest zone. In place of the balcony combined with the kitchen, you can install a small sofa – an ottoman, a floor lamp, a TV and a coffee table.

Small kitchens, as a rule, are built in small-sized apartments and the arrangement of an additional area for relaxing or receiving a small number of guests will be a wise decision.

  • Cooking area. The cooking area can be moved to the balcony combined with the kitchen. This will greatly expand the space of the kitchen and make its interior design more comfortable. On the narrow balcony, you can mix the kitchen equipment and furniture in such a way as to visually modify its layout. However, there may be problems with the transfer of the sink, gas stove and dishwasher, but all this can be solved in the hands of the master. Before starting any work, it is necessary to document this issue. Paperwork, which involves passing a large number of instances, will require large financial costs and take extra time.


The design of a small kitchen, including a balcony, does not have special rigors, so no matter which option becomes your final decision – this will be your choice, the most optimal and most convenient. The only advice: when repairing a square or narrow long kitchen with a balcony, it is recommended to use the same decoration materials. This will visually enlarge a small room and harmoniously fit into it a winter garden or relaxation area. In addition, this approach will give the room a unified style and visually combine the rooms, even if they are separated by a sliding or pivot door.

The design of the kitchen with access to the balcony is beautiful and functional: a selection of photos with practical recommendations will help to verify this. Let’s start

Redevelopment is not always necessary

A common solution is to simply tear down the wall, while at the same time insulating the external extension. However, it is not always possible to do this: sometimes there is no way to get permission, but someone, in principle, does not like this idea. In fact, harmoniously entering the balcony door into the interior is not so difficult.

The most important thing here is to carefully consider the choice of curtains.

For a kitchen in a modern style, translucent roll-ups are suitable – however, for this, the outlet must be repaired very carefully. Thanks to the adjustable height, they completely close the door, allowing you to open the window. Fashionable and practical.

It is not necessary to try to imitate the whole canvas: this solution is also in trend now.

Selecting do not limit yourself to rolled or Roman: a beautiful curtain or tulle is also in the subject. Especially for a room in a classic style – such textiles even in Khrushchev seem refined.

Modern idea: Sliding transparent screens with patterns are an excellent choice for a kitchen studio. They can fence off not only the balcony, but also the residential part of the apartment. This creates a separate kitchen area – convenient and practical.

An interesting choice is a thin white tulle. She looks elegant, closing the exit. In sunny time, the fabric shines through, creating an amazing airy effect.

However, sometimes the doorway itself becomes an adornment. For example, if you replace the standard door with a French one. You can’t call it a novelty in 2018, but right now it is experiencing a second wave of popularity. A lot of light, convenience, a minimum of occupied space in an open form – in our opinion, an ideal option.

Non-standard move: Do you want to visually enlarge the room without bothering with the demolition of the walls? Remove the door, and turn the tall one into the floor window into its imitation. So it will seem that you have a large kitchen with a non-standard layout.

True, the reception is not suitable for any configuration – it is very important that the room does not have a balcony window.

Do you have a spacious but not glazed annexe? If the kitchen warms up well in winter, you can make it look like a terrace – so even in an apartment building you can have breakfast on a fresh house. You will have to take care of the appearance of the partition – keep in mind that it is visible from the kitchen, which means that it must be neat and stylish.

We remove part of the wall

If you want any changes, try to remove the door, placing it under an opening of an unusual shape.

The kitchen project with an arched exit to the loggia is not in vain appreciated by designers. In implementation, it is easier to complete redevelopment, while adding a significant amount of space. This is especially true in small kitchens, where literally every centimeter is important – for example, in panel houses.

If it is about your option, do not get involved in complex forms. The usual rounded drywall arch is what you need. Make the decor in bright colors: this way the room will appear more spacious. By the way, against such a background dark facades “look like wood” look extremely advantageous.

Partial dismantling of the wall also belongs to this category of design projects: you will need to remove the partition above the window without touching the window sill. This technique allows you to create a curly opening. Use it in different ways:

  • As a simple partition
  • As an additional work surface
  • In small kitchens, the former windowsill is often adapted for a dining table
  • A popular trick is turning into a bar. In this case, we recommend that you create a lounge area with a sofa and a TV on the balcony

The choice is really wide, so think what you need.

Is it about a corner exit? Remove the door, and put on the balcony a refrigerator and several cabinets for different kitchen details. Believe me, a few extra steps will pay off: the room will become much more spacious and comfortable.

Curly drywall arches are also noteworthy. They look stylish and, if properly designed, will become a real decoration of your kitchen. In addition, it is easy to attach several shelves to such a surface – as practice shows, they are always in short supply.

Lately columns are popular. Especially in classic interiors. But here it is necessary to exercise caution: they are not suitable in a small room.

In addition, consider that you will need to tear down part of the wall without affecting the necessary elements. And this is almost jewelry work – you have to turn to professional builders.

However, there is a simpler option: a column close to the wall. It is suitable for small kitchens, up to 12 sq.m., where you do not want to occupy a place with decor, combined with a small balcony. Put the dining table where the partition passed – the spacious dining room is ready!

If you decide to leave the wall block on one side, the corner kitchen will help to divide the zones – place one part of it so that it is in place of the former window sill. On the one hand, the room is perceived as a whole.

On the other hand, you have a clearly defined additional area that you can use at your discretion: for the dining room, a place of rest.

Important: No matter what beautiful picture with the kitchen on the balcony you find, we do not recommend this method. It is too laborious and often does not pay for itself.

Is the loggia shaped like a bay window? This is great! Leave the window sill as a shelf-partition, and put a figured sofa with two side sections under the window. True, if you can’t find the furniture of the required dimensions, you will have to make it to order. But the picture is impressive – a small kitchen of 10 square meters. m. becomes much larger.

Full redevelopment

The most laborious method is the demolition of the entire wall and the unification. There are some nuances here. First of all – a mandatory permit, which is not so easy to obtain.

If you have overcome all the bureaucratic difficulties, you need to think over a design project: sometimes the room is almost doubled. Therefore, pre-estimate where to put the kitchen, what to do with the refrigerator.

Here we’ll talk about how they are designed in the interior. By the way, do not be surprised that we made columns and arches as a separate item – they nevertheless serve as a kind of delimiters. Here we are talking about creating a single room of two. What does it look like in practice?

This solution looks great in the loft style: the combination of rough brick walls with plenty of light and glass looks perfect. The kitchen so decorated is real. Use a combination of different textures and colors. Masthev – a wall imitating masonry overgrown with vines and grass.

If the difference in floor levels is very noticeable, we advise you not to try to smooth it: you will lose part of the height. On the contrary, use it to put the dining room on the podium. A simple technique that requires minimal effort from you, and the result is unusually good.

Sometimes the working area is taken directly to the windowsill of the balcony. We already mentioned that we do not recommend – too much trouble with the wiring of sewers and communications. But it cannot be denied that it looks stylish, especially if the balcony is glazed like a bay window.

On the other hand, if you are only building a private house, then try to lay such wiring in the project initially.

A unified design style is the key to success. Try to make the transition as invisible as possible. A good example is in this photo: the volumetric elements of the wall go along the entire plane, combining the kitchen with the extension ..

By the way: They will also help mask the joints if they did not come out too neat.

If the balcony is narrower than the kitchen, there may be difficulties with the layout – a strange-shaped room, similar to two squares, it’s quite difficult to arrange beautifully.

There is a solution – pick up unusual curtains in the appropriate style, which, if necessary, will hide the relaxation area on the loggia.

They say that the trend will be the lack of boundaries between furniture. Remove the walls to place the corner close to the headset – a great solution for more. So everything you need to fit, and the room will look stylish and modern, whatever design you choose.

Repair of a spacious kitchen with access to the balcony, which implies a complete redevelopment, is sometimes complicated by a non-standard configuration. What if the room is large and the loggia is small?

No need to abandon what was conceived – such a mismatch is simply played out in the interior. If space permits, design a large kitchen-living room in a classic style with a kitchen island and a fireplace.

As for the balcony – this is a wonderful place to put there cozy. Perhaps after such a repair you don’t even need a separate living room – who needs it when the kitchen is so cool?

Non-standard move – carved partitions placed not parallel to each other. It is best to make them from drywall and decorate with bright patterns. Then, even indoors, in traditional beige or colorful strokes will appear that coolly revitalize the design.

And here is a more traditional solution. Demolition of the walls with the removal of the dining room onto the balcony is a real salvation for tiny kitchens in panel apartments. Modern design style, plenty of light and, of course, extra space, which was so lacking.

Sometimes there are original solutions that use classic motifs. If the balcony is small, why not make a dining area there on the principle of an ordinary … compartment on a train? It looks non-standard, but, no doubt, convenient.

The main thing is to choose the right furniture and adhere to the general style. In this photo, the simple design seems very elegant through the use of wood panels.

Well, to summarize. If you are lucky and the kitchen has a way out, then a wide range of design options opens up: from a simple beautiful curtain to a complete redevelopment of the room.

Which type to choose? Decide for yourself! The main thing is to choose the appropriate interior style and be able to equip the space conveniently and functionally.

The kitchen with access to the balcony has hidden decorative and functional features. After all, combining a kitchen with a balcony or a loggia is a great way to optimize the space, which allows you to:

  • increase the area of the kitchen;
  • to improve the heat and sound insulation of the kitchen (due to the glazing and insulation of the balcony / loggia);
  • make the kitchen brighter.

The design of the kitchen combined with a loggia or a balcony looks interesting. Redevelopment allows you to organize the space outside the box and turn a regular balcony into a bay window or panoramic window.


  1. The need to legitimize redevelopment – to collect documents, order a project and wait for permission. Keep in mind, coordinating the integration of the loggia with the kitchen is a costly, troublesome and often lengthy business in itself;
  2. Additional costs for insulation, installation of the “” system, warm glazing and decoration.

Briefly about the important – we define the boundaries of what is permitted

Combining a kitchen with a loggia can be:

  1. Partially, when windows and doors are dismantled, and the remaining partition is used as a base for the countertop.
  2. Complete, when the walls dividing 2 spaces are completely removed, and a single room is formed.
  • If you clean only the window, then you will not need to issue permissions, but when selling an apartment you will have to return the window and door to their original place;
  • If the entire wall is completely dismantled, then approval of the new layout in the relevant authorities will be required;
  • Bearing walls cannot be removed at all – and permission in this case cannot be obtained. For example, in a panel house, load-bearing walls are all structures with a thickness of more than 120-140 mm. For a brick house, the values are different – those that are thicker than 3 bricks (380 mm) in a monolithic one are more than 200 mm;
  • Do not transport centralized water heating batteries to the loggia.

Keep in mind that even if the partition between the kitchen and the loggia is not a carrier, you can not demolish it arbitrarily. In no case do not redevelop without approval – it is dangerous, not reasonable and not profitable. In the case of violations (it is not difficult to identify them), penalties are imposed on the violator and the order to restore the kitchen to its original form. It is better to consult not on forums and on the Internet, but directly with BTI and the designer.

The “legalization” of the demolition of the partition between the balcony and the kitchen is a serious topic and requires more detailed disclosure in a separate article. Now let’s talk about how to maximize the use of additional meters.

The loggia combined with the kitchen must meet the following rules:

  1. Glazing of a residential loggia can be from special heat-retaining PVC or aluminum profiles;
  2. It is mandatory to arrange high-quality waterproofing and insulation with mineralized cotton wool or polystyrene plates of floors, walls and ceilings. Additionally, the balcony zone is insulated with a “warm floor” system, if desired, electric convectors and fan heaters can be used.

Ideas for a kitchen combined with a loggiaKitchen decoration combined with balcony

How can you beat the space of a kitchen combined with a loggia? We offer you the following popular ideas:

  1. Design ideas with dining area on the loggia

This is the most popular way to use the balcony. It allows you to make the working area of the kitchen more spacious by moving it to the loggia. The photo below shows an example of the design of the kitchen-living room combined with a loggia.

And here is another kitchen-living room, combined with a loggia with panoramic glazing:

  1. Bar Design Ideas

On the insulated balcony you can organize a dining area in the form of a bar. Moreover, as a substitute for the bar, you can use the partition on which there used to be a window. Examples of such redevelopment look below in the photo.

However, this partition can be converted into a table, designed not only for breakfast and snacks, but also for storage.

The following photo shows the design of a kitchen with a balcony and a bar group, which simultaneously zones and combines the kitchen-living room.

The bar counter can also be made from the windowsill of the balcony.

  1. Ideas for arranging a balcony area with equipment, a pantry, a stove and a working area

This alteration of the combined kitchen needs to be thought out more carefully, because you need to take into account the allowable load on your balcony and the conduct of communications. For example, you can install a refrigerator on the balcony combined with the kitchen, but this is not always convenient from the point of view of the “working triangle”.

You can also hide a washing machine here.

Theoretically, even a kitchen set with an electric stove, sink and hood can be installed on the loggia. You can only agree on such a redevelopment if you live on the ground floor. To move the kitchen to the balcony, you will need to transfer all communications, so the work area should be placed on the same side where all the equipment and the sink used to be.

  1. Kitchen design ideas with a sitting area, cabinet, pantry and garden on the loggia

The loggia combined with the kitchen can be beaten in a completely non-“kitchen” way. Here you can equip a library, a “lounge zone” with a minibar, an office for work and hobbies, a winter garden or a children’s playroom. If you like this idea, we recommend that you nevertheless enclose the “non-kitchen” part of the space not only visually, but also physically, using the “French window”, a screen, a low partition, or a curtain.

The design of the kitchen with a balcony is a space that will renew the design and expand the association. Most of us live in standard small-sized apartments, in which there is practically no free space to create a unique style. Especially the lack of space is felt in the kitchens. The main goal in arranging this room is to maximize the use of usable space, which a balcony can increase.

When planning a kitchen repair, you need to choose one of three possible redevelopment options.

Separate kitchen and balcony

Leaving everything as it is, we get two rooms that are separated from each other by the window and door. We recommend that you design them in the same style and color scheme.

Here you can organize a space for storing preservation, set up a coffee table or even create an office.

Having a large loggia in a one-room apartment, you can completely “translate” the kitchen there, leaving a lot of space for the living room with dining area.

Partition between two rooms

Having removed the window and door frames, we leave a partition that can separate two functional spaces – the cooking zone and the dining area.

Or we can use it as part of the interior, for example, as a kitchen island or bar counter. A stylish, modern idea that will definitely decorate your apartment.

Complete dismantling of the wall

The room will become more spacious visually, functionally. In the empty pocket, you can move the work area or dining table.

Interior Features

Whichever option you choose, first of all, you need to take care of warming the balcony so that the kitchen becomes the most comfortable and favorite place for residents.

Bright design – positive emotions

Be sure to take care of the exterior decoration materials, sheathe it with thermal insulation. Put double-glazed windows, close up all the holes, route the pipes and the mains.

It is advisable to install a “warm floor” system, and lay the surface with ceramic tiles. To do this, you need to move the radiator under the balcony window from the wall.

The combination of kitchen and balcony – the benefits of an idea

Balconies are often used as a warehouse for storing vegetables, canned goods and unnecessary things.

We will consider how to combine it with the kitchen as successfully as possible, to organize the useful area correctly. Having received additional space, you can use it in different ways.

For example, it is possible to install additional cabinets for kitchen tools, or create a cozy dining area with a large table.

The area combined with the balcony will become comfortable, gain utility, aesthetic appearance. Decorating fantasies for this idea are endless – the freed part can be for various finishes, and flaws such as a window ledge can be turned into a non-standard table for tea drinking.

If you will be installing heavy kitchen furniture on a balcony square, consider an important point: their weight should in no case exceed the permissible load on the stove located in its base.


  • increase in the area of the kitchen;
  • unusual design;
  • improvement of heat and sound insulation;
  • improved natural light.


  • additional insulation required

Each decision has its own difficulties, among them we can single out obtaining permission for redevelopment, often a long wait for legalization and significant financial costs.

Gathering the necessary documents can take time, as well as the scope of upcoming work and uncertainty about the future – scare.

You should not worry so much about this, because the positive aspects of the project clearly outweigh the negative ones, and the result will be pleasing to the eye!

Kitchen area layout

If you decide to combine the two rooms, remove the jumper between the kitchen and the balcony, then it’s time to organize the space.

You can bring to life the perfect room from American TV shows – the U-shaped work area with a stove and sink by the window.

After the completion of the insulation, exterior decoration, it is time to tackle the tape measure. Having measured the space, you can easily understand what will fit in the old environment and what you will have to get rid of.

Redevelopment gives a chance to beat a new kitchen space. Organize a free entrance to the formed pocket, otherwise all the work will go down the drain.

Even the most modest apartments in high-rise buildings have a balcony no less than a meter wide, which means that a cabinet with a countertop and several hinged shelves can easily fit in.

You can install a washing machine or dishwasher, but it will be necessary to bring the mains and water pipes to them in advance.

Do not overload the small balcony with large objects – choose furniture with open shelves.

Holders of a large loggia can easily take out the entire working area to the windows. Then the remaining room will turn into a spacious dining area with additional seating.

Place for a dining table or storage area in a combined space

The easiest way to use the extra space that appears is to move the dining area there.

Every day the family will gather in a lighted place, even an early morning rise seems more pleasant. Especially if the window offers a wonderful view! If not, just hang the blinds or Roman curtains.

Now you can choose a full-fledged large table, at which it will be comfortable both to hold daily meals and celebrate celebrations.

Hang the TV on the wall and replace the chairs with a comfortable sofa and armchairs – you get a wonderful sitting area.

Any housewife will not refuse additional drawers for storing a kitchen set.

The open space will not be cluttered with mixers, combines and services due to the appeared storage space.

Most Popular Design Ideas

After you insulate the balcony so that the whole family does not freeze on it, you can begin to think about how, based on your preferences, tastes, you can arrange the free space.

Bar counter on the balcony

Such an interior will unexpectedly diversify the design of your kitchen and make it more modern. A new solution to the lunch issue is the bar counter.

Most people dream of this, but dreams, alas, remain dreams because of a lack of space.

But you have an amazing opportunity to bring everything to life. Moreover, the bar counter in this design decision can be placed in different ways:

1 bar can be placed in the opening, which was previously occupied by the window;

2 rack can become not just a semblance of a dining table, but an additional place to store food or utensils;

3 bar counter can perform dividing, connecting functions, so that the kitchen and living room do not exist separately, but are united as if in a single whole;

4 window sill will be another option for placing a bar in the vacant space. A delicious lunch, a pleasant chat with friends or relatives, a homely atmosphere and a beautiful view from the window – is this the limit of all kitchen dreams;

5 rearrangement of the working “triangle” for those who are looking for innovative solutions.

If you are residents of the very first floor, then do not rush to reproach fate for this, because in terms of design you can win much more than your neighbors from above.

All communication, sink and stove, can be transferred to the loggia, which will visually increase the space of the kitchen. You can also put a refrigerator here to free the working area from household appliances.

The flow of the kitchen into the office, pantry and even the nursery

Still ready for custom solutions? The problem with the extra room can be solved with the help of a balcony space.

It is not necessary to use the kitchen combined with the balcony as a dining place. It can be made into a relaxation or working area.

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