Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation: features of an air purifier

To maintain a normal microclimate and maintain the decoration of the room in proper form in a modern kitchen, you can not do without a hood. However, it is not always possible to connect the device to a common ventilation system. In this case, you can bring the duct directly to the street. However, the ideal solution is a kitchen hood without venting to the ventilation, which is devoted to this article.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Hoods without venting are called recirculating

Hood for the kitchen without venting to ventilation: device characteristic

Often there are cases when the ventilation duct is too high or far from the hob or the owners do not want to install a corrugation that spoils the interior of the kitchen. An ideal solution for these situations is to install a hood with a carbon filter without venting to ventilation. This is also a suitable option for apartments in multi-storey buildings, since the outlet models of the devices can provoke complaints from neighbors about the smells that come to them from the ventilation duct into the premises.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Recirculation hoods have a filter with which the space is cleaned

What is the name of the hood without venting? It is referred to as a recirculation device. Such equipment is a kind of filter, which, thanks to a multi-stage filtration system, purifies the air from all kinds of contaminants in the form of burning, grease and odors.

Useful advice! The installation of a recirculation filtering device is advisable in case of inefficient operation of the ventilation duct or in case of its malfunctioning, in this situation it is also possible to mount an extractor hood for the kitchen with a tap to the street.

The recirculation device consists of a housing, an engine and two fans, which are located between the filters or on top of them. All internal elements are made of non-oxidizing materials. Productivity depends on engine power.

How the hood works without venting

The recirculation hood is equipped with two levels of protection. The first is represented by special acrylic cleaners that perform rough cleaning of air from impurities. In addition, non-woven or paper disposable cartridges can be used here as filters. The service life of such filters does not exceed 6 months. New items can be original or universal. The first option corresponds to this brand of the exhaust device, and the second may be suitable for different models. Its cost will be lower, while quality is inferior.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Comparative schemes of operation of the hood with a tap into the ventilation and recirculation

At the first level of cleaning, metal filters made of aluminum and stainless steel can be used. This option is more economical because the cassettes do not need to be replaced. For cleaning, the filters are washed under running hot water with detergent, which is done at least 1 time per month.

Useful advice! The most effective are metal filters with 5 layers of mesh.

A grease filter is an indispensable structural element, without which the hood can not function for long. This will happen due to the fact that all the internal parts of the system are quickly covered with fat deposits, which are extremely difficult to remove.

The second level of cleaning is represented by carbon filters. Such cassettes are disposable. They have a round or rectangular shape. The interior of the cassette is filled with an environmentally friendly absorbent in the form of activated carbon. Such filters are able to function effectively for 3-4 months with the active use of equipment.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The cooker hood without exhaust purifies the air in two stages

How does the hood work? During fan operation, contaminated air enters the grease filter through the operation panel. Then it goes through the second level of purification, where it is freed from odors and small impurities. The cleaned air is returned to the room through the holes in the device.

Strengths of hoods without venting to ventilation

Considering the question of which hood to choose for a kitchen: with a tap into the ventilation or without an air duct, the main advantages of recirculation devices should be studied. Thanks to a two-level filtration system, efficient air purification in the kitchen from various contaminants is provided. Circulation hoods often block the exhaust ducts of ventilation, and recirculation hoods eliminate the possibility of air stagnation. Such devices are characterized by low noise and vibration during operation.

Installing a hood with a charcoal filter in the kitchen without venting to the ventilation is most justified if there is a geyser in the room. The operation of the circulating exhaust device can provoke back draft, which increases the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Important! The recirculation exhaust device can be installed to clean the air in other rooms, in addition to the kitchen, for example, in a garage.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Recirculation hoods can be installed in any room

The recirculation hood is not equipped with an air duct, which saves free space in the kitchen. This is especially important for small rooms and does not spoil the interior.

Compared with tapping devices, such a device is characterized by a concise and universal design, lighter weight, which simplifies its transportation and installation. The device consumes less power than circulating options. During its operation eliminates the need for maintenance of the ventilation duct.

Air purification using the built-in filtration system allows not to use natural ventilation, which will help maintain the temperature in the room.

Disadvantages of recirculating cooker hoods

When choosing such a filtration system for the kitchen, the disadvantages of the device should be considered. For efficient operation of the hood, it is necessary to periodically change the filters, which entails additional financial costs. In addition, for some models of hoods, finding the necessary accessory is quite problematic.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Recirculation units need a systematic filter change

With sufficiently severe air pollution, the cleaning system may not adequately cope with the function assigned to it. In this case, it is possible to provide a combined type of cooker hood, which operates in the outlet and recirculation modes.

Useful advice! This will save money on the independent manufacture of a carbon filter, which is possible for some models.

The operation of the recirculation hood does not contribute to proper air exchange in the kitchen. Therefore, in the case of installing a gas stove, a continuous flow of fresh air should be ensured, which eliminates the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Recirculation devices without venting to ventilation are characterized by a efficiency of 70%, which is lower than that of circulation hoods. In addition, the price of coal filtration systems is much higher than the cost of other analogues.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The efficiency of hoods without exhaust is lower than that of circulation models

Types of hoods for the kitchen without exhaust into the ventilation channel

Based on the type of housing, hoods with a filter without outlet to the ventilation duct can be horizontal, vertical, inclined and telescopic. The first option is parallel to the hob. For vertical devices, the filtration surface will be placed perpendicular to the plate, as a result of which it will take up more free space.

The inclined version is located relative to the plate at a certain angle. This range hood is characterized by efficient and silent operation. Thanks to its good location, it saves space in the kitchen. A telescopic device is a type of built-in hood. The working surface of the device extends if necessary, and after the end of work returns to its place.

According to the installation option, there are the following types of hoods for the kitchen without venting into the ventilation: suspended, built-in and island. The first type of device is fixed to the wall. The second option is installed inside the kitchen. Such devices are characterized by lower productivity. Island devices are located at some distance from the wall and are attached to the ceiling.

Based on the design features, hoods are stationary and retractable. The latter option draws steam over a larger area. This improves the efficiency of the device. In the shape of the housing, recirculation hoods can be flat, domed and curved.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Hoods without exhaust are: vertical, horizontal, telescopic and inclined

The body of the recirculation hood is often made of stainless steel or aluminum. Such options look harmoniously in kitchens decorated in modern styles and hi-tech. The surface of the product may be enameled. This option has a low cost. These hoods are easy to care for.

The most expensive devices are made of tempered glass. Such devices have a stylish look. However, hoods need careful care, since the material is quite fragile, which brings inconvenience to the operation of such a technique.

How to choose a hood for the kitchen above the stove: important criteria

Determining which hood to use in the kitchen, you should first study the operational characteristics of the appliances. An important parameter is the power of the device, which is in the range of 150-350 watts. It is selected depending on the size of the room. You should not buy a device with a small capacity for a large room, which simply can not cope with the task.

It is also not recommended to give preference to models with high power exceeding the optimal value for a particular room. Such a decision is economically unjustified, since energy costs will increase. In addition, a more powerful hood for the kitchen is characterized by increased noise.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

When choosing a hood, first of all, you need to pay attention to the power of the device

The performance of the device is selected based on the intensity of the load on the hood. For a small family in which simple dishes are prepared, a model with an indicator of 200-300 m³ / hour is enough. For large families eating a variety of foods, hoods with a productivity of 300-400 m³ / hour are suitable. For those who often cook a lot, it is necessary to give preference to models with a capacity of 500-600 m³ / hour.

Equally important is the noise level, which determines the comfort of using the device. The optimal indicator for a small space is 45 dB. For a spacious room, this parameter can reach 55 dB.

The size of the cooker hood with a charcoal filter without venting to the ventilation must correspond to the dimensions of the hob. An ideal option is a model whose dome will protrude 10 cm beyond the slab. A backlit model is convenient in operation.

How to choose a hood without exhaust: other important parameters

It is advisable to choose a high-quality device from a trusted manufacturer, which has proven itself in the home appliance market. An important nuance is the type of filters that are used in the system. The degree of distribution of the cartridges depends on this criterion, since they must be periodically changed.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The comfortable noise level of the hood is 45-55 dB

The material used to make the hood housing with a carbon filter affects the features of caring for the device. The most moody equipment is tempered glass.

Some range hoods are equipped with a function for changing the speed mode. This option allows you to adjust the filtering intensity depending on the type and amount of food that is prepared in the kitchen. This helps reduce energy costs.

Hoods to the kitchen without venting can have a mechanical or electronic control panel. The first option is presented in the form of buttons or sliders. Push-button adjustment is popular because it is more convenient. Slider tuning is notable for its low reliability and may, after some time, start to jam due to the accumulation of body fat.

Useful advice! Some modern models for convenience of use are equipped with an indicator of filter pollution, remote control, the option of automatically turning the device on and off, a timer, a clock, which increases the cost of the device.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The dimensions of any hood must correspond to the size of the plate

Models of hoods with an electronic panel are characterized not only by ease of use, but also by increased cost. The command can be given either through the touch screen or via the remote control.

Recommendations for installing a cooker hood without venting

The functionality of the exhaust system directly depends on the correct installation of the device, which should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. The equipment is mainly fixed to the walls and ceiling. Before installing the device, it is necessary to check the strength of the base in order to exclude the possibility of falling. If the device is mounted in a cabinet, it must first be prepared.

A cooker hood without venting to the ventilation should be located relative to the hob at a certain distance, which is normalized by current regulations. It is necessary that the device is at a height of 75 cm above a gas stove, and 65 cm above an electric stove.

A 220 V socket should be installed near the hood. The device should be positioned so that free access is allowed for the outlet of purified air.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Installation of the recirculation hood must be carried out in accordance with the instructions

According to the instructions, holes for fasteners are made in the base with a drill, which are fixed by means of dowels and screws. Then the device is hung on the fasteners, after which it is connected to the electrical network. After installation, it is necessary to check the operation of the hood without exhaust.

Features of care for hoods with a carbon filter without venting to ventilation

In order for coal-fired hoods for the kitchen to work effectively and efficiently, they must be regularly looked after. The grease filter must be removed and washed with special detergents as it becomes dirty.

Important! When performing any preventive procedures, the hood must be de-energized.

The carbon cartridge should be replaced periodically. The frequency of manipulation is associated with the intensity of use of the device and features of the model. To replace the filter, remove the grease mesh from the appliance, then remove the cartridge. After that, the element is replaced with a new one, which is mounted on the seat with subsequent fixation. Next, the grease filter is installed in place.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

For the hood to work efficiently, you need to change filters on time

The cost of a carbon filter varies in the range of 250-3000 rubles. You can use the universal option, which is adjusted to the dimensions of the worn element. If soiled, it is sufficient to wash some filters under running water and dry, then reinstall them. Such a refurbished accessory is offered only by Elica. Depending on the model, you can simply replace the cassette filling or make a cleaner yourself.

For the manufacture of a homemade filter for hoods without tap, you need a sheet of padding polyester and activated carbon in tablets or granules. A filter, which consists of two pieces, is cut from a blank on the basis of the patterns of the old product. A carbon filler is placed between the synthetic winterizer sheets. The finished filter is inserted into the cartridge.

Some models of hoods are equipped with carbon filters coated with a protective fabric layer. It can be removed and washed, and then reused. In such cassettes, it is easy to replace the carbon filler, which is poured between the fabric layers.

Important! Possible manipulations with carbon filters depend on the model of the hood and on the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are set out in the instructions.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The hood can be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent.

The best manufacturers of hoods for the kitchen without venting

When choosing a high-quality exhaust device, bona fide manufacturers should be preferred. One of the best home appliance manufacturing companies is Ariston, which occupies a leading position in the domestic market for sales analysis. Models of devices differ in stylish laconic design thanks to what ideally fit into modern kitchens. Photos of exhaust hoods without a tap demonstrate a variety of options.

The best filtration systems are known for Integra recirculation devices. These devices are also characterized by the presence of many options, which affects the cost of equipment.

Quality products, the assembly of which is carried out in Germany, offers a well-known company Bosch. Models of hoods without a pipe are made primarily of stainless steel and tempered glass. The design of devices is replete with variety, which allows you to choose a device in accordance with a certain interior of the room. The German brand Zigmund-Shtain competes with other manufacturers, producing home appliances of original design.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Ariston Recirculation Hoods Have a Stylish Design and Affordable Cost

For many years, the Slovenian company Gorenje has been specializing in the manufacture of carbon cooker hoods without a branch. Devices are characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. From the best side in the production of exhaust systems, the company Electrolux has established itself. She makes devices with a stainless steel case and with an enameled surface, which makes it possible to choose a device for different layers of the population.

Popular built-in hoods with carbon filter elite class

The original design is distinguished by a coal cooker hood built into the countertop for the kitchen without a FALMEC Downdraft 600 120 WH duct. The case of the device is made of stainless steel with tempered glass inserts. The device is controlled using the electronic touch panel and remote control. The device can function in one of four modes, including intensive. The model is equipped with LED backlight. The hood operates with a noise level of 66 dB.

The air is cleaned of grease and burning with a stainless steel grease filter and kitchen odors thanks to a carbon cartridge. Productivity of the device reaches 960 m³ / h, power equal to 320 watts. You can buy an extract for 160 thousand rubles.

The ideal solution for a large-sized kitchen or a room combined with a living room or dining room is the built-in electric hood for ceiling mounting Smeg KSC90B. The device provides perimeter absorption of contaminated air, which is cleaned of fats due to special filters made of stainless steel. To eliminate odors, a carbon filtration system is used. The hood can operate at three speeds and in intensive mode with maximum suction power. Productivity of the device is 830 m³ / h, power is 224 watts.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The FALMEC Downdraft 600 120 WH device is designed for installation in countertops

The hood operates quietly with a noise level of 50 dB, which is achieved thanks to specially designed mechanisms and exceptional isolation of the device during installation, drowning out noise. The device has a backlight in the form of halogen lamps. The hood can be programmed to automatically turn off, which will happen 10-25 minutes after the completion of the cooking process. The model is equipped with a remote control. You can buy a “smart” device for 145 thousand rubles.

Best range hoods with mid-range filters

Among the best premium models, one can distinguish, on the basis of numerous flattering reviews, the exhaust without venting to the Faber Zoom Isola XA 40 ventilation, which in appearance resembles a pendant lighting fixture with built-in LED bulbs. The device is characterized by a capacity of 830 m³ / h, due to which it can be installed in a studio apartment or in the kitchen, combined with other rooms. The model is presented in a metal case.

Due to the unusual design of the hood, in the interior of the kitchen it will become not only an additional source of light, but also an original decorative element of the room. The grease filter is made of stainless steel. The carbon cleaner is represented by a round cassette. The device works with a sound effect of 66 dB. You can buy original equipment for 95 thousand rubles.

The island hood of Elica EASY WH / F / 50 WHITE with a power of 170 W is popular among consumers. The productivity of the device is 800 m³ / h, which makes it ideal for installation in a spacious kitchen. The device is characterized by low-noise operation, which is due to the effective noise isolation of the mechanical compartment and the presence of sealed bearings. Management is carried out using the touch panel.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Elica exhaust hood EASY WH / F / 50 WHITE has a spectacular design

The hood has three operating modes. Additionally, the model is equipped with the option of intensive and perimeter suction. To increase the comfort of use, the hood has an LED backlight. The cost of the model reaches 38 thousand rubles.

Hood Miele DA 7090 W BK has an original design, due to which it can be installed not only in the kitchen, but also in the studio apartment or office. The width of the structure is 100 cm. The model is characterized by a productivity of 550 m³ / h, power – 300 watts. The device is controlled using the touch panel. The model can work in three modes.

Important! For quick and effective cleaning of indoor air in a matter of minutes, an intensive operation mode of the device is used.

The model is equipped with an indicator of filter pollution, the function of automatic on and off. The main disadvantage of the hood is the high noise level during its operation, which is 75 dB. You can buy such a device for 29 thousand rubles.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

Hood Miele DA 7090 W BK can be purchased for 30 thousand rubles

The best models of kitchen hoods without connecting to ventilation from the budget category

A kitchen hood with filters without an air duct is very popular – Bosch DHI646CQ with a retractable screen, due to which the width of the suction zone increases. The device is characterized by a capacity of 300 m³ / h and a power of 280 watts. It can function in one of three modes. Illumination is carried out thanks to halogen bulbs. The hood operates with a noise level of 62 dB. The grease filter is made of stainless steel. The cost of the device is an average of 7.2 thousand rubles.

A more powerful hood is the MAUNFELD Cascada Trio 60 model, which can be presented in different colors. The device is controlled using the touch panel. The hood can work in one of three modes. The power of the device is 290 W, productivity – 350 m³ / hour. The cost of the device is an average of 6 thousand rubles.

Another easy-to-use model is a coal-fired hood for furniture in the kitchen with filters without a Fab Flexa X 60 outlet. The housing is made of stainless steel with glass inserts. The device has three operating modes, including intensive. The device is adjusted using the buttons on the control panel or remote control. The engine power is 230 W, the productivity of the device reaches 320 m³ / hour. For illumination, halogen lamps are used. The cost of the device is 5.2 thousand rubles.Kitchen hood without venting into the ventilation

The power of the recirculation hood MAUNFELD Cascada Trio 60 is 290 W

Another popular inclined model is the MAUNFELD TOWER G 60 hood. The power of the unit is 200 W, the productivity is 310 m³ / h. The device is quiet – with a noise level of 30 dB. The user has the ability to adjust the intensity of work, which is carried out thanks to the button mechanism. The price of such a device starts from 4.5 thousand rubles.

A good inexpensive model is the inclined hood ELIKOR Davoline 60, which can also be built into furniture. It is presented in an enameled case, which happens in different colors. This option is characterized by a capacity of 290 m³ / h and a power of 160 watts. Ease of use improves halogen lighting. The model operates in almost silent mode, amounting to 60 dB. The device is controlled by buttons. The cost of equipment is 3 thousand rubles.

In today’s world, kitchen without a hood is hard to imagine. Having familiarized yourself with the features of cooker hoods without connecting to ventilation, you can purchase your favorite model. Devices are presented in a wide price range. Devices are distinguished by their performance, functionality and design.

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