Kitchen Trends 2022

Kitchen Trends 2022If you want to buy a new kitchen in 2022 or redesign your old kitchen, you are already thinking: What trends are there in kitchens, which trends are already obsolete?

Are certain colors and materials in fashion again in 2022? Which style and which equipment will play a role in the design of the new kitchens?

From colors, concepts, ideas to developments in the appliance sector, we have summarized all the trends for your fitted kitchen!

From black to natural – these are the colors for 2022Kitchen Trends 2022


The Pantone color of 2020 is Classic Blue and stands out among the other kitchen trend colors. But the other trend colors for kitchens can also be found in the classic area. It remains rather calm and natural, but the trend is increasingly towards darker colors. In recent years, black and gray have been the most popular. This trend continues unabated, but black is now always accompanied by soft gray tones and light gray tones are replaced by dark gray. Overall, the colors are natural and gentle. This means that kitchens will look elegant and tidy in 2022 too.

Trend colors 2022

  • Dark gray
  • black
  • Natural tones

But color is not only possible with fronts and worktops. Sinks are also being offered in more and more colors and materials. This allows a color scheme and theme to be implemented throughout the kitchen and more options for color design are given. Copper sinks with a gold look are particularly popular. Combined with golden handle elements, these sinks look particularly stylish.

Tone In ToneKitchen Trends 2022

If the kitchen is completely dark, a black sink can also round off the picture. The imagination knows no limits!

Pure elegance right down to the fittings: the sink and fittings for the “Glanstück” kitchen were chosen in a dark look, in keeping with the style.

Matt vs. GlitteringKitchen Trends 2022

White high-gloss kitchens in particular set the trend for years. Matt fronts could only be found in country house kitchens. But that will be different in 2022! Matt takes over the kitchen. Many manufacturers now also offer matt fronts that are specially coated. Fingerprints are no longer a problem and cleaning the kitchen becomes easier.

Clear design lines and an ultra-matt front. This is the “Go Green IV!” Kitchen.

The central kitchenKitchen Trends 2022

A few years ago the living and cooking areas were clearly separated, but this clear separation has long been a thing of the past. The rooms are merging more and more and the built-in kitchen is becoming the focus as a multifunctional room. In 2022 this connection will be even more intense. Cooking, living and working are combined and integrated into one another – so that central family life takes place. The stylish combination of elements is particularly nice. Because kitchen furniture is increasingly being used in other rooms too! The workplace or cupboards in the living room can be designed with kitchen furniture. So the look remains uniform and the combination of the rooms has a flowing transition and looks harmonious.

  • The kitchen becomes the center of life
  • Kitchen furniture for the entire living space looks harmonious
  • Central family life
  • Living, cooking and working are integrated into one another

Cooking, living, working

An open living concept not only creates air and space, but also the opportunity to bring the whole family together. Here people cook, eat, laugh, play and everyone is together. So that the areas merge harmoniously, tables, shelf elements and much more can also be made from kitchen furniture.

Home ConnectKitchen Trends 2022

The “Connected Home” theme will remain an absolute trend in 2022! Checking on the go which food is already in stock in the fridge or pouring in the coffee from the sofa is a must-have luxury for every modern kitchen in 2022. The process of cooking is also becoming increasingly easier thanks to modern technology. With Guided Cooking, the devices guide you through the cooking process step by step in order to achieve the perfect result.

With little helpers in the kitchen you can experience cooking in a new way! Home Connect makes many things easier and more convenient. Several manufacturers, such as Bosch and Siemens, offer smart solutions for your home.  “Home Connect” is a topic that interests you very much? We have more information for you here!

Micro living

A kitchen has to be big so that it offers plenty of storage space? Not necessarily! Especially in cities and homes, where space is a luxury, a lot has to be stowed in a small space. It is therefore important to plan the kitchen, especially a small kitchen, so that the available space is used optimally. Here, professional advice can be useful. Small kitchens will be big in 2022!

The sustainable kitchenKitchen Trends 2022

One of the most important trends in 2022 is, of course, ecological and sustainable cuisine. Not only when cooking, but also when designing the kitchen itself. The focus here is on materials that are durable, resilient and as natural as possible. A natural look is also sought in the kitchen, which is given by the materials. Wood, wood look, marble or stone look will again be very popular in kitchens in 2022.