These Are the Decoration Trends For 2024

The end of the year is approaching and, inevitably, the big question arises: how will we decorate our houses in 2024? Around here, we know something. Find out!

1. A decoration that invites you to feel goodDecoration Trends For 2024

Warm minimalism takes hold in the decoration trends 2024, a year in which the search for well-being at home will prevail above all else. Surround yourself with light woods, natural fabrics, neutral tones, fibers, handmade pieces… and keep everything very tidy!

2. Organic designs take over

And everything that connects with the land and our origins will continue to reign among the decoration trends of 2024. We will see sofas, coffee tables, lamps and accessories with whimsical and irregular lines inspired by nature. Pieces with which it will be easy for you to give a cozy touch to any environment.Decoration Trends For 2024

Metal coffee tables, Last Stop.

3. Borreguito, the star fabric

It was strongly imposed last season and will continue to be a decoration trend in 2024. Bouclé wool, which is the name of this curly upholstery, dresses all types of seats, providing extra comfort and convenience to environments. And always, in raw white, which fits in all kinds of spaces and goes well with any decorative style. What are you already seeing that armchair in your reading corner ?Decoration Trends For 2024

Armchair, by Tabu. Carpet, in Gancedo.

4. For a sustainable decoration

The ecological crisis we are experiencing means that we increasingly value products that are respectful of the planet. Join this eco-friendly lifestyle and look for ecological furniture and fabrics that have been made with sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials, handmade or manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.Decoration Trends For 2024

In this article you will find 14 Spanish sustainable decoration brands. Write them down, because you are going to visit them on more than one occasion!

5. Handmade, a rising value

In line with sustainable design, in 2024 artisan work will be even more valued: ceramic and clay pieces that hide a history and many hours of work because they have been created without haste. They are objects that make you fall in love, not only because they transmit emotions and feelings, but also because they have been reinvented with contemporary designs.Decoration Trends For 2024

Take a look at the Instagram accounts of MiCut, TAC-ceramica, Bonjour, Los Platos de Pan or Iuka and you will know what we mean.

6. Hit the strings!

The rope has everything to become one of the star materials in the decoration of 2024: it is natural, it is used in crafts, it reminds us of the town houses of yesteryear connecting us with our origins… So, if you have the opportunity, don’t Do not hesitate to retrieve one of those chairs or rocking chairs with a reed or braided rope seat from your grandparents’ house. If you are a handyman, perhaps you can restore it yourself and, if not, you can always trust artisans who are dedicated to making this type of chair to modernize it.Decoration Trends For 2024

Table, by Merc&Cía. Chairs, from Kave Home. Wooden lamp, Disa model, by Tunds, in Avanluce. Glazed partition, design by Marta Prats, made by Fustería Catot.

7. Extremely relaxing

Nothing like neutral tones to achieve relaxed and welcoming environments. And in 2024, this decorative trend continues to rise. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing the look of your home, you will be right if you paint the walls in a soft color palette: off- white, beige, pale pink, earth tones or light gray are safe options. Add counterpoints of contrast through the complements to set the point of optimism.Decoration Trends For 2024

Sofa, from T&C Projects. Coffee table, from Sacum. Bookcase and shelf, design by decorator Pia Capdevila.

8. Colors inspired by nature

Green and blue, colors that invite you to think of nature, will also be a decoration trend in 2024. Use them on upholstery, curtains or to paint the walls and the calm, serenity and freshness effect will be assured, especially if you opt for the softer tones. This does not mean that you have to give up the most intense tones, as they will help you give your home a different touch and full of energy. Although, yes: it is advisable to apply them in moderation, lest they overload the environment.Decoration Trends For 2024

Furniture, from Home Select.

9. Fiber ceiling lamps

It was seen coming. In 2020 they were one of the great decor trends and two years later they are still a decoration trend. La Redoute Maisons du Monde, Kave Home, Let’s Pause, El Corte Inglés… in all of them you will find a wide variety of ceiling lamps and lampshades made with different fibers such as wicker, jute, cattail, water hyacinth, bamboo, rattan or braided hemp. by hand.

The reason for its success? The power they have when it comes to creating warm and homely environments. From 2024 it doesn’t happen that you get one (if you don’t already have one).Decoration Trends For 2024

Ikea Nordvken table. Chairs in Siletea. Kasuri Birch model paper from Scion. Gancedo tablecloths. On the table, Ikea crockery. Marrakech model lamp, in Sareka. In the living room, an armchair from La Redoute. All the cushions, by Gancedo.

10. Marble and natural stones

Marble, granite and quartzite are no longer limited to covering floors and walls, but also give shape to all kinds of pieces with great personality and beauty. And we’re not just referring to countertops (also), but to all the furniture and accessories that you’ll find in your favorite stores.Decoration Trends For 2024

Center tables, from El Corte Inglés.

11. Soil geometries

This 2024 takes the combination of different colors or materials to create pavements with daring patterns: from modern geometries made with natural or sintered stones to mosaics, laminates that imitate herringbone parquet or wooden floors that alternate with hydraulic tiles or entrecales of stone or porcelain.Decoration Trends For 2024

12. And the walls, smooth but with textures

Until very recently, it was a trend to enrich the walls with the combination of all kinds of materials: from fabrics and papers to wood and cork or stones and porcelain. Well, in 2024 they breathe again. The walls are cleared and give way to natural textures, with whitewash or mineral and organic materials. Take the test and peace and quiet will reign in your house.Decoration Trends For 2024

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