3 Kitchen Trends To Forget About In 2025

The world of interior design holds its breath every year, waiting for new trends. Popular publications report on their new favorite kitchen design trends. However, you should forget the old ones …

Kitchen Trends To Forget About In 2021

Trends are becoming unpopular for a number of reasons. Sometimes, when we just saw too much of something, people get tired of it. Most people do not want to change their design preferences to popular trends that look exactly like everyone else. Most people want to be able to showcase their unique style in their home.

It also happens that a trend is rethought so many times that it completely turns into something else, losing its original character and attractiveness. What was once charming or unique becomes a mixture of styles far from the original.

Here are 3 areas of the kitchen that are best avoided in 2025:

1. Subway Tiles

When these popular rectangular tiles were first introduced as part of hipster culture in the late 2010s, the world took on a vintage look with open arms. Originally seen at subway stations around the world, these utilitarian tiles suddenly reached cult status. The favorite style of tile began to appear in ivory, glossy black and Victorian green in trendy coffee establishments, hairdressers, bathrooms and kitchens around the world.

Why has the metro style lost its popularity?

In general, the vintage style is still popular, but since we saw so many metro tiles in so many variations and colors, they became less popular. What was once fresh and original is now a little outdated and causes boredom.

What are the alternatives?

Hand-painted tiles and other patterned tiles remain very popular for background coatings and decorative walls, as are small rectangular mosaic tiles. Handcrafted clay clay tiles can also be seen in uniquely designed kitchens. Hard natural stone panels such as marble create a luxurious look and are also very popular.

2. Bright cabinets and sophisticated man-made materials

At some point, the colored kitchen facades were incredibly popular, but now they are less and less eye-catching. Antique finishes, artificial-rustic look now slowly disappear from trends, giving way to cleaner lines, natural colors and natural materials.

Why has the trend lost popularity?

It seems that the crazier our lives become, the more minimalistic our homes become. People crave peace and quiet in our world of information, so they choose a simpler finish, less decor and color.

What are the alternatives?

It seems that we are returning to natural and authentic materials, where we note the texture of the stone and the patterns characteristic of wood. Cabinets in a minimalist style are preferable to overly decorated traditional, as well as various types of wood facades.

3. Open shelves and hanging flower pots

This image was popular among nostalgic stylists who tried to capture the image of past years. But the reality is that very few of us can afford the luxury of using valuable wall space to showcase a collection of antique porcelain. It is also very impractical to have open racks that require regular cleaning – shelves are easy to dust. Hanging pots for pots are another refuge that, although it looks great, is not the most practical solution. Most kitchen designs include deep drawers in which large pots and pans can be stored out of sight and free of dust.

Why has the trend lost popularity?

The effects of oil, moisture and dust are terrible. People began to realize that open shelves and beautiful display cases were a great addition to other rooms, but not so good in the kitchen.

What are the alternatives?

If you want to show a valuable collection, do it behind glass doors. You can even add fixtures to shelves or to a cabinet milestone to expose beautiful dishes. Pots and pans are best removed until they are used. Thus, they will remain clean and ready for action.

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