Kitchen 2025 – an overview of the most striking trends

Before you start planning a kitchen, it is important to know exactly what new directions in the arrangement of kitchens you should pay attention to: Introducing kitchen trends 2025.

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To begin with, ask yourself what are your goals in arranging a new kitchen, what is missing in your current kitchen design and what do you want to see in the future? This is important, especially when new materials and furniture appear at exhibitions. And also the color, which is able to provide the maximum modernization of the kitchen space, which improves life. But, in order, so what is preparing 2025 for us in kitchen trends?


Although we have seen that various materials for countertops come and go, the popularity of shiny quartz countertops is still not out of fashion, as they remain one of the most frequently requested materials for kitchen surfaces and not without reason. In addition to its excellent appearance, quartz is practically indestructible, since it creates a harder surface – just avoid excessive heating of the plane, since hot pans can damage the material.

No more granite?

In the 1990s and early 2000s, we were pleased to observe that granite continues to decline in popularity and leave our homes, since it tends to make the kitchen too ordinary to date – the decor is discreet and modest, despite the uniqueness of the stone. In addition, granite is a superporous material and can collect bacteria on the surface if you do not care about the care properly.

White kitchens are a thing of the past

Although the timeless appeal of ultra-bright white kitchen cannot be denied, there are many fantastic alternatives to bid for popularity. And it goes without saying that all white kitchens are much more difficult to clean daily, so why not think about bringing in some shades to create a more memorable kitchen.

Set moodier tone

Instead of a bright optical white color, consider creating a kitchen setting with an attractive and unexpected color that creates a richer and more sophisticated look. For example, the dark green dramatic color of 2025, shaded by terracotta or even brighter tones. Think about adding a sense of increased energy with colors that evoke emotions and a positive attitude.

All matte

Who doesn’t like the spotty shade of a matte finish? And, fortunately for all of us, we noticed that showrooms filled with matte mahogany kitchen ensembles and appliances that are always attractive are ultimately much easier to keep matt facades clean that won’t go out of style any time soon thanks to their eternal charm.

Dark kitchens

The opposite of white kitchens – black and dark kitchens, undoubtedly they will quickly add an elegant drama feel to the design. Dark furniture in any home becomes a highlight; it is easy to make such furniture an elegant alternative to standard kitchens.

Loft motives

Since times require clean, symmetrical straight lines, we see that industrial motives are used as an easy move to make a kitchen close to industrial style – they are everywhere: in contrasting black color of countertops, edging of doors and curbstones.

Spanish and Moroccan tiles

Add an exotic note to your kitchen decor with intricate patterned Spanish and Moroccan tiles on the kitchen apron (backsplashes) for a much more significant visual impact, unlike the subway style tiles.

Mix and match

Be bold with the unexpected combination of bright cabinets and patterned floors to create an unforgettable contrasting exclusive mix. Pay attention to expressive kitchen furniture with the ability to experiment with combinations of textures and colors that add a sense of play to the space.

Top 10 Kitchen Trends For 2022

The end of the stainless steel era

There is a point to any good interior design trend. Therefore, hide away stainless steel appliances, fixtures and finishes, and go for items that are simpler in standard neutral tones or, conversely, “wild” with bright and patterned elements.

Bright stoves and hoods

We make significant investments in kitchen appliances and, of course, it’s hard to part with them, however, our interior designers continue to choose appliances in amazing shades from cool and soothing pastels to bright colors.

Love for hygge

In the kitchen, the slightest modernization can add more space for cooking and storage. Adhere to the Hygge concept and make sure that your space is messy, which means you should think about alternatives for arranging the interior from the upper cabinets to works of art to bring coziness to the room like a smart Danish design.

Minimal furnishings

For a modern home next year, a minimalist environment with clean paints, simple cladding materials, without heavy metals, castings and dark tones is more acceptable. Pay attention to timeless straight lines in the extremely minimal kitchen setting.

Eye-level appliances

Since 2025 kitchen design ideas need to be freed from furniture above the lower cabinet, choose appliances such as microwave ovens, etc. that are easy to hide in the cabinet because the shelves are empty for the trend.


Range hood Falmec’s super-cool range hood with Alba glass in a minimalist style is one of the most innovative kitchen decor items we have encountered in years past. The slim, sleek and lightweight hood design is a great alternative to bulky counterparts.

Concrete finish

Recently, a widespread love for concrete surfaces has been observed. Clean, polished concrete surfaces are especially welcome in kitchens. Concrete is present on countertops and floor coverings, as they are excellent options for budget kitchens and instantly organize interior styling that is close to industrial style.

Tall refrigerators

Tall and upright refrigerators are becoming popular due to their “modest” sizes, taking up little space in any standard kitchen.

Cladding Terrazzo

Popular in the 50s and 60s and revived in the 1980s, Terrazzo’s surface-casting business returned to the 21st century, as modern interior design from the middle of the last century remains the most sought after design style. In addition, Terrazzo surfaces give a playful character to even the smallest kitchens.

 Clever ideas for kitchens

As technological advances continue to improve everyday life in the kitchen, it is not surprising that our kitchens are becoming the repository of cutting-edge smart ideas from remote lighting control to refrigerated displays.

Gold and black

Timeless tones such as gold and black re-conquer the kitchen space. They will add elegance to any kitchen. For example, a black cabinet and household appliances, finished with gold or copper accents and brilliant accessories will set the exclusive character of any kitchen.

Glass shelving

A sophisticated alternative to bulky wooden open shelving – glass shelves. They are easier to clean, they let in light and look more luxurious than wood and even metal.

Induction hobs

Fast, safe and aesthetically pleasing, induction hobs consume less energy, keep a cool surface when cooking and are safe to touch while cooking. In addition, these smart cooktops eliminate the need for an obsessive cooker hood, clearing the way for endless creative design possibilities.

Island without a hood

Single-level islands do not block light, increase the space of the working surface and create unhindered communication with guests during cooking. What can not be said about the islands with a built-in sink, stove and high hood.

Deep drawers

In the search for storage places, housewives increasingly prefer deep interior areas, for example, drawers with plenty of space for things and kitchen accessories. It is especially important that such roomy drawers are placed next to high traffic and cooking areas.

Unique sinks

Say goodbye to far too common forms of sinks for farmers and welcome unique sink options that boast sophisticated designs, unexpected sizes and materials, and stunning decorative mixers for everyday luxury in this most used area.

Touch of nature

We do not call for decoration related to farming. Instead, it’s just a hint of natural materials and textures in abstract, raw, and natural materials.

Closed kitchen sinks

Great for extra worktops. The sliding lids of the sinks also boast a double advantage of hiding the bowl of the sink full of dishes awaiting washing.

Two-color kitchen

Again, two colors in kitchen furniture at the peak of popularity. Two complementary tones can create a surprisingly comfortable atmosphere.

Banquet chairs

An increasingly popular banquet chair is a great way to bring family and friends together in this most frequently used room, giving your kitchen furniture a unique touch that can also add value to the kitchen.

Mixed metals and finishes

For an irregular and more intense look, items such as copper equipment, brass lights and silver finishes for a more laid-back but elegant design are suitable.


To revive the kitchen will help the floor to be extraordinary in materials and colors. Patterned ceramic tiles will bring dynamism and create an artistic design in the kitchen compared to a basic wooden or polymer floor.

Traditional English Kitchen

For romantic kitchen, idyllic English kitchens that are customary to see in the countryside are suitable. Simple colors, wood materials, strict attention to functional details. Just do not overdo it with the decor.

Kitchen corner

Having problems with storage and functional areas in any kitchen, use the uncomfortable space to create a kitchen corner. Try to make the most of corners and niches.

Unusual cinema chairs

The stunning stylish Hollywood Regency style chairs add a touch of style and glamor to the kitchen. Your kitchen will become not just beautiful, but individual.

Pendant lamps

Hanging lamps are excellent for the kitchen-dining room in which guests are welcomed. The arrangement of such low hanging lamps above a table will add light and privacy to the room. Lamps will create an intimate friendly atmosphere.

Colorful grout for tile joints

Color grout on the kitchen apron will add a graphic touch and color to the kitchen decor. Even with white tiles, thanks to such a grout, a variety of designs will appear in the kitchen.

Glossy cabinets

They always look magnificent and solemn, like a painted surface of a car or nail polish. This is an option for a very sophisticated kitchen.

Wooden kitchen worktops

Although they require great care in use and have a shorter service life than stone or composite, wooden worktops are nevertheless an effective way to add warmth and traditional character to any kitchen.

Traditional and modern

Combining two styles of design – classic and minimalism or hi-tech, you can easily create a rich and subtle design in your kitchen that will be unique and timeless.

What else is popular in 2025 according to a population survey?

  • Bringing technology to the kitchen: demand for kitchen televisions has fallen over the past three years (64 percent of respondents), as homeowners gravitate toward home gadgets such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home (22 percent), as well as kitchen appliances with wireless and voice support since 2016.
  • White kitchens continue to dominate: white is the predominant color on kitchen aprons (36 percent), countertops (27 percent), and wall decoration (24 percent).
  • Hardwood floors, mainly engineered wood: for 73 percent of homeowners renovating their floors, 53 percent chose hardwood (29 percent) or wood materials. Meanwhile, the popularity of wooden flooring, such as engineered wood or laminate, is growing (19, 21 and 24 percent, respectively).

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