DIY how to decorate apartment for the New Year 2022

DIY how to decorate apartment for the New Year 2022One of the most fabulous holidays of the year is coming very soon – New Year 2022, and in order to meet it fully armed, we offer some tips on how to decorate an apartment for the holiday with your own hands.

New Year is not only gifts and a feast in the company of friends and family, but also a great mood. And most importantly, you can start creating it yourself in advance – for example, while decorating an apartment. Thinking over the New Year’s decoration for the home is probably one of the most interesting and exciting stages of preparing for the holiday. We will reveal several life hacks that will help you in this process, as well as tell you about the most fashionable trends in home decoration for 2022.

Home decoration trends for new year 2022

1. Make a plan

Seriously, take a piece of paper and write in one column what you plan to do to make your apartment smart for the New Year, and in the other – what you need to buy for this. By the way, why exactly to buy, it is quite possible to make many decorative elements with your own hands, it will not take much time. But you still need to start preparing in advance, so you can’t do without planning in the responsible business of decorating an apartment for the New Year 2022. Study photo examples and compare with the decor in your home. Not everything that designers advise is applicable in practice in a conventional Khrushchev, but there are also ideas that can be easily adopted.

2. Divide the apartment into zones with which you will work

In general, we have decided on the concept of New Year’s decor in 2022, now you need to think about how and with what you will decorate each room of your apartment. Ideally, all rooms should be united by a common color scheme and style, it is also important that the elements of festive design look organically along with the everyday atmosphere. That is, you should not choose Provence style as a New Year’s decoration, if your interior is made in the spirit of high-tech.

3. Check the pantry

You go to the website of an online store, and almost since September there is such an abundance of New Year’s joy that your eyes run up. I want to buy EVERYTHING. Stop, exhale, and take a look at your mezzanines before filling your virtual shopping cart. Perhaps an old candlestick has been gathering dust for five years already, which right now, on the eve of 2022, will perfectly fit into your concept of New Year’s decoration of an apartment. You will find worn and out of shape Christmas tree decorations – it’s also great, you can give them a second life by covering, for example, with shiny nail polish of any desired color (which is also a definite plus). Scraps of burlap and felt (useful for eco-style decor), Soviet postcards (will turn into retro panels for the kitchen), foam remaining from the packaging of household appliances (will play the role of snowflakes),

4. Show originality

It is not worth taking out the same red balls and gold tinsel from the box every year and hanging all this wealth in exactly the same way as in December last and the year before last. It’s boring, and we’re trying to create a festive mood before the main night of the year, remember? Change the style of decorating an apartment, try new ideas – interior designers are trying for you, finding interesting proposals for any apartment today is not a problem.

5. Call the children

Be sure to involve children in the New Year’s decoration of the apartment: let the kids make toys and cut snowflakes with their own hands under your careful guidance, older children can themselves look for some ideas for decoration. The joint decoration of the apartment with the whole family will give you many pleasant minutes together with your loved ones. And for children it will become an exciting game and immersion in a real fairy tale.

What is fashionable in 2021-2022DIY how to decorate apartment for the New Year 2022

Scandinavian style. One of the most popular interior design trends for the past few years.

What is the essence: cold tones with several bright shades, wooden furniture with a minimum of processing, natural materials in decor elements, restraint and a complete absence of pretentiousness and splendor.

How to apply for New Year 2022:no multicolored tinsel and bows of all colors of the rainbow on every free surface. If you have chosen the Scandinavian style for New Year’s decoration, let white become the dominant color. Put a “white” Christmas tree with silver garlands (by the way, a life hack – garlands can be placed not on branches, but wrapped around the trunk – then your Christmas tree will flicker mysteriously, for the Scandi-style it is just that). Toys can be made of yarn, wood, or other natural materials. Get some wooden coasters and vases, or add dry twigs to the decoration. Decorate the wreath on the door with berries and cones and do not forget about the candles, here they are relevant, like in no other style. Figures of deer will also point to scandi – in the form of embroidery on sofa cushions or simply small pendants for a door or window.

To meet New Year’s Eve fully armed, you need to start thinking about the holiday in the fall. At least with the interior design and how to decorate the house for the New Year, you should decide in advance

What is the point: we collect everything that reminds us of the era of the USSR. Old postcards, heavy crystal, which my grandmother took out of the sideboard only on holidays (by the way, the sideboard itself and the furniture of the 60s in general will also be in the subject).

How to apply for New Year 2022:in principle, the peculiarities of this style are still remembered quite well, but nevertheless we will give some advice. For example, you can hang Soviet propaganda posters on the walls, buy them in antique stores or on thematic forums. Of course, you will also need Soviet Christmas tree decorations, and you definitely need a plastic Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. We hang serpentine around the apartment, decorate the windows with snowflakes (the kind that you cut out in childhood in labor lessons). Place old newspapers on the shelves (you can also find them or stylized ones on the Internet). If you can get a radio tape, put on Soviet recordings for the entourage. In the table setting, one cannot do without the same crystal, faceted glasses and decanters. And yes, although this is not about decoration, but an important detail – salad “Mimosa” and “this fish of yours” are required in the menu.

Country. An excellent option if you celebrate New Year 2022 in a country house, but it is also quite applicable for a city apartment.

What is the point: a bit like scandi-style, but in country there is more warmth. Also natural materials, but more “smart” and brighter. The philosophy of the rustic style is simplicity, practicality and comfort.

How to apply for New Year 2022:country style implies that you will do most of the elements for decorating an apartment for the New Year with your own hands. Knitted Christmas tree toys, paper garlands and wood carved decorations are not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You can safely use products in decorating your home: homemade cookies and gingerbread cookies, fruits, berries, dried orange slices. And do not feel sorry for natural greenery – coniferous bouquets and wreaths should be everywhere in the apartment. Dilute the spruce branches with cones, berries and textile ribbons. Let the tablecloth or napkins for the New Year’s table be checkered, and the dishes – wooden or handmade.

According to the eastern horoscope. 2022 is the year of the White Metal Bull. So, if you want to please the symbol of the coming year, you can decorate the apartment according to his taste.

What is the essence: The Ox loves luxury and splendor. Gold, glitter, bright decorative elements – that’s all that he should like. The colors are silver, red, yellow, brown and natural green.

How to apply for New Year 2022:now forget everything that you read above about the Scandinavian style, the Bull is on the opposite path. You can take the classic red and gold color scheme as a basis for the decoration; for the symbol of 2022, it will fit perfectly. Do not skimp on garlands – hang them not only on the tree, but also on the windows and ceiling. As for the tree, it should sparkle at all. Stars and bells will be good for decorating the walls, decorate the doors with wreaths with red berries and gold ribbons. Do not forget about the figurines in the form of the symbol of the year – they can be placed on the windowsills or added to the decoration of the festive table.

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