Kitchen renovation: 5 tips for planning and implementation

The kitchen renovation ensures a significantly higher living quality. However, this task does a great deal of work and, in addition, the costs involved are considerable. That’s why we’ve put together five tips for you that will make the conversion a complete success.

Kitchen renovation tipsThe changing importance of kitchens is also reflected in the architecture of these rooms.

The kitchen: increasingly the center of the apartment

The importance of kitchens in German homes has changed significantly in recent decades. These used to be spaces dedicated exclusively to food preparation, food storage, and other related activities. They were traditionally the empire of the housewife. Other family members seldom entered this room. Guests were usually not allowed here.

Meanwhile, the kitchens have developed into a very popular place to stay. The whole family often meets here to have breakfast together or to have a quick snack. The kitchen work is no longer the task of a single person. Often the whole family helps with this. Even at a party, it is common for more and more guests to gather in the kitchen after some time. This is not just because the fridge is located here, where cool drinks are stored. In addition, this room often radiates a special cosiness.

Increasing construction activity in Germany: Also with reconstruction measures

The changing importance of kitchens is also reflected in the architecture of these rooms. This used to be mostly a locked room. Access was via a door, which was tightly closed while doing the kitchen work. In new buildings, however, this space is usually integrated into the living area. There are no partitions or doors. Often the demarcation consists of a countertop that is accessible from both sides. Sometimes the transition between the different areas is not clearly defined at all.

This makes it clear that there are significant architectural differences between old and new buildings in this area. However, designing a modern kitchen is not only possible within the framework of a new construction project. Even with a conversion, the appropriate measures can be realized.

The following table shows that construction activity in Germany has risen sharply in recent years. In particular, the conversion measures recorded a significant increase. Their number more than doubled between 2010 and 2017. Often this is a kitchen remodeling.

New buildings and reconstruction in Germany

New buildings and reconstruction in Germany
new buildings renovations total
2010 142 891 16,941 159 832
2011 164 178 18 932 183 110
2012 180 611 19,855 200 466
2013 192 276 22,541 214 817
2014 220 293 25,032 245 325
2015 220 197 27 525 247 722
2016 240 255 37 436 277 691
2017 249 438 35,378 284 816


If a renovation of the apartment is pending, then the kitchen conversion is particularly popular.

Kitchen remodeling: Especially popular with the renovation

If a renovation of the apartment is due, then the kitchen conversion is particularly popular. No other room has changed so much in recent decades. Clear demarcated kitchens are no longer functional and also very uncomfortable. In other rooms, a conversion is simply a matter of eliminating any signs of wear and tear and lending the space a contemporary design.

The kitchen renovation, however, usually brings far-reaching changes in the possible uses. Therefore, this measure is particularly popular. This is confirmed by the results of the following survey. In it, the participants were asked which room they would renovate in their apartment, if they had 10,000 euros available. The kitchen renovation took first place.

Survey: What room would you renovate if you had 10,000 euros available?
22.5% kitchen
21.9% bathroom
15.3% living room
12.5% garden
6% bedroom


When you rebuild the kitchen, it is important to plan this project carefully. This is the only way to ensure that the result is exactly what you want.

Kitchen remodeling: 5 tips to make this task easier

When you rebuild the kitchen, it is important to plan this project carefully. This is the only way to ensure that the result is exactly what you want. It is not only necessary to make sure that the room then looks appealing. A practical and functional device is also of great importance here. This is very important to do the kitchen work with high efficiency. A careful planning helps also to decide which steps you take it yourself.

If you lend a hand, then you can significantly reduce the costs for the reconstruction work. However, kitchen assembly is not an easy task. It is therefore important to think carefully about what you are doing.

The following five tips will help you plan and implement the kitchen conversion.

  • Try out different forms of kitchen conversion

The first planning step is always to measure the room exactly. If you intend to break walls as part of the refurbishment to make an open transition, you should also consider the measures you want to achieve in your plan. Then you can make a scale drawing of the room. Here you can place the kitchen furniture. There are several possibilities, For example, you can arrange the furniture in L-shape, U-shape or G-shape. Another option is to install a single kitchenette. In addition, you can attach two separate kitchen units on two opposite walls. A particularly appealing solution is to design a cooking island. However, you should make sure that this comparatively much space is necessary. Now you can insert the individual arrangement forms in your plan. This allows you to try out different options and check how they work in your home. Always make sure to avoid bottlenecks. These can complicate the kitchen work – especially if you like to cook with several people. Instead of creating the plan with paper and pencil,Use kitchen planners. Many furniture stores offer such a tool online. Of course, these have the intention to sell their own fitted kitchens. But you can use it to try out different types of service without obligation. Since these kitchen planners usually also allow a 3D view, you can see how the arrangement works.

  • Kitchen remodeling: Creating zones for more efficient kitchen work

When you rebuild the kitchen, be sure to divide the room into different zones. This will make sure that you do the kitchen work much faster. For example, if you prepare the food, you usually do that work on the countertop. You will need cutting boards, knives and some other utensils. To ensure that they are always at hand, they should be near the countertopstore. The way to the refrigerator and other food supplies should be as short as possible. In this way, you only need a little time to provide the required ingredients. The appliances and utensils you use for cooking should be located in a different zone. It is recommended to place the cupboards for pots, pans and for the cutlery directly next to the stove. Another zone is for cleaning and disposal. The sink, dishwasher, cleaning and cleaning agents and trash cans should all be in the same area.

  • High instead of wide: How to provide the required storage space

In order to achieve a modern design approach to kitchen remodeling, homeowners often remove partitions to the living and dining areas. If there are fewer walls, there are fewer ways to set up kitchen cabinets. This often leads to shortages in the available storage space. You can solve this problem by using higher cabinets than before – with pleasure up to the ceiling. With a stepladder, the items stored here are still easily accessible.

  • Fronts, countertops, wall paint: ensuring a coherent overall picture

The next planning step is to select a suitable design. The fronts of modern fitted kitchens are available in many different colors. Also with regard to the materials for the countertop there are many possibilities – from solid flagstones to natural wood and plastic surfaces. When you buy the wall colors, the fittings, the sink and the handles of the kitchen cabinets you also have the choice of many different colors and materials. Therefore, think carefully about how you want to design this space and then ensure a coherent overall picture.

  • Reuse old fitted kitchens: How to save on kitchen remodeling

A new fitted kitchen is very expensive. Often, however, it is possible to reuse the old furniture. However, you have to be very careful. First you have to break down the individual pieces of furniture. Always store related parts together and place small parts such as screws and hinges in a bag with appropriate labeling. That makes it much easier later. To reassemble the furniture. In addition, keep in mind that kitchen assembly is a difficult task that only experienced home improvement workers should do.

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