Living Room Colours 2023: Trends And Tips

Living Room Colours 2023: Trends And TipsThe colours in the interior spaces tend to enhance the room, in the event that the combinations to be used are not chosen correctly, they can give an unwanted appreciation of the space, that is why when choosing the colours and combinations We have to keep in mind that these will reflect our state of mind.

That said, choosing a colour or a combination is not such a simple task and more so when we need to make decisions quickly since we must take into account the size of our room and the amount of natural light that may be in it.

On the other hand, these can be complemented with other home accessories such as: modern curtains, furniture, tables, vases, among others, which will help to enhance and harmonize the decoration with the colour.

Living room colours: general ideasLiving Room Colours 2023: Trends And Tips

To choose the colours to use, we must follow a series of basic aspects that will help to better contrast the tones such as those mentioned above, however, soft and relaxing colours should always predominate since it is a place where we spend a great time in the day.

In addition to choosing the colour, we must also select the technique to paint the room and the materials that are of course worth mentioning must be of good quality since the durability of our background decoration of our room will also depend on them.

The ability to combine is also an important factor to take into account because this is the ability of colour to combine with others, thus giving a wider variety of techniques for its application, always taking into account the quality of the chosen products.

The colours that we are going to use should transmit joy to our space, although we are not going to choose too strong tones since we are talking about an indoor space, and strong colours are usually used outdoors, but they can also be used for effects. combination and details.

What is sought with this is to have a multifunctional decoration that is to say, that serves us for purposes of relaxation, rest and study but that also in one way or another is striking at the time of any celebration or recreational meeting.

The application techniques simply fall on the ability and creativity that we have to combine colours. It is always advisable to mix light and soft tones with some details in bright and strong colours to give better contrast, thus maintaining a soft base colour with striking details without being excessive.

Visual effects related to colourLiving Room Colours 2023: Trends And Tips

The colours when applied tend to give sensations regarding the perception of the space where they were used which serves as a basic aspect when selecting the colours that we are going to use to paint our living room for this reason we will be guided by the size of the same.

That is, if we have a large room, the most appropriate colours to use are dark colours as they will give us a more welcoming and intimate feeling, but without removing the sophisticated touch that they provide. This occurs because the colours in this category are used to give sensations of shrinking.

On the contrary, if we have a room with a reduced space, we must use light colours since they give it a feeling of enlargement, freshness and luminosity, thus making it appear that the room is large. This happens due to the light capacity that these colours can hold, thus enlarging the size visually speaking.

Light and relaxing coloursLiving Room Colours 2023: Trends And Tips

These colours are also considered as cold colours since they give sensations of calm and relaxation for the eyes thanks to the intensity of colour they have, among this range of colours we can find colours such as blue and green.


It is considered the most relaxing colour that can exist for our vision thanks to the fact that its formation is born from the union of a relaxing colour such as blue and a lively and strong one such as yellow, thus providing the perfect characteristic for any interior.

This also helps to greatly relieve stress and relaxation, even so it can preserve that warm tone for a family environment in addition to helping with fertility if we relate it to bedrooms and living rooms, but in relation to a kitchen this colour has the ability to cool the environment.


On the other hand, this colour is called a calming colour since it has the ability to lower blood pressure, respiration rate and heart rate, its origin is primary, that is, it does not come from the mixture of other colours. However, its application uses are much smaller than those of green.

Consequently, due to its calming characteristic, blue can be used to paint bedrooms and bathrooms because to be used in another area of the house it requires the combination of stronger or warmer colours. On the other hand, this colour is not recommended to be used in spaces with a lot of natural light since it gives a tone of opaque and sadness to our living room.

Another important aspect to highlight with this colour is that it is not recommended to paint an entire room especially with a dark tone because it provides a feeling contrary to what you want to reach, that is, sadness and discouragement.

Dark and warm colours

Unlike light colours, they have the ability to increase adrenaline and are much more attractive and striking to our eyes, they have the characteristic that they should preferably be combined with light colours to create a better harmony in the environment.

Red, orange and yellow

They are energetic colours that have the ability to activate adrenaline and stimulate conversation as well as evoke enthusiasm, joy and excitement, which can be used in dining rooms, exercise rooms, entryways and small spaces.

Colour trends for living rooms 2023

The trends in colours for painting living rooms of this year 2023 do not differ much from other past seasons. Although it is true that they depend on the style of decoration that we have chosen for the room or place, the colour combination that was imposed this year is that of orange with the presence of cherry tones.

In addition, basic tones such as gray and white are present with vintage decoration styles, shabby chic and Nordic decoration where the ranges of white, gray and neutral tones dominate.

For the combination of the furniture, it will depend on the colour of these, that is, if we have gray furniture, the tone for the wall would be an orange colour, while if we have furniture with traditional colours such as brown, a cherry wall tone would be very useful. According to living room colours trends 2023.

It should be noted that the idea is not to choose such intense tones, since we do not change the colours of the walls very quickly, which is why decisions must be made by consensus if there are several people living in the house, it is also valid to use decorations on wallpaper, decorative panels and adhesive mirrors.

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