New Living Room Design Trends 2023

New Living Room Design Trends 2023Shades are getting harder, combinations are bolder, technology is smarter, and sofas are lower. Let’s see what trends have registered in the interior of the living room 2023.

Color blockNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

For a long time, color neutrality, embodied in light natural tones, prevailed in designer interiors. Today, more complex shades and their expressive combinations are in priority. The palette is still inspired by nature, but it becomes bolder and richer.

Previously, color contrasts in the interior of the living room were content with the role of delicate accents, today large-scale work with color is in fashion. More precisely: back in fashion. Color block is not a new design technique, it appeared a hundred years ago during the Bauhaus and was actively used in the 80s, when the bold memphis was in trend.

Color blocks in the living room can form contrasting combinations of geometric shapes, as in abstract paintings by Mondrian, but strict geometry is not required. In a broad sense, a color block is a large-scale color spot that can be either accent painted walls or take the form of sofas, carpets, doors and other dimensional elements.

Earth colorsNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

Consumer and design sympathies this year belong to earthy hues. This rich natural palette includes a warm reddish color reminiscent of sun-heated clay, deep dark shades of black soil and calm beige tones.

The trendy living room interiors in 2023 aim for a warming color scheme that encourages optimism and calmness. Also in trend are sunny, heavenly and grassy shades – an anti-stress set, with which the living room will resemble a protracted outing to a picnic.

Motley sofas and armchairsNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

Monotonous headsets are one of the main anti-trends in the modern living room. Compositions of sofas and armchairs now require contrast, freedom and individuality. A fashionable technique: a combination of a sofa and armchairs of different shapes, colors and textures. Not necessarily all at once.

The key to a harmonious union of versatile upholstered furniture can be a unifying factor. If you have chosen a sofa and armchairs of different colors, they will be related by the texture of the upholstery, the general geometry or the style concept. You can also go the other way: choose objects of different style and design and combine them into a harmonious composition due to one color or print.

Combinations without sharp contrasts also look interesting, when related shades are chosen for the sofa and armchairs, differing from each other by a couple of tones.

However, sofas and armchairs do not have to have anything in common at all: eclecticism and the most unexpected combinations are welcomed in the design of the living room in 2023.

Maximalism versus minimalismNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

This is not to say that minimalism in interior design is becoming a thing of the past, but not minimalism alone: in parallel, the completely opposite concept is gaining popularity – maximalism. This trend can be clearly seen in the works of foreign designers, who offer a detailed eclectic embodiment of the idea that the interior should be a reflection of the individuality of its owner.

Maximalism is a good platform for self-expression, which, unlike minimalism – an adherent of perfect cleanliness, expensive materials and verified proportions, admits imperfection, loves vintage and is not afraid of anything.

Low sofasNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

The trendy living room design in 2023 pays a lot of attention to the height and shape of sofas. One of the most trending options is a low sofa that looks like it is inviting you to “ground” and calm down. Often, such sofas are sectional and can move freely in space, changing their configuration. This solution favors the global interior trend – the versatility of the premises.

Shapes of low sofas can be different, but the most fashionable one is rounded, flowing, referring to the daring interiors of the 70s.

LandscapingNew Living Room Design Trends 2023

You can not only spy on nature, adopting shapes and colors, but also interact directly with it. Intensive gardening of interiors is not a local micro-trend, but another global trend that takes root in apartments all over the world. The reason for this phenomenon already sounds trite: people began to spend more time in their living space and strive to make it as anti-stress as possible and close to nature.

In minimalistic interiors, indoor plants turn into living decor, completely eliminating the need for additional decorations, in interiors tending to maximalism, green friends of a person interact with rich decorative design, while plants can be exotic and massive. This summer there has been an increase in demand for Mediterranean plants reminiscent of seaside holidays.

An extreme form of the trend: turn a room into a mini-garden.

“Smart” room

Visually, the design of the living room in 2023 strives for everything natural and natural, but it also gravitates towards high-tech “stuffing”. Upholstered furniture with mobile phone chargers built into the armrest, climate control systems, smart speakers, smart lighting scenarios that can be controlled from a mobile device – it’s all about convenience.

The interior of the living room 2023 pursues the main goal – to become the very comfort zone that you don’t want to leave.

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