Stylish ceiling lights: individual and appropriate design

Whoever has the choice is in agony. This also applies to the selection of ceiling lights, which is almost infinite. Therefore, before buying, everyone should ask themselves the question: which ceiling lights will suit me and my rooms?

Stilvolle Deckenleuchten: Individuelles und passendes Design ( Foto: Adobe Stock- brillianata )

Ceiling lights for every room: basic facts about lighting

Ceiling lights are designed to illuminate a room and ensure that the residents of an apartment or house feel comfortable. But they not only provide a pleasant light, but also the necessary level of security, which becomes clear at the latest when someone tries to get from A to B in an insufficiently lit room. But even though more and more people are following the trend for smart lighting, classic ceiling lights have not gone out of fashion. Here is the most important thing about lamps and luminaires.

The right light source for lamps and luminaires

In most cases, LEDs are used as illuminants in ceiling lights, and in some cases halogen lamps are also chosen. The incandescent lamps that used to be common are no longer available, they have proven to be real power eaters and have been withdrawn from the market for environmental reasons. Halogen lamps are significantly cheaper in the purchase price than LEDs and reach their maximum possible brightness after a short time.

They ensure a realistic color reproduction and provide natural light. Objects illuminated by halogen lamps appear as if illuminated with sunlight. LEDs, on the other hand, are significantly more expensive when purchased, but have a longer service life. They have a higher efficiency and therefore convert electricity into light very effectively. LEDs have an energy saving of up to 80 percent compared to conventional incandescent lamps.

Ceiling lights are designed to illuminate a room and ensure that the residents of an apartment or house feel comfortable. ( Photo: Adobe Stock- Angelov )

The right color temperature

Not only the light source must be chosen well, the color temperature must also be appropriate. This means that care should also be taken when choosing the ceiling lamp or the light source, because the color temperature has a direct influence on how comfortable or motivated you feel in the room in question.

Warm white has a muted effect and is glare-free, but sleep hormones are released. A bright white with a value of at least 4000 Kelvin lets everyone be cheerful and allows concentrated work. If good lighting conditions are always desired, a cool white light source should be used, the color value should be at 6000 Kelvin.

The type of irradiation

Also important to note is the type of irradiation. This can be done directly, so that the light falls from the ceiling to the floor and provides more brightness there. However, the spot light cannot spread over an area and is therefore rather unfavorable for a children’s room. At the desk, a spot light is also not useful, here a desk lamp should provide the locally needed lighting, otherwise ceiling lights that reflect light with the help of a mirror and thus illuminate the room will help.

In view of the large number of lamps and energy-saving LED ceiling lamps on the ceilings, however, other criteria are important for the selection. Among other things, the question must be whether it should be a smart lighting with central control.

When choosing the right ceiling lamp, it can not only be about the fact that one of the eligible lamps is visually pleasing. ( Photo: Adobe Stock-SL ADV_)

This is how the individually suitable ceiling lamp can be found

When choosing the right ceiling lamp, it can not only be about the fact that one of the eligible lamps is visually pleasing. It is also important that it is ideal for the respective room. However, anyone who is now dealing with the range of ceiling lights, in view of the unmanageable number, the question quickly arises: Which ceiling light is the right one for me?

The right ceiling light for every room

First, it must be clarified whether the lighting concept should allow smart lighting or whether a completely traditional lighting variant is used.

Who finding the perfect lamp if you want to, you have to pay attention to a few more points about the ceiling lamp:

  • the whole room is illuminated with ceiling lights
  • it is brightest directly under the luminaire, the edge areas of the room are not well captured by the light
  • Luminaires can be mounted on the ceiling as spotlights, pendulums or beams
  • Spot lamps with several spots are also possible

Among the numerous offers there are now suitable lamps for the living room and bedroom, for the children’s room or study. The bathroom and kitchen can also be equipped with matching ceiling lights.

This is important for the individual rooms:

  • Lighting fixtures for the kitchen

    The kitchen and dining area should be as bright as possible, although the dining area can also be dimmable. It is therefore advisable to bet on two different luminaires. LED spotlights are ideal for the areas above the worktops, so that there is enough light during the preparation and preparation of the food. It is ideal if the luminaires can still be individually aligned, so that spot lighting results if necessary. A pendant lamp is available above the dining table, which is at best still height-adjustable.

    The kitchen and dining area should be as bright as possible, although the dining area can also be dimmable. ( Photo: Adobe Stock- Aleks Kend)

  • Lighting fixtures for the living room

    Should it be opulent in the living room? Then a chandelier is the right choice. It stands for luxury and provides a lot of light in the room. Whether a classic chandelier or a modern variant is chosen here, it is up to personal taste and adaptation to the style of the entire room. Round ceiling lights are also ideal in the living area, among them there are now numerous designer pieces. Dimmable lamps are also possible, so that the cozy TV evening does not have to be held with floodlights.

  • Lighting fixtures for the bedroom

    A large ceiling light ensures that it is bright enough in the bedroom to choose the right outfit standing in front of the wardrobe. Small bedside lamps complement the lighting concept, besides, small spots can even illuminate the interior of the wardrobe. If you have to get up more often at night, you can also rely on a motion detector, so that the light switch does not have to be searched for laboriously and sleepily.

  • Luminaires for the bathroom area

    Simple luminaires are ideal for the bathroom. It should be as bright as possible there, a possibly existing cosmetic mirror should be able to be illuminated separately. A wall lamp should provide additional light on the mirror cabinet or on the wall mirror so that the face can be illuminated during cosmetics or make-up without shadows being visible on it. If you like to lie in the bathtub for a longer time, you will benefit from a dimmable ceiling lamp that spreads a soft, dim light.

    Simple luminaires are ideal for the bathroom. ( Photo: Adobe Stock-demphoto_)

  • Lighting fixtures for the children’s room

    The right lamp for the children’s room should illuminate the room well, because especially in the winter months the little ones often play indoors. It is important that the light reaches down to the floor and that all areas of the room are illuminated. There should be a small lamp by the bed, which can be turned on at night if necessary, without the need to use the large ceiling lamp. A small night light can also provide a delicate dim light.

Which is the best ceiling light for me?

When the Lighting concepts for every room it can go to the selection of the appropriate ceiling lamp. Which one is the most suitable for each individual depends not only on the size and the light source used, but also on the design of the luminaire. Whether classic with an angular or round shape, asymmetrically designed or with a futuristic touch: tastes are different and the right lamp is available for each of them.

Chandeliers and LED ceiling lights are real eye-catchers, even a retro-style lamp can be the eye-catcher par excellence. Now everyone has to decide for himself which type of luminaire is the most suitable for each individual and where his own preferences lie in terms of design.

In addition to the shape, the color of the possibly existing lampshade also plays a role, because this should also harmonize with the decor. At the same time, there is the possibility to determine a real highlight for the room by choosing the color.

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