House lighting: More safety and stylish ambience thanks to matching outdoor lamps

Many home builders consider all possible aspects when planning the interiors and thus find the perfect lighting. But what about the home lighting? This should also be considered.

Hausbeleuchtung: Mehr Sicherheit und stilvolles Ambiente durch passende Außenlampen ( Foto: Shutterstock- Liya Graphics )

Installing house lighting: More security on the property

The paths to the front door and in the garden should be illuminated for safety reasons alone. Seating areas and terraces become cozier and more stylish with suitable lighting. Paths do not even have to be illuminated with torches or similar lighting, even an adapted outdoor lighting can be helpful and sometimes even sufficient. In addition to planning the exact place where the house lighting will be installed, the necessary brightness and the lighting time of the lamps are also particularly important. Then the house will become an eye-catcher!

To consider when planning the house lighting

LEDs consume less power, spotlights bring a selective light that can be directed to certain areas, hanging lights are particularly stylish: there are so many things to consider when planning home lighting! Also, that homeowners have the Securely attach outdoor lampsbecause they should not become a danger in the next storm.

Important points for planning home lighting:

  • Saving electricity

    If the outdoor lighting is to provide light throughout the night, it costs a lot of electricity. It is therefore important to find ways to save. Therefore, experts recommend to use LED for house lighting in general, because it is particularly efficient.

    The light of the LEDs is bright and yet needs little energy. Alternatively, you can saving electricity with solar lamps .

    However, these are dependent on sunlight and can still be too dark on cloudy winter days. In any case, an electricity storage is important so that at least a certain amount of time can be bridged.

  • Reliability of lamps

    The light should not resemble a flashing light and sometimes shine and sometimes not. Reliability is in demand in house lighting! Especially the permanently installed outdoor lights, which are operated with electricity, prove to be advantageous here.

    It is best if the homeowner has already provided the power cables necessary for the lamps during construction and now only the lamps have to be connected to the wall. These power cables can also be laid along the paths on the property and can be used for outdoor lighting in the garden or on the terrace. A subsequent laying is possible, but quite expensive.

  • Suitability

    All luminaires, spotlights and motion detectors that are installed outdoors must also be suitable for this purpose. The protection class IP 44 must be mentioned on the packaging so that the necessary protection against the weather is given. Lamps marked in this way are protected from splashing water and also survive the impact of objects.

Therefore, experts recommend to use LED for house lighting in general, because it is particularly efficient. (Photo: Shutterstock Breadmaker_)

House lighting ensures greater safety

Motion detectors or permanent outdoor lighting ensure more security on the property. Burglars feel comfortable where it is dark and they can get into the house unseen. What a fright when the motion detector suddenly turns on and the property is bathed in a bright light!

Maybe someone is at home after all? So landowners would do well to provide enough light in the yard and in the garden even at dusk and in the dark. But the outdoor lighting is not only for protection against burglars, but also for self-protection.

Stumbling blocks such as edges, stairs or individual steps are thus recognizable and orientation on the way to the house is easier. Anyone who now thinks that a homeowner knows how he or she gets to the house should also think about visitors, the parcel carrier or situations in which the way is used thoughtlessly.

Important but it is not only the way, but also the front door. Anyone who has ever had to search for the key for a long time in the dark will know exactly how valuable direct lighting is. A spotlight can be mounted on the wall here and illuminates the area in front of the door. This also makes strangers recognizable by the spy.

Interesting facts about home lighting

The right house lighting provides the desired brightness as well as a suitable design, because the selected lamps and luminaires should also fit the house itself. The design should harmonize with it and gently emphasize the exterior of the house. Modern lamps for a half-timbered house look like a hard break in style and do not harmonize. Equally important: the facade can be staged with the selected lamps, so that the practical lighting on the one hand results in interesting lighting effects on the other hand.

The paths to the front door and in the garden should be illuminated for safety reasons alone. (Photo: Shutterstock bmphotographer_)

Practical tips for home lighting

Homeowners or builders plan the interiors and their design down to the last detail. One component of this planning is also the lighting. Where will we be sitting? Where do we need light to work? Which light can be dimmed? These and other questions arise for the homeowner during the planning. But what about the lighting for the outside?

This, too, must be carefully planned, what with the following Suggestions for outdoor lighting it’s easier:

  • Mounting on the roof overhang

    If the house has a canopy or a roof overhang, the outdoor lighting can be installed here excellently. Recessed luminaires are ideal for this. Very nice is also a peripheral lighting, which follows the roof and provides a basic brightness around the house.

  • Installing wall lights

    Wall lights are ideal for home lighting and as the name suggests, they are mounted directly on the wall. Lighting can excellently emphasize the exterior of the house, if it is chosen appropriately. By the way, no one has to do without LED lights even for old houses that are under monument protection, because these are now available in many different designs and also fit historically valuable buildings.

    Tip: If these wall lights can be adjusted in the beam angle, this is highly practical. In this way, certain points or areas can be particularly illuminated.

  • Installing outdoor lights with a motion detector

    Plenty Lighting tips for the garden and for the house we will deal with the place of installation and with the duration of lighting. But what else is interesting about motion detectors? These have many advantages and are often the better choice even compared to normal lighting.

    The reason: they only consume electricity when they are actually lit, and are therefore significantly more energy-saving than continuous lighting. They scare potential burglars if they suddenly turn on, thereby ensuring security. In addition, no one has to look for the light switch when a walk outside is sought.

    There are no specifications that relate to the perfect height for outdoor lighting. (Photo: Shutterstock MIRROR IMAGE STUDIO)

  • Finding the right height

    There are no specifications that relate to the perfect height for outdoor lighting. Most often, the homeowner is tied to a height by the existing electricity connections. This height, in turn, is determined by the specifications that the electrician must adhere to. But of course it can still be changed a little if new cables are laid or different types of lamps are used.

    The correct height of the outdoor lamp is located where no one can bump their head while passing, but where no one is blinded either. An attachment at eye level is therefore unfavorable. In the best case, the height can be tested beforehand by holding a lamp at the desired height and a person takes the way past it.

  • Do not choose cheap models

    Interestingly, among the cheap models of outdoor luminaires there is a wide choice in terms of design. But they have one thing in common: they are often inferior and show themselves to be not weather-resistant in outdoor areas. How annoying when a new lamp has to be installed within a very short time!

    Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the price, but first of all to the quality, and then rather wait for appropriate offers. Or to find a shop where the prices are moderate even for quality goods.

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