Vinyl flooring for health and well-being – Feel good with design floors

The vinyl floor can be found today in numerous rooms. Despite the Prominence vinyl floor coverings do not always enjoy the best reputation. Just what the Health as far as the vinyl floor is concerned, it often still has to deal with prejudices and myths.

Vinylboden für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden – Wohlfühlen mit Designböden ( Foto: BRICOFLOR )

Vinyl flooring and health? Today, this has long ceased to be a contradiction.

Because not only our awareness of Environmental protection and sustainability is increasing, we are also paying more and more attention to our own Wellbeing. Therefore, manufacturers not only react to a trend when they develop design coverings that are not only much more environmentally friendly than 30 years ago, but also do not affect our health in any way.

ter Hürne Oak York Classic Line ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

Vinyl flooring and health: Is there vinyl flooring without plasticizers?

Floor coverings made of vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) have been used since the 60s for their low price and the practical features greatly appreciated. A wide variety of products were produced from the versatile material during this time – especially the vinyl record. However, it was found that in some of the products Softening which can have a harmful effect in the long run. For example, the so-called Phthalates. So, the question of vinyl flooring and health is, first of all, the question of questionable plasticizers in the floor coverings.

So that the Vinyl flooring the properties that we appreciate today on the so-called design floor, do plasticizers have to be used. A vinyl floor covering is a so-called Soft PVCwhich only becomes more resistant to a wide variety of influences such as light and temperature through the use of additives and also maintains its elasticity. As elastic flooring the vinyl floor is therefore characterized by a pleasant running feeling, shock resistance, foot warmth and good room acoustics. This would not be possible without plasticizers.

The So vinyl flooring without plasticizers is a myth, because no practical vinyl flooring can be made without plasticizers.

ter Hürne Stein Jakarta Stone Choice ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

Vinyl flooring without phthalates – certainly a good choice

Especially phthalates are mentioned again and again, it’s about vinyl flooring and health. There are various phthalates that have been used as plasticizers. In 1999, the use of phthalates in children’s toys was completely banned in the EU. And a lot has also happened in the world of floor coverings since then. In high quality vinyl flooring the occurrence of harmful plasticizers is highly unlikely solely due to strict European guidelines. It is best to opt for a vinyl flooring produced in Europein order not to harm health and the environment.

With a vinyl floor that REACH-compliant for example, one makes a good choice. The EU Chemicals Regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures that no substances or products with risks to humans or the environment are circulated. In addition, REACH ensures that the ingredients contained declared transparently be.

the Hürne Oak Gdansk Grand Choice ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

Natural vinyl flooring – how to do it?

To unite vinyl flooring and health, various floor manufacturers are writing on the flag today. For example, cork vinyl flooring is used on the sustainable raw material cork which additionally has heat-insulating and sound-insulating properties. Click vinyl with cork insulation how that of ter Hürne is in a natural way impact sound insulation. So natural ingredients are no longer a rarity for a vinyl floor.

With the use of not only completely harmless to health, but even natural, bio-based plasticizer, the traditional German company ter Hürne is a pioneer in the field of vinyl floor health. For the floor coverings made of vinyl, the Plasticizers from soybean oil used by those who have a positive effect on the indoor climate. That ter Hürne Vinyl is not only harmless, but can even increase well-being.

ter Hürne Oak Canberra Classic Choice ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

High-quality vinyl flooring for health and more

The search for a high-quality vinyl floor is not just about appearance and robustness. Even with vinyl floor coverings, a closer look at the environmental balance and health compatibility is being taken today. The respective vinyl floor health can be found out in various ways. On the one hand, a vinyl floor from a well-known manufacturers to.

Renowned producers of vinyl floor coverings usually lay out production processes and ingredients transparent open. In addition, a high-quality vinyl floor often bears seals and labels that health compatibility confirm and click on a good ecological balance note. These offer a good orientation aid when choosing a design covering that is harmless to health.

ter Hürne Eiche Clara Friends by ter Hürne ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

Vinyl flooring-determine health with seals and awards

In order to determine the vinyl floor health, it is also worth taking a look at the technical data sheet or the brochure. Often, not only the Accurately read the pollutant load, also numerous guarantees here Seal the health compatibility and environmental friendliness of the floor coverings.

For example, the content declaration can be used as a hallmark for vinyl floor health HPD pull up. With the “Health Product Declaration” be all ingredients broken downwhich are contained in the vinyl floor. This and other labels can be found, for example, on ter Hürne Vinyl. Through the transparent presentation of the ingredients used, you can be sure that it is a floor covering that is harmless to health. Also the “Floor Score” confirmed by demanding emissions test the harmlessness of vinyl floor coverings in terms of Indoor air quality.

the Hürne Oak Gent Classic Choice ( Photo: BRICOFLOR )

Home health – the new benchmark for modern living

When looking for a new floor covering, the following applies Residential health as a new standard par excellence. This term originally comes from the German family business ter Hürne, which has dedicated itself above all to the good properties of wood. However, the price of natural floor coverings, such as parquet, is not always portable, healthy living and practical alternatives made of vinyl correspond to the spirit of the times. And vinyl flooring can also be healthy or “healthy living”.

Wohngesundheit not only stands for “pollutant-free”, but also for vinyl floor coverings, which are even have a positive effect on the indoor climate can. It is also possible to purchase a design floor without vinyl. The Dureco floor, for example, is neither laminate nor vinyl and is almost entirely made of wood. Nevertheless, the floor covering is particularly easy to clean, water-resistant and cheaper and less sensitive than a real wooden floor.

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