10 Most Beautiful Spring Colors 2025

Most Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

The dreary winter is slowly coming to an end and we are hurrying towards spring in great strides. At last! In terms of color, we can expect a happy, colorful season in the coming months. And that is not only due to the current Pantone trend colors 2025, which bring the Mediterranean holiday feeling into the four walls with a fresh sea breeze. We reveal which spring colors are popular in 2025 and how best to style them in your own home. Let yourself be inspired by the tips and ideas of our interior experts!

Bye bye winter! Color inspiration for your home in spring 2025

Et voilà, we present our little guide to spring colors for your furniture, decoration and textile purchase in 2025! The strong and vibrant color palette this season stands for our determined desire for positivity and joie de vivre.

These are the trends:

  • Courage to color
  • Tone in tone
  • Colors of the sea
  • Pastel tones plus white
  • Delicate blush

Color trend 1: turquoiseMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

As soon as spring is here, turquoise immediately puts us in a summer mood. The bright nuance between green and blue makes us dream of Caribbean beaches, fruity cocktails and relaxing afternoons by the pool. Bring summer into your four walls with spring colors from the turquoise palette!

That is what makes the spring color turquoise

Aquamarine or teal – turquoise has many facets and is therefore so fabulous for almost every furnishing style. Due to the cool and refreshing effect, the bluish shade fills us with peace and dysentery, which makes turquoise the ideal shade for the bedroom.

How to combine turquoise in your home

Cream, gray and natural tones always go – even with turquoise. For a modern look, white, wood and a dash of black are particularly wonderful. With a suitable decoration in silver, the teal gets an additional noble touch.

Color trend 2: sun yellowMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

This trend color definitely makes you happy: sun yellow . A warm yellow-orange makes you want summer, sun and palm trees. Hach, we’re wallowing in the best vacation memories. By the way, yellow can be perfectly combined with strong pink and blue tones.

This is what makes the spring color sun yellow

With the color yellow we associate happiness and zest for life. At the same time, the invigorating nuance is reminiscent of juicy lemons from Capri and pure sunshine. So if there is a color that stirs up the desire for the first warm days of spring, then it is a bright sunny yellow.

How to combine sun yellow

Yellow and turquoise is an almost inseparable color combination and can only be used with pleasure in spring 2025. In contrast, a very classic sun yellow with neutral beige and greige is convincing. A stylish eye-catcher for yellow are home accessories in silver metallic or cool gray upholstery in front of yellow walls.

Color trend 3: coralMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

The next nuance should not be missing from our top list of spring colors 2025. Coral was already the trend color of the year in 2019 and we don’t want to say goodbye to the warm orange color this season either. Fortunately, we don’t even have to! We see Living Coral everywhere as spring color 2025.

That is what makes the spring color coral

The trend color coral looks as different as the natural coral reef in the sea: sometimes it is a bright orange mixed with a hint of pink, sometimes very gently with a delicate pink. A strong coral red gives your walls an exciting touch and can also be used as an accent color.

How to combine coral

Coral goes well with natural materials and can be combined very well with natural colors. White, taupe, gray or sand look particularly great. Green tones can also have a positive effect on the fresh effect of coral. With the colors of the sea, the warm orange gets a summery touch.

Color trend 4: pink & bright neon pinkMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

Too girly? Although this spring color was totally outraged a few years ago, a bright (neon) pink is finally conquering our interior hearts. On top of that, this bright nuance also puts you in a really good mood. A real must for spring and summer!

This is what makes the spring color pink

Pink is anything but cheesy. But on the contrary! Pink tones convince with an expressive, stimulating property and also have a strong effect on the human psyche. Pink strengthens positive feelings, soothes aggressions, makes you more balanced and calmer.

How to combine pink

Red and pink are not in perfect harmony? What a crap. Who, like us, relies on a rich pink and a bright red tone, gives his home a summery, fresh mood. In combination with Bordeux, however, a matt pink looks elegant and sophisticated.

Color trend 5: sage greenMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

As a trend color 2025, sage green conquers spring with its atmospheric combination. The mix of gray and green, a “dusty green”, looks classy and calm. Perfect for a harmonious ambience in your four walls, where you feel at home.

This is what makes the spring color sage green

Like the classic green, the sage tone stands for hope, vitality, satisfaction and naturalness. At the same time, the gray-green exudes an unobtrusive, matt look, which is particularly beneficial for a relaxed mood. Sage creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room and bedroom and, as a wall color, can have a positive effect on concentration. Sage green goes well with a modern style of furnishing that is both cozy and casual.

How to combine sage green

Support the natural effect of sage green and combine bright colors with it. White, cream and beige create a harmonious, calm color combination that looks very sophisticated. In addition, sage gains stylish luminosity through this interaction.

Color trend 6: BordeauxMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

Autumn is not the only thing that has bright colors; in spring, too, a strong Bordeaux can be seen. We are impressed by the elegant tone with a slight touch of violet and it is perfect for everyone who prefers darker shades and a noble ambience even in the sunny season.

That is what makes the spring color Bordeaux

Bordeaux belongs to the color family of red tones and also stands for love, passion, romance and warmth. Both a colored wall and individual accents in the dark shade appear noble and sublime. The stylish red shade radiates warmth and comfort in your rooms without causing too much of a stir.

How to combine Bordeaux

Courage to color! If the dark Bordeaux is a bit too strong in spring, just take countermeasures with nude and furniture made of light wood. This modern combination means that the skin color does not look too bare and the Bordeaux color is not too gloomy. You can also set trendy contrasts with home accessories made of black metal.

Color trend 7: shell shadesMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

In spring 2025, magic shell tones should of course not be missing in our interior. In terms of color, you are spoiled for choice here and can choose between different shades. With its shimmering colors and delicate tones, it is no wonder that shells are a popular souvenir of the last visit to the beach.

That defines the spring colors white, beige and cream

No matter whether white, beige or cream – the cool shell colors stand for neutrality, but at the same time also embody something feminine. White and cream are welcome to be chosen a bit cooler this season, while beige can still tend to gold – even with soft sparkle elements.

How to combine the shades of shells

The combination of white, beige and cream lets us indulge in sunny vacation memories. The icing on the cake is the addition of individual elements in gold – wonderful! The feminine shell colors match every furnishing style and can be stylishly arranged for any occasion.

Color trend 8: Classic BlueMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

For spring 2025, the Pantone Color Institute is once again giving us a top-class trend color: Classic Blue. With this very special nuance, everything is in the sign of the sea this year. Relaxed holiday feeling included!

That is what makes the spring color Classic Blue

This year’s spring color “Classic Blue” stands for peace, harmony and security. Thanks to its simple elegance, the strong shade of blue is thoughtful and calming. At the same time, the nuance conveys joie de vivre and optimism. Well, spring can come!

How to combine Classic Blue

Classic Blue is particularly beautiful in a mix with fresh accents in white or elegant metal tones. This creates a stylish and at the same time cozy flair in which you simply have to feel comfortable. Those who love the maritime look can combine Classic Blue with white and red in the classic way. This style looks a bit simpler with creamy tones or a warm beige.

Color trend 9: new lilac tonesMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

Visually, spring really has a lot to offer. We were particularly drawn to a certain type of flower: lilac. This season, the delicate Lilaton not only adorns colorful spring bouquets, but also the interior of the home.

That is what makes the spring color lilac

As a spring color, lilac is fairly straightforward and can be combined more easily than you might think at first. In addition, the purple shade is delicate, feminine and absolutely timeless. And: lilac is not limited to a single color, but includes a complete range of tones. From delicate, fairy purple to rich violet – the lilac shades are at least as versatile as the blossoming model from nature.

How to combine the spring color lilac

Of course, lilac with white and pink can be combined quite girly. However, the delicate spring color is best used in combination with so-called non-colors. Gray and black are particularly popular – the perfect basis for your spring-like decor.

Color trend 10: pastel shadesMost Beautiful Spring Colors For Your Home In 2022

With a hint of powder you can give your four walls a stylish freshness without being too thick in terms of color. Pastel tones are the perfect combination partner and can be used both individually and globally in the room.

That is what makes pastel shades

Soft pastel shades ensure a feminine living style and at the same time set exciting highlights in your home. Even purists can implement pastel colors in your interior with style. The mix of colors in the cotton candy chic and clear lines creates an exciting contrast that breaks through the loveliness of pastel and instead looks pretty casual. Depending on the choice of color, a different look is created, which can be combined with a wide variety of interior trends.

How to combine pastel shades

Pastel is not the same as pastel! For this reason, the different nuances can be combined with one another in a modern way. Dark wood and black harmonize perfectly with a powdery, gray rosé. Instead, light blue suits white and light wood tones – as does a delicate yellow or light gray.

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