Chandeliers in Suspended Ceilings for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedrooms

Chandeliers in Suspended Ceilings for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedrooms

The best chandelier options in the interior

A large selection of lighting devices today is sometimes even perceived with irritation – it is difficult to quickly make a competent and successful decision. Often the choice of a chandelier is dictated by the interior of the room. But there are times when the choice is dictated by the features or objective disadvantages of your ceiling surface. This article will focus on flat ceiling chandeliers (and in this article you can familiarize yourself with the best chandelier options for suspended ceilings).

It is believed that it is advisable to use a similar type of lighting structures if it is necessary to hide completely or partially existing irregularities on the ceiling. However, in reality their use goes far beyond this outlined framework.

Their feature is in mounting directly on the ceiling surface. This gives the room an attractive modern look. Maybe that is why very often this option can be found in apartments decorated in a strict high-tech style, minimalist modernism.

However, in the photo below you can see examples of the successful integration of such lighting devices into apartments and houses with a classic design.

When determining the type of flat chandelier, pay attention to the material from which they are made. If the apartment does not appeal to fashionable high-tech, then it is quite possible to “make friends” with plastic and wood, as well as with crystal structures.

You can place:

  • on the ceiling – solutions with the so-called crystal waterfalls are especially popular;
  • on the walls – here, out of competition, chandeliers made of wood and plastic;

The use of flat ceiling chandeliers can not only with obvious purpose hide the disadvantages of coverage. Today, with their help, you can create competent lighting that will radically transform your entire interior. Do not stop at a couple of other common ideas – there are many more, and it will be unfair if almost all of them pass by you and your living space.

Chandeliers in the living room under a suspended ceiling + photo

The widespread use of suspended ceilings has left its mark on the process of choosing lighting fixtures. The modern design of the living room allows the use of various lighting methods. The original scattering of spotlights, an elegant single chandelier or a combination of two options – it all depends on the characteristics of the space. On which model to stop so that the chandelier for the hall with a stretch ceiling emphasizes the sophistication of the finish, we will consider in detail.

Choosing a chandelier: what to look for

The material for the design of the stretch ceiling is a PVC film or a special fabric that is stretched on the profile. Such decorative finishes are characterized by sensitivity to elevated temperatures, therefore, when the surface is heated above 60, it acquires elasticity and begins to deform. This feature leaves its mark when choosing a model of a lamp for a living room with a stretch ceiling. In addition to the safe location in the design of the bulbs, you should read a few more aspects:

  • For a plate-shaped model, the absence of a metal base is important. When turned on, the metal case of the chandelier is subject to intense heating, which poses a threat to the integrity of the stretch ceiling of the living room.
  • Upward-facing chandelier horns can cause black circles to appear on the ceiling surface. Preference is given to designs where the bulbs in the horns are directed to the sides or down.
  • The stretch ceiling of the living room with a glossy surface successfully reflects the light of bulbs, doubling the lighting effect. If you want to save on energy consumption, you can choose a design with a minimum number of lighting points, provided that the light flux from the horns is directed upward. But the bulbs for such models are selected with little heat, so as not to damage the surface of the stretch ceiling.
  • Most chandelier living room models are equipped with halogen or LED lights that require a power converter. The device is characterized by the release of a sufficient amount of heat in working condition, therefore it is not recommended to install it between the stretch ceiling and the base surface. This is due to lack of ventilation and the risk of overheating, which, in addition to damage to the converter, can cause damage to the decorative finish.

Advice! It is much more practical to organize installation in a niche with good ventilation, where free access is provided. And then over the canvas hold the wires from the device to the living room chandelier.

  • The design of a chandelier with a large number of weak bulbs for the living room is more advantageous than a model with small powerful lamps.
  • Mirroring of glossy ceilings is for all to see the internal structure of the living room chandelier. Therefore, the location of the wiring matters, it is desirable that it be hidden and not reflected on the surface.

Stretch ceiling lights

In addition to the correct configuration of the chandelier, the type of bulbs for which it is intended is also important. The proposed characteristic will help to make a competent choice of a lighting device for a stretch ceiling:

  • The least attractive parameters are incandescent lamps. In addition to low efficiency, they are characterized by a high degree of heat release. Therefore, even with a maximum permissible power of 60 kW, the gap between the ceiling surface and the lamp should exceed 25 cm. Such conditions are difficult to fulfill and create inconvenience.
  • The advantage of halogen lamps is the spectral composition of the emitted light, which is as close as possible to natural fluxes. The remaining indicators are not much better than incandescent lamps: strong heating is combined with low efficiency.
  • The best features are energy-saving lamps. High efficiency is accompanied by a low level of heating, which allows installation of the chandelier close to the stretch ceiling.
  • Ideally for the chandelier in the living room, LED lamps are suitable. The main advantages of the product: low heat, high efficiency, compactness and a long period of operation.

Overview of models and design options

A huge assortment of chandeliers, suitable in their configuration for suspended ceilings, is conditionally divided into 2 groups of horizontal and vertical models. In the hall, where the ceilings do not exceed 3 meters, horizontal structures are suitable. Luminaires reaching a height of up to 1 m are classified as vertical models. Their installation is acceptable in living rooms with high enough ceilings.

Crystal chandeliers that can gently scatter light look very impressive against the background of glossy ceilings. The design of modern models fully meets the installation conditions in the presence of tension surfaces.

Properly selected lighting is one of the key factors in the formation of a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living room. The planning of possible light sources is carried out taking into account the following recommendations:

  • Initially, you should decide on the illuminated area, whether it will be divided into zones or should strive for a single space.
  • Installing exclusively spotlights in a spacious living room is unreasonable. Their power may not be enough for full lighting.
  • A charming and welcoming atmosphere in the living room can create a chandelier placed above the table, provided that its horns are aimed at the dining area.
  • Spotlights on a stretch ceiling will help create a calm environment that is best suited for a quiet evening break.
  • A multi-level surface will be beautifully decorated with LED strip lights.

Mounting Methods

Depending on the model of the chandelier, there are several options for fixing it.

Important! Installation of fasteners for lighting fixtures on the base ceiling is carried out before the registration of the tension surface.

Hook mount

Reliability and simplicity is characterized by the option of mounting the chandelier on a hook. The necessary element is present on the ceiling of almost every apartment, wiring to it has already been done through the slab channel. If there is no fastener, the installation is carried out using an anchor bolt. When installing, it is important to correctly display the height of the hook so that it does not protrude beyond the edge of the future tension surface. A photo example with a mounting diagram will help you do the work yourself:

The whole process consists of several simple steps:

  • When the installation of the stretch ceiling in the living room is completed, the place where the hook is fixed is determined by touch.
  • A heat-resistant plastic ring is attached to the area below it with glue. Its diameter should not exceed the size of the decorative cap of the chandelier.
  • After the glue has completely dried along the inner circumference of the ring, a slot is formed on the canvas. The hole is designed to extract electrical wiring.
  • The chandelier is fixed to the hook, the wires are connected with special terminals.

To facilitate the installation process, before starting work, the chandelier is freed from lamps and shades.

Rail mounting

Separately, you do not need to purchase a mounting plate, it usually comes in a set with a chandelier and is equipped with special studs. A similar way of fixing the chandelier under the stretch ceiling of the living room is intended exclusively for lightweight compact lighting fixtures. Key stages of work:

  • Initially, a mortgage in the form of a wooden bar is fixed on the base surface. Its lower plane should correspond to the level of the stretch ceiling of the living room. The permissible gap or protrusion is not more than 1 mm. The wooden element is fixed with screws, after which holes are drilled for laying wires.
  • At the end of the installation in the living room of the stretch ceiling, the location of the bar is determined by touch and the marker points out the wires. At this point a heat-resistant ring is attached.
  • The fixing points of the strap are covered with pieces of plastic to protect the film from tearing when screwing in screws.
  • The film is cut to remove the wires.

Advice! Before attaching the strap, it is checked for burrs, in the presence of sharp surfaces they are thoroughly cleaned. This will prevent the risk of damage to the fabric of the living room stretch ceiling.


  • Fixing the strap to the bar is carried out with screws.
  • At the final stage, the wires are connected and the operability of the chandelier is checked.

Decorative clips will help to beautifully fix the base of the chandelier on the bar. The installation diagram in the photo clearly demonstrates a simple process:

Application of a cruciform plate

A cross-shaped plate will help to securely secure a medium-sized chandelier under the stretch ceiling of the living room. The mounting algorithm is similar to fixing on a single bar. The only point is that instead of a bar, a thick board is installed on the base surface. Metal fasteners are capable of replacing a cross-shaped block or board, but it will be a little more difficult to correctly set the horizontal level of the plate.


When choosing a chandelier in the living room, which will be decorated with a stretch ceiling, pay attention to the type of bulbs, their power, the direction of the light flux, the correspondence of the size of the device and the area of the room. A simple installation sequence allows you to cope with the work yourself.

Chandeliers in the living room under a suspended ceiling + photo

If the chandelier for the hall with a stretch ceiling is selected correctly, it will help the owner of the city apartment or country mansion to emphasize the originality and sophistication of the ceiling. Currently, manufacturers of high-quality stretch ceilings use innovative materials, so by choosing a specific ceiling lamp, it is possible to emphasize the texture of the polymer film.

The chandelier for the hall with a polymer coating is an excellent choice of complete sets for any taste preference.

Advice! When selecting lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the style features of a particular interior, the dimensions, shape, material, design of the device.

If the room has low ceilings, professional stylists recommend choosing models in the room whose height does not exceed 35 centimeters, with a horizontal mounting option.

Some important rules

To begin with, the tension web is a film or fabric base, which is fixed to a special metal profile.

Attention! PVC materials are quite sensitive to heat, with an increase in temperature from 600 degrees, it deforms and stretches.

This factor is important to consider when selecting a new lighting device. Lighting manufacturers offer a huge range of products equipped with a variety of light bulbs. When choosing a chandelier in the living room for a polymer film, it is important to consider several rules:

  1. Halogen, LED models provide for the conversion of electrical power during installation. Such lighting devices in the course of work emit a sufficient amount of heat, therefore they cannot be mounted between the base and polymer ceilings. If such advice is neglected, there is a high risk of device breakdown, as well as ignition of the polymer film.
  2. When selecting a bulb, it is important to consider the direction of the light flux. In this case, you can reliably protect the floor lamp from overheating. If the luminaire for a stretch ceiling has the shape of a plate, professionals recommend choosing models that do not have a metal base. Otherwise, during operation, the chandelier will heat up significantly, which will negatively affect the state of the stretch ceiling itself.
  3. If the heating elements are too close to the polymer film, they must be made of a material that does not heat up. Otherwise, it will be fire hazard for the inhabitants of the decorated space.

Lamps selected for ceiling lights installed on modern ceilings should be of minimum power, but a significant number of them are allowed. For a glossy surface, characterized by excellent mirror properties, professionals recommend purchasing models that have discreetly internal wiring. Otherwise, the electrical wires will be reflected from the glossy surface of the stretch ceiling, which will negatively affect its appearance.

A chandelier for a stretch ceiling in the living room should add harmony and homeliness to the room.

Lamp selection

The photo shows a variety of modern fixtures designed for a stretch ceiling. Professionals are convinced that such a variety allows you to choose the best option for a lighting fixture, taking into account the individual preferences of the owner of the apartment or private house, as well as the style features of the interior selected for the decorated space.

What is important in the first place, when planning a purchase of a new lighting fixture for a room in a residential building. In addition to the appearance, which, of course, is important, professionals recommend taking into account the features of the lamps installed in the chandelier you like.

The most unfortunate choice for a ceiling lamp used in rooms with suspended ceilings are incandescent lamps with a high release of thermal energy.

Advice! Chandeliers in the living room under a suspended ceiling, in which conventional bulbs are used, it is advisable to place them at a height of 20-25 centimeters from the ceiling. Of course, for an apartment with a standard ceiling height, this version of the chandelier is not suitable.

Luminaire options suitable for suspended ceilings

The suspended ceiling allows the use of several types of lighting fixtures. Let us dwell in more detail on chandelier models that are suitable for modern stretch coatings.

Currently, there is a division of all lighting fixtures designed for suspended ceilings into vertical and horizontal views. Horizontal lighting devices are chandeliers that have a height of up to 35 centimeters, and their radius reaches fifty centimeters. In this model, the lighting points are approximately one meter apart, so the equipment is suitable for any ceiling height.

The vertical models offered for PVC films reach one meter, and the lighting fragments are located at a distance of about half a meter. Similar models of chandeliers, professionals recommend buying owners of apartments with high ceilings.

Advice! For rooms with low ceilings, it is better to purchase round lamps that will help visually expand the space.

To fix such lighting devices, special rings are used that have an excellent level of thermal insulation. This ensures reliable protection of the polymer film from deformation due to the heating of lamps used in ceiling lighting chandeliers.

Chandelier selection for a specific room

In the case of choosing the design of the chandelier in a particular living room, professionals warn that chandeliers for the stretch ceiling of a living room or hall can have significant differences. It is from the correct selection of the chandelier that you can make positive changes to the room to be designed, correctly place stylistic nuances in it.

Attention! The quality of room lighting directly depends on design literacy.

Many professionals use built-in chandelier models in their work, as well as models that are decorated with original stucco moldings.

For any living space, lighting fixtures in the shape of a plate with small holes are suitable. In order for the use of such lighting devices to be safe, it is important to follow the installation sequence:

  • First, you need to make several holes in the PVC film;
  • they are edged with a metal decorative profile;
  • carry out the installation of lamps

Style Features

When choosing a new ceiling chandelier for a stretch ceiling in the living room or in the bedroom of a country house (city apartment), professionals must take into account the style of the space. For example, additional refinement can be made with the interior, picking up the classic designs of ceiling lighting chandeliers.

Advice! The symmetry of such models is appropriate for glossy stretch ceilings.

For high-tech professional interior stylists choose models of chandeliers that are made of shiny materials, have an unusual shape.

Trendy lighting designs offered by manufacturers are appropriate in living rooms, the interior of which is decorated in a classic.

To complement the country style in the kitchen, in the living room, it is quite possible to use unusual models of chandeliers for a matte stretch ceiling. Such products will help fill the atmosphere with comfort and coziness, and carved decor elements will bring naturalness to the room.

The natural rustic style is suitable for the kitchen not only in a rustic style, but also in a typical city apartment.

Chandelier selection in the kitchen

In modern design, stretch ceilings are used even in small rooms. For example, more often in the kitchen you can see suspended or suspended structures in which small spotlights are mounted.

Advice! In the kitchen, professionals recommend choosing built-in types of lighting fixtures for PVC ceilings.

Ceiling-mounted models of lighting fixtures for installation are similar to embedded structures, they require an additional base. The main difference between these designs, professionals consider the presence of a protruding main part. Since the fastening of such models is carried out on a metal base, it is necessary to take decoration of a stretch ceiling seriously.

Embedded models suggest a specific editing algorithm. First, a base is prepared for the intended lighting device at certain points. Next, power is supplied, the functionality of the created lighting is checked. The next step is to install a stretch ceiling. Only after this can we proceed to the fastening of the lamps themselves.

Attention! During installation, professionals use special reinforcing rings that must be glued to the surface of the base ceiling.

The ceiling-mounted types of lighting devices during the continuous operation are significantly heated, so it is better to use energy-saving or fluorescent bulbs in them.

How to solve a similar problem? For example, you can use decorative lights to help reduce the heating of the lighting fixture. The advantages of the lighting elements are that they have a special fixture in the form of a triangle. A lamp is suspended on such a hook, but before proceeding with its installation, it is important to measure the cutout in the PVC material.

For reliable fixation of the ceiling-mounted structure in the kitchen, professionals try to fix the lighting devices at a sufficient distance from the main film structure.

Living room lighting

This room is one of the most visited places in an apartment or house, so you need to responsibly approach the selection of a chandelier for a stretch ceiling. In the hall, stylists advise to purchase a traditional model of the chandelier, placing it in the center of the designed space. To do this, first prepare in the middle of the room a special platform on which the installation will be carried out. After the base for the central lamp is ready, you can start pulling the film, after placing all the electrical wires under the film. The next step is the installation of the stretch fabric, and then the main structure of the chandelier is attached.

Advice! In order for the living room to have a harmonious look, in addition to the central lighting fixture, professionals recommend the additional use of small wall fixtures.


A few years ago, stretch ceilings were considered a luxury; only wealthy people could afford them. Currently, PVC surfaces have become commonplace, they are suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms.

Any installation involves following certain rules in order to avoid fire of electrical wiring. For example, choosing a new lighting fixture for a stretch ceiling, you first need to find out what kind of power bulbs will be used in it.

For example, for built-in lighting models purchased for suspended and suspended ceilings, the use of high power lamps is unacceptable. Professionals recall how important it is to take into account the size of the room to be designed so that the new chandelier becomes a harmonious addition to the overall design, and a discreet spot in the room.

There are requirements for the distribution of the light flux from a new lighting device, which you also need to know and use in order to get a convenient and safe option for lighting the PVC ceiling in your apartment.

Choose the design and installation method

Stretch ceilings – a method of ceiling decoration known in our time. It is easy to install, as well as hide surface irregularities. There is a misconception that in addition to spotlights and ribbons on the ceilings of this type, nothing can be fixed. Therefore, most people are interested in which chandeliers are suitable for stretch ceilings, and how do they attach to the base?

Requirements when choosing a chandelier for a stretch ceiling

A stretch ceiling is a fabric that is very sensitive to heat. Therefore, at elevated temperatures, it can deform or change color, turn yellow, blacken. To avoid this, it is important to choose the right lighting. The following selection rules will help:

  • Chandeliers must be at a certain distance from the ceiling so that it does not heat up. If the temperature from the fixtures is less than 60 ° C, then the canvas will not be damaged.
  • Power supplies, through which halogen and LED lamps are connected, should not be between a conventional ceiling and a suspended ceiling. If this requirement is not met, then they will quickly break due to overheating. The best option is to place them in the ventilation niche, and fix the wires that go to them above the ceiling itself.
  • Fixtures and chandeliers for suspended ceilings are installed in various ways. To do this, you need to select them in advance, until the ceiling is fixed, so that the workers can know where to make the cut for them and prepare the basis for the fastening.
  • A stretch ceiling, having a glossy surface, can reflect up to 80% of the light, so it is not recommended to buy chandeliers with open lamps for lighting. It is better to choose lamps with shades so that they scatter light, and not reflect on the canvas.

Variety of chandeliers

Which chandelier to choose in the hall, living room or bedroom? It all depends on the size of the room and its design. If it is small, then one chandelier, which will hang in the center, is enough. If the room is large, then you can fix 2 chandeliers, symmetrically one from the other.

If the room ceiling is low, up to 3 m, it is better to install horizontal types of chandeliers, if more than 3 m – vertical, up to 1 m in size. Under the conditions fulfilled, the lighting in the rooms will be maximum.

The price of chandeliers for this type of ceiling depends on the size, design, shape and materials from which they are made. A common choice is a chandelier with a ceiling or horns. Please note that the horns should be lowered down or sideways so as not to heat the ceiling.

This classic look of chandeliers can be diluted with decorative elements – a lampshade, beads, stained glass, etc.

Crystal chandeliers for suspended ceilings are very popular. Crystal elements gently and equally scatter light around the room. All modern chandeliers of this kind are manufactured according to all requirements in terms of lighting rooms with suspended ceilings.

As a rule, the choice of a chandelier depends on the preferences of the owner and the effect that he wishes to receive. For example, the standard look of the chandelier looks great on a matte canvas, and on glossy it causes discomfort. But horizontal chandeliers with a large number of horns look great on glossy and matte ceilings. A crystal chandelier will be suitable in a large hall or living room, and a flat square one in the bedroom.

Chandelier lamp selection

For chandeliers that will be hung on a stretch ceiling, you can use, basically, all types of lamps, but with some limitations, namely:

  • Incandescent lamps. This is the most inappropriate option for a stretch ceiling. Such lamps have very low efficiency and high heat transfer. And the power has a border of 60 watts. In this situation, the lamp should be at a distance of 25 cm from the ceiling. But in modern rooms this is hard to achieve.
  • Halogen lamps. They have greater efficiency than incandescent lamps, but they heat more. The only plus is their close to natural light.
  • Energy-saving lamps. They almost do not heat up, so you can mount it close to the ceiling, have a high efficiency. But there is a minus – they consist of mercury and require a careful attitude. It is also not advisable to use them in a room with high humidity.
  • LED bulbs. This view is best suited for suspended ceilings. The main plus is a high efficiency and small heat transfer, convenient sizes.

On a stretch ceiling, it is allowed to combine both chandeliers and spotlights. The main thing is that the chandelier fits the design of the room.

Types of chandelier installations

Before installing the chandelier on the stretch ceiling, you need to make fixture for the chandelier on a normal ceiling even before installing the stretch ceiling. The type of fixture depends on the type of chandelier and how it is fixed. There are three ways to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling:

  • on the ceiling hook;
  • on a cruciform plate;
  • on the mounting rail.

Hook mounted chandelier

This type is considered the simplest and most reliable – hang the chandelier on a hook. Well, if in modern buildings, such a hook, the builders failed. If not, then you need to use a anchor or dowel to drive a hook into the ceiling. It is important to determine its height correctly, the hook should not go beyond the lower edge of the stretch ceiling. To do this, use the fishing line, pulling it on the level.

After the stretch ceiling is ready, there is a hook on the touch to it. Under it, a plastic ring is fixed to the glue. When the glue dries, a neat cut is made inside the ring. Electric wires go through the cut out hole, and the chandelier is put on a hook.

Before you hang the chandelier on the suspended ceiling, it is advisable to remove all the lights and shades. The chandelier will be lighter in weight and attach faster.

How to hang a chandelier on a bar?

A mounting strip is included with the device. It has special studs for fastening or holes with threads and clamps. A small chandelier is hung on such a bar. The sequence of work is as follows:

  • On the usual ceiling, the base is fixed – a block of wood. It is very important that the bottom of the bar is on a par with the surface of the stretch ceiling, a difference of 1 mm is allowed. The bar is fixed on the ceiling with self-tapping screws. A hole is made in it through which electrical wires are pulled out.
  • After the ceiling was pulled, there is a block to the touch and a place is marked for the output of wires.
  • A heat-resistant ring is attached to the tension web, and pieces of plastic are glued to the places where the bar will be attached. This is necessary so that the ceiling film does not tear.
  • The canvas is cut, wires are output.
  • Before mounting, the bar is cleared of burrs.
  • The bar is attached to the bar with the help of screws, clearly in those places where the pieces of plastic were glued.
  • The wires are connected, the work is checked.
  • The base of the chandelier is attached to the mounting plate.

The large chandelier can be fixed with a mounting cross-shaped lath. The operation sequence is the same as described above. Only instead of a bar a wide board or plywood is used.

To know how to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling, use the tips described above. If there are doubts in their abilities, specialists will come to the rescue.

Chandeliers for suspended ceilings

Glossy stretch canvases, reflecting intricate horn chandeliers, create the effect of space. However, it is important to know what kind of lamps and what type of fixtures can be used for suspended ceilings, so that during the period of operation of lighting devices unpleasant surprises arise. We will talk about this in this article.

False Ceiling Light Requirements

Recall that suspended ceilings are paintings fixed on a bar that is located around the perimeter of a particular circuit.

Under the influence of elevated temperatures, the material of suspended ceilings can be deformed and destroyed. In this regard, there are a number of requirements put forward for lamps that are mounted on a suspended ceiling.

  1. In the case of using a carob chandelier, you need to choose such a model so that the horns are directed down or to the sides. This will contribute to the fact that the heat flux from the lamps in the chandelier will be directed not towards the suspended canvas, but in the opposite direction.
  2. In the case of the use of a carob chandelier, in which the horns are directed upwards, it is necessary that the lamps are recessed into the ceiling, or the ceiling was closed.
  3. If halogen or LED lighting devices are connected, then a special converter will be required. Experts do not recommend installing it in the gap between the real and the false ceiling, because Heat generated from it will accumulate in this space and may cause overheating of the converter system, which will quickly disable it.
  4. It is recommended to choose such lamps that will have a smoothed edge at the base, which will not allow to violate the integrity of the stretch ceilings in the place of attachment of the chandelier.

There are many models of fixtures adapted for suspended ceilings, where all the requirements for their safe operation have already been taken into account. But this does not mean that you should limit your choice only to them.

False Ceiling Lighting Options

There are several options for lighting rooms with false ceilings.

These include:

  • spot lighting;
  • central (chandelier) lighting;
  • combined lighting.

All three types of lighting can be implemented using various types of lamps, the choice of which should be treated with special attention.

To date, the following lamp options are possible, used in lighting fixtures of suspended ceilings:

  • conventional incandescent bulbs;
  • halogen;
  • energy saving;
  • LED light.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The choice of lamps for lighting suspended ceilings

Conventional incandescent lamps have a high degree of heating, and therefore are not recommended for use in lighting fixtures of suspended ceilings.

But if you really want to use them, then the following rules must be observed. First, purchase a chandelier with a small number of lamps. Secondly, the horns of this chandelier should be turned exclusively down. And thirdly, the ceiling lights must be closed. And finally, such a chandelier should be located at a distance of at least 25 cm from the ceiling. If the ceiling height of your house allows you to observe all these conditions, then you will minimize heating of the ceiling system from the chandelier, and the ceiling covering from the lighting device will not be affected.

Halogen lamps have a very low efficiency and at the same time have strong heating. Due to these shortcomings, their use in a lighting system with suspended ceilings is not recommended.


Energy-saving lamps are a good option for lighting a room with suspended ceilings. Such lamps have a high coefficient of efficiency, they are not subject to heat and their light is close to natural. However, they hide a hidden danger – the presence of mercury vapor inside the lamp. Therefore, you must handle energy-saving lamps with extreme caution.

LED lamps are an ideal choice for suspended ceilings. They have high efficiency, do not heat up and emit bright light. And all this with the small size of the lamp, which allows you to use them as a point source of light.

Chandeliers for suspended ceilings can be very diverse. Their choice will depend on the style of the room, the height of the ceilings and the level of lighting required.

Multi-track chandeliers with an asymmetric arrangement of lamps look very original.

No less interesting is the ensemble of chandeliers and point light sources that complement each other in harmony.

The effect of the starry sky with the constellation located on it is created by multi-track chandeliers with small star-shaped lamps. Such a chandelier looks especially impressive on a glossy mirror stretch ceiling.

For high-tech style, minimalist fixtures made in clear, regular shapes are ideal.

Luxurious chandeliers with falling crystal clusters look unusually elegant and magical.

Whatever chandelier for suspended ceilings you choose, the main thing is that it does not become a source of damage to the ceiling. Therefore, when choosing chandeliers, remember the tips given in this article.

Chandeliers for suspended ceilings – photos, selection rules, mounting instructions

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Stretch ceilings are good in everything, but they have one limitation – they do not tolerate heating. This can not be remembered until the case touches the lamps. The heat they give off when turned on can damage stretched fabric or film. Therefore, the choice of what will give light in a room with such ceilings is best approached with all care.

Criterias of choice

The assortment in the stores is simply huge. How to choose from all this abundance a chandelier suitable for a stretch ceiling? It is not that difficult. In fact, there are few restrictions and they will not require abandoning all traditionally popular solutions.

Remembering just a few rules before going to the store, you can clearly imagine which chandeliers are suitable for a stretch ceiling, and not make a mistake when buying. There are few rules, but they must be observed so that later you do not have to repair the coating or refuse an already purchased lamp.

Plate lampshades should have a special metal diffuser above the lamps. It will reflect light towards the floor. If there is no such diffuser, heat will rise up, heating the ceiling. Alternatively, place it at a certain distance from the coating.

When a glossy coating is stretched in the room, it looks very nice and visually enlarges the room due to reflection. But the interior of the chandelier will be perfectly visible in reflection. Therefore, with glossy coatings, it is better to abandon the classic carob design.

But if you want to buy a horn chandelier, then you need to choose the models in which the horns are directed down. This design allows you to more dissipate heat and is more suitable for a stretch ceiling.

Important: the minimum distance from the horns or shades to the stretched coating should be at least 25 centimeters.

What to prefer light bulbs

First of all, one thing to keep in mind is that lighting products should not exceed the recommended power limit.

Important: you cannot use lamps that are more powerful than 60 watts. Otherwise, when heated, they will melt the stretched fabric.

Halogen lamps give a very pleasant light, but heat up even more than usual. For them, the power limit will be already 35 watts.

Some types of lamps can be used with almost no restrictions. For example, energy-saving luminaires are not subject to strong heating due to the fact that not a heating coil but a gas glows in them. But it is not recommended to use such illuminators in humid rooms – they quickly fail due to moisture.

The ideal solution is to purchase LED lamps. They practically do not heat up when turned on and will not damage the coating. Another plus is the ability to choose the shade of the light flux. There are “cold” shades, white glow, and “warm”, more yellow. The second correspond to sunlight as closely as possible.

You can read more about the choice of lighting devices in the article “Choosing Light Bulbs for Stretch Ceilings”

How to attach

Not all chandeliers are suitable for stretch coatings. As already mentioned, a lot depends on the shape of the ceiling and the lamps used in it. But another important point will be the way that the lamp is attached to the ceiling. Mounting structures can be of two types:

  • Using suspension
  • Overhead

In the first case, the chandelier is hung on a special hook mounted in a floor plate, there is nothing complicated. Before pulling the canvas, the master will make a hole in it, strengthen it with a special ring and stretch the suspension through it.

The second mounting option involves a much larger amount of preparatory work. It is necessary to pre-make a special site – a mortgage, to which the installation will be carried out.

This mortgage should be sufficiently accurate to match the future ceiling in height, so it is better to entrust its manufacture to a specialist. For a small additional fee, such designs can be built by the same craftsmen who will stretch the ceiling.

Important: the places where the screws will be screwed in, fixing the mounting bracket must be strengthened with special overlays.

Naturally, all operations for the preparation of the mounting platform must be carried out before pulling the canvas itself.

Sometimes there is a desire to move the chandelier away from the place where it hung earlier. It is not difficult to do this – just fix the hook for suspension in a new place and lay the wiring.

All wiring can be mounted in an “open” way, always subject to certain specific safety requirements. A qualified master must do this.


Subject to all the above rules, the question – how to choose a chandelier, is no longer relevant. Almost all traditional luminaires are suitable for tension coatings.

The rules do not limit in any way the selection of exactly the model that most successfully fits into the rest of the room design. Even if for some reason you need a carob model with upward shades, you can simply install LED lamps and you can even use it.

Much more important is to pre-determine the installation location and prepare, if necessary, a mounting platform.

Which chandeliers are suitable for suspended ceilings: which is better to choose for the hall (photo), is a chandelier needed?

It is no secret that until recently, not everyone could afford stretch ceilings, however, over time, prices became more affordable, and the choice was wider. Now imagine: you installed a suspended ceiling, but then the question arises – which chandeliers are suitable for suspended ceilings? The answer to this and many other questions I will look for today.

To begin with, we will understand: what is a stretch ceiling and why is it needed? Of course, this is a certain construction of the canvas, mounted on a “shelf” of aluminum or plastic. Interesting fact: This element of decor was invented in Switzerland, but eventually spread throughout the world. It also serves not only as a joy for your eyes, but also in cases where it is more difficult to fix the real ceiling than to “hide” it. However, at the moment, it is increasingly becoming an important component of the decor of the room. This is due to the abundance of advantages compared to conventional ceiling decoration.

Which chandelier to choose for a stretch ceiling?

The main element that emphasizes the grace and aesthetics of a stretch ceiling is a chandelier. Due to the many features of a stretch ceiling, the light source should be selected taking into account certain requirements.

Thus, the requirements for a chandelier under a suspended ceiling:

  1. Operation temperature is not higher than 55-60 degrees. The fact is that most often a polyvinyl chloride film is used as the material of the stretch ceiling. Already at 80 degrees, this material begins to deform and stretch.
  2. The absence of a metal base (for chandeliers with a ceiling in the form of a “plate”). During operation, the metal body will heat up intensely, which is not good for our canvas. There is an alternative: it is necessary to take a reflective film complete with a chandelier of this type. This duet will protect the canvas from the lamp.
  3. The direction of the light flux. It is best to select models with lamps pointing down. Thus, you will avoid black circles that form on the canvas from overheating. As a workaround, it is acceptable to use a glossy ceiling that “doubles” the light due to its reflection. Therefore, instead of 8 lamps pointing down, it is advisable to install 4 directed up. However, again, back to the first condition. Light bulbs with low heat will be needed.
  4. (Optional) Closed lamp shades. Definitely a popular solution that will help protect the canvas from overheating.

So, here are 4 main requirements that should be considered when thinking about which chandelier can be hung on a stretch ceiling. If you are unsure of your choice of the desired chandelier composition, then it is advisable to compare different photos of chandeliers for suspended ceilings and make your own decision. From myself, I can add that it is worth choosing a lamp that has many low-power bulbs than a bulky structure with several powerful lamps.

It is also important to choose the lamps. They are different, and for chandeliers mounted in suspended ceilings, it is possible to choose lamps of any type, however, with special conditions:

  1. Incandescent lamp (or how often it is popularly called the “Illich lamp”). This option is perhaps the most unprofitable of those presented for suspended ceilings. And all because the efficiency of this type of light bulb is only 3%, but the heat dissipation is extremely high. Therefore, if you choose incandescent bulbs, then be sure to choose up to 60 watts. In this case, you still can not install them at a distance from the stretch ceiling not less than 25 cm.
  2. Halogen lamps. Not the worst, but not ideal. “Halogens” have a slightly higher efficiency than incandescent lamps. The principle of their action is this: an electric current passes through a tungsten spiral and thereby heats it. This makes the lamp glow. However, this principle of operation is very similar to the principle of the previous type of lamp, which is why both are very hot. In addition, “halogens” emit low-frequency noise when used in conjunction with dimmers. It should also be noted that their clear advantage over the rest is the light produced by them. Its spectral composition is extremely close to sunlight. It makes sense to navigate when choosing that the power of such lamps should be no higher than 35 watts.
  3. Energy-saving lamps. Such lamps are called luminescent light sources, which have built-in ballast. They are not heated as much as the previous lamps and have a higher efficiency, but they contain extremely toxic mercury vapors. So, if you accidentally break this lamp, you will have to call special services. Otherwise, life in such an apartment is no longer suitable. I note that the price of energy-saving lamps is much lower than LED, so they are quite popular. It is also not advisable to install such lamps in rooms with high humidity.
  4. LED lamps and tapes. The best solution, but also the most expensive. Price is their main drawback. But the “pluses” include: high efficiency, ergonomics and a wide selection with all kinds of decorative elements. But if it comes to LED strips, then the question involuntarily arises: is there then a chandelier with a stretch ceiling? These tapes are mounted in a slightly different way and give the stretch ceiling a kind of stained glass window. This backlight can be made of any color, and it is also possible to control its brightness. Thus, a ceiling without a chandelier can be made.

How to combine manufactories?

It is possible that when decorating any room you may have difficulty combining chandeliers with general decorations. Let’s get it right. Ornate lamps, similar to “bushes”, are especially beautiful on a dull surface. If the tension system has the property of gloss, then hemispherical openwork chandeliers are great for it. A rather interesting effect is manifested in the presence of many small bulbs, especially if they have faceted and multi-colored pendants. Experiment with colors, brightness and dimmers. All this can enrich the space of the room and give it a unique “character”.

Now let’s talk a little more about the lighting in certain rooms. What kind of chandeliers can be used for stretch ceilings in different rooms?

Chandelier for the room with a stretch ceiling. The hall is the most visited part of the house. Therefore, choose a lamp for the hall must be carefully. Before choosing a lighting system, you should determine whether it will be zoned or general.

The simplest and most classic option for lighting the hall is a traditional chandelier in the middle of the room.

If your living room is decorated in Hi-tech style, then an ordinary LED strip, the properties of which are indicated above, will perfectly replace the lamp.

I do not advise also to replace the main light source with side point ones. This decision may upset the balance of light and it will seem that there is not enough light, especially if the room is very spacious.

To make the living room cozy, you can use wall lights. They will give softness and harmony to the atmosphere of the hall.

So, we have identified several properties for choosing a chandelier for the hall. However, it all depends on your design abilities and your tastes. To make a harmonious decision, it is better to study the photo of chandeliers for a room with a stretch ceiling.

Chandelier for the bedroom with suspended ceiling. After a hard day, we always want to feel calm and relaxation. One of those places where you can feel this is your bedroom. Lighting for the bedroom should be selected very carefully, because your own well-being depends on the general “atmosphere” of the room. Therefore, the general light should relax and soothe.

At the moment, there are two common design concepts for bedroom lighting: American and European. The first is steadily striving to diversify with all kinds of floor lamps, lamps, night lights and sconces. This concept should be applied if you want to “zonate” the room. The second concept, on the contrary, concentrates on the main source of light on the ceiling. In this case, additional sources only support the whole composition.

For bedrooms, a small chandelier is usually selected, so when choosing between pendant and ceiling lighting fixtures, the second category should be preferred, since large structures are most often suspended. When choosing, pay attention to the style of the room itself, so that the overall look does not look “comical.”

It is very popular to present the stretch canvas as a “starry sky”. A magical and incredible sight that delights. Its installation requires the laying of optical fibers, and special filters will give the light a variety of flicker and overflow.

Today we figured out which chandeliers are better for a stretch ceiling. Now that you know about all the intricacies of choosing lighting, you can turn your plans into reality. Remember that the choice of a chandelier for a stretch ceiling is your business, and you have the right to choose according to your taste preferences, but by observing all the conditions and requirements when buying a chandelier, which I told you about today, you can perfectly preserve the original look of the stretch ceiling for many years .