How To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

How To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own HandsIn order for the year of the White Metal Ox to be successful and happy, it is necessary to create such an atmosphere in the home that it fully corresponds to the tastes of the patron saint of the new calendar cycle. How to decorate a house for the new year 2023 with your own hands as simply and beautifully as possible, using available materials?

Choice Of Fashionable Decor And MaterialsHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

According to Chinese tradition, the coming year according to the Eastern calendar will be the year of the White Metal Bull. In decorating your home, you should adhere to certain rules.

It is believed that the bull does not like red, which infuriates him. This strong and noble animal loves calm light shades and natural materials. All this greatly simplifies the task of decorating a house on the eve of the New Year 2023.

First you need:

  • to develop a concept for a New Year’s interior;
  • choose places for decoration;
  • select materials and decor techniques;
  • distribute work areas between family members and start implementing the plan.

With your own hands, you can simply and beautifully decorate the facade of the house, windows, walls, doors, ceiling. A New Year’s composition of trees, garlands and candles will look stylish on the windowsill.

As materials, you can use everything that is in the house:

  • cardboard;
  • colored and white paper;
  • beads and buttons;
  • cones;
  • tree branches;
  • pieces of fabric and fur;
  • spruce branches;
  • candles;
  • Garlands.

It is necessary to prepare tools and a workplace, and then study the proposed master classes that will tell you how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023 with your own hands simply and beautifully using the available materials.

Decoration Of Window OpeningsHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

You can revive the windows in the house by decorating them with original pendants, installations on the windowsill and garlands. White paper can be used as material.

Openwork snowflakes of different or the same size are cut out of it using the vytynanka technique. Then they are collected in vertical pendants and garlands on threads, which are hung over the upper opening of the window in a vertical position.

You can make a horizontal garland of stylized Christmas balls, cut out of cardboard, which are then pasted over with openwork light fabrics and hung on a thread as shown in the photo. Between them, tracery snowflakes can vertically descend from the top of the window.

You can stick white snowflakes carved with your own hands on the glass, and decorate the window sill with a New Year’s installation of candles or small Christmas trees.

A horizontal garland made of a dry branch will look original, which is attached to the window with the help of fabric suspensions, and several identical Christmas-tree balls on thin satin ribbons are suspended from the branch.

On the window under such a composition, you can put a New Year’s ikebana from dry branches and Christmas trees, as shown in the photo.

In the upper part of the window, instead of an applique made of snowflakes, you can hang a Christmas volumetric star.

Appliques in the technique of vytynanka in the form of a winter city, which are glued to the bottom of the window, will look spectacular. In this case, the window opening is decorated from above with vertically descending garlands.

Wall And Ceiling DecorationHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

You can decorate the ceiling above the New Year’s table with air garlands of snowflakes. When weightless snowflakes descend on threads of different lengths to the festive table, a fabulous atmosphere will be created in the house.

Snowflakes cut out of white paper are strung on a thread, and such an elegant garland is decorated with a chandelier in the living room.

The walls in the rooms can be effectively decorated with a three-dimensional image of a stylized Christmas tree. The scheme of the drawing is simple: decorated branches of different lengths are attached to the wall in the form of a pyramid so that a stylized Christmas tree in the form of a triangle is obtained.

Large white snowflakes and stylized white snowballs can be hung on such a “tree”, which are easy to cut from a piece of foam. Homemade Christmas decorations made from spruce or pine cones will also look beautiful and stylish.

The panel can be decorated with garlands that will create a spectacular backlight.

If you use Christmas tinsel together with electric garlands, then a stylized image of a Christmas tree is easily created on the wall.

A Christmas tree made with your own hands from a large sheet of white paper will also look spectacular on the wall. Making such a decoration is easy and simple. Decorated with a garland, the panel will look stylish and beautiful, creating a festive atmosphere in the house.

A New Year’s panel on the wall, made of dry branches, Christmas tree tinsel or plain white paper, can replace a natural Christmas tree in the house.

Homemade Christmas CompositionHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

The house can be decorated with spectacular homemade toys made from natural or scrap materials. These New Year’s compositions for walls in the shape of a Christmas star can be made in a couple of hours.

For work you will need:

  • dry thin branches;
  • branches of a Christmas tree;
  • beads;
  • twine;
  • pieces of lace;
  • buttons;
  • dried slices of oranges and lemons;
  • cinnamon sticks.

Master Class:

  1. Cut branches of the same length, fold stars out of them.
  2. Fix the ends of the resulting stars with twine.
  3. Inside, create a composition of Christmas tree twigs, beads, lace, dried citrus slices and cinnamon sticks.
  4. At the top, make a loop of twine, for which the toy is attached on the wall, on a Christmas tree or under the ceiling.

The Original Little Cone AnimalHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

From ordinary cones, you can make just such a Christmas squirrel with your own hands on a Christmas tree. It will look simple and beautiful on a natural, artificial or stylized Christmas tree.

For work you will need:

  • glue;
  • cones;
  • beads;
  • woolen threads;
  • wire;
  • polymer clay;
  • brush;
  • White paint.

Master Class:

  1. Make a pompom from woolen threads.
  2. With the help of wire and thread, build a fluffy brush that will become the tail of the squirrel.
  3. Paint the cone with white paint and dry.
  4. Glue a pompom on the sharp end of the cone.
  5. Glue the tail in the form of a brush at the bottom of the cone.
  6. On the head, mark the muzzle with the help of beads, from which the eyes and nose of the animal are made.
  7. Make stylized front and hind legs from polymer clay. Glue the front ones in the center of the cones, and the back ones at the bottom.
  8. From the scales of the cone, make two ears of the animal and attach them to the sides of the head with glue.

These Christmas toys in the form of forest animals can be made with your own hands both for decorating a Christmas tree and decorating a house with them for the New Year 2023.

Door DecorationHow To Decorate A House For The New Year 2023 With Your Own Hands

You can create a festive mood with the help of Christmas wreaths, which are quite simply assembled from different materials:

  • spruce branches;
  • Christmas balls;
  • cones;
  • dried citrus pieces;
  • cinnamon sticks;
  • satin ribbons.

With the help of a beautiful wreath of spruce legs, you can both decorate the house for the New Year 2023, and the front door.

For such a wreath, you will need a thick and strong wire, small spruce legs and any New Year’s decor. To begin with, a hoop is made of wire, which will be the frame of the wreath.

Then, bouquets of the same shape are collected from small spruce branches, which are fastened with wire. The bouquets are attached with a wire to a metal hoop so that they fit snugly together.

The finished spruce wreath is decorated with any suitable decor:

  • satin ribbons;
  • Christmas balls;
  • cones;
  • dried citrus circles;
  • cinnamon sticks.

Such a ready-made wreath can be hung on the wall, entrance or interior doors. They can also decorate a festive table by placing it in the middle.

Here’s how easy it is to decorate your home for the New Year 2023 with the help of natural materials and improvised little things. And if you also connect your imagination, then you can turn any old thing that has long been going to be thrown into a New Year’s decoration.

Decorating a house on your own with the most ordinary and, at first glance, unassuming materials turns into a fascinating creative process. Thus, it is really possible to create an atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and magic in the house without buying expensive store decor.

In some cases, you can even do without buying a Christmas tree by making it yourself from scrap materials. The more natural materials will be used to make New Year’s decorations for the meeting of 2023, the more likely it is that the Ox will show his affection for the owners of the house and will attract good luck and material wealth throughout the year. All this can be done simply and beautifully by looking at the photo.


  1. You can create a New Year’s decor in the house from any old and unnecessary things, without spending money on buying store New Year’s toys.
  2. To decorate your home, you should actively use natural materials. They give an original style to the New Year’s interior.
  3. The Year of the White Metal Ox should be celebrated in an environment of light and dull colors. Therefore, to decorate your home, you can use ordinary white paper and white paint, which will harmoniously combine with the warm shades of natural materials.
  4. When creating New Year’s interiors on your own, you should adhere to a single style, using materials of the same texture and the same shades to decorate the premises.