Interior Design 2023 – Rules for creating the perfect space in your home

latest trends in interior design in 2023Today, it is not necessary to be “in trend” with the latest trends in interior design in 2023 in order to correctly arrange all the pieces of furniture and decor, to select the finishing materials necessary for repairs. Even if the project of your new apartment is still onlyat the development stage, and you only have drawings and sketches in your hands – it is quite possible to imagine the future interior and understand what it will be like. We want to tell you about new trends in the interior design of rooms. We discard hackneyed stereotypes and “grandmother’s” style – expanding the boundaries!

Do not neglect the rules of drawing up a design projectlatest trends in interior design in 2023

This is a very important point. It was not in vain that these Talmuds of laws and regulations were drawn up for the layout of the premises. Where, if not from them, you can learn about the legality and possibility of transferring load-bearing beams or walls, wet areas and specific equipment. If you follow them, the risk of difficulties in the design of the apartment project will be minimized. All projects of apartments and houses that have been converted are subject to mandatory certification by special organizations.

There are also situations in the design of premises when special permission is not required. For example, this applies to increasing the size of the bathroom due to the hallway space or cutting an additional opening in the wall (only if it is not load-bearing). In such cases, registration takes place immediately after the completion of construction. Of course, each of us, who starts repairs or construction, wants to get comfortable and comfortable housing in the end.

This can be achieved thanks to the carefully thought out arrangement of furniture and household appliances. After all, nothing should create danger or interfere with moving around the house. As, for example, the unsuccessful positioning of the hob on the edge of the kitchen island located in the middle of the room, which is fraught with the overturning of the heated dishes. Or improper installation of door leaves that prevent each other from opening.

Did you know that in a well-thought-out design project for apartment 2023, when zoning rooms, there is always a place for the “Door opening plan”, and in a very well thought-out design – also for the “Plan for opening cabinets and equipment.”

Such a fashionable and popular until recently stretch ceiling is not the best option for finishing the ceiling today. Yes, of course, it impresses with its ease of installation and low price, but there will be more than enough troubles.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the lack of natural ventilation of air when using such a material. Blocking the ceiling, the PVC film becomes covered over time with mold and fungi due to the condensation that constantly accumulates there.

In addition, when installing such a ceiling, builders use special gas cylinders, which are not very safe due to their poor quality. And, of course, visually, such a ceiling is much inferior to other modern coatings.

Of course, if you try and spend a little time, you can find good natural materials for repairs. For example, instead of laminate flooring, use a solid wood plank, which is as expensive as a good laminate, but stronger, more durable and more beautiful than a pressed plank.

In addition to traditional finishes (plaster or ceramic tiles ), a talented designer can offer you non-standard surface coating methods.

Interior trends 2023latest trends in interior design in 2023

Thanks to interesting techniques, you can achieve individuality and uniqueness of the room, add some flavor and originality to it.

If you come across a good design expert, he will definitely suggest various interesting methods. Although it may be a big extra charge for individuality, it’s worth it, believe me. After all, the point of drawing up a personal project is that no one else has such a second apartment.

There are a lot of designers who create their projects in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer. But there are those who, until the last, will convince you to use only natural materials in the design of the house. They will find inexpensive and high quality natural substitutes for laminate, plastic and film.

Don’t skimp on quality plumbing. Today the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired, so mixers and pipes deteriorate much faster. Yes, you can get a cheap tap, but it will become unusable in a year and a half anyway. You will not only have to buy a new one, but also pay for its installation again.

Why complicate your life? In addition, high-quality plumbing looks much more aesthetically pleasing than the Chinese “miracles of technical thought”. Pay attention to the presence of marks on the input-output of the water supply system, electrical outlets and switches in the design project of the room.

Remember to ensure that personal cables not connected to power outlets are routed to the washing machine, electric towel dryer and other electrical appliances. So you will not only bring the premises in line with fire safety rules, but also remove the load from the electrical network.

Testing the ability of an interior designer can be arranged by designing small rooms. After all, the smaller the space, the more difficult it is to allocate space rationally and ergonomically. For example, a 60 square meter space is a real challenge for designers.

Of course, it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to place a spacious dressing room or study in limited square meters. But the designer is obliged to find the right solution when organizing the space (for example, a place for a bedroom with a spacious bed).

Sleeping on a fold-out couch is not only uncomfortable, but also not very good for your health. No pillow filler can replace a full-fledged mattress with an orthopedic effect.

We are all familiar with the image of a room with light walls, parquet flooring, cherry furniture and classic curtains. This set has been tested over the years, is safe and completely boring. We want to tell you about some unwritten rules that should be discarded. Down with boring and hackneyed interior clichés! Breaking the rules!

Advice! If the rooms in the apartment are small, they certainly need to be decorated in bright colours. A Scandinavian-style interior will be the right decision.

It is believed that light colours make a room appear more spacious. This is partly true, but it does not always work. If you want to make the 2023 interior more cozy, then in tandem with white, choose dark shades. This design will dissolve the boundaries of the room, and they will become invisible. You will get the effect of a “casket room”.

The white tone is firmly entrenched in the decoration of the ceilings, many do not even think about choosing another option. But this is the widest field for your imagination. Let your ceiling differ in colour from the walls by several tones.

If you are afraid to use radical saturated colours, then just lightly shade the surface with the colour you want. Be sure to take advantage of this idea. The Internet is replete with photographs of various interiors with coloured ceilings.

Advice! Beautiful wallpapers with small patterns are well suited for small rooms; large patterns will be more appropriate for large areas.

Of course, sweeping patterns on the wallpaper do not contribute to a visual increase in space, but they enliven the room, filling it with colours and joy. Modern prints on wallpapers can make them a true decoration of the room. If you are still afraid to paste over the bedroom with painted patterns, then experiment with the design of the bathroom.

The presence of a chandelier is a prerequisitelatest trends in interior design in 2023

The chandelier located in the center of the room has become an invariable attribute of any apartment. Not a single room in the house can do without the “king-lamp”. But the presence of a central lighting device is not at all appropriate everywhere.

Take, for example, the interior decoration of the bedroom. Here you will rather need spotlights located around the perimeter and near the bed. Their diffused light will relax, create a feeling of comfort and peace.

Small rooms are only suitable for small furniturelatest trends in interior design in 2023

  1. If the number of square meters of your room is small, then this does not mean that you should forget about a comfortable sofa and huddle on an uncomfortable ottoman. By the way, not everyone knows that with just one massive piece of furniture you can expand the boundaries of the room.
  2. If you are using large-sized furniture, then the decor should be calm and uncluttered with small details. Large numbers of small objects will create a cramped feeling in the room.

Advice! Do not mix classic and modern things in the same room. On the contrary, you need to harmoniously combine different styles with each other in order to get an eye-catching fashionable and stylish interior 2023 as a result.

Monochrome interior – top trend of 2023latest trends in interior design in 2023

You have decided to buy a beige furniture set. Perfect solution! But this is not a reason to decorate the whole room in colour with furniture and make everything around beige and cream. Use contrasting colours, add accents, liven up the room!

The choice of colour combinations is huge, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Avoid monochromatic interiors.

The current colour combination for the 2023 season

  1. The ocher colour is gaining great recognition, occupying a niche of beige, gradually becoming neutral, that is, combined with any shades.
  2. At the peak of popularity, the noble gray colour is a favorite companion of the olive tone. Its main role is to combine the various textures present in the room. For example, with its help it is easy to beat the fur upholstery of ottomans in combination with the satin finish of the sofa, the natural linen from which the curtains are made, and the leather upholstery of the armchairs. For this, completely different shades of gray are used, ranging from rich graphite to smoky beige. As a result, the whole composition looks complete and complete, with its own individual character and mood.

Bright spots in interior design 2023latest trends in interior design in 2023

It is not at all necessary to use flashy shades as accents. If you are a lover of calm interiors, then add muted colour combinations. Instead of a colourful rug, use a beautiful bouquet in a flowerpot or a flower on a nightstand.

Should the patterns be identical? The floral print on the wallpaper does not mean at all that the “flowers” should contain both chairs and curtains. You can combine a strip and a floral ornament. True, this is not an easy task.

If you are an aspiring designer, it is best to start by combining different patterns in a single colour palette. Do not try to combine contrasting colour and pattern at the same time.

On a note! For those who decided on such experiments, we advise: organize a recreation area for vision. To do this, you can leave one of the walls plain.

Choice of finishing materialslatest trends in interior design in 2023

Interior design 2023 does not impose its own strict rules. Many people mistakenly believe that only homogeneous materials should be used when decorating walls, floors and even ceilings. This rule can be safely broken. The contrast of textures and materials looks just great in any interior.

Don’t assume that a wooden wardrobe or wardrobe should be made of the same wood as a table or parquet board. This rule also applies to the use of metal surfaces. Combine chrome with silver and bronze. You should not choose photo frames for the material of the coffee table.

The second misconception is that identical chairs should be around the dining table. If you are a fan of nineteenth century interiors, then this is the rule for you. But modern designers are advised to dilute the furniture and place chairs of different formats at the dining table.

In 2023 interior decoration, you can use covers with different prints or colours. So the unity of the headset will be observed with a variety of colour motifs.

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