Interior Design Trends 2023: What’s Next?

Interior Design Trends 2023It was a strange year around the world as the countries cordoned off. But what remains of constant comfort during the time we are stuck in our homes is the ability to take care of our locks. Interior design can have a major impact on mental wellbeing, which is why we particularly look forward to discovering the latest living trends.

According to reports, the interior trends 2023 has in store for us will be an evolution of what we’ve seen so far. Expect an elaboration on the key topics of conversation for 2022. Think naturally, organically and simply. A celebration of the earth’s raw materials and a subtle use of color to evoke emotions. From statement wallpapers to instagrammable plants, the inner trend shifts can be observed here.

Marine will prevail as the trend color for interiors in 2023Interior Design Trends 2023

Who would have thought the marine trend would last so long? While the upward trend navy blue living room has struck in the design world big waves, many will agree that this color is not easy to implement. But its beauty triumphs anyway, and we could see this enigmatic hue become a trend classic in the years to come.

Contrary to the advice to use light colors to open up the space, this trend brings a sense of “scandi noir” and refined masculinity to a room. It exudes adult, expensive luxury. And when you work with this shade, the goal is to go all out.

Don’t just stop at marine colored wallpaper for your dining room walls. Also coordinate with matching marine colored dinner plates and decorative accessories. As long as there is enough natural light, an overdose of Marine will not leave you in the dark.

If you’re worried about your space looking one-dimensional, try a wallpaper like this stunning Blue Swirl watercolor design for a little high-end charm.

Textured walls will be everywhereInterior Design Trends 2023

Texture in interior design is important because it affects the sensation and the sense of touch. It can be the feeling of plush carpets under bare feet, the tactile texture of a wooden worktop or simply the perception of a room when you walk into it. Texture will be the main theme for walls and we look forward to all of the new products to come.

According to the Milan design agenda, nature plays a huge role in this story. Stone, marble, wooden beams and wall panels will have their revival. Wallpaper designs like this sleek white marble wallpaper are an easy way to recreate such complex textures without renovation.

This is definitely one of the most notable interior design trends that 2023 will bring. Not only does it change the ambience, it is also easy to get to. Tactile design is easy to implement visually, and our collection of texture murals can get the same effect for less.

Minimalist art to start the conversationInterior Design Trends 2023

Art that blends seamlessly with interiors will be a major trend in 2023 as more and more homeowners crave a quieter environment.

The minimalist lifestyle, inspired by Scandinavian houses, encourages us to buy things that are useful, beautiful and well designed. Less is more – and disorder is taboo. This concept has also been reflected in our changing art selections.

Movements like line art will flourish. Just like the appreciation for simple, thought-provoking black and white photography. While in wallpaper, minimalist wall murals with Japanese ink will be the rising trend to keep in mind.

‘Neutral neutrals’ are made to glow indoorsInterior Design Trends 2023

Greige (gray + beige) is the color trend that we are most excited about for 2023. We all know that gray has become a staple for home design in recent years and has established itself as a staple for decorating color palettes. But without the right balance skills, gray can make your home look cold. The alternative, beige, can sometimes be too warm.

Keyword “neutrals” who sit in the middle of the spectrum. Something like Greige works in both cool and warm color schemes, making it the perfect neutral to choose when you want a sense of calm and poise.

Our gorgeous wildcat fur wallpaper is a luxurious take on the greige color trend and adds lots of texture to keep things interesting.

There’s also a growing demand for peace-making colors that bridge the gap between calm neutral and full-surface colors. They come in the form of soft pink, muted ocher, and light tones like organic pistachio.

Plants can be real, dried, or fakeInterior Design Trends 2023

Indoor plants have been a huge trend for ages. Today the indoor jungle is booming. But as the human connection to the outside world grows, people become aware that beautiful plants don’t always have to be real.

Let’s face it – that tropical palm tree you have your eye out for is unlikely to survive next to your dehumidifier. If for whatever reason the real deal doesn’t work out, turn to the faux. There are so many realistic looking alternatives out there these days and they are respected in the most upscale designer circles.

But the hottest craziness we need to talk about right now is dried flowers. With a lifespan of up to 2 years, preserved arrangements are a wise investment compared to the fresh variety. The seriously Instagrammable pampas grass trend has inspired us to explore other ornamental grasses and dried foliage, which has opened up a whole world of possibilities for us.

Fluffy pampas feathers, dried palm spears, and grasses are particularly good for tropical or botanical design themes. Something like this calming subtle jungle mural can be the perfect backdrop for all your plant displays (whether real, dried or fake).

Interior design trends in 2023 are organicInterior Design Trends 2023

The use of organic materials and plant-based fibers comes as no surprise. Last year we saw how this idea developed from pure wicker and rattan to upholstery made of natural silk, hemp curtains and even cork walls. Everything that connects us with nature gets a thumbs up, and next year we will see a shift towards luxurious decor.

A rich textural expression will be the headline of the story, and raw, untreated woods will make an appearance as well. But expensive natural materials like marble, decorated tiles, and high quality ceramics will be central to the completion of the adult’s home. A nod to the craftsmen means opulent tile patterns are also experiencing an upswing, so there are many trends to be explored.

From highlighting stone wall elements and hugging wood floors to adding retro terrazzo to the mix, there are a myriad of ways you can feed the raw, organic narrative.

We hope you enjoyed our forecast for Interior Design Trends 2023. Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and be happy to share your predictions with us! Or, if you want to reminisce, take a look at Top Interior Design Trends 2022.

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