Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and housesThe interior design trends for residential spaces that have dominated the past few years are confidently retaining their positions, so that no aesthetic shocks are expected in the new season. The design idea continues to develop towards creating the most comfortable environment for a person, hence the use of natural materials, a natural palette, and the design of comfortable furniture.

What will be the interior design trends for 2022-2023 looks like? Calm, thoughtful, inspiring creativity and communication. Fashion here does not dictate abstract style, color and finish, but is sensitive to the preferences of the people themselves.

Key principles in interior design 2022Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

The focus on sustainability is a common trend denominator. Natural elements are being actively introduced into the home environment, from traditional wood and stone to experiments with materials that many would consider rubbish (for example, sea cane rugs or colorful Mexican corn veneers). Industrial designers are happy to tackle the topic of plastic recycling. And of course, live plants remain in the top – vertical and hanging green gardens or arranged in ordinary flower pots. Unsurprisingly, green in the trim was named one of the headliners of the year.

Living space organizations

Laconicism, simplicity and convenience are characteristic of most interior projects being created today. The future is no exception. Neutral tones and graphic lines are distraction-free and allow you to focus on leisure, socializing and work. Everything is appreciated in the interior that will provide comfort and silence when you especially want it.

Apartment design 2022 – attention to small areas

“Strive to live in a cool metropolis, get ready for tiny housing.” Architects are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding practical solutions for apartments less than 40 sq. m. How to effectively and beautifully zone a studio if it looks like a long white box? With vibrant focal colors, warm shades for minimalistic shapes, glass partitions, partial walls that don’t extend to the ceiling, large pieces of furniture positioned correctly.

Hybrid homes are the new norm

The modern lifestyle directly affects the features of the interiors of 2022. The ubiquitous digital connections allow people to work outside the office but at home. This means that in addition to traditional spaces for relaxation, entertainment and everyday activities, it is necessary to create special work areas that are integrated into the design of the house. Instead of the usual division of rooms, there are mixed-use spaces, where work and relaxation are combined, and the boundaries of zones are easily transformed. The layout can include different floor levels, when the rooms seem to move from one to another, the stand-alone workstations are linked by a shared library, and the sleeping area is located right there, but behind sliding panels.

Style in the interior 2022: Scandinavia plus Japan

The japandi style (name from the combination japan + scandi) is gaining popularity. The combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions incorporates the best features of both styles:

  • functionality;
  • simplicity of forms;
  • natural range with bright spot accents;
  • minimum decor;
  • plain textured textiles.

And if the Scandinavian trend prefers cool white and gray colors, then the oriental decor introduces warm shades and makes the atmosphere more hospitable.

Material trends

The trendy interiors of 2022 are expected to boom in dark wood, which will bring attractive chocolate, chestnut and coffee shades to the design of rooms. Wood of oak, wenge, mahogany, etc. can be seen not only in pieces of furniture, but also in wall cladding, floors, and decorative structures.

The trend will continue to use metals in any variation – from silver and gold colors to steel and aged coatings. Methods for including metal elements in the decor: lamps, mirror frames, furniture legs, vases.

Color in the interior 2022Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

Reputable manufacturers of interior paints, collectible wallpapers and selected top design studios annually announce the shade that, in their opinion, should dominate in the coming season. This time, the focus of attention was three palettes – different degrees of saturation and warmth, but united by the idea of ??the closeness of man and nature, a return to mental and physical harmony.

Fashionable colors in the interior 2022: expert forecasts

Designers, planners, architects, editors of specialized publications highlighted coloristic dominants that express the mood of the time.

Pale mint green

“Tranquil Dawn” – this is the translation of the name of the shade Tranquil Dawn from the palette of the British brand of paints and varnishes Dulux.

The source of inspiration was the delicate, subtle colors of the morning sky at different times of the year. The psychological message of the chosen tone is associated with the paradoxical emotional disunity of people in the era of high technologies: the better digital connections, the weaker the human connection. This topic has arisen not for the first year – among designers, philosophers, filmmakers (I immediately recall the film “She” about the romantic relationship between the writer and the operating system). The serene pale green shades used in the home space are designed to soothe, create a harmonious, peaceful background, and induce the desire to touch each other.

In the interior, the shade is advised to be used as an alternative to white – for walls, ceilings, wooden surfaces. Experts have compiled four supporting palettes for the main tone, each of them corresponding to the shades of dawn according to the seasons and represented by a colder or warmer range.


Shading combinations


Mint green + cobalt, smoky, blue-gray, dark gray, light sky, pale gray.


Mint green + dusty, pearl blue, light and dark sand, sky pink, asphalt, coffee.


Mint green + pale pink, pastel blue, white cotton, blue, light purple, terracotta, citrus, gray pink, black.


Mint green + chocolate, pink gray, burgundy, gray blue, dark green, sapphire, ocher.

This is how the companion shades from the winter palette look like:

The photo below shows how you can use the main color of 2022 in the interior of the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom. The light shade chosen for the walls expands the space and harmonizes equally well with pastels and more intense colors.

Intense bottle green

The British company Graham & Brown, which sets the world fashion for wallpapers and premium finishes, has voiced its own favorite – the shade “Adeline” (in honor of the full name of the famous writer Virginia Woolf). This is the name of a deep, dark green color with excellent aesthetic characteristics: it creates a natural, calm atmosphere in an apartment and a house, and due to its versatility, it is suitable for decorating any room. Trendy green shades in the 2022 interior look modern and dramatic, especially when combined with metal.

The manufacturer named Bloomsbury Neo Mint, the main wallpaper for the coming year, as an ideal companion to paint. Floral neoclassical wallpaper with traditional English floral motifs (rose, chrysanthemum, primrose) and mint pastel background. The connecting link is the darkest shade of the leaves in the picture. According to the authors, the pattern will easily fit into the surroundings of a country house and the most modern apartments.

But even without the inclusion of floral themes in the design, the dense bottle-green tone of the walls, upholstered furniture, and accessories is an undeniably luxurious accent of the room.

Light blue-gray

Another trendy color for the 2022 interior was suggested by the Australian design group Jack and Huei, based on the Pantone palette (a color scheme developer). The name of the shade translates as “bleached coral” – it is a pale grayish blue tone. Coral reefs acquire this color in nature due to the harmful increase in the temperature of ocean water, so with their choice designers want to draw everyone’s attention to the environmental problem. And at the same time show the possibilities of a beautiful and noble color in the interior space.

The bleached blue is versatile – neutral like gray, yet vibrant and creative like white. Light and airy colors look optimistic, relaxing and soothing. Cool in tone, go well with warm beige, pink, green, yellow, white, dark wood. Blue-gray can be used in modern, traditional and vintage styles for painting walls, upholstery, curtains.

As you can see, the current colors in the interior of 2022 involve two approaches to design. Pale mint shades of the sky and almost transparent blue shades of the sea as a background will create the most neutral light space, completely unobtrusive.

Cool intonation paints will allow you to focus on the decor – different textures of textiles, wood, accurately placed color accents. But the dark green color on the walls will attract all eyes exclusively to itself. Depending on the desired effect, you can balance it with shining metal, bright white accents, light wood, pink, gold, gray shades.

Interior trends 2022 for the kitchenInterior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

The main trend is environmental friendliness, practicality and minimalism. Even if we are talking about a classic style kitchen or Provence, its design is devoid of unnecessary furniture and details. At the same time, minimalism expressed in strict lines and colors does not mean rejection of luxurious materials – marble, granite, textured wood, glamorous metallic accents. What interesting things has kitchen design 2022 prepared?

Hide if you can

Continuing the installation of recent years, the designers are eagerly combining the kitchen area with the open studio space. Psychologically, it is very comfortable: to cook or eat and be able to communicate with the rest of the family in the living room, to feel part of a holistic home environment.

The designer’s task is to integrate the kitchen into the living environment organically and neatly with the help of common finishing materials, color policy, and convenient location. At the same time, the decor is free of unnecessary elements, rational solutions with mobile structures are relevant in the current and future seasons – for example, you can hide the kitchen front behind sliding panels. The “hide if you can” principle is gaining popularity for both small apartments and large areas.

“Island” plus a bar

Kitchen design 2019-2022 perfectly combines aesthetics and ergonomics. The “island” can function as a hidden and open storage system, which will allow partially or completely to abandon the upper wall cabinets (many consider the traditional arrangement of the lower and upper rows of kitchen furniture a little boring). The interior lighting of the island showcase will decorate even the most laconic industrial style kitchen.

A dining table as part of a kitchen “island” is not just a long-term design trend, but also a justified rational approach to organizing a room.

Metal texture

In the interior of the kitchen in 2022, brass, copper, stainless steel, as well as imitation coatings will be actively used.

Options for including metal in the design:

  • hood design;
  • steel apron;
  • facing of facades;
  • stainless steel cabinets;
  • decorative inserts or cladding of an island structure;
  • brass mixers;
  • lamps;
  • legs of bar stools.

We are talking about both single accent details in gold, copper, silver, and full-scale metal decoration of the entire kitchen. The warm glow of brass in a minimalistic setting will give a wonderful effect. Wood (especially with a rough texture), granite, and marble are good companion materials.

2022 kitchen design in marble

Marble finishing remains in vogue – it is always stylish and elegant. Even in the extremely restrained design of the kitchen, beauty can be expressed with a simple straight-line block of natural stone.

Natural material is present in the form:

  • countertops;
  • apron;
  • monolithic “island”;
  • bar cladding;
  • floor covering.

The models of the new kitchens, finished with “Arabescatto” (polished Italian marble with a gray-brown background and a large ivory color pattern) look incredibly impressive.

Lack of handles

A characteristic trend in kitchen interior 2022 is to minimize the use of handles. The advantages of systems like “touch to open”: convenient operation, compact surfaces, the possibility of non-standard distribution of cabinets, freer combinations of facade and finishing materials. Experts are convinced that the idea will be in demand for at least the next few years.

Kitchen: Trending Colors in Design 2022

The design of the kitchen in the new season will support the general trend: any variations of green are welcome – from soft pastels to rich blue-greens, as well as gentle grayish-green tones.

Dark kitchens are still at the height of interior fashion. The muted matt surfaces of dark stone, cut marble, dark wood are extraordinarily beautiful, especially when combined with clean modern lines and absolute ease of expression. A slight difference in shades is only good – you get the effect of a relief surface.

It is not necessary to be limited to black, it is better to combine it with thick coffee, gray, gray-brown, woody tones – the kitchen will acquire a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

But dark kitchens need a large, well-lit area. tend to darken the room. Therefore, they are more suitable for open planning. Otherwise, you can choose only a few sections of black cabinets and complement them with lighter wood.

Anti-trends in kitchen design

In the interior of 2022, experts identified decorative techniques that were popular in past seasons, but which it is better to refuse:

  • lacquered wardrobes – they were replaced by matte textures;
  • contrasting patterned ceramic tiles, glass mosaics;
  • ornate or large handles – now they are thinner or completely absent;
  • open cabinets and shelves – better closed glass or completely opaque;
  • very colorful kitchens (bright, accent colors) – instead of them monochrome, dark colors or traditional white designs.

Fashionable interior trends 2022 for the living roomInterior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

The design of the main premises of an apartment or house follows the logic of the main trends of the next year. The priority is natural materials, flowing simple shapes, accent metal decor and the leading design principle: a cozy and comfortable environment, personally focused on a specific person. It is not required to complicate the situation too much with decoration, accessories. It is enough to use a calm color palette, comfortable furniture, but pamper yourself with a hint of luxury is not prohibited.

Modern living room interior 2022 in green colors

The color favorite is represented by three shades, which are predicted to be the most preferred in the design of rooms:

Green sage

Very neutral, pastel green mixed with gray. Suitable for background wall decoration.

Green foliage

The color of the vegetation will bring a lot of freshness and positiveness. Looks great when applied to one dominant surface.

Bluish green

Very nice tone for walls and furniture. It goes well with armchairs and sofas in a shade of pink powder, terracotta, warm gray, black and white and color posters.

Velvet upholstery

Velvet is always present in interior design 2019-2022. The material has a rich, tactile texture and fits universally into classic and modern styles. Perfectly combined with the natural palette, rounded shapes of furniture, shine of metal. It is used as an accent fabric in very beautiful shades – emerald, amethyst, sapphire, pink garnet. For walls in such a living room, it is better to choose a monochromatic finish – white or deep dark color.

Furniture trends 2022 in living room design

More and more often, elements of furniture in the style of the 70s are introduced into modern apartments and houses – with smooth wavy lines, rounded silhouettes, bright blue, green, pink colors.

Interest in this period has been showing itself for several years. We are not talking about literal copying of the models of the past, but about their adaptation to minimalist, Scandinavian, art deco design. It can be one or two chairs of an unusual shape, an unpaired sofa – quite enough to give the atmosphere a characteristic intonation.

New 2022 interior trends for bedroomsInterior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

Designers focus on simplicity and comfort. In their understanding, a modern bedroom is a small, bright and comfortable space for relaxation, reading and sleeping, preferably with high windows and good lighting. The room is logically divided into cozy corners for different purposes (bed area, dressing table, space for an armchair and coffee table), but the interior retains an open character.

Storage systems are masked as much as possible: they hide in wardrobes, behind mirrored facades. In finishing, preference is given to natural fabrics of natural colors, it is highly welcome to use wood with a pronounced pattern for the floor, individual sections of the walls.

Metal canopy

The designer bedroom interior 2022 offers to pay attention to such an item as a canopy. Only not the traditional wooden one, with bulky supports, but an elegant metal one – made of four thin elongated posts connected by a frame that can be left open or draped. This canopy brings a dynamic, urban vibe to any décor and lends geometric clarity to the bedroom composition.

A great idea, in particular, for a men’s apartment or an active modern couple. Four-poster bed models are very diverse. The frame can be pure black or painted in the color of the walls, matt or chrome.

Platform bed

A notable trend in 2022 bedroom design is the arrangement of the platform bed. When modeling the structure, the authors are inspired by the Asian interior style with wide wooden flooring and a minimum of decor, or give the podium more free features: with a small staircase, built-in drawers and open shelves, lighting.

Bed platform designs are so creative and eye-catching that they are used even in spacious bedrooms and apartments, where there is already enough storage space. Catwalks are no longer an attribute of small urban housing.

Soft headboards

Among the interior decorations of the bedroom of the season 2019-2022, the upholstered bed headboard is in the lead. If in recent years wood trim has prevailed, today designer fashion brings to the fore the complex backs – voluminous, fabric or leather in the Chesterfield style, upholstered with soft panels with a geometric pattern.

Bathroom design trends 2022Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

Like any other part of the home, the bathroom is sensitive to fashion changes. It’s just that new items in this direction appear less often and are more carefully thought out, tk. even a cosmetic repair of a bathroom will require significant investments. And also careful thought, because the reconstruction of the space and repairs are usually carried out here no more than once every 10-15 years. Let’s talk about ideas from manufacturers of sanitary ware and ceramics, as well as interior designers.

Open bathroom

It is about incorporating the bathroom area into the rest of the home environment so that it no longer hides it in the darkest corner. The clever fusion of bathroom and bedroom creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The absence of monolithic visual boundaries between the rooms forms a single oasis for relaxation, health and pleasure. With this layout, the font itself creates a strong visual accent. The 2022 bathroom fusion concept has many creative solutions and examples.

Colored washbasins

The global collections of bathroom fittings and furniture include beautifully colored washbasins. For example, series from the Italian company Cielo ceramica, new and successfully introduced to the market several years ago, stand out with pleasant pastel shades.

Light and dark gray, brown, green ceramic sinks are complemented by cabinets in the same color. The elegant look is completed by a metal console – matt black or bronze.

Of course, washbasins can be brighter – blue, orange, pink, blue. Against the snow-white background of the room, such accents will work to the maximum.

Modern 2022 interior with matte dark fixtures

Metallic shine is still relevant in bathroom décor, but manufacturers of designer fittings and accessories are trying to diversify this segment. Interest in dark matte textures is predicted to grow. For example, as in the VAIA collection of the German company Dornbracht, where faucets, shower sets, shower and towel holders are available in three dark matte shades – platinum, brass and bronze.

A few more photo examples with black mixers from other manufacturers:

Concrete finish

Among the interior design trends 2022, last year’s ideas are actively continuing. The undisputed hit is the design of the bathroom with materials with the texture and color of concrete. In the collections of tiles and porcelain stoneware, you can find herringbone patterns, imitation leather, hexagonal and small square formats, mosaics, etc.

Due to the interesting shape and relief surface, fashionable gray shades of graphite, smoke, wet sand enhance expressiveness and are now suitable not only for a strict industrial style, but also for a more traditional cozy atmosphere. Especially in combination with brass, bronze, marble and wood.

Furniture trends in the interior 2022Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

The task of furnishing is to personalize the furnishings of an apartment and a house, therefore the emphasis in the new season is largely on handicrafts, products according to author’s sketches. Antique piece things that have received a second wind are also appreciated. Among other trends, in addition to the use of dark wood announced at the beginning of the article, three can be distinguished.

Simple shapes plus metal

Smooth, wavy contours combined with straight lines are definitely a trend in modern design homes. Upholstered furniture with metal details will enliven and decorate the simplest setting. Shiny chrome, black steel, bright yellow and white gold shine, painted in neutral tones of the construction are used.

Forever leather armchairs

There are materials that are popular regardless of the changing trends, but there are seasons when you cannot miss them in the decoration. So the interior design in 2022 predicts the excitement for leather chairs. Classic Chesterfield luxury pieces will continue to grace loft spaces, with original pieces in natural or synthetic leather getting their share.

Terracotta color – favorite of the season

The specific red-brown-orange shade of baked clay will be in demand not only for furniture (sofas and armchairs with leather upholstery, coffee tables, facing of the kitchen “island”), but also for accessories: carpets, flower pots. In a lighter or more saturated version, it will do an excellent job of creating a bright accent.

Fashion lamps 2022Interior Trends 2022: topical in the design of apartments and houses

When creating chandeliers, floor lamps and lamps for interiors in 2022, creative designers were inspired by cosmic materials and the surrounding nature.

The German manufacturer of furniture, lamps and accessories Pulpo has presented a series of lamps Stellar Grape (“Star Grape”). It includes chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces. Handcrafted frosted glass gives a beautiful muted shine.

The brand of the talented Anglo-Italian design couple – Jopato and Coombes – is well recognized thanks to the author’s collection of Bolle Bubbles lamps. For the new season, they have developed unusual Moonstone chandeliers, which resemble the surface of the moon in shape and texture. The material is bone china – a kind of porcelain mixed with bone ash and Murano glass.

The new creation of industrial designer Tord Bontier depicts the sun and is called very romantic Sun Light of Love. It is composed of 390 rays in gold or white design.

For the Terzani brand, the Italian Dodo Arslan came up with the Argent (“Silver”) chandelier, which resembles a shimmering cloud. The model consists of ten round silver discs. Due to the fact that they are manually attached to the frame, each chandelier gets its own play of reflections.

The creative union of the Dutchman Marcel Wanders and the Spanish porcelain manufactory Llardo led to the creation of the Nightbloom series of lamps. It is based on the image of flower petals dancing in the wind. Each detail is sculpted by hand and decorated using the embossed kintsugi technique.

Let’s summarize

Interior design trends for 2022 are focused on the painstaking search for harmony for a person – whether he lives in a large private house or a small city apartment. The new season marks the techniques with which it is possible to achieve this harmony – simple but beautiful forms, natural colors, colorful decorative textures.

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