New Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

New Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022One more year at Kitchen in we explore the trends in kitchen designs. On this occasion, for this year 2022. On the internet you can read articles about the coming trends, generally based on what manufacturers expose at international fairs. We have chosen to ask you directly what your tastes are when it comes to designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Thus, in August of last year we prepared a questionnaire on the characteristics you prefer for your kitchen. In this article we tell you what the results were and, based on these, what we can assume will be the trends in kitchen design in 2022.

Modern style is trendingNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

In the first questions of the questionnaire we were interested in the kitchen style you prefer, alluding to the design style and the organization of the room.

The trend in design is the modern kitchen style ; undoubtedly the winner, with 40% of the responses. This style of kitchen stands out for the use of handleless door models (integrated into the door itself) and a furnishing that seeks to maintain pure lines throughout the composition. It also highlights the use of pure colors, white or black, even combined, offering interesting contrasts. The modern kitchen style is ideal for kitchens that are looking for an always current, timeless look.

The organization of the kitchen corresponds to the following question. Here we gave you two options: the kitchen as a space open to the rest of the home or as an independent room. Although the result has been adjusted, the kitchen option open to the home is the preferred option. Perhaps it is because of the breadth that this organization offers, because it allows the integration of shared solutions between rooms, such as an island, or because an open kitchen is the ideal place for meetings and more special moments.

The trend does not change in materials and colorsNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

In this section of the questionnaire we enter a universe of options. Both in materials and in colors, for a long time the variety and possibilities are innumerable.

In the first question we went straight to the point, asking you what is your favorite color for the kitchen. The response has been overwhelming in favor of light colors. This is in perfect coherence with what we told you in our 2018 kitchen design trends report. White is still king, as the benefits it brings go beyond aesthetics. Being the brightest color in the chromatic palette, it is a perfect option for those kitchens that have little natural light. It provides a feeling of extra spaciousness to the space and, with respect to dirt, it is a much more practical option since it is easier to clean. One of the options that we love is the “anti-fingerprint target”, a good example that encompasses all the above advantages.

The next question revolved around your preferred material for your kitchen doors. The result is just great: a draw! 43% choose between these two options: glass and laminate (21.5% each). These two materials have versions in gloss and matte finishes, so the options are truly unlimited, although if we have to be guided by the requests of our customers, the matte finish is more in demand than the gloss.

Glossy finishes provide a mirror effect that reinforces that much-demanded modern style, although this is not restrictive for other kitchen styles either. Glossy kitchens are more luminous and provide sensations that are pleasing as well as impacting, regardless of the size of the kitchen. Although fingerprints and stains are more noticeable in these finishes, their cleaning is still practical and simple, thanks to the protective treatments that these surfaces present.

Matte finishes also have advantages that we recommend you take into account. This finish provides a particularly elegant and sober result, which will fit very well if your kitchen has good lighting. The range of colors and textures is also very wide and in general, you will have more decoration options if your kitchen is in this finish. As for cleaning, matte finishes are more practical than glossy ones, in which it is easier to keep stains and fingerprints at bay.

Openings also add up to kitchen designNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

In this section we asked you about one of the most important aspects when using the kitchen: the opening of the furniture. We have many options of tall, low and column furniture; we were interested in knowing which option is preferred. In this matter the trend is also very clear: the most innovative openings are the preferred ones. We put as examples the coplanar opening, the retractable (which hides the kitchen) or the removable fittings with interior storage solutions.

This is consistent with other aspects that are trending in kitchen design. The new openings provide features that make the furniture more pleasant to use. We refer to hardware that allows the door not to invade the space when it is opened, or that the interior storage is flexible and functional. Thus, the kitchen maintains a pure and essential appearance from the outside, but without losing functionality.

There are also trends in the door modelNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

And since we were asking you about the openings, we couldn’t forget about the door model!

The material and color of your kitchen add style and personality to your kitchen, but only the door model is able to bring the character you want to the heart of your home. This question went straight to the point: when making a decision about your kitchen handle, what do you prefer: a handle integrated in the door or one fixed to the front?

The inclination towards the door models with the completely smooth front and the incorporated handle is total. Three out of four prefer a kitchen with smooth surfaces. These door models are functional, ergonomic and easy to use, and with unbeatable advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Better hidden appliancesNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

In the section “electrical appliances” we raised a fundamental aspect in the design of your kitchen. It is about the role they play in the room: visible or integrated? We divide the section into two questions, due to the obvious difference to the electrical appliances to which we alluded.

On the one hand, the extractor hood. The evolution of this device has been spectacular in recent years. And specifically, the options embedded in the ceiling are preferred by the vast majority (70%). They do not take up space, they have a suction power and little noise.

For the rest of household appliances, although with less difference, the trend is also towards integrating them into the furniture. In this way, the kitchen design remains compact and uniform without sacrificing functionality.

The countertop must have presenceNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

We are nearing the end of our kitchen design trends questionnaire and we couldn’t forget to ask you about the countertop. An absolutely essential piece in any kitchen. As in other sections, we divide the questions into two parts.

In terms of materials and colors, the options are limitless, hence the trend is not uniform towards a single type. And there are two highly demanded options! The first: compact (37.8%), closely followed by marble (34.1%). Both account for almost three-quarters.

These two types of countertops are very versatile. They present a huge variety of options in terms of finishes and colors. There is a wide range of designs with grain and solid colors. They are very hygienic and easy to clean, and thanks to the latest advances, they resist high temperatures (we recommend that you always protect your countertop!).

On the other hand, in recent years the thickness of the countertop is a feature that has been gaining weight in kitchen design. Based on the results of this survey, we cannot say that there is a clear trend, although thickened countertops, generally with a thickness greater than 2 cm, are the most chosen option.

This is the only question in the survey whose results are not entirely verifiable with the reality of the designs that our clients usually request. We appreciate in the market that granite or quartzite are gaining ground over other very popular materials and brands. And as for the thickness of the countertop, and according to the designs that we make in Kitchen in collecting the tastes of our clients, the trend is towards the thinnest possible thickness.

General lighting is preferredNew Trends in Kitchen Designs in 2022

And finally we come to the lighting section. In this question we vary the way of answering, so that you can choose as many options as you want.

The preference in terms of kitchen lighting continues to be to conveniently resolve the light of the space in general (71.1%). That is, through the natural lighting of the room itself and / or the lighting on the ceiling or walls, to achieve the most pleasant atmosphere possible.

Spot lighting in certain areas of the kitchen, for example under tall units, has also been gaining weight (49.6%). We cannot forget that lighting options have evolved a lot in recent years, highlighting LED technology and some recessed solutions that are very functional and with really low consumption.

And is that lighting is also a fundamental aspect in the design of the kitchen, and has a very important weight when it comes to achieving a comfortable room for both cooking and living.

This has been our report on trends in kitchen design 2022

We want to thank you if you have participated in our questionnaire, and in case you have not, do not worry, we will launch the one for 2022 soon!

We have really enjoyed following up on this questionnaire, and we are very happy with both the participation (135 responses) and the results obtained. It has been a fabulous opportunity to learn more about tastes and preferences and, in short, to try to extract a brief guide of what the trends in kitchens can be this year.

We hope you liked this article and that if you are thinking of renovating your home, it will help you make decisions and get the kitchen of your dreams. In our section “Let’s talk about kitchens” we have some articles that may be useful to you, such as 10 frequently asked questions when renovating your home, What you should know when renovating your kitchen or our news for this 2022: News for the furniture of kitchen in 2022.

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