Jungle Decoration Interior Design Trends

Jungle Decoration Interior Design TrendsSimilar to the world of fashion, interior design also knows these so-called “trendy” trends that come to conquer interiors, home decor magazines, social networks but above all, and above all human hearts. Among the most prominent decorative phenomena of recent years, we find the jungle decoration. A momentum to revalorize and reintroduce nature in our interiors without doubt but also the desire to relax and recharge the batteries on a tropical island and without having to even leave the limits of what we will now proudly call his “home” .

But just like traveling to distant destinations that require a lot of preparation, our interior also wants to be refitted with care and attention to be “jungalised” in a successful way. And contrary to what you think, a mass of green plants is far from the one and only way to invite the jungle spirit home. We come to the rescue with a lot of ideas and tips that will help you excel in the art of decoration with exotic touches.

Find out how to adopt the jungle decoration trend to transform your home into a haven of peace

The basics of a jungle decor

What we usually do to define any deco style is to go in search of its origins. That is to say, what is this event, need or desire that gave birth to the jungle movement in deco. In fact, you just have to look around to answer this question. The urbanization of the big cities and the tones of concrete which are waiting for us everywhere are held responsible for this impetus of return to our origins. And these are indeed to be found in mother nature, this simple and wild life which is far from the dodo, subway, job and progress of civilization. Not to mention the hippie movement that could just as well be attributed the merits of this stream of naturalization in “eco-friendly” mode of our urban environment. And by the way, a very deep desire of escape characteristic of any person who sees in this exotic style, a kind of escape from the daily chore. Thus, the meaning of the expression “to feel good at home” now looks like jungle, which could be introduced in the following ways …

The jungle decor introduced by small touches and mixed with Berber, bohemian, tropical and ethnic notes

Ways to invite wild nature spirit

•          by printed matter

As we have already noted, the jungle element is far from being based solely on the use of plants. These could also be introduced artificially through the use of printed matter for example. Tropical wallpaper with foliage, decorative cushions with palm pattern and even a zebra rug because yes – wild animals are also part of the tropical world. So, parrots, monkeys, flamingos, leopards, it is not unusual to notice their presence on textiles and tapestries!

The jungle wallpaper as an eye catcher in a traditional kitchen

•          by the colors

The colors will naturally follow the same line of de-urbanization as close as possible to the most characteristic hues for the jungle. The green is of course the leader and we will not hesitate to decline in all the richness of its nuances. However, be careful not to overuse and end up smothering everything with too much green. The turquoise blue being the color of the tropical sea would of course also be very present in the same way as the blue sky and the yellow teaming with the sun and the golden sand. The pretty tropical flowers will be represented by touches of fuchsia and finally all will be completed by some earthy tones and of course the white whose role will be to balance the whole.

Small touches of color in a white living room – a very successful formula to create a jungle decor without doing too much

•          by materials and materials

In terms of materials, we will focus on the warmth of the wood that is there to warm our concrete interiors. In furniture, parquet, paneling, doors … so many ways to adopt it! And the more the wood is raw, the more the decor will be authentic! But again – the rattan chair, the wicker chair, the seagrass storage basket are other materials quite common in the jungle style decoration. In terms of materials, the taste for the natural is also predominant. Cotton, linen and in general any natural fiber is welcome.

Authentic materials and materials to get closer to nature

•          by plants

However, as we have already said, the most natural and widespread way to reserve space for the jungle in its decor is through the use of plants, including those of green color in the first place. Guarantee of tropical spirit no doubt but still a healthier atmosphere, much of the plants having purifying properties. Macrame pendants with hanging plants, a multitude of small succulents arranged on the windowsill or a large potted palm tree in a corner of the room. There are also quite a few ways to arrange your plants. And with regard to these, their choice will often be dictated by trends. From the various varieties of succulents and cacti, through the ficus, banana and fig tree to finish with the already famous Monstera Deliciosa and Sansevière (or Langue de Belle mère) making the buzz on social networks.

The Monstera Deliciosa in all its splendor – the plant that rages on Instagram

•          by small accessories

And finally, since the small details also count, we will not hesitate to add small details of an exotic nature to complete the whole in a sublime way. Small brass service table, oriental style pouf or cushion, ethnic plaid, wall-mounted macrame, Berber carpet, all part of a world of ultra-pampering bohemian spirit. The objects taken away from distant journeys deserve to be exposed and will find beautiful place in this eclectic style bohemian chic .

Small accents of the tropical and oriental world to adopt the jungle decor until the last detail

A jungle decor in every room

Is it appropriate for any room in the house will you ask now … And the answer would be categorical! Yes, any room in the house is able to support the jungle. Even though many of us think of deco living in the first place, a jungle style room is a guarantee of sweet dreams, the kitchen will appreciate the coolness and the bathroom will look zen and relaxing brought by the lush vegetation. Yes, you heard, it is not surprising to find plants in the bathroom too! Is there anything better than relaxing in a tub surrounded by plants after a busy day at work … the height of happiness!

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