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Matt surface, calm, deep colors – kitchen trends to order. In the hustle and bustle of everyday problems, we want to feel safe and comfortable. And among endless affairs, we must not forget that we are a particle of nature. That is why naturalness and environmental friendliness have become the main fashion of the kitchen interior. In our article, we will talk about the latest decor, preferred styles, kitchen design trends in 2022.

2022 is on its way, which means it’s time for experiments, using new kitchen trends suggested by the best designers. What surprises has the kitchen interior guru prepared for us?

2022 motto: sustainability, simplicity, comfortKitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

It is not recommended to focus on the kitchen this year. Designers preferred to focus on other interior details: an apron, floor or wall covering, accessories. Additional accessories and furniture elements should be used to a minimum, because the 2022 interior is spacious kitchens without unnecessary details.

The creation of any interior always requires a creative approach. Paying attention to modern kitchen trends, do not forget about your own desires and feelings. After all, the main thing is to achieve comfort in the space where the hostess is the longest – in the kitchen.

Popular kitchen design trends 2022Kitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

The trend of the coming 2022 is minimalism and environmental friendliness. Over the past few years, many companies have championed the use of natural or recycled materials to take care of our planet as much as possible. Various environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg are also calling for the same.

The main requirement of a modern kitchen style is that the design should not be loaded with a large amount of furniture and household appliances. A minimum of decor is what you need. For a small kitchen, this rule is most applicable – after all, the hostess, of course, thinks about how to make the kitchen more spacious and how to save every centimeter of space. The decor should be minimal, but unusual in shape, using eco-friendly materials.

There are several styles of kitchen design, suitable for the requirements of the trend of 2022:


This is a combination of two or more styles that are not completely recreated, but only some decorative elements are used. In order not to overload the interior, designers do not recommend combining more than three styles. Eclecticism is a combination of textures, patterns and shades. The combination of high cost and simplicity is considered an interesting technique for creating an eclectic style: for example, a gilded sofa, an uncomplicated table, wooden chairs – in the same kitchen.

Eco-style – the style of the future

Products made from recycled materials are the main trend in recent years.

Eco-style is suitable for dark blue with the addition of green, emerald, gray with pearls, mustard, olive, dusty pink. Deep tones can be used in combination with geometric and graphic prints. By 2022, everything related to the tropics is applicable as a template: jungle, parrots, plants.

Art Deco

Luxury is always in fashion and 2022 will be no exception. This style is becoming more and more popular, because luxury is not only a manifestation of wealth, but also a sense of security, safety, which is the emotional component of the trend in the interior. For the same reason, Baroque and palace classics are popular.

The Art Deco style loves to use metallic, reflective surfaces on both wallpaper and furniture.


Based on the name of the style, furniture and decor in the interior should be minimal. This will increase the space visually and functionally. Minimalism is an excellent choice for a small or narrow kitchen, as well as for a one-room apartment.

In this style, geometric and laconic forms are preferred. The abundance of textiles, as well as the complexity of the design are not appropriate here. By the number of shades in the kitchen, the best solution is 3 colors: neutral, calm, not bright. Household appliances are only built-in, because any pile of items will make the kitchen “heavy”. At the same time, do not forget about the lighting, which should be as good as possible.

The minimalist kitchen is fully consistent with the main trends of the year.

English style

This is a combination of the British style of decoration and classical techniques, conservatism and modern technology, aristocracy and practicality, classics and comfort. The English style is characterized by the use of natural materials (stone, wood, ceramics), artificially aged furniture, a spacious dining room, bright lighting, and the presence of accessories made of copper and bronze. At the same time, the kitchen set is made in a classic style with a simple, uncomplicated form.

The color palette is calm, often light tones: light olive, blue, light gray. The color range should not include more than four shades. The English style is the presence of natural finishes, floral or floral prints, the use of wood.

This photo is not the best example of kitchen design. This design needs to be improved: checkered fabrics should be replaced with plain ones, transparent facades should be closed with deaf ones and small objects should be removed from the field of view. The vase on the table should remain perfectly insulated.

Classic style

Classic never goes out of style. If you do not strive for bright experiments or you are a supporter of simplicity, rigor and constancy, the classic style will be an excellent choice. Modern classics do not have pronounced conservative solutions, and the interior is spacious, calm – just what the inhabitants of megacities strive for.

The color scheme is light, pastel colors. The classic is most often a spacious dining room with a large dining table. It is desirable to use natural materials in the decoration.

Pop Art

This style is characterized by irregularly shaped furniture, bright paintings, variety, neon colors, acid colors, glitter, prints and handmade decor. All this makes the interior fun and festive, creative and unusual. Pop art is a style in which decorative elements are often combined that are completely incompatible with each other.

Simple, inexpensive materials are used to create this style, so pop art is considered one of the most economical styles.

Kitchen paint trends 2022Kitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

2022 invites us to move away from bright, eye-catching accents, as well as an abundance of various accessories in the kitchen, at least in prominent places. The novelties include mostly noble deep shades:

  • Neutral palette: sky blue, fresh green, great for eco-style. They can be diluted with pleasant berry scales or bright yellow spots reminiscent of the gentle summer sun.
  • Blue is still trending, especially its muted, soothing shades – deep and complex.
  • The color of ocher or persimmon is fashionable for 2022, not very bright, warm, a shade that sets you up for positive thinking.
  • Shades of gray are perfect for the interior, especially light, light, faded options. Gray goes very well with wood grain.
  • White is the main color of fashionable minimalism. Despite the fact that it was the dark shades that prevailed over the fashion of 2022, it is unlikely that white will go out of style, because it is a classic of the genre. In this case, it is not recommended to completely “immerse” the kitchen in a sterile white abyss – to dilute with warmer, softer mint or olive shades.
  • Gray-green is the absolute trend of the year. Such a pleasant shade was created to calm down, get rid of the bustle of the city. Gray-green is a deep, aristocratic shade that goes well with white.
  • The pistachio or olive shade is similar in tone to the previous one, but slightly softer in terms of perception. Pastel shades of green or marsh color remain relevant because they have been in vogue for the past few years.

From the examples given, it follows that the fashionable colors of the kitchen are as close to natural as possible, they are able to fill the interior with tranquility and comfort. In addition to the usual soft colors (terracotta, coral, calm yellow, dusty rose), a new color has appeared in the new year – “pacifying dawn”, proposed by the international paint brand DULUX. This is a pastel green shade that’s perfect for the kitchen. And that’s not all. Designers are betting on another great color – neomat. It is he who is preferred when choosing a shade for a modern interior. And in the kitchen too.

Kitchen setKitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

Glitter is a thing of the past. And many designers would agree with that. Fingerprints on a glossy surface look pretty bad, instead of them matte facades have appeared in mostly dark shades, which we wrote about above. Moreover, the trend for 2022 is monotonous.

The fashion for L-shaped headsets has been replaced by linear ones – the same tribute to minimalism. Manufacturers are also moving away from thick countertops. Thicker doesn’t mean better. The materials produced today are so durable that there is no need to thicken them. At the same time, interest in natural stone countertops persisted.

The visual integrity of the façade is achieved by eliminating handles with a hidden door opening system. Hidden systems do not collect dirt or attract too much attention.

Three-level kitchens (or kitchens to the ceiling) are still in vogue. An additional upper level is built in above the upper hanging cupboards. This improves the functionality of the kitchen by relieving the lower cabinets of kitchen items that are rarely used in everyday life.

A similar layout came to us from the Scandinavian countries and looks great in a spacious modern kitchen. This style is ideal for studio apartments.

Kitchen wallpaper trends 2022Kitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

The main kitchen trend in 2022 is the pursuit of sustainability, a combination of style and simplicity. If you want to create a modern and unique kitchen, don’t be afraid to experiment with walls.

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, pay attention to soft, natural shades, delicate print, natural pure materials in the composition of the canvas. Do not try to combine styles in the same room, fashion trends are different, sometimes radically different. The fashionable design of the “clothes” of kitchen walls is as follows:

Gradient wallpaper or ombre is a smooth transition of color vertically from light to dark. At the same time, there is no rule to start with dark scales on the floor and end with light ones under the ceiling. It all depends on your desire, needs, kitchen area and other parameters.

The correct use of color and the transition from one shade to another visually enlarges the room, making the ceiling higher. In this case, the shadow under the ceiling should be as light as possible, almost white. This method is preferred for small kitchens or low ceilings.

Gradient wallpapers bring a romantic mood, calm and relax. Too dense and dark shades increase the psychological impact on a person.

Wallpaper with a metallic or foil effect. In this version, it is better to cover all the walls of the kitchen with wallpaper, without focusing on one wall.

Wallpaper with 3D effect or panels using quality printing. As a rule, such wallpapers are designed to decorate one of the walls of the kitchen – for its accent. The main purpose of a 3D image is to “animate” a room by placing a person in a composition in order to feel like a part of nature. Indeed, the fashion trend of 2022 is tropical prints: large leaves, wild animals, parrots, etc.

Monochrome wallpapers emphasize the sophistication of the interior. At the same time, a light bright accent in the form of carpet, furniture, accessories that do not overload the general perception of the kitchen is preferable.

Colored canvases are also the trend of the year. It recommends prints in the form of huge flowers or leaves, colorful animals or birds, a lot of greenery in rich colors – this can be on wallpaper and even on lighting fixtures (for example, lamps or wall lamps in the form of wide leaves).

Kitchen materials trendsKitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

As already mentioned, the main trend in 2022 is natural eco-friendly materials for the kitchen : wood or recycled materials. Everything can be made of wood: kitchen, chandelier, countertop, tables, chairs, etc. Most preferably, from untreated wood, as well as from an antique spray.

In addition to wood, glass is widely used, as well as metal (silver, brass), stone, marble. With their help, you can zone the space, finish floors, walls, headsets, furniture.

One of the most important discoveries of the new kitchen design is the use of ethnic, Indian, African motives in the interior. This mix of styles will be an incomparable highlight of the room.

Kitchenware and household appliances 2022Kitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

Space, simplicity of the interior are in fashion, which are achieved through built-in household appliances. You can integrate anything: a microwave, oven, dishwasher, and even a coffee machine. Large household appliances should be hidden in a headset, small ones in drawers or cabinets. The goal is to achieve minimalism so that the eye is not caught in the abundance of accessories and equipment. And the dust will be easier to wipe off.

When using accessories, it’s important not to play too much. The emphasis should be made, but everything should be dosed and “tasty”, no frills. In recent years, fronts without visible handles or with cut-in handles have become more and more popular. A kitchen without fittings, on the one hand, is more functional – dirt does not collect around them, and handles do not interfere with cleaning, and on the other hand, the interior is not overloaded with details.

For the decor, things are used from the same eco-materials: linen tablecloth or curtains, jute carpet on the floor, etc. In this case, a chandelier or sconce can be made, for example, from dry tropical plants.

Furniture trends for kitchenKitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

The trend of 2022 is invisible furniture in the kitchen. Well, or in a minimum amount. Let the furniture be with a simple, monochromatic, not “flashy”, flat surface. Despite this, in some kitchen styles, this is furniture that can be made a little brighter if the rest of the interior is done in calm, restrained, solid colors.

Choose furniture made from natural materials, the best option is wood. Reed, solid wood will complement your kitchen perfectly. Furniture upholstery should also be made from environmentally friendly materials, for example, natural cotton, linen. For the kitchen, it is good to use stain-resistant furniture coatings. Recently, rattan furniture is gaining more and more popularity – it is a material from the peeled and dried stems of the tropical calamus plant or rattan palm.

The current arrangement of furniture is island, if the kitchen area allows. Headset cabinets, into which household appliances will be built, are best built along the wall. Thus, you will achieve maximum space in the room.

Unusual furniture shape is also one of the trends of 2022: round table, wicker hanging swing, bamboo rocking chairs, etc. This will add an exotic touch to the kitchen.

Curtains trends for the kitchen 2022Kitchen 2022 - popular designs, trends, ideas

Curtains are an integral part of the kitchen interior. Don’t neglect them. What does the 2022 fashion tell us? What new products are leading manufacturers offering?

Laconic design is an absolute trend. Straight fabrics and tulle, light to medium weight, are back in fashion. At the same time, the length of the canvas is chosen by the owner, but 2022 offers its own fashion – a long curtain on the floor. Short canvases, layering, the use of lambrequins are a thing of the past.

An interesting fact is that the absence of curtains or tulle on the windows is also considered a finished interior. Many will breathe a sigh of relief here, because kitchen curtains are not always a good option – their close proximity to the cooking area gives greasy stains on the fabric.

Small decor of simple plain curtains is allowed in the form of a thin braid with the edge of the canvas. Remember the motto of the year: the simpler the better. Manufacturers have created a wide range of braids, varying in width, thickness and pattern.

When choosing fabrics, only natural materials are taken into account, already classic: linen, cotton, silk. Unlike previous years, current manufacturers offer 100% linen as part of the fabric, which can be thicker or thicker.

Perhaps the most unexpected trend in 2022 is wool. It can be used to make curtains that, thanks to the check print, look like the fabric of a suit. Especially profitable and rich (and it’s not just the cost of the material, which is really expensive), woolen curtains will look in the kitchen in country style, English, classic, modern style.

Choose complex, unusual, deep color tones. The gradient mentioned above can decorate not only walls but also windows. In addition to simple materials, you can use a print, for example, in the style of the 60s. These are various geometric shapes: circles, polyhedrons.

The curtains have the same tropical theme: prints with parrots, palms, wide leaves of plants, animals. The highlight of the kitchen interior will be a tropical-style Roman blind. Large flowers are also in fashion, such as lace fabric, fabrics with mesh – those that were a window decoration in grandmother’s kitchen.

Outdoor fabrics made from special acrylic fibers can now be found not only on the street. These linens are indispensable for modern kitchens: they repel dirt and water, are resistant to fading, are easy to clean and do not fade after washing.

Since sustainability has been the fashion in recent years, manufacturers surprise us with their ingenuity in creating fabrics from recycled old clothes or loose yarns. The quality of such linen is not inferior to the new one, so more and more housewives prefer to see just such curtains on the kitchen windows.

Interior design is a creative approach focused exclusively on the wishes of the kitchen owners. Sometimes fashion is not important because you cannot keep up with it. It is important to create the kind of space that you want to be in, feel comfortable and safe.

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