Painting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Painting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripesThanks to a freshly painted wall, a room can look completely different than before. However, it depends on a clever choice of colors, the right technique when painting and an ideal placement of certain details so that the newly designed wall looks as if a professional had put his hand in it. The following tips give a brief overview of the possibilities that are offered when painting walls.

Tips & tricks for wall design

In the following we would like to give many suggestions for the design of the wall with color. The artistic design of the rooms is also particularly important in order to feel really comfortable in the home. But in addition to painting the walls, decorating is also an important aspect in order to make it comfortable.

Hack # 1: picture claws create photo boards

Hammering and nailing are often part of the design with pictures and photos. To avoid the unsightly holes in the freshly painted wall, there is, for example, the picture claw:

Hack # 2: Magnetic Claw Set

Another option is magnetic claws. They also do without a nail or hammer. They rely on a method with a special magnet:

1. Striped wall with eye-catcherPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

This idea is very well suited for a room in which the appearance of freshness, modernity and style awareness is important. A hallway can be designed in this way, such a wall is also interesting for a business room. It is important that only one wall is designed with these strong block strips, otherwise the walls should trigger feelings of oppression. The applied giant in size, which is connected with different rays, represents an eye-catcher that is unparalleled: unobtrusive but still attracting all eyes, it beautifies the otherwise very uniform wall.

Anyone who chooses a striped wall is certainly a rather unconventional type. This is less suitable for people who paint their wall and just want to spread some fresh paint as a target. One can almost assume that most people find this unusual pattern too restless. No question, the giant pearl is a real eye-catcher and detracts somewhat from the stripe format. The contrast in black and white still remains too strong for most apartment owners.

2. Subtle wall in pastel tones in a striped designPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Of course, such a wall can also be designed with wallpaper – however, painting was used here. It is important that the respective strips are taped well so that the color cannot run undesirably. The technology itself is quite simple: you measure the wall and divide it into strips of equal size. Then paint the strips in one color and let them dry. The edges of the already painted stripes are covered with masking tape and you can apply the second color. When it has dried, remove the masking tape and enjoy the two-tone striped wall.

3. Red as a warm contrastPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Designing a wall in a striped design may be easy, but choosing the right color is sometimes not that easy. As in this example: If only the shades of gray had remained here, this wall would appear very cold and dreary. A red stripe was therefore cleverly included as an eye-catcher, so that not only does a color highlight result, but also a certain warmth is brought into the room. Such a wall is very suitable for a living room, for example, but would also look good in a study.

If you want to paint a wall and want an elegant stripe pattern, you should find out about this variant. Not as dominant as the black and white pattern of flat and beautifully loosened up by the different colors and sizes of the stripes. Combined with the red vases, the result is a harmonious eye-catcher that many fans should find. In general, the color red is probably used most sensibly here, as it offers a friendly contrast to the light to dark gray elements. This stripe variant is not pushy and fits into numerous apartments without question.

4. Color contrasts for beginners of wall designPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Even beginners should be able to paint a wall in just one color. This example uses two colors, which are applied from floor to ceiling. It is only necessary to mask the sides at the transitions to the floor, ceiling and the other color. The red area in the narrow niche looks warm and lively, the cool gray is stylish and homely. It is important here that the incidence of light is painted, because with such large areas, defects in the coating technique, for example in the case of lamp light, can be seen very quickly.

These are interesting contrasts that would be suitable for lofts with high ceilings, for example. And when painting the wall, the right color was clearly used again, it simply offers the best color contrast to the surroundings of the room. The bright couch, however, is necessary because the room would otherwise appear very dark. An example of contemporary living in a noble but reduced atmosphere. The fact that the gray color shimmers differently intensifies the elegant character. In this case, the whole room does not look restless.

5. Four-color striped wallPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

A multi-colored striped wall can be used to advantage in a young living room, but it also looks great in a child’s or youth’s room. Wherever someone lives who values color and colorful life, such multi-colored patterns are appropriate. This wall still looks very calm due to the width of the block strips. The colors are warm and matched, they harmonize perfectly with each other. By combining it with matching furniture and accessories, the wall will look twice as good.

6. Idea for color and pattern: pink – and nothing elsePainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Such a strong pink wall can work well wherever a certain feminine impression is to be created – where it is important to combine style and modernity. Even a beginner can no longer go wrong here: tape off the sockets and light switches, as well as the ceiling and floor, and start painting with the desired color. Make sure that you always paint in the same direction so that there are no color differences later.

Paint the wall: Pink and nothing else

As already mentioned, this variant is suitable for an emphatically female group of people. The decisive factor in this puristic design is the question of decoration. In this case well solved with the classic clock in white-black format and with an orchid, which brings a little green and thus a piece of naturalness into the room. If you have no problems with the color pink, you will find a good solution here. To what extent other colors leave the same visual impression should best be tested first, for example with digital support.

7. Wall idea: bring the sky into the roomPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

The wall design with the blue sky and white clouds is extremely realistic. Of course, something like this is very easy to achieve with a photo wallpaper – but it is far more difficult to paint the wall in this way. There should already be a certain amount of experience for this and, last but not least, there can be plenty of talent for streaking. The wall is first primed blue, then the delicate cotton clouds are placed on it. Whether designed for a living room or children’s room – who doesn’t want to look at this blue sky?

8. Idea for wall colors: blue in different shadesPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

This is a typical example of a wall that always shows something new no matter how long someone looks at it. The different shades of blue in this unique pattern stimulate the eye to move. Of course, this is not for someone who is working with a brush or roller for the first time – this is where the professionals have to go! A wall designed in this way does not even need a picture or another eye-catcher, it is a highlight enough and is literally active and lively.

9. Suggestion for shapes and patterns: let your creativity run free with a collagePainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

This wall has been designed for a room in which creative people with a young spirit reside. Beige, blue, turquoise, black, orange – all these colors can be found in the different shades. The special thing is that the paint has been applied very thickly in some areas. Such a design is also possible through the use of clay and clay colors – but in any case it is important that the individual areas are worked out plastically. A beginner can try this, but should not be too disappointed if the attempt fails. But the good thing about it is that even a blob of paint that at first glance is spoiled can look like it was intended.

10. Proposal for the wall design: the cave wallPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

With this wall, the question arises whether it is a wall unit or a cave wall? Of course, the wall painted in this way is in an apartment and can be found here, for example, in the hallway. The green shows up in various shades and the uneven surface gives the imagination free rein over the cave wall. However, the design belongs in the hands of a professional, because only he can assess the effect of each individual brush stroke perfectly.

11. Gaudy wall colors for children’s dreamsPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Children love bright colors, so it goes without saying where exactly this wall should be found. Ideally, it is designed in a children’s or youth room, although a hallway or business space would also be conceivable. The residents should only be open to bright and bright colors. Even a beginner can do the painting himself if he tapes the ceiling and floor well and lets the block strip that has already been painted dry well before he tapes it off and paints the next strip. Incidentally, the cross orientation is ideal for rooms that should appear a little wider.

12. Colorful splashes of colorPainting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Who didn’t dream as a child of splashing paint on the wall and embellishing it? Everyone can let off steam here and even a beginner painting the wall will achieve good results. Enjoy new colors and spray results: spray with your hands, with a brush or with various other painting tools. It is only important that the selected colors match each other and that new patterns can always be created.


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