Wallpapers & more: 12 ideas for wall design in the bedroom

The bedroom – a place of relaxation and recreation, a very private realm and a place of retreat when you’re in a bad mood, lovesick or sick. Now there are many ideas for designing walls in the bedroom, which differ in color, pattern and adaptation to the individuality of the resident of an apartment or house. Below we present twelve suggestions for wall design in the bedroom.

Wallpapers & more: 12 ideas for wall design in the bedroom

1. Idea for the wallpaper in the bedroom: Gray checks as a contrast

Gray and anthracite form a wonderful contrast to the simple white, which often dominates a bedroom. Here in the picture you can see the wall at the head of the large and cozy bed in checks in different shades of anthracite. Modern yet classic, this wall is an absolute eye-catcher. Nevertheless, it is subordinate to the rest of the design of the bedroom and fits perfectly into brown and white tones. The large images in different shades of red and yellow are also an ideal contrast.

A good example of how you can modernize a rather conventional bedroom with the right wall design. The pictures set different accents in terms of color, but both have red, yellow and white focal points , so that the appearance does not appear restless. The attached lamps brighten the overall impression a little. This makes a lot of sense in this case, as the wall design in the bedroom would otherwise appear very dark. Especially if it weren’t for the bright cover and pillows. With these small elements, the overall concept is coherent.

2. Wall design idea: Large wall panels and white upholstery

This type of wall design is unusual and modern. The large wall panels in dark gray fit visually into the ensemble of white and green. The part of the wall, which is designed like a kind of air cushion in white, is an absolute highlight and just looking at it makes you wonder whether the cushions feel soft? Are they malleable? An individual wall design of a special kind!

reduced wall design in the bedroom, which gets its very own accent from the air cushions . The designer lamps on the left underline the contemporary character and fit perfectly into the interior design. The bed appears low and recedes so that the wall upholstery shines even more. The same goes for the rest of the wall: anthracite colored and divided into squares, it is just an accessory to the actual eye-catcher. This wall design idea may seem a bit too stylish for some, but of course it is not intended for everyone.

3. Bedroom wall idea: Colorful is trump!

If you like colors, you will love this bedroom. The colorful flowers on the wall are just as eye-catching as the accessories of the same color: water cups, picture frames and pillows on the bed pick up the colors of the wall. However, this type of wall design seems a bit restless – if you are looking for a pool of calm in the bedroom and want to treat your eyes to it, this type of design will certainly be a bit overwhelming. But anyone who loves an unconventional design will be thrilled!

4. Wall design idea: Green, brown and yellow – unusual colors for the bedroom

The three colors mentioned in the title describe this image almost perfectly. The white of the flowers on the wallpaper can be found on the blanket on the bed, and the green leaves can also be found in the color of the huge cushion at the head of the bed. A bit of 70s style, plus the modern bedside cabinets – there is a perfect break in style here. And this is exactly what a room needs so that it is visually ideal and pleases in every way.

This idea for wall design is also likely to find its supporters, but not everyone will receive undivided approval. Some people are probably bothered by the retro look that is too strong . For others, this return to times gone by is exactly the right thing. Green in various shades dominates the wall of the bedroom including the cozy giant cushion. This color radiates peace and security and is said to increase feelings of happiness . Anyone who likes this type of wall design in the bedroom will love this room.

5. “wall painting ideas” for the bedroom: Calm, calmer – brown and beige

Body and mind should find peace in the bedroom – you definitely have this chance with a bedroom designed like this. The brown and beige tones are soothing to the eye and invite you to snuggle up and snooze . The wall with the small flowers that are raised in a raised position is less spectacular. However, this room still lacks a bit of personality, but that can easily be remedied with a few small accessories .

6. Idea for wall design: OSB panels as wall elements in the bedroom?

This picture shows that even plain OSB panels can be very interesting when it comes to individualizing a room. Of course, these are not standard OSB panels that were attached to the wall here. Designing in this way gives the room something natural and homely. You feel comfortable here, a space has been created for working, sleeping and living. The colors are completely coordinated and can be found again and again, resulting in a perfect unity.

Wallpapers & more? Of course, you can no longer speak of wallpaper with this idea for wall design. Nevertheless, the wooden elements give the bedroom its very own character. A completely natural harmony in wood, from the parquet floor and the bed frame to the wooden baskets and the actual eye-catcher on the wall. The pictures provide a nice change in the overall impression. But some loosening up is also necessary to make the room more comfortable. Conclusion: A great idea for wall design and overall a cozy room. Not only suitable as a bedroom, you’ll want to unpack your laptop and start working straight away.

7. Wall color ideas: Orange wall dominates the room

The orange wall shown here attracts everyone’s attention – but without exception it should lead to a positive judgment. The choice of colors and the combination of white and brown make the room feel cozy and look a bit like a small home away from home. Here, however, one can speculate as to whether the room is perhaps not quite finished yet: the picture is still on the ground, and the lamp is also not yet attached where it is definitely supposed to be. Perhaps that is the very special highlight of this type of interior design and the resident of this room wants such a minimalist arrangement of furniture and accessories.

A very reduced idea for wall design and a wallpaper dream in orange . As soon as the picture and lamp are installed, the room should be ready. The different colored cushions at least provide some visual variety. But nothing more is necessary, for purists this is completely sufficient. An orange that is too bright can make sensitive people feel hyper and disrupt their sleep. Alternatively, a milder tone could help .

8. Bedroom wall color idea: Pure luxury for parents and children

This is a very special kind of bedroom. At first glance everything seems a little impersonal, but then your eyes fall on the pretty cradle and it becomes clear that this is a parents’ bedroom with mom and dad want to have their offspring very close to them. Nevertheless, the room is not necessarily furnished or designed in a childish manner; the color scheme in anthracite and white appears adult and modern. The touch of luxury hovers over everything – lamps and washbasins complete this look.

9. Idea for wallpaper: Textile wallpaper luxury bedroom in bronze

Once again it can be seen that only a few accessories are needed to add luxury to a room. The floor lamp and ceiling lamp look dignified and classy, ​​the bed with the satin throw also shows stylish elegance . Particular attention is paid to the wall design, as this was done perfectly in terms of color and form. The small ledge behind the bed, which runs completely along the headboard, serves as a storage area and cover for cables and connections. The wallpaper with the subtle tendril pattern looks conservative and modern at the same time. Bronze dominates the room and, together with the wonderful wooden floor , supports the impression of pure luxury.

10. Wall design: Yellow and gray and yet quiet in the bedroom?

From a purely logical perspective, a room in which so many colors can be found should actually appear restless. But far from it! In this bedroom with elegant yellow, green and white tones, the eyes and body find peace. The wall with yellow-green wooden panels is perfectly set off with the white area at the head of the bed. Yellow, blue, gray and brown can be found as contrasts , with the focus primarily on warm colors. Just imagine this room in sunlight – it couldn’t be brighter or warmer!

11. Bedroom idea: the colonial style

This world is not that difficult to discover and understand, as this photo shows. Wood and the color white dominate here . The absolute eye-catcher is the use on the wall behind the bed, because small mirrors were used here. This gives the room something special and luxurious. Its warmth is further supported by the large plant in the foreground and at first glance everyone knows that life is good here.

12. Wall design idea: Yellow and purple as modern colors in the bedroom

Yellow is an ideal basis for wall design because this color goes with everything and everyone, it looks young and modern, yet traditional and harmonious. Here in the picture we see a stylish wall design, as the exciting purple is embedded in a calming yellow and white. The plants provide an additional contrast with their fresh green colors. Without accessories on the wall, it is possible to create a room that looks youthful, fresh and spring-like.

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