28 Ideas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

deas On How To Decorate Empty WallsPreviously, all furniture was placed under the wall, and the problem of an empty wall did not exist at all. Now times are completely different. Minimalism prevails, which tells you to leave one or two walls free in the apartment. It turns out spacious, but not entirely comfortable. Something needs to be done with the “bare” walls. Well, do not hang a carpet, in fact! The designers have accumulated a lot of ideas on how to decorate an empty wall in an apartment. We have selected the easiest and most interesting solutions to implement. We hope you can find a suitable option for yourself.

1. Drawing Right On The Walldeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

The most trivial solution to the problem of a bare wall is to decorate it with a picture or pictures in beautiful frames. Yes, it’s a good idea, but it brings up another interesting solution. The wall itself can become a canvas for a picture, and the larger the area of the available site, the wider the scope for imagination.

There are several options to create a drawing:

  • traditional, i.e. paints on plaster ;
  • modern, i.e. graffiti. The drawing is created with balloon paints, it looks bright and interesting, but it will not fit into every style of the interior ;
  • a three-dimensional drawing looks even more interesting than a regular image, however, for this you need to be friends not only with the drawing, but also with modeling;
  • the easiest way – for those who cannot draw – is a stencil. It is enough to find suitable stencils in a store, on the Internet or print out on a printer, fix them on the wall and create a drawing using paints. Everything is very simple. With the help of stencils, you can make an interesting geometric or abstract pattern, apply an image of animals and even landscapes.

2. Vinyl Stickersdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Vinyl stickers are a unique tool for interior transformation. These products are sold in a wide range. You can find stickers of any style, color and size, they are very easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Vinyl decals work best on smooth, light-colored walls. These can be images of animals, objects, trees, flowers, abstract drawings – whatever. The decor can fit into any style of interior, it will look great in any room.

Instead of vinyl stickers, some people use self-adhesive colored paper, from which you can cut many of the same or the same type of figures. Colored tape is also used, thanks to which you can quickly and easily create an interesting geometric pattern.

3. Original Wallpaperdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

If you plan the interior in advance, you will immediately know which of the walls remains empty. In this case, the list of possible solutions to the problem expands. The wall can be highlighted with interesting wallpapers, making them a decoration of the room. Probably, there is no point in telling that wallpapers are presented simply in a frenzied assortment and it is not difficult to find something unique. For example, one of the walls can be highlighted with wallpaper with images of paintings, old newspaper pages, drawings, animals, open books, etc. We emphasize that this decor is appropriate for only one wall.

An alternative solution is to create a panel from the remains of wallpaper. Choose a nice frame and use a piece of wallpaper instead of a painting. Of course, it is very important that these are wallpapers with an interesting pattern. You can glue fragments of wallpaper on the wall, and arrange plaster molding along the contour. A very simple decor option that will solve the problem of an empty wall.

From sections of several old wallpaper, you can create a collage on the entire wall or only on a part of it, but first you will have to work hard to cut the sections of the desired size and shape, then assemble the collage on the floor, and then glue each piece to the wall one by one. But the result is worth it.

4. Photo Wallpaper And 3d Wallpaperdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Instead of ordinary wallpaper, you can use photo wallpaper or their more realistic analogue – 3D photo wallpaper. The drawing is chosen depending on the nature of the room and the preferences of the owners. Natural and city landscapes, still lifes, reproductions of famous paintings are popular. Three-dimensional wallpaper looks so realistic and voluminous that the impression of a continuation of the apartment space will be created.

Remember that wallpaper is not a shelf or a mirror. It is more difficult to correctly fit them into the interior, since the selected pattern must be supported by interior elements. If you depict a green street with numerous cafes, then it would be appropriate to put several floor vases with plants and a table near the wall with photo wallpaper.

5. We Decorate The Wall With Mirrorsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

A mirror is a functional decoration. If it has an unusual shape or is enclosed in an interesting frame, then the mirror will become a memorable room decor, while any mirror surface helps to visually expand the room by reflecting rays of light. An empty wall can be decorated with one large mirror panel, several mirrors of different sizes and shapes can be hung on it – imagination knows no bounds. It is very important to adhere to the unity of style and not to combine a clearly modern mirror in a bright simple frame with mirrors in rare openwork frames.

6. Paintingsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

This would seem to be the most commonplace way to decorate an empty wall in an apartment. The method has been proven for many generations and works well. Surprisingly, it doesn’t age over the years. Moreover, this method will look unique and peculiar in every apartment. You can hang reproductions of paintings by famous artists, modular paintings, works of novice masters, or use your own paintings. It will turn out to be a real gallery, however, the pictures must be skillfully arranged. It is necessary, first of all, to start not from the plot and the prevailing colors, but from the size of the picture. A proven method is to place one or two of the largest paintings in the center of the wall, and fill the space around them with smaller canvases.

A wide range of paintings made on canvas by digital printing (color, black and white). The client can choose the size, plot, shape to his liking, it is possible to transfer photos provided by the customer to the canvas. Managers are always happy to help with the choice over the phone. If you want unusual and three-dimensional effect, take a look at the section of the store ” Modular Pictures “.

An alternative is to use one large painting or poster. Such a detail will certainly attract attention, so maximum attention should be paid to the selection of the image. Multiple posters can be arranged.

If you are not an artist at all, you do not have money for the work of masters, and you do not want to buy canvases printed on a printer at all, then the following tips are for you.

Here are some ways to create a picture yourself that anyone can master:

  • cardboard or canvas stretched on a stretcher is taken as a basis. The canvas must first be primed, and the picture on the cardboard must be inserted into the frame after finishing the work. The drawing can be applied thanks to pre-printed stencils or stamps. As a stamp, you can use a hand, sheets of wood, a ball of thread, etc. You can randomly stick masking tape on the surface, paint over the formed figures, and after the paint dries, remove the adhesive tape. It is better to use watercolor paints. You simply cannot fail;
  • draw some watercolor drawings on wet paper. What will be drawn and how it does not matter. The main thing is that the pictures are bright. When the designs are dry, cut them into triangles of different sizes. It is unnecessary to use a ruler and pencil. The resulting triangles are glued to the canvas, leaving gaps between them. The canvas is pre-coated with white paint. It is better to lay out the elements of the picture in advance to make sure that everything fits together;
  • The simplest and cheapest shop landscape painting can be brought to life with stencil lettering. The inscription itself can be purchased, or you can print it yourself. Better to use self-adhesive paper. The letters are cut out, applied to the picture and glued, then they cover the picture with white paint. When everything is dry, the stickers are removed. The original inscription is obtained;
  • you can frame a calendar by marking an important date on it. This decor looks good with a photo.

7. Fabric Paintingsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Separately, it is worth highlighting panels made of fabric, which are created very simply and quickly, and if you choose the right fabric, then such decor will not be inferior to real paintings. In addition to cutting the fabric, you will need to buy wooden stretchers, which are inexpensively sold in baguette shops. The fabric is pulled onto the stretcher and fixed at the back with a furniture stapler. 10-20 minutes and the panel is ready. You can hang one large picture on the wall or make a composition of several smaller pieces. The fabric can be used the same or different, but do not forget about the rules of harmony and color combination.

8. Photo Gallery On The Walldeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Another time-tested, but no less favorite and effective technique for decorating an empty wall. Ready-made multi-frames are on sale, which sometimes reach gigantic sizes. You can insert dozens of photos into them with the confidence that you will get a great composition. You can get confused, pick up several frames in the same style, personally arrange them and hang them on the wall. Thus, you can create unique solutions and fill any wall area with photographs. You can hang the photo on a rope using clothespins.

Choose from color or black and white photos, arrange them in chronological order to trace family history, or place them randomly. Both households and guests will constantly look at the pictures, and the room will be filled with a unique, unique atmosphere, even if you have chosen typical furniture from IKEA.

9. Wall Shelvesdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

What can be decorative in ordinary wall shelves ? It’s like calling a sofa or kitchen table a decor! But don’t jump to conclusions. Ordinary horizontal shelves, which we tightly fill with necessary and unnecessary things, are, of course, not a special decor either. Choose original wall shelves: fancy shapes, forming some kind of inscription or shape, in the shape of a tree or antique scales. There are a lot of options, and the photo below shows only a small part of the ideas. Remember that such shelves are decor in themselves, so you cannot overfill them. Of course, photos, books and souvenirs will not be superfluous, but you also need to know when to stop. Do not be afraid if some of the surfaces are left empty.

10. Decorative Platesdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Plates brought from different countries and plates from old sets can serve to create an interesting wall composition. Looking at such a decoration, you will remember your travels or relatives who once owned cute plates. You can hang them on the wall randomly or adhering to a certain geometric order, combine products of different sizes and shapes. The main thing is that the plates match in color or style.

Shallow baskets can be used instead of plates. Such a decoration will perfectly fit into the country style.

11. We Use Cardsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Avid travelers will appreciate it! Cards are a fairly popular decorative element that is used in the design of watches, bags, albums, bed linen and many other things. Often, maps become decoration of wallpapers and photo wallpapers, but if the repair has already been completed, the walls are painted, and suddenly it turned out that the empty space is somehow too much, then maps of cities, countries or entire continents can be sharpened into frames and hung on the wall, and the images can be modern or aged. Perhaps you like old maps that illustrate the ideas of people of past centuries about our planet. Perhaps instead of several small maps, you prefer to hang one large and detailed one. Use maps of countries and cities where you have visited or dream to visit. The options are endless – there is plenty to choose from.

12. Watches Or Even A Collection Of Watchesdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

At a time when there is a clock in every gadget, the function of wall clocks is shifting more and more towards decorative. The functionality is preserved, so it turns out not only an interesting, but also a useful piece of furniture. How to decorate an empty wall for hours? There are a lot of ways. The easiest is to get a large antique wall clock or loft style. Some examples, thanks to their bold design, surprise even professionals. There are watches in which the mechanism with the hands and the dial are mounted separately, and the dial can be anything: figures in an interesting shape or written in words, photos, paintings, figures. Thus, you can create a sufficiently massive clock that will fill the entire space of a bare wall, but will not become a big load for it.

An alternative option is to use multiple wall clocks. Here, as with the combination of other items, it is important to adhere to a single style. An antique cuckoo clock will look ridiculous next to a high-tech one.

13. Hobby Demonstrationdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Do you collect old cameras, masks, golf balls or tennis rackets, do you have a rare collection of butterflies, knives, cups, musical instruments or model airplanes? Then place it all on the wall to make the room stand out and highlight your passions. When guests view the exhibits, the owner of the collection will feel proud. In addition, it is much better to keep all things dear to the heart in plain sight, not somewhere in the closets. We get a useful decor again.

14. We Decorate The Wall With Handmadedeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

If your hobby is not collecting, but embroidery or knitting, then it can also be used to decorate the wall. Pictures embroidered with a cross or beads, crocheted openwork napkins, macrame products will create coziness and a feeling of home warmth in an apartment. Yes, in a modern interior it is difficult to imagine such decor – this is an option for country style, Provence and other ethnic trends.

15. Vertical Gardendeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

You can attach light vases and pots in the same style to the wall, plant unpretentious plants and saturate the room with green colors. In stores, you can find a lot of ready-made solutions for landscaping vertical surfaces. If you have the skills, then you can make a pot system with your own hands.

16. Empty Framesdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

This idea, at first glance, may seem wild, but if you study the examples of photos, it becomes obvious that this is a good way to decorate an empty wall. Collect several frames and paint them in one color. A win-win option is white, and if you are confident in your own taste, then you can choose a bright shade. A composition is formed from the frames, the volume and shape of which you choose yourself. Frames can be hung separately from each other, or can be layered one on top of the other. This decor looks most impressive on plain walls. Do not be afraid to play on contrast: white frames will look great on a dark gray wall, yellow frames will look great on blue, and red, blue, orange and other bright frames will look great on a white one.

17. Book Exhibitiondeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Many modern books receive such bright and beautiful covers that hiding them in closets is almost a sin. So why not decorate the walls with them, placing them on special “invisible” shelves. You just have to work a little, combining the colors of neighboring books, and you will have a wonderful exposure, which is easy to change if you wish.

18. Ethnic Accessoriesdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

If you travel often or are fond of the culture of a country, then, most likely, you will not have problems how to decorate an empty wall. Any authentic accessory will be a reflection of your tastes and unique decor. This can be a large Japanese fan, a Cameroon hat, dream catchers, etc.

19. Accessories From The Wardrobedeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Perhaps the idea of decorating an empty wall is literally on the surface. Remember, maybe you have a whole collection of hats or bags. They are all different, interesting and have their own history. Then feel free to fix a few studs and in a chaotic manner place accessories dear to your heart on the wall. This decor is most suitable for bedroom decoration.

20. Animal Headsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

This decor is in the style of “no animal was harmed”. Choose wild animal heads made from plaster, wood, metal or papier-mâché. Usually they use the head of a deer with beautiful horns, a bull, a horse, less often they turn to more exotic species, such as a giraffe, hippo, crocodile. The latter will look good in the African style of the interior, but deer and bulls are a universal option that will fit into both the classic and modern styles, only for the classics it is better to take wood or forging products, and for minimalism and high-tech – from chrome metal and plaster.

It is best to limit yourself to one head of a rather impressive size. You can combine several products, but it is very important to know when to stop and not to overdo it. The best background for such an active decor is a plain wall.

21. Ceiling Tiles On The Walldeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Option for the brave. It is better to use polyurethane boards, since styrofoam counterparts do not look very good up close. A typical ceiling decoration can be easily turned into wall decor if you put together the right composition. Combine products of different sizes and paint them in adjacent colors, playing in contrast with the color of the wall. It turns out original, fresh and pretty enough.

22. Branches And Cutsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

To decorate your own home in an interesting way, you don’t have to buy expensive designer items. The decor can be found literally underfoot. You can decorate an empty wall in a room using tree cuts. It is not difficult to get them, to hang them in a chaotic manner – too. If you have a fantasy, then you can arrange the cuts in the shape of a herringbone or some kind of animal.

The most “difficult” stage is to cover the tree with protective agents. Instead of saw cuts, you can take branches and driftwood, from which you can add a fancy composition or picture with a plot. If you run an LED strip behind the snags, you can create the effect of a magical forest.

In winter, branches can be decorated with garlands, Christmas toys and snowflakes, in spring – with artificial flowers, in autumn – with berries and fruits. Such decor will live with you, transform the apartment and saturate it with the appropriate mood.

23. Large Volumetric Lettersdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

A variety of graffiti can be created with vinyl decals, but if you want something more, use large volumetric letters that can be used to lay out a name, city name, inspirational word or phrase. The letters can be the same color or different, with or without illumination, made in a different style. A combination of framed photos and small letters looks good.

24. False Windowdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

If there are no windows in the room, or their area is small, then those in the room may be uncomfortable. Then it is better to decorate the empty wall with a fake window. It can be a mirror panel with a fake window frame, or a picture of a landscape seen from the window. The most advanced products are complemented by lighting. If you frame such a window with curtains or short curtains, then the person who enters will not immediately determine the peculiarity of the room.

25. Metal Figuresdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Beautiful airy figures are made of metal, repeating the contours of animals, people, continents, plants, etc. This decor fits well with the loft style and minimalism, although the appropriate products can be selected for almost any type of interior.

26. We Use Slate Paintdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Blackboard paint can turn any surface into a blackboard, on which you can draw anything, then erase and paint again. A good option for a children’s room and kitchen. Using white and colored crayons and having some drawing ability, you can update the interior every week.

27. Origamideas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

Paper is still a dust collector; removing dust from numerous folds of paper crafts without using a damp cloth is not an easy task, therefore many do not dare to use such decor in the interior. On the other hand, paper is cheap, you can create anything from it, so you can constantly update the decor.

Often, hearts, butterflies and other figures are cut out of paper, which are strung on a thread and hung from the wall using a wooden bar or a simple hanger. You can cut out a phrase or a memorable date from paper, string it on a thread and stretch it over the entire wall, fixing it on carnations or scotch tape. If you know how, you can create various volumetric figures or craft using the quilling technique.

28. Flags And Emblemsdeas On How To Decorate Empty Walls

If you are a patriot of your state or are delighted with some distant country, then why not hang a flag on the wall? If you decorate a room in the style of a certain country, then the flag on the wall can complement the interior and give it a complete look. If a family has a family coat of arms, then it belongs on the wall in the living room. Let the household admire him every day, and the guests – learn about the nobility and honor of the family.

Surely, you will find some more interesting ways to decorate an empty wall in a room. We will be glad if this collection served as a source of inspiration for you. If you have any other ideas for transforming a bare wall, share them in the comments.