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Tiles in the hallway and in the kitchen – ceramic floor tiles for the hallway, which is better to choose for design, tiles and laminate, options in the interior of 2020

Tile on the floor for the corridor and kitchen: selection, layout, care The most vulnerable place in the apartment is the floor. Especially hard to cover in the kitchen or hallway. Constant contact with shoes, heels, dirt

How to stick tiles on the ceiling: correctly stick on an uneven ceiling, pasting with ceramic and foam tiles

How to glue tiles on the ceiling: methods, technologies If you need to quickly and inexpensively tidy the ceiling, pay attention to the tile made of polystyrene or polystyrene. If you approach the matter correctly, you can

Mirror tiles with facet sizes – Unique transformation of the interior

Characteristics of mirror tiles with facet, application in the interior Not so long ago, the construction market of the Russian Federation replenished with a new type of finishing materials – mirror tiles with facet. The novelty was

Living room interior with kitchen in the house – Kitchen combined with the living room in a private house

Design of a kitchen-dining room-living room in a private house When planning to build their own home or repair at the old cottage, everyone dreams of comfort, a cozy atmosphere, a beautiful interior. To ensure harmony, the

25 Easy Home Interior Design Tips That Anyone Can Implement

It seems that there is no end to the repair, but a good cozy house is worth it. Everyone who wants to make a cozy home with an individual character from housing will have to be patient,

Cheap Home Decor Ideas: Five ways to quickly and inexpensively upgrade your interior

The word the hall already says a lot: there they receive guests, arrange “home” holidays, perhaps children play right there. The hall is a multifunctional place where most of the home time is spent, it can hardly