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Top 7 Most Popular Interior Colors 2022

The upcoming interior season prepares us for a return to bright colors, new zoning ideas, unusual storage systems and upholstered furniture that is easy to “drown” in. Bright colors come to the fore: trendy colors of interiors

Top 100 Interior Decoration Trends 2022 Which Are Followed By Professionals

Interior decoration trends 2022 is a creative process involving bold experiments and a non-standard approach. Still, there are recommendations, the observance of which helps to make the results of creative search more harmonious. Therefore, if decorating a

Painting the wall: ideas for patterns, colors & stripes

Thanks to a freshly painted wall, a room can look completely different than before. However, it depends on a clever choice of colors, the right technique when painting and an ideal placement of certain details so that

Chandeliers in Suspended Ceilings for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedrooms

The best chandelier options in the interior A large selection of lighting devices today is sometimes even perceived with irritation – it is difficult to quickly make a competent and successful decision. Often the choice of a

Inspiring DIY Home Decor Tips

Do-it-yourself (DIY) home decor tips is not only spectacular, but also an easy way to revitalize the interior of your home. Even the space, the decor of which was developed by a qualified designer, without decor will

Jungle Decoration Interior Design Trends

Similar to the world of fashion, interior design also knows these so-called “trendy” trends that come to conquer interiors, home decor magazines, social networks but above all, and above all human hearts. Among the most prominent decorative