The Most Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

Most Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall ColorsWalk in! The hallway is the business card of the house and gives the first impression, but is often neglected as a functional passage room. It is often cut narrow, has no windows and is somewhat dark anyway. The small room has great potential. In our hallway guide, we will tell you what wall paint colors for your hallway is going to make of it. Let yourself be inspired!

The right wall colors for the hallway

What color matches my hallway? When answering this question, consider your decorating style. The romantic shabby chic loves playful patterns and feminine colors. The pink wall in the entrance area emphasizes flea market treasures, the delicate porcelain vase and furniture with an antique look. Do you prefer the modern Lagom style ? Pastel tones are also welcome here. Whatever look you want to implement: Read for yourself how you can make a small hallway look larger and emphasize your style!

Bright colors for more spaceMost Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

Small rooms really big. The basic rule is: light colors create space. Since the plank is usually cut small and narrow, you should design it in light colors. White and cream are an evergreen, but powder and pastel colors, such as a subtle lime green, lemon yellow or powdery rose, are also great. These classic colors match every interior concept and you are guaranteed not to get tired of them! The room appears airy and visually enlarged. You amplify this effect with a mirror. It gives the hallway more depth and is ideal for the last outfit check.

Tip: You want to design your hallway with neutral and subtle wall colors, but are you afraid that the overall picture will be too boring? Easily upgrade your walls with stucco, moldings or borders!

Dark colours

Dark shades can be overwhelming – especially in a narrow or small hallway. Or they look mysterious and elegant, if the room size allows it. For this reason, dark wall colors such as black, anthracite or brown are more suitable for large and spacious corridors. Would you like to set strong accents with a dark wall color in the hallway? Then you should make sure that bright contrasts are reflected in your facility. You can achieve this, for example, with bright decorative accessories or vases with fresh flowers. These not only smell good, but also loosen up the cool effect of the room.

Wall colors for corridor: the most beautiful living ideas

Design the hallway like an independent living space! Depending on the size, there is even room for a cloakroom, reading or telephone corner. If you do not neglect the valuable square meters, a room is created in which both house residents and visitors feel comfortable. You can do this with the right wall color in the hallway: from classic to modern to eccentric color schemes.

Classic: delicate, muted colors in the hallwayMost Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

The beautiful alternative to white to make the narrow hallway appear larger: natural tones. They belong to the warm wall colors and are just as timeless and reserved. They do not steal furniture and decorations from the show and still ensure comfort. With beige, cream, eggshell colors and caramel you create a friendly entrance. Perfect for the classic home, but also the contemporary Skandi home. The latter relies on natural tones and materials: in the wooden wardrobe, the white bench and the champagne-colored fur layer. Furniture and colors that invite you to catch your breath and convey: Now you are at home.

Tip: In addition to painting the walls, paint all the doors in the same color. This makes the hallway look even calmer and more harmonious in the overall picture and brings even more space into the room.

Corridor design with strong colorsMost Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

The wall color in the hallway should keep up with your expressive interior? Then choose bold colors. A dark blue or petrol colored wall doesn’t steal the golden picture frame from the show, but makes it shine! It is the same with dark green – it accentuates white wooden furniture in country style. With dark wooden furniture, the color combination looks classy.

If the room size allows it, you can paint your hallway in dark gray or black. The interplay with white doors and baseboards is elegant, while with minimalist interior pieces in anthracite and black, on the other hand, is highly topical.

If you want to add a splash of color to your hallway, you should use it on the short front sides of the hallway. It is best to paint the wall at the end of the entrance area, which is in the direct field of vision when entering. Or you can paint individual wall parts or sides of built-in wardrobes in a strong color. This compares the overall picture with a little more tension and you can create a few eye-catchers in the hallway in no time.

Set accents with colorsMost Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

According to the theory of colors, colors evoke different feelings. White stands for clarity, green for hope, orange for energy, yellow for happiness and blue should have a calming effect. Take advantage of their psychological effects. For example, greet your guests with a wall in yellow ! The fresh color ensures a good mood like ten minutes of sunlight! Choose a warmer shade of yellow. If the proportion of white is too high, the color quickly becomes shrill. Red floor paint attracts at least as much attention. The signal color symbolizes dynamism, vitality and courage – you can never have enough of that! Terracotta is particularly beautiful as a wall paint. Hall chests of drawers and wardrobes in a light wood tone look warm, reduced furniture in white and gray is modern.

Another idea of how to add color to your hallway is to paint the lower half of the walls in a colored tone. This makes the room appear more open and is somewhat reminiscent of wood paneling, as you know it from before. Or you can paint the ceiling with a strong color. Even if you are always advised to leave your blanket in the hallway white: Dare! The entrance area is the experimental field of a home and is therefore a real eye-catcher. Make sure there is enough light so that the room does not become too overwhelming.

Tip: Whether green, yellow or red – repeat the selected color in decorative elements, a seat cover or the lampshade. Color repetitions ensure a coherent overall picture that appears well thought out.

Wall design in the hallway with wallpaperMost Beautiful Ideas for Hallway Wall Colors

Even with wallpaper, a stylish passage area can be conjured up from an empty, dreary hallway in no time! However, there are a few things to consider so that you can really get the most out of your hallway:

  1. If the free wall surfaces are very narrow, you should avoid wallpaper with large patterns.
  2. Even small and striking patterns can appear very restless or even penetrative in a small hallway. For this reason, you should use wallpapers with bright colors and combine them with simple furniture.
  3. As with the wall color in the hallway, you can only paper one wall and thus set an accent. You should also select the front of the hallway for this.
  4. A particularly nice idea are wallpapers with stripes, motifs or 3D effects. These can visually enlarge small corridors and additionally spice up the corridor.

Would you like to design your hallway not only with wall paint?

A successful hall design does not only involve the wall color. Play with furniture, decorations, textiles and other wall designs in the hallway to create an individual look!

Create two different interior styles with the same wallpaper. Complete the white-green plant wallpaper with metal furniture and decoration in gold look. A golden armchair in front of it offers comfortable seating, a decorative cushion in white and green ensures comfort. The coat hooks shine like the floor lamp with a gold look – glamorous Beverly Hills hotel flair! Rattan furniture, white home textiles and plant decorations, on the other hand, create a jungle atmosphere in the middle of the city.

Do you prefer clear lines? Then choose the wallpaper with a metallic effect and geometric shapes! The noble color combination of gold and cream helps your hallway to a no-frills glamor look. Before that, exhibit your new art achievement that picks up on the gold accents of the wallpaper. A hand-painted linseed forest picture shows your exquisite taste, as does gold-colored wall decoration. As a magical swarm of butterflies or gold confetti, this guest invites you to linger longer in the hallway. Noble metal lettering tells something about the house owner, high-quality wall clocks tell the time.

It is time to finally give the entrance area the attention it deserves with the right hallway color. If you are looking for even more inspiration for wall colors, feel free to drop by our magazine! We hope you enjoy browsing, furnishing and decorating.

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