Painting children’s room: The most beautiful wall color in the children’s room

Painting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's roomIn a children’s room, people play, romp and laugh. In order for your offspring to feel really comfortable here, the color scheme of the walls must also be right. Whether yellow, blue or red – every nuance has a different effect on the mind. Therefore, when choosing a new wall color, you should not only consider the taste of your offspring, but also the different effects. Our interior experts will tell you which tone suits your child best and at the same time looks great in the children’s room. Let yourself be inspired and give the children’s room design a stylish upgrade: Here are our favorite ideas for the wall paint color in the children’s room!

What colors for the children’s room? These wall colors are popular with kids!Painting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's room

Just as with us, some wall colors are more popular than others, even among the smallest interior fans. Whether it’s the classic shades like pink and blue or maybe a more powerful tone – our living experts know which color is beautiful in the children’s room. Whether sloping ceilings, a cozy atmosphere or a small space – these colors make every children’s room a cool eye-catcher.

Colors for small rooms

In a child’s room, toys, books and handicrafts are colorful enough. Especially when the number of square meters is rather small, the walls should not also attract attention in a loud tone. In this case, paint the walls in a more reserved tone. The classic here is white, but also a light gray or beige provides more space in the room.

Soothing colors for active children

Did you know that blue tones are particularly suitable for active children? Whether light blue, dark blue or royal blue – this color has a relaxing effect and does not stimulate the children. If you are afraid that the children’s room with a blue wall might look too cool, then simply combine different shades of blue with one another.

Colors for extra comfort

A children’s room in orange not only promotes the attention and creativity of your kids, but also gives the room a cozy atmosphere. The same applies to yellow tones . These summer colors radiate warmth, cosiness and security. This is probably also due to the fact that even we feel that rooms painted in yellow or orange are particularly cozy.

Colors for the children’s room with sloping ceilings

If your child lives under your roof at home, the children’s room doesn’t have to be overwhelming or uncomfortable. But on the contrary! With the right color, the room with a sloping roof can be made even more inviting and friendly. Bright tones in particular work miracles here. As a result, the sloping roof appears optically in the background and lets colored accents take precedence.

Colors for the baby room

Babies need a calm, secure and loving environment. For children up to two years old, it is best to avoid bright colors and strong contrasts. Apricot tones , for example, are beautiful . The children perceive these colors in the womb and therefore have a very pleasant effect on babies. But pale green, a delicate rosé or light orange are also excellent in the baby room . Nevertheless, the older the child, the stronger the color contrasts.

Colorful wall colors for the children’s roomPainting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's room

What would a child’s room be without the bright colors of the rainbow? Smaller kids in particular love the different nuances and color gradations. The individual tones not only have a very different effect visually, but also on an emotional level:

  • Blue: shades of blue create a relaxed atmosphere and calm your child. How about, for example, the trend color petrol ?
  • Green: The color of nature conveys harmony and relaxation, and the wall color green also has a calming effect without tiring.
  • Red: A bright red radiates an activating and motivating aura – perfect for children who are more reserved.
  • Orange: Orange can also encourage sensitive children to become active themselves. Orange also looks very warm and secure.
  • Yellow: The color of the sun is perceived as particularly cheerful and cheerful and makes you optimistic and confident.
  • Purple: The color purple increases creativity, promotes determination and is also said to have a positive effect on the child’s mental balance.

Which color for the wall color in the children’s room?

When choosing the wall color in the children’s room, the colors should also play a role. These can strongly influence the effect of the room and are important for a harmonious overall picture in the room. We already know that bright colors make the room appear large and airy. In contrast, dark colors create a feeling of tightness, but also radiate a certain security. They are suitable, for example, for cozy corners and sleeping places. They can also visually reduce the size of large, empty rooms. Of bright wall paintis rather discouraged in the children’s room. Children can irritate her and thus become restless and unfocused. However, if you don’t want to do without bright colors, you can integrate them in the form of pillows, carpets, bed linen or decorations. Color accents can be stronger!

Pastel colors for the children’s roomPainting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's room

Pink and light blue are still the classic colors when it comes to decorating and coloring the children’s room. No wonder! The pastel shades have by no means lost their style and elegance. Nevertheless, our interior experts recommend using this shade more as an accent color or only on a wall, especially with a strong pink. A delicate pink, on the other hand, can easily be painted completely in the children’s room without overloading it. The calming and relaxing effect proves us right. A light blue can also have a calming effect and even promote concentration. PS: Looking for inspiration for wall paint in dusky pink ? Then do you click in our article?

Neutral wall paint for the children’s roomPainting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's room

If you want to neutralize your children’s room, you should first choose a nuance that cannot be immediately assigned to a gender. Brown or natural tones in particular are great here, but a beautiful gray is sure to come into its own in this children’s room. You can also equip a neutral children’s room with a lot of white. Due to the flexible design with different decorative elements, a personal touch can be brought into the children’s room even with neutral wall colors.

Tip: Are you looking for further inspiration for wall colors and their effects? Then please read our article about it!


Would you like to paint the children’s room reluctantly, but still give the room an exciting effect? Then you can conjure up real eye-catchers on the wall with great motifs, such as triangles or mountains. If you want the look to be even more colorful and wilder, you can combine different colors. So that the children’s room does not become too restless, you should also color-match the furnishings to the wall colors!

Tip: Even wallpapers with motifs to paint yourself are a nice idea! They stimulate the child’s creativity and make the room colorful and cheerful in no time. However, so that it does not appear to be overloaded, you can, for example, wallpaper just one wall.


Not only motifs let the children’s room walls shine in a cool look, stripe patterns are also a lively way of wall design. This idea can be implemented in just a few steps and, with horizontal stripes, small rooms also appear much larger. Vertical stripes, however, make the children’s room appear higher. So that the room does not appear overloaded, you should choose a maximum of three to four colors for pattern embellishments.

The best tips & tricks

  • Fact 1: If you want to decorate the walls in the children’s room with a creative pattern, the motif can be projected onto the wall with a projector. So you can easily paint the outline.
  • Fact 2: The design with blackboard paint is also very beautiful in a children’s room. Your offspring can be immortalized on the wall with chalk, and the painting can then be easily removed with a sponge.
  • Fact 3: If you want white-painted walls to appear a little more child-friendly, borders with your darling’s favorite animal are perfect. Models in the style of non-woven wallpapers can also be removed from the wall without leaving any residue.
  • Fact 4: The children’s room is a play corner, bedroom and study area in one. If you want to optically separate a certain part, you can also do this in color. You don’t even have to paint an entire wall. It is enough if you only do this on part of the wall.
  • Fact 5: When buying the wall paint in the children’s room, be sure to use water-based and low-emission paint. These are free of plasticizers, toxic metals and solvents, which can be harmful to your child’s health. This can usually be recognized by the “Blue Angel” seal of quality.

Let the child have a sayPainting children's room: The most beautiful wall color in the children's room

Many parents ask themselves whether they should let their child have a say in the choice of color. After all, it’s about shaping their empire. The only problem is: children quickly and often change their preferences – even with their favorite colors. But you should definitely take into account the wishes of the children. For this reason, you should try to keep the basic color scheme simple. If your children choose signal colors as wall colors for the children’s room, you can try to keep them in measure, for example in the form of individual pieces of furniture or decorative items. Or you can make a pre-selection with several options from which the children can then decide.

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