The best ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

best ideas for wall paint in the kitchenThe kitchen is a central and important place in every home. Here people cook, work and sometimes sit together with friends. It is all the more important that you feel comfortable in your kitchen and that it radiates an inviting and friendly atmosphere. You can not only achieve this with the help of the facility. The wall color also plays a significant role in the kitchen. Our interior experts will tell you the most important tips and tricks. We also present the 7 most beautiful looks for wall paint in the kitchen. Let yourself be inspired!

Why use a wall paint in the kitchen?

A wall paint in the kitchen – is that necessary at all? We think: yes! Because that can not only affect your mood – after all, it should be a space in which you like to stay. Appetite can also be influenced by a kitchen color. In general, a wall paint in the kitchen is a great idea to improve both the cooking experience and the mood when eating. This is especially true in kitchens that integrate a dining area. But you don’t have to paint all the walls of the room! Subtle colors or painting a wall are often enough to lighten the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Painting the kitchen: Which wall colors fit in the kitchen?

Did you know that there are wall colors that can either stimulate or curb your appetite? For example, red, orange and yellow are among the appetizing colors. They can even help against loss of appetite. You also exude cheerfulness and create a cheerful and cozy atmosphere.

The colors blue and violet, on the other hand, suppress appetite, which is why they are rather unusual for kitchen walls. This wall color is incredibly modern and stylish. You should avoid the non-color gray as wall color in your kitchen. This looks noble, but also cool and should even spoil your appetite. Delicate pastel shades are also particularly suitable. Because they create a casual and romantic atmosphere.

You should take this into account when choosing the kitchen color

There are a few points to consider when choosing the wall color of the kitchen. For example, the size of the room and the incidence of light play a decisive role. If your kitchen is rather small or with little light, dark wall colors are not recommended. With small rooms, they ensure that they appear even smaller and narrower. Light wall colors, on the other hand, visually expand a room and are an excellent choice here.

In addition, the wall color must also be matched to the existing kitchen equipment. Here, the color scheme of your kitchen unit and the design of the kitchen furniture should be considered in particular. On the one hand, you can opt for a harmonious tone-on-tone look or you can create exciting contrasts, such as chiaroscuro or cold-warm. For example, wooden kitchens go well with fresh and cozy wall colors. White kitchens work harmoniously in combination with warm wall colors or pastel tones.

Which kitchen wall color matches which style?

When choosing the right kitchen color, the existing kitchen equipment and its style must also be taken into account. We will introduce you to the most popular types of kitchen and reveal which wall color suits which style:

Romantic country kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

You can support the romantic country style of a white country house kitchen with an equally white wall color. Or you can emphasize the style with subtle colors such as beige, pink or apricot. Light pastel and natural tones make the overall look less sterile, but warmer. Use colorful accents in the form of accessories in green or blue to create more excitement in the kitchen.

Vintage retro style kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

The retro style lives from expressive colors that determine the look. Mainly brown tones, bright nuances like red and turquoise, but also pastel colors are represented in this furnishing style. It is precisely these colors that are also reflected in the furnishings of a vintage kitchen. The blue, pink and vanilla wall colors create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You add a playful touch to the ambience by using appropriately colored decorative objects and accessories.

Modern designer kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

A completely white kitchen is particularly modern. Show them off with black details and dark chairs. If white as the wall color of the kitchen is too monotonous, you can create a modern look with black or gray as the wall color. But natural tones, such as dark brown or wood look, are also becoming increasingly popular in designer kitchens.

Our 7 most beautiful ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

Are you still looking for inspiration for your wall design in the kitchen ? Then we don’t want to withhold our favorite ideas for wall paint from the kitchen! Here are the 7 most beautiful looks:

Clean and classic: white wall paint in the kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

The neutral white on the walls gives you a lot of freedom when furnishing your kitchen. With an equally white interior, you ensure a clean, modern look of the room. It is best to combine lots of wood and natural materials. This brings warmth to the facility and counteracts a sterile and cool atmosphere. But kitchen fronts in a strong color also go particularly well with a white wall color. Thanks to the light background, they are perfectly staged.

Modern: black wall paint in the kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

A kitchen in black? But hello! It is currently very trendy and is super modern. Black walls are best suited for large kitchens. You can achieve a modern black and white contrast with white furnishings, but also a colorful color or wood look looks good against the subtle, black walls. The overall picture becomes particularly noble if you combine black kitchen appliances with the black wall paint in the kitchen.

Cool concrete lookbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

A popular look for wall paint in the kitchen is the concrete look. It looks incredibly cool and exudes a rough flair. A simple, modern interior in white goes particularly well with the rather cool concrete walls. In contrast to the gray wall paint, it is perfectly staged. If that’s too cool for you, you can combine the concrete color with a wooden kitchen. The brown tone harmonises excellently with the cool nuance and creates a warm contrast.

Sunny: yellow wall paint in the kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

Get the sun in your four walls! The wall color yellow is warm and appetizing, which makes it perfect for your kitchen. A simple kitchen furniture in white and light wood goes best with such gaudy walls. So you don’t steal the wall paint from the show and run no risk that the overall picture appears overloaded.

Nice kitchen color in sandbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

Sand-colored walls look very harmonious with a white interior and radiate a warm, cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. The friendly look is supported by furniture and accessories made of wood or rattan. Not only the blue-green tiles on the floor provide color accents. The vases in gold with green plants also bring freshness to the room.

Anthracite wall color in the kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

Gray wall paint is particularly elegant in the kitchen. Anthracite looks similar to black and can be combined well with a bright interior in white. The strong light-dark contrast counteracts a monotonous kitchen in white and sets it off particularly well. A tone-on-tone dark anthracite kitchen can also look very modern in large rooms. But wooden kitchens also look great on dark gray walls because they give the rather cool shade the necessary warmth.

Kitchen wall paint in warm apricotbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

A dream in tender! This kitchen convinces with wall paint in warm apricot. This color gives the kitchen a fresh, warm feeling, which is best supported by a light interior in white or beige. In addition, they offer black accents the right basis. Not only does it look super cool, it also brings a good dose of excitement to the room!

Noble wall color green in the kitchenbest ideas for wall paint in the kitchen

The wall color green gives a fresh and natural overall impression. It can be combined to create a wide variety of facilities and, depending on the tone, is very refreshing or classy. The wall color is particularly harmonious in combination with a kitchen in white, black or wood look. If you have a traditional cuisine, a rich dark green is the right choice. Modern kitchens, on the other hand, can tolerate bright, bright green tones.

These wall colors are suitable for the kitchen

The wall paint in the kitchen is very stressed by condensation and steam. Fortunately, there are some colors that are perfect for painting the kitchen:

  • Latex paints are the best choice for the kitchen. They offer the best cleaning ability, as they are washable and stains have no chance here.
  • Highly opaque emulsion paints are matt and have the highest opacity. They are also the most productive, so you can cover the most area with them. If you choose one with the “Blue Angel” seal of approval, it is environmentally friendly and not harmful to health.
  • Ecological wall paints are ideal for allergy sufferers because they are free from artificial binders or preservatives. However, they are not so suitable for kitchens because they are not always waterproof.

Tips for color design in the kitchen

  • Tip 1: Light, warm colors are better for dark and small rooms. They reflect the light and make the room appear larger.
  • Tip 2: The overall picture is very harmonious if you combine colors from a color family. Select a basic tone for the tone-on-tone scheme and pick it up in subtle gradations in the rest of the facility.
  • Tip 3: The wall color white always fits in the kitchen – looks large but cold and sterile. Alternatively, beige, sand or cream are therefore suitable.
  • Tip 4: Strong colors are a great eye catcher in the kitchen. However, the following applies here: less is more! It is best to paint only one wall in a bright nuance and leave the others neutral.
  • Tip 5: Contrasts are exciting, but shouldn’t be too colorful! Therefore, color combinations with complementary colors are a good choice. They face each other in the color wheel and thus appear harmonious. So that the overall picture does not appear overloaded, you should combine a neutral color.
  • Tip 6: If a dining area is integrated in your kitchen, you can separate it from the cooking area in color. Is super modern and simply brings excitement to your four walls!

A new wall color is too much for you?

A successful kitchen design does not only involve the wall color. Why not give your kitchen a new look with color-coordinated accessories and textiles? In online shop you will find many decorative items and home accessories in all color schemes. Browse through our range and be inspired! We hope you enjoy shopping, furnishing and decorating.

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