Ideas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

Ideas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022The baby room should be the place where your little protégé can feel completely comfortable and homely. So that your child perceives their room as a place of security, the choice of a suitable wall color should not be underestimated. Our interior experts have put together the most important tips for you and will tell you how you can decorate the baby room with wall paint. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and create a wonderful place of wellbeing for your little ones!

How to choose the right baby room wall colorIdeas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

Of course, the wall color should initially match the cut and size as well as the furnishings of the room. The larger and more light-flooded the children’s room, the sooner you can choose darker colors without the color being overwhelming. If the room lacks brightness and openness anyway, you should definitely use light colors.

Likewise, the wall color in the baby room should match the color of the flooring and the furniture. The following applies here: If the furnishings or the floor covering are kept in darker tones, a light wall color is recommended so that the room is not overwhelming. Also, the color of the walls shouldn’t bite with the color of the furnishings. For example, a purple wall is disadvantageous for furniture with a red cast and does not create a harmonious overall picture. A cooler blue wall color is a balancing addition to furniture in warm brown tones.

These wall colors are suitable for the baby roomIdeas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

In order to create a place where your child can dream happily at night, you should use bright, unobtrusive colors. These not only convey security, but can even promote the development of your baby.

Pastel shades such as delicate rosé, light blue, pale green, peach or lilac are particularly suitable. These nuances are lovely and reserved and have a calming effect. You should avoid bright colors, however, as you can trigger nervousness and even aggressiveness. However, if you can’t do without bright colors, you should use them sparingly. The same goes for wild patterns that may be too restless for your child’s young eye.

Tip: Pay attention to Feng Shui when designing the wall in the baby room ! This ensures harmony in your home and brings peace to the room. Just perfect for a child’s room!

Baby room wall paint: Our 6 favoritesIdeas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

Color tones can have a certain effect on your baby that you should be aware of. Depending on the nuance, the wall color in the baby room can be disturbing, irritating, overwhelming, but also soothing, sleep-promoting, activating and stimulating. We show you our top 6 favorites for baby room wall paint and tell you which can have a positive effect on the sleep of your protégé.

Promotes sleep: blue wall paint

Blue wall paints have a calming effect and are therefore particularly suitable for babies with difficulty falling asleep. They can help you fall asleep calmly, promote the development of the child and ensure a relaxed atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the color tone is crucial for the right effect. For example, the blue should not be too dark, otherwise it can be too overwhelming for the baby. Light blue or gray-blue are ideal for the baby room. For more comfort, you can combine the blue walls with warm tones such as beige or sand.

Soothing purple as a baby room wall color

Since purple is a mixed color of blue and red, this wall color also has a calming effect in the baby room. In addition, it evokes positive thoughts and dreams, balances nervousness and soothes your child. It is also the ideal shade to encourage your children’s creativity and determination. Particularly light purple colors fit well here.

Violet or purple also appear less cool compared to blue due to the red component. For a harmonious overall picture, it is best to combine the color tone with light shades such as white or light gray. But shades of blue also look good in addition to purple wall paint.

Tender apricot to relax

The absolute favorite in the baby room is a delicate apricot as a wall color. With this shade, the babies feel protected and can relax well because they have actively noticed this color in the womb for the first time. Apricot’s warmth provides security and has an activating effect. In combination with white or cream, you can create a cozy and cozy atmosphere in the nursery where your baby can fall asleep happily.

Simply simple: neutral tones in the baby room

It doesn’t always have to be blue or pink! Neutral tones are also an excellent color for the baby room wall! Light, pastel shades, such as a pale lime green, gray and beige colors or a delicate yellow are simple, gentle and, above all, gender-neutral. It is best to combine a lot of white with the neutral wall color. In the form of decoration and textiles, you can occasionally set colored accents and give the children’s room a personal touch.

Romantic pink as a baby room wall color

The classic for a wall paint in the baby room for girls is still pink. Pink walls radiate a certain romance that is not only elegant but also extremely soothing. But here too it is important to choose the right shade of pink. A strong pink has an irritating effect, an excessively strong pink tone is overloaded. Use these colors only as accents. Nice combination partners are also gray or light green. These do not steal the show from Rosa and create an inviting and cozy feel-good atmosphere.

Trend color sage green

The trend color sage green has also found its place in the baby room. No wonder! The soft shade of green is noble and delicate, at the same time it radiates a calm and gentle atmosphere. The overall picture becomes particularly harmonious if you not only paint the wall in sage green, but also design the decoration and a few accessories in the same color. The rest of the decor should be white or gray to underline the soothing look.

Harmonious color combinations for the baby roomIdeas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

The color harmonies in the baby room are also crucial so that your little child can feel comfortable and fall asleep in his room. The combination of violet or purple with light shades of blue and white is particularly harmonious. For a boy’s room, you can replace the purple with a delicate green. So that the look does not appear too cool, accents in cream or beige are an absolute must. They give the baby room a peaceful and gentle atmosphere and create a cozy atmosphere.

The color scheme of apricot, beige and gray invites you to dream. The delicate orange tone radiates warmth and security, which is supported by a light sand tone. With furniture in light gray, you round off the look skillfully and create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. But pink can also be perfectly combined with gray. Due to the subtle and elegant look of gray, the pink walls are illuminated and create a warm, familiar atmosphere.

You should avoid these color combinations

Pink should not be combined with other shades of pink or purple, otherwise the overall picture may be overloaded and the color may be too obtrusive. Also avoid the combination of complementary colors for the most part, since purple in combination with yellow can be too provocative. Too dark or bright colors also cause unrest or even aggression and should be removed from your color palette.

“Healthy” wall paint for the baby roomIdeas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

Because your baby’s health is a top priority, a healthy wall color is essential. Because your baby is still in its development phase, the wall paint should be water-based and free of solvents, emissions, plasticizers and pollutants. A good indicator of this is the “Blue Angel” seal of approval. It is also important that the paint is breathable so that no mold spores can form on the wall. Mold doesn’t just look ugly – it can also be harmful to your health.

Nice ideas for wall paint in the baby room

  • Idea 1: Sometimes it is enough to paint just one wall. So you can easily set an exciting accent in the baby room without overloading the overall picture.
  • Idea 2: A very popular design element in the baby room is the horizontal division of the walls. Paint the wall only halfway with the selected wall color and create a great highlight in the baby room in no time.
  • Idea 3: Would you like to divide the baby room into different areas or the wall into different zones? You can use two or three wall colors to separate the sleeping area from the play area or the “changing area”. This design is particularly useful in larger rooms.
  • Idea 4: As an alternative for a new wall color, colored wall stickers and wallpapers with patterns are also suitable. Here, however, you should make sure that the patterns are not too large and are used sparingly so as not to create any unrest.
  • Idea 5: Have you already decided on a wall color and are now looking for a cool upgrade for the baby room? Then let your little ones float on cloud 7 with this beautiful DIY!

A new wall color is too much for you?Ideas and Tips for Designing the Baby Room with Wall Paint in 2022

A successful baby room design does not only involve the wall color. Why not give the baby room a new look with color-coordinated accessories and textiles? In online shop you will find many decorative items and home accessories in all color schemes. Browse through our range and be inspired! We hope you enjoy shopping, furnishing and decorating.

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