The Best Wall Paint Color Palettes in 2024

If painting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform any environment, colors have the power to do the same with people’s moods. Hence, when choosing a paint for the home, color is practically the only criterion that influences the decision, as manufacturers know well, who, each year, create their palette proposals based on the main wall color trends identified. globally.

This year, how could it be otherwise after two of uncertainty and social distance, emotions are on the surface and this is reflected in the ranges proposed by the different firms and that include from tones designed to create serene and natural atmospheres to others that invite play and creativity. And it is that, color expert comments, on the occasion of the launch of its color chart for this year, “colors influence our well-being. They can calm us down, ease our worries, or spark our creativity.”

Nature-inspired shades for a cozy homePaint Color Palettes in 2024

Natural tones are the protagonists of the Embrace range (the first of the three proposed by the catalog for this 2024), which includes natural tones ranging from golden beige to earth or stone. They encourage us to slow down and land in the present, claiming simplicity as refuge. The result is soft, harmonious and deeply welcoming atmospheres, like the one in the image proposal, whose walls have been painted in a soft terracotta tone that corresponds to reference 12179 Embrace.

The triumph of soft tonesPaint Color Palettes in 2024

Pastel colors claim prominence this season, as shades that are associated with emotions such as calm and comfort. They are the reflection of the shared desire to achieve a balance between body and mind. Within this trend, Pinturas Montó stands out, above all, beige colors as well as beige with grayish tones, protagonists of their Wellness palette, which also includes colors like the one in the image, a dusty pink that they have baptized as Soft Makeup.

This year’s blue has ethereal connotationsPaint Color Palettes in 2024

If there is a star color in the chromatic range to convey harmony and serenity, that is blue. For this year 2024, this tonality, also from nature, is covered in mineral nuances, tenuous and almost transparent (softer until sky blue ), capable of imprinting tranquility and silence in any space.

A good example of this range is the shade Glassy Blue #E721, by Valentine, in the image used in this home office environment to reduce the stress that (forced) teleworking has brought to homes, but which is also perfect for give a fresh and timeless note to bedrooms and bathrooms. By the way, a very fashionable decoration detail is the pot in the shape of a head with the ‘hairs’ formed by a plant.

This is how the new greens are for your wallsPaint Color Palettes in 2024

The seasons of forced confinement, bubble groups and, in general, all the restrictions on our movements have made us appreciate nature much more, so it is time to bring greenery indoors as well. Studies show that selecting earthy shades of greens and mixing them with blues creates a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for both mind and body.

This combination is especially indicated in the bedroom, a place where we rest and revitalize ourselves, since it will promote a better quality sleep. In this room, tones from Bruguer’s Greenhouse palette have been chosen, coordinating a warm shade of green with an almost translucent blue that gives way to a more intense one. The result: a corner of rest in the middle of nature!

Vibrant colorsPaint Color Palettes in 2024

Another of the trends that has emerged due to the events of the last two years is the impulse to express ourselves with vibrant colors and add a note of daring and personalization to our homes.

Vivid tones without reaching fluorine (of great visual impact), such as the fresh turquoise of reference 6384 Wish, from Jotun’s Playful range (in the image) are perfect for creating spaces with high doses of creative energy without running the risk to fall into stridency, so they can be adapted to rooms where we spend long periods, such as dining rooms, lounges or offices.

Bring sunlight indoorsPaint Color Palettes in 2024

The color yellow is raging today (because it has the great power to turn your home into a sunny retreat); and not only in decoration, but also in fashion garments, accessories and complements of all kinds. If to this we add everything it has to contribute in terms of luminosity, it is not surprising that it also stars in its own paint palette. Of course: not just any yellow will do. Opt for energetic and cheerful shades, which multiply the sunlight, although in soft versions, such as a mustard or the one in the proposal, the Buttercup color #E258, from Valentine, which, despite its liveliness, does not compromise warmth of the rooms.

Put a note of creativity in your daily lifePaint Color Palettes in 2024

Purple tones, such as lavender or mauve, will have a great influence during 2024 since, in addition to their classic spiritual connotation, they combine positive effects in relation to creativity and productivity. Let’s not forget that Pantone has ruled Very Peri, a vibrant, fresh, and punchy purple, as this year’s color (and the one on the walls of this Mobalpa kitchen ).

In addition, it is a very versatile palette, since it can be combined with white, gray or other neutrals to create contemporary and sober environments, as well as with more intense tones, such as green or yellow, to create vibrant and unusual corners.

Express yourself by mixing colorsPaint Color Palettes in 2024

Any color always acquires new dimensions when combined with others that highlight or nuance it, as the case may be. Explore the effects of the juxtaposition of tones on the walls: if you bet on tones from the same palette, you will add a serene and elegant hue to the environment, while contrasting two or more different ones, the result will be more dynamic and surprising. It all depends on the effect you want to create and the emotions you want to convey.

In the proposal, a wall painted in Sage 3 (from the Luxens firm) appears in the foreground, which is inspired by the natural tones of sage and Leroy Merlin has designated it as the color of the year, for its ability to convey serenity and elegance. In the background, the wall painting in an elegant and warm sand tone.