Colors for Decoration in 2022 – Trends and Inspirations

Colors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and InspirationsOne of the main current searches is related to the 2022 decoration trend, that is, what will be highlighted in this area. The 2022 decoration trend has been analyzed by many specialized companies, which define the most popular furniture, colors and finishes for the year.

Annually, these companies do their research on color trends to define which ones will be on the rise in the world of decoration. For 2022, the results of these surveys have already been released.

Check here, what are the colors for decoration in 2022 and how to use them to achieve a stylish and current result in different environments of your home. Many colors in 2022 will incorporate the environments, going in various color palettes, interior design and many elements in nature.

Decoration trend 2022: General inspirationsColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

There are some trends, behaviors and general inspirations that guide color choices for certain years. The environments can have two colors, with a half light to improve the home decoration, since the interiors in question are great trends for coloring.

In 2022, one of the focuses will be well-being, therefore, there is a preference for shades that refer to calm and tranquility. The light tones gain prominence in the environments, thus improving the interior design, besides that it can be complemented with a wallpaper to bring coziness to the decoration of the house.

In addition, a strong 2022 decoration trend is to use colors to awaken sensations and different human responses, such as the feeling of warmth, comfort, joy, vigor, among others. Invest in other shades like gray tones, in strong colors on just one wall.

There is also a direct reference to digital technology and culture, which is increasingly present in everyone’s daily lives, with the adoption of more vivid and intense tones such as those delivered by electronic screens.

Colors in the decoration trend 2022

In the color chart for the 2022 decoration trend, there is a neutral tone, for those who prefer something more traditional, up to vibrant options that captivate the eye. The house and decoration show a lot when it comes to personality, just follow those that will be a trend for the next year according to the 2022 trend color palette.

Below, we present what these tones are:

GreenColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

The green will be on the rise, referring to nature, which is a strong element in the decoration.

The novelty is that for the 2022 decoration trend, cold and pale green is what will be seen most in interiors, giving a futuristic touch to the tone and the environment. The year 2022 invests in interior design, always in main colors, but it is the decoration, whether with natural materials or even Scandinavian decoration, for example.

BlueColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

Blue appears as a trend color in a direct reference to the technological world, as well as the proposal to awaken feelings of well-being, since it conveys tranquility.

These are one of the 2022 colors that all environments can be filled in, in addition to being able to combine with other colors, whether with neutral tones or other possibilities.

This hue, in fact, is a great bet for bedroom decorations. In the year 2022 it can be used in different environments, a great choice for design decoration in the colors of the year.

RedColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

Variations like intense red and orange red are big bets on colors for the decoration trend 2022. It has become one of the most sought after colors among the 2022 trends, and over the years it has always gained more prominence.

Such tones awaken a sense of spirit, helping to invigorate and give life to different environments.

The expectation is that the color will be used more in reception areas, such as the room.

YellowColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

Forget the darker yellow, like mustard.

The decoration trend 2022 is the softer version, which gives a comforting feeling of being in a sunlit environment.

The idea is to provoke a feeling of relaxation and calm, in addition to giving subtle and soft touches of color to the decoration.

GreyColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

Gray, in its darker version, is the neutral color of the decoration palette for 2022, representing minimalism and the classic universe.

In addition, the shade is also associated with the technological world and sustainability, since it resembles recycled materials.

Where to use colors in the decoration trend 2022?Colors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

The colors that will be in high demand can be used in different decoration points, depending on your design for each area.

You can apply them to:

  • Painting and wall cladding, either in the entire room or only on a prominent wall in the area. The tip is also valid for floors.
  • Furniture and decorative accessories, such as rugs, curtains, vases, paintings, cushions, blankets, chandeliers, among other items.
  • Indoor plants and gardens, as well as in foliage and flower arrangements, which also help to give more life to the decoration.

How to use colors for decoration trend 2022?

Do you want to bet on colors for the decoration trend 2022, but you have no idea how to use them?

Below, we give two surefire tips to insert in these shades in different environments. Check out:

Bet on the contrastColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

An error-proof tip is to bet on contrast, that is, using a trendy color with a neutral one.

The alternative may be to combine white with red, resulting in an elegant, sophisticated and current decoration.

The trend color can be used in specific points of the room, such as furniture or decorative accessories, which will give originality and personality to the environment.

Invest in similar shadesColors for Decoration in 2022 - Trends and Inspirations

Do you prefer to mix different colors and create a decoration that oozes style?

So, the secret to minimizing the possibility of error is to use similar shades, such as red and pink, yellow and orange, among other combinations.

When the colors have the same hue, they create a visual unity, ensuring a more harmonious result for the decoration.

So bet on similar shades and achieve a stunning effect in your home.

What colors do you prefer for decoration? Comment with us. Take the opportunity to check the trends of decorative objects for 2022, so you already perfectly combine the furniture, its colors and such elements to give even more beauty to the environments.

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